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Beautiful sentence excerpt

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1. If it is sunny and sunny, enjoy the leisurely clouds. If the rain falls on the window, listen to the wind.
2. Many things didn't come to Japan, many people would just leave the scene suddenly, and many words would be wounded before exiting.
3. The most romantic thing I can think of is to slowly grow old with you, find a small town together, live quietly, watch the sunrise at the alley in the morning, and snuggle at night to watch the sunset.
4. The night is getting darker. Take off the busy day, light a bright light and look at the stars. Toward the light, always meet warmth and hope.
5. Look at the flowers blooming in front of the court.
6. If it is sunny and sunny, enjoy the leisurely clouds. If the rain falls on the window, listen to the wind.
7. Learn to dance to the wind when it ’s windy, and learn to hold an umbrella for yourself when it rains. Life is expected to cross Qiushui's expectations, and there will also be unexpected delights.
8. Days are always like a fine yarn passed from your fingertips, slipping inadvertently. Those past sorrows and misuse injuries gently passed away in the wake of the current years, and the joy and laughter left behind are long-lasting in the memory.
9. The time to come is always to come, the time to go ca n’t be kept. There is no such thing as life. There are only consequences and results. At any time, you must have the ability to face everything with a smile. At any time, do n’t forget the magic of smile. .
10. The wind didn't stop, it just blew elsewhere and let the trees there dance.
11. Life is never about how much you make, the real precious things are free. You should do your best to make yourself happy, and the peaceful heart can enjoy the silence. After all, heart is better than water.
12. Accepting loneliness, accepting loss, accepting yourself is incomplete, and occasionally defeated by change. It may be difficult to accept, but when you ca n’t bear it, learn to let yourself go.
13. I read a book, but read the world; I brewed tea, but tasted life; I poured wine, but I had a hard time tasting.
14. Yingyingguang, I hold the clearest cup; Afterglow afterglow, I hold the warmest strand; I burn the red leaves, I pick the hottest one; 萋萋 Fangcao, I pick the brightest bunch; Long life, I To pick the heaviest perseverance in the world.
15. Youth is beautiful and short-lived. It may be a stop in your life, but remember that even if it is like a shooting star, we must strive to make it a brilliant flash, not afraid of difficulties. Dangerous, dare to fight hard, Zhibi Yuntian.
16. An empty heart is the best gift; the way to go alone is the most beautiful scenery.
17. Like the current year, everything will change and nothing will change. Don't forget your original intention and keep moving.
18. With a smile, go and sing the songs of life, don't blame life for too much suffering, don't complain about too many twists and turns in life. If the sea loses its tumbling waves, it will lose its magnificence; if the desert loses the flying dance of the flying sand, it will lose its magnificence. If life only goes smoothly at two points and one line, life will lose its meaning of existence.
19. In the years of love, many opportunities and temptations are missing. What is missing is a non-stop miss, an easy disappointment, and an unwitting stranger.
20. Don't waste time on things that have no value. Feelings should not be devoted to people who do not know how to cherish.
21. Don't expose the wound to others easily, others see it as lively, but it hurts itself.
22. There is no such thing as you in the world. You are willing to depend on me.
23. If not, will time stay for us? The sunset I've seen and the ebb and flow I've heard have been buried by time and turned into bubbles.
24. I still believe that the stars can talk and the stones will bloom. After passing through the wooden fence in summer and the snowstorm in winter, you will finally arrive.
25. You can walk as long as you can, walking calmly. Finding a warm confidant and showing out all your thoughts may be a rare tenderness.
26. Encounters are always caught off guard, and parting is mostly long-planned. There are too many stories without endings. You have to get used to meeting and parting. There are always people who will slowly fade out of your life. You have to learn to accept rather than miss.
27. No matter what you will experience in the future, no matter who you will spend your whole life with, I hope you can think of me still can't help smiling, and we won't know each other in this life.
28. You and I are passers-by from heaven and earth, like flowers, like leaves, like clouds, like water, like a grain of sand, a little dust, so gathered, scattered, I do n’t know where my hometown is, or where I go.
29. Happiness is like a butterfly. When you chase it, it is difficult to get it; but when you sit quietly, it may land on you.
30. Time, can't take away true friends; years, can't keep illusory possession. As time goes by, I feel that the fate is changeable; I am dull and feel warm and cold.
31. In this world, no one is forever, sing a song of wind and snow, yell for a long time, quiet, fireworks, fleeting, red dust, vicissitudes, light encounters, light forgetting.
32. Passing, passing, and tasting, it is still the most plain and beautiful; after hearing, watching, and thinking, it is still simple and best.
33. A person's life goes through many things. Among them, there is no lack of failure. Faced with failure, different people will have different attitudes. Some people, when they heard that something had failed, immediately fell into a state of anger and gave up all day; while others were different. In the face of failure, they would always look for the cause of the failure and start again.
34. Affection is not only a long concern for Meng Jiao's "Mother's hand in line, Youzi coat", it is also a deep sigh of Wang Wei's "alone in a foreign land, a special guest at every holiday season", is Su Shi "I wish The long-cherished wish for a long time and a total of thousands of miles is the joy of Xin Qiji's "most favorite child rogue, Xitou lying peeling lotus bonnet" ...
35. Spicy is indispensable in people's lives. It still blooms passion and shows youthful vitality. As Samuel Ullman said, "The years make you old, but if you lose your passion, your soul will grow old." If there is no such "spicy" in the world, maybe there are no glorious years. Without passion, the world will be dull.
36. It is often said that a person has become accustomed to loneliness for a long time. But when we opened the dusty memories, we found that our eyes became a little confused. It turned out that we just couldn't find the lives of two people.
37. It takes a moment to reach out, but it takes many years to hold hands. No matter who you meet, he is the one who should appear in your life. It is no accident. If there is no debt, how can we meet each other.
38. Learn to dance to the wind when it is windy, and learn to hold an umbrella for yourself when it rains. Life is expected to cross Qiushui's expectations, and there will also be unexpected delights.
39. How to make you meet me, at my most beautiful moment, for this I have prayed for five hundred years before the Buddha, and begged him to let us have a relationship.
40. A person always looks up and admires the happiness of others, but when he looks back, he finds himself being looked up and admired by others.
41. The story of who burned my eyes and made tears splattered on paper, that scene is hard to miss, only for whom to sigh. Just for a past encounter. Just because it has been beautiful to meet you.
42. Stand in front of the flower branch and close your eyes. Hold your breath and listen to the sound of the petals blooming. Blossom is a language that explains the melody of nature. Listen to the sounds of flowers, listen to the natural sounds of nature, listen to a kind of beauty, listen to the paper string sounds, and let your mood go.
43. I still like you very much, like a few smoke of cooking smoke, Tangli fried snow and rain.
44. The moving wind, snow and moon will not last forever. Don't hold on to the memories, the kite that has broken the line can only let it fly, let it go, let alone itself.
45. Time, can't take away true friends; years, can't keep illusory possession. As time goes by, I feel that the fate is changeable; I am dull and feel warm and cold.
46. May you have warm winters, may you not cold in spring, may you have lights, rain and umbrellas in the dark, and may you have good people on your way.
47. At this time, the grass is the largest and softest new bed, tempting us to give our body extremely comfortably to them, no anxiety, no worry, in the grass surrounded by grass, to be the most relaxed Sweet dreams.
48. Tolerance is like water. Tolerance is to forgive others for their faults, not to be overwhelmed, not to be afraid of baht, to be friendly, and to be a generous person. Tolerance, gentle as water, is often more effective than extreme revenge when confronted with contradictions. It looks like a magnificent spring, and the sections erase the temporary hostility of each other and make people calm and sober.
49. It's grass yellow again. The green everywhere was dappled and disappeared. Only the withered pale yellow gradually covered people's eyes, and it was the most flexible after singing at the end of life.
50. Settle yourself, and without seeking progress, you will not be able to make yourself higher, and you cannot move towards higher goals. Everyone should believe that "there are no more peaks in the world than anything that can't be done." Only by keeping high and pursuing yourself can you know the uprightness of the big trees, the mighty shores of the Yangtze River, and the vastness of the sea ...
51. Owning a man like the sea, filled with the fullness of a woman's water, sailing across the heart of a woman, telling ignorant memories, breaking into the thriving realm of the mirage, passing through the halls of the skyscraper with memories, telling 峥嵘The generosity and pervasiveness of years make women feel sweet.
52. A person, light a cigarette, and gently spit out a cigarette ring, let the cigarette ring trap the inextricable loneliness, watch it slowly spread, gradually fade, fade. Soak a cup of strong tea, blow off the slightly white gas, and drink the endless sorrow brought by this loneliness, the bitterness coming from the tip of your tongue, this may be the taste of loneliness.
53. It turns out that life is so cruel, too many beautiful things can not stand the test of time.
54. It ’s just that I do n’t understand the thoughts of rain, and I do n’t even understand the sorrows of falling flowers. I only understand that sorrow is brewing, the injury is to be released, and sorrow is wandering. My heart is full of sadness, like the thoughts of rain, and the sorrow of flowers.
55. On this road, there is a beautiful mountain and eve, and the fun of flying with the birds; there is a green tree village border, the beautiful scenery of Qingshan Guo outside; there is a water protection field that surrounds the green, and two mountains line the Qingxiu. . More importantly, there are me and my mother on this road. In the same car, the mother and son talk and smile, it has already become a scenery.
56. You have nurtured my soul and body with motherly love, your milk is the source of my thoughts, and your eyes hold my boat of life. Owning you seems to carry the sun, and it is sunny everywhere. It is my happiness to have you, thank you for your company along the way, thank you, my mother, you are my first strength.
57. Books are indispensable in this world. Books dominate the world. The book not only spreads knowledge, but also inherits culture. It always affects people's consciousness. A book may trigger a war, or it may set off a wave that can affect one generation or even several generations. Thus, the book has a unique core competence.
58. Tolerance is poetic. Tolerance is a poem of life. Tolerance of the highest realm is not only manifested in the handling of certain things in daily life, but also sublimates into a life attitude towards others. The meaning of tolerance is not limited to understanding and caring among people, but tolerance and fraternity for all life between heaven and earth.
59. Life is beautiful and short-lived. Some lives are lonely, others are colorful, and different people have different life pursuits; life is a one-way line without a return journey, and everyone moves forward with all his time.
60. Life is a wise elder, and life is a learned teacher. It often springs and rains, and the moisturizer silently guides us and gives us inspiration for life.
61. Spring with many flowers is a vibrant season, summer with hot sun is a season full of enthusiasm, autumn with fragrant fruits is a very attractive season, and snowy winter is the most imaginative season.
62. Friendship should be planted with sincerity, nursing with understanding, and watering with passion.
63. Time is like a good doctor who can make a spring. It can help us heal the bleeding soul. Time is like a omnipotent comforter, it can enlighten us to forget the pain of life. Time is like a seductive wise man who can guide scholars to build the building of knowledge. Time is like a painter who has turned his screen into a fly. He will help the hardworking person paint a glorious tomorrow.
64. If the examinations correspond to the four seasons, spring is the teacher's mobilization before the exam, summer is the ringtone of the examination room after the mobilization, autumn is the great effort after the ringtone, and winter is the ruthless parent meeting after the effort.
65. Praise is like the wind, blowing the white sails that are about to set sail; Praise is like a beacon that illuminates the groping path in the dark; Praise is like a warm sun that dispels the cold of the heart; Praise is like the spring rain, nourishing the tender shoots of hope; Praise is like Rainbow, its beauty is unforgettable ...
66. Mature wheat bowed its head, that is teaching us humility; a group of ants can lift big bones, that is teaching us to unite; gentle drops of water through the rocks, that is teaching us tenacity; bees busy in the flowers That is teaching us hard work.
67. Affection can illuminate a person's life and fill the way forward with flowers; it is a firm conviction, a persistent instinct. Even if there is no penny, the affection still exists.
68. Happiness is a fragrant wild flower, exuding a faint fragrance that nourishes my thoughts; happiness is a glittering picture that warms my heart; happiness is a pair of pure wings flying to the wisdom warehouse, Lead me to swim in the wisdom warehouse.
69. The book is the crystallization of the souls of the sages. We often say that their lives are not dead, because their thoughts have been passed on to this day. The book is not only its carrier, but also the continuation and manifestation of its life. The book presents us with the hidden image of the author or frustration or joy, or anger or indignation. Behind it is the sharpness of the author's spirit and the description of the soul. So the book has its own vitality.
70. Change a little every day. Although we can't see any obvious change in each of our small efforts, "the soil becomes the mountain, the armpits become the fur," the process of quantitative change will surely usher in a qualitative leap.
71. Who complains of a loneliness? Recalling the past, Jun has lost his way. Closing a volume of Song Ci, the night is deep. The bitter wind and rain caused people to worry, and lovesickness was in the bones. Sigh a farewell, love only lingers in years of dreams. Heart, love reluctantly, love, no matter how difficult it is to depend on each other. On a rainy night, silently thinking of a person's name in my heart, quietly, missing, only I know.
72. I lay on a small bed, thinking of your slightly awkward smile against the white wall, and I smiled bitterly, and now those are no longer mine. The curtains passed through the dim light, the light rain thinned the mist, and the dead leaves in a pool were also rippled by the rain, and the gentle wind began to hit the flowers that were about to fall.
73. Once, I watched for you quietly in the moonlight, watching every quiet morning, writing the time that belongs to you and me, adding poetic flavor and looking back.
74. When a cup meets Huan, when the divination counts, when the youthful sorrow no longer glances across the cheek, when the past is no longer a cloud-like recovery. Listen, the distant music is melodious, and the quiet and poetic lanterns of the ancient road are blooming. Who is telling who is not willing to part with, and who dares to break away from the king when they meet, and they are old and wild .
75. Watching from a distance, waiting quietly, is also a kind of beauty. Deep concern and silent blessings are also a wonderful state of mind.
76. Under the dim table lamp, I gazed at this cup of tea, and the impact of boiling water over and over again made me feel the fragrance of the tea. The bitterness in that bitterness was also taken up by my greedy mouth, and the hazy eyes outlined hazy memories, but the memories were no longer hazy.
77. I like to see the long grass warbler flying in the midsummer. The grass is caressed by the blazing sun, releasing all the beauty in life, the boundless green field, and the colorful flowers blooming against the sky. The blue sky is in the field of vision. Li also became lower, and seemed to bend over and condescend to get close to Xiao Cao.
78. Maternal love is a kind of unselfish affection. Maternal love is like warm sunlight, which is scattered in our heartland. Although it is silent, it makes the seedlings of each tree feel the warmth after the rain.
79. Although the missing moon has no dazzling light, it can also spread the soft light on the earth; although the clear stream does not contain the heart of Baichuan, it can also make the flowers near the stream sway. There are no perfect things in the world, and sometimes defects can become a kind of beauty and still radiate glory.
80. The candle has a heart, so it can shed tears and inject sparkling light into the world; the willow has a heart, so it can lower its head and contemplate, and it can bring a fresh tender green to the sleepy earth; all flowers have a heart, so they can be in the sun Floating out of the depths of youth.
81. No matter how small and humble you are, you can also write the fairy tale of life and create the miracle of life in the world that belongs to you. Maybe. It is because of you that the world adds color. You must bravely say, "I am important, I am a landscape."
82. When flashy people have given us too much deceit, the falsehood in reality almost makes us forget the true existence, it is the true love that returns the blurred heart, and the true love brings us the purest and most true feelings, it reveals It is the vow of beauty that permeates the true love of eternity.
83. If you dare to bet all your happiness on me, I won't let you lose if I try my best.
84. What is invisible in this world is not necessarily a prominent person in senior officials; there are many ordinary people, but also their wonderful inner, different life of a thousand faces-Tