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100 good night sentences for friends circle

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1. Life is erratic and unstable, no matter how good others are, they are also others. No matter how embarrassing I am, I am myself. good night!
2. When a person is not worth your cherish, learn to give up. The tighter you grasp, the more you lose. Just like sand, the tighter your hands are, the more sand will fall. good night!
3. Nothing is not empty, something is not disordered, big things are not afraid, small things are not slow. good night!
4. This city is always windy. Lonely people always come home late. The outside is not as good as you think. You have to block the wind and rain on your own. good night!
5. No one can bother you unless you bother yourself with the words and deeds of others; there is nothing you can't let go unless you don't want to let go. Life is the mood; life is the quality. good night!
6. Once life is busy, there is no time to express any emotions. When I was sad, the quilt fell asleep and woke up and continued to move forward. good night!
7. Don't think too much about the future, because the future is generated by the present. The future will not come for no reason, it will come from this moment, and the next moment will come from this moment. If this moment is beautiful, peaceful, and joyful, then the next moment will surely be more peaceful and joyful. Goodnight.
8. How can you win if you can't afford to lose? In fact, many people have similar starting points. Some people can fly high because they fell a few times during the first test flight. And because some people are afraid of pain, they choose to wander in the flat land, and the sky has become a distant dream. Remember, you can only win today if you can lose the moment. good night
9. It doesn't matter if you can't be a strong person in the eyes of others, just be your best. good night!
10. Life is, you never know what you will miss in the next second! But this is the drama and authenticity of life, and we live for it. good night!
11. Santa Claus said that the so-called happiness is to have a healthy body, people who love you, and a group of friends to rely on. When you see this information, everything is there.
12. Tired and put down, tired to sleep. I give you this sentence now, I hope you have a good sleep and a good mood; I hope you understand that to live easy, to be willing to relax, things come one by one is the best solution. Now I hope you don't think about it, and sleep soundly. good night.
13. Let go of your mood, let go of your troubles, relax your body, put happiness into it, and let your sleep sink. Good night, good night, friend.
14. The most difficult moment may be the beginning of the inflection point. Changing the way of thinking may usher in a turning point. Look at the world with ordinary mind, flowers and flowers are landscapes. Goodnight friend!
15. People who do good, such as the grass of the spring garden, don't see its length, and get a gift every day. Although Jide is unknown, doing good has its own knowledge, and man is good. Although the blessing has not yet come, the evil has been far away. good night!
16. Good times, 10,000 beautiful futures, but not a warm present. Even if life has a thousand reasons to make you cry, you have to find a reason to make yourself laugh. This is life. good night
17. Growing up has never been rhetoric, but hard work. Really stick to one thing. See you in time. good night!
18. May you be a kind person and have compassion and compassion for others; May you be kind people around you and be treated tenderly by this world. good night!
19. Whoever worships the most in your heart does not have to become that person, but uses that person's spirit and methods to become yourself. good night!
20. Don't talk about the previous difficulties, just talk about persistence now. Life is like a stage, never give up until the curtain call! good night!
21. The long night is long, the breeze is my smile; the lights are sparkling and the neon is my nostalgia; passion is turbulent, memories are my warmth, blessings are continuous, text messages are my wishes, I hope this beautiful night will make you gain extraordinary life good night!
22. Everyone is the same. There is a period of loneliness, long or short, which is inevitable. Don't always feel that your life is empty, rest assured. A moment of loneliness just means that you deserve better. good night!
23. Life is very realistic. When you are nothing, you can only lower your head and let others decide. And when you are strong to a certain degree, you have a chance to decide. So the only thing you can do now is: work hard! Goodnight friend.
24. Don't think too much about everything, thinking too much will ruin you. You have to learn to cover your ears and not listen to the bustling voices; there is no one who is not forced in this world, and only you can truly heal you. good night!
25. Encounters are always caught off guard, and parting is mostly long-planned. Some people will slowly fade out of your life. You must learn to accept, not miss. good night!
26. No matter how sad this day, remember to carefully remove makeup, wash your face, shower, dry your hair, and get into the quilt safely; the bed is like a capsule, and the time "snap" will take you to a bright morning . good night!
27. Love and friendship are the same. Once you are strong enough, the corresponding circles will take the initiative to absorb you, without having to be compassionate yourself, and you don't need to deliberately please, what you need is self-abundance and wonderful.
28. Don't stay up all night, don't think about something that makes you unhappy, don't put your heart on the hardships, and those who can't forget should come to an end. On the new journey, I wish you from now on, Don't love too much, don't sleep too late. good night!
29. If you really do n’t know what to do in the future, simply do what you have before you. As long as today is better than yesterday, it is progress, and in the long run, time will naturally return you an unexpected future. good night!
30. Life is like an endless hardship. Don't be afraid and refuse hardships. Beyond hardships is the strong person of life. Any experience is a kind of accumulation. The more accumulated, the more mature a person is; the more experienced, the thicker life is.
31. Life is the coexistence of flowers and thorns. No matter who you are, no matter what you are going through, hold on, and you will surely see your strongest self. Keep your heart, wait for the light, and settle down to be a warm person. good night!
32. We all hope to meet someone in the best years, but often we meet a person to usher in the best years. Be a warm person, don't miss the past, don't fear the future. You should always meet, and before that, try to make you the best you can be. good night!
33. There are many things in life that you do not want to do but cannot do, and this is responsibility; there are many things in life that you want to do but cannot do, and this is destiny. good night!
34. Ask yourself more, you will be more independent, ask less others, you will reduce disappointment. Rather spend time cultivating an imperfect self rather than wasting time expecting perfect others. good night!
35. Sleeping is a kind of relief. It is a time that God has given you for amnesia. May the dreams heal your sadness, good night!
36. The pit is dug by yourself, and you are willing to jump, but at the end you will find that not only you cannot climb out, but you are the only one inside. Sure enough, thinking too much will make people lose all hope, put away the longing, and live a good life. good night!
37. Life is not used to compromise, the more you shrink back, the more space you can breathe; the days are not used to make it happen, the more humble you are, the more happy things will be away from you. good night!
38. Life is always like this, and you cannot satisfy everyone everywhere. But we still have to live with enthusiasm. People live a life, there are many things worth loving, don't be discouraged because one is not satisfied. good night!
39. I always believe that the earth is so round, the love you give will always return to you. May you at that time not to disappoint yourself or grow up, let alone the right person.
40. You are still young, don't make it up. It's okay to go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and find time to rest when you are tired, and find an opportunity to repair when your dreams break. The night is quiet and people can relax and relax. good night!
41. No one lives easier than anyone else. It's just that some people want to rush to the ground and feel anguish. Some people, however, silently gritted their teeth and forced themselves to learn to be strong.
42. Only those who do not avoid pain and confusion are qualified to talk about optimism and firmness. Fate doesn't treat anyone kindly, nor will sadness or joy be prepared for you. good night!
43. In junior high school, you cried. The whole class came around to ask you what happened. In high school, you were sad. Several dead parties touched and told you that we still have it. After work, people will only think that your acting skills are great. In fact, growth is forcing you to be strong alone.
44. Many thorny roads, only when you walk step by step, you find that you can be as strong as before. There are not so many problems in life, but the hard thing is to have a heart to meet difficulties. good night!
45. Everyone's personality has some unacceptable parts, even the best people. So don't demand others or blame yourself. good night!
46. The biggest regret is not that you missed the best person, but that you have run out of your best when you meet better people. Feelings are consumables, I only wish you to leave the best of yourself to the right person. good night!
47. If you can't stand it, you'll be outstanding, if you can't stand it, you'll be out. I believe that the bad days are over, and the rest is good luck. good night!
48. Everyone who appears in your life has a reason. People who like you give you warmth and courage. People you like make you learn love and self-sustainment. People you do n’t like teach you tolerance and respect People who don't like you make you introspect and grow. good night!
49. When you can laugh, you laugh happily. When you feel tired and cry, you cry. Everyone is the only one in this world. If you do it, you will be your true self. good night!
50. At any time, one should not be a slave to one's emotions, one should not subject all actions to one's emotions, but should instead control emotions. No matter how bad the situation is, you should try to dominate your environment and save yourself from darkness. good night!
51. I dare not rest because I have no deposit; I dare not say tired because I have no achievements; I dare not be lazy because people who are better than me are still trying; I can choose to give up, but I will never give up .
52. If you can't find a reason to stick with it, find a reason to start again. Life is so simple. With just a little courage, you can turn your life around and start again. Life is too short to have time for regret. If it is not the end, please smile forward. good night!
53. In life, there is actually a lamp in everyone's heart. Whatever setbacks and darkness you encounter, it is important that faith cannot be eroded. Turn around and change your mind. It will be dark again, and people will be back, just a light in front of you.
54. Life can't wait for others to arrange it, but to fight for it and fight for it; whether it is happy or sad, but it can be comforted that you always live a life in this world. With this understanding, you will cherish life without being cynical; at the same time, it will also inject a strong inner power into people. good night!
55. No matter how sad this day, remember to carefully remove makeup, wash your face, shower, dry your hair, and get into the quilt safely; the bed is like a capsule, and when the time is '咻', it will take you to a bright morning . good night!
56. Don't be afraid, don't counsel, this is the relationship, you will not mature without losing, so is life, and you will not grow up without encountering some sinister. What you want is not necessarily given to you. You can only strive to win. Don't live up to those who love you. Don't live up to yourself. good night!
57. In this world, don't rely too much on others. Because even your shadow will leave you in the dark. good night!
58. Time is a knife that pierces hypocrisy. It verifies lies, exposes reality, and downplays promises.
59. With a little pressure, I feel like the sky is falling down, and when I am a little unhappy, I feel that you are the poorest person in the world. You are so fragile that you have been spoiled, supported by you, and strong by you.
60. People calm down and then settle down;
61. Living the life you don't want requires courage. Living the life you want requires not only courage, you also have to be capable.
62. After hearing countless words, it seems very reasonable, but I believe two things: one is a kind of reunion, and one is retribution.
63. People live forever, and the snow and snow are long distances. We only pursue one kind of success, which is to live this life in the way we like. good Morning!
64. Money is a good thing. He also has a function of being able to explore human nature and see through people's hearts. Because of money, we can recognize the people around us: see humanity when borrowing money, and character when returning money.
65. I used to think I was strong enough to have the courage to hold your free palm. With a smile desperately covering up, there was a trace of sadness in the corner of that mouth.
66. Every day I have now is the youngest day in the rest of my life. Please don't get too old, but understand too late.
67. Why don't you want to think that so many people love you, you just want to go after the only one who doesn't love you.
68. Understand one thing and grow up; See one thing clearly and know it; See one thing and be rational; See one thing and be mature; See through one thing and come to an end; Underestimate one thing, Put it down.
69. It is said that it takes only seconds to fall in love at first sight, like a person, starting with the value of the face, loyal to talent, consistent with personality, older than character, and finally reality.
70. Humanity has a weakness. The more you care about what, the more you torture you. When you are no longer intimidated, when you gather courage and make up your mind to be loyal to yourself, every day will be the best state.
71. Don't embarrass yourself, don't demand yourself, broaden your heart and let it tolerate harm and pain.
72. Sometimes, showing a smiley face, just don't want to make you worry or sad. But in fact, I'm not as strong as you think.
73. If the heart is close, words and deeds will be as natural as flowing water; if the heart is alienated, words and deeds will be as bleak as the tree of the three autumns. Don't be afraid to be separated from the horizon, I'm afraid that my heart is in the north and south!
74. The age that should have been played, but how serious it is. The youth that should have been indulged, but how can they only listen to fate.
75. Like people who have a clean taste on their body. For example, it gives the vitality to the sun, the soft, smelly washing powder, and the osmanthus aroma that smells longer and more scented in the air in September. People can't help but want to embrace as soon as they get closer.
76. Life is not about getting, but about letting go. Whether it's bustling or desolate, don't be too attached to the scenery you have seen, after all, if you don't move forward, you have to move forward. No matter how big the pain, forget it when you sleep. Carrying on to chase tomorrow tomorrow will exhaust every present. As you walk and forget, you can feel every oncoming happiness. Good night ~
77. The last second at zero, the last one of the street light, the last bit of my bravery, I wrote to the last sentence of today, miss you, miss you, love you until the last time of my heartbeat, dear, good night!
78. Chun'an, Xia'an, Qiu'an, Dong'an, and peace every year. Your peace is my wish, and my blessings wish you: body peace, peace of mind, good morning, good night, and peace of life.
79. The best way to prepare for tomorrow is to concentrate all your wisdom, all your enthusiasm, and do your work today to the fullest. This is the only way you can cope with the future. good night!
80. People have two ways to go, one is required to go, and the other is to go. You must walk the road you must walk beautifully before you can go the way you want to go.
81. Being safe is not as good as being at ease; To be a man is to be talented first, to be talented; to do things, to be rational first, to be diligent. Happiness is not more wealth but less desire. May your life be happy. good night!
82. I also have hardships, let alone. I'm also obsessed with it, not to mention it. I have gone back and forth a thousand times, let alone. I'm not pretending to be stupid, let alone. It's not that I haven't seen it, it's not that I haven't thought about it, it's not that I don't understand it, just don't say it.
83. Adversity is the resistance to progress, and it is also the motivation to create the strong. If a person does not force himself, he does not know how good he is. In the face of adversity, giving up may only take one thought, but it takes a lifetime to repent. Only by daring to counterattack and persevere can the strongest rebound force erupt, break through the trough, and reach the peak.
84. Sometimes the reason why you are sad may be because you have invested a lot of time and energy, but the end result is not what you think, the kind of moment filled with loss, I feel that everything I did before is not so worth it.
85. Envy and jealousy, anyone will have it, but envy is over, jealousy is over, still have to live their own lives, quietness is a force to guide you.
86. There is a kind of flowing peace in the body, called blood, a kind of flowing peace in life, called time, and a splendid starlight in greetings, called good night, dear, I wish you good dreams, good night!
87. Everyone who says they don't want to fall in love probably has an impossible person and a person who won't turn back.
88. You can only live the way you want to live if you have to walk the way you must. Some roads you have to go alone. This is not loneliness, but choice. good night!
89. Some people can't wait until they can only leave, some things they can't do but can only give up, some past, only happiness or pain can only be buried in their hearts, some hope, about the present or the future, You can only choose to forget.
90. Life is a grand encounter. If you know it, please cherish it. Life is simple. Love, simple. Life is simple. It should come naturally, and can't keep it. Don't disobey, don't deliberately, don't care too much, let go of obsession, and fate is the best life. So good. good night!
91. The most exhausting is often not the distant road, but the depression in your heart; the most debilitating is often not the bumpy future, but the loss of your confidence.
92. The heart itself is not big, don't carry too much. The struggle of yesterday will only imprison you today and tomorrow. Life must be learned to release! good night!
93. Sometimes, I suddenly feel very sad and want to cry. After reacting, I feel that my brain is short-circuited again. Why is such a optimistic and cool person sad?
94. In many cases, we regard it as an unforgettable memory, but others have long forgotten it. Instead of being entangled in the heart, it is better to look down and down. You cannot become the master of your mindset, and you will inevitably become the slave of emotion.
95. A hearted person is destined to live a hard life because it is too easy to be influenced by the emotions of others. Attentive people always think wildly, and the result is stuck in a messy mind, unable to move. sometimes it is better to not overthink.
96. I agree with a paragraph: staying up late watching TV shows, clubbing, nightclubs, tattoos, buying drunk ... These things look cool, but in fact there is no difficulty at all, as long as you have a little money and a little leisure . But even cooler are things that are not easy, such as reading a book, insisting on getting up early, exercising regularly, and stabilizing weight. These things that are boring and difficult to perpetuate in the eyes of ordinary people will test a person more and exercise him more.
97. You have to work very hard to look effortless. So, let go of your impetuousness, let go of your laziness, let go of your three-minute heat, let go of your tempted brain, let go of your eyes that are easily attracted to anything, calm down and do what you should do, you should do well tried! Remember one sentence: the harder you work, the luckier you are!
98. The more impetuous the world is, the more calm our hearts should be. Only inner peace can resist external interference. Impetuousness will cause human nature to lose its foundation, pollute the pure and pure mind, and eventually lead to spiritual poverty. Only calmness can adhere to principles in an impetuous society, maintain calmness and calmness within the materialistic society, and return the mind to purity.
99. Take good care of yourself and give yourself the most beautiful makeup. Make a cup of strong tea to make the comfortable, natural, tranquil, and more and more fascinating beauty ... accompany you throughout your life. Love yourself is not a sin. Let yourself live well and make life beautiful.
100. Being alive is a mood, grasping today, setting tomorrow, and storing forever. As long as you feel it with your heart, happiness will always exist, so happiness is important. good night!

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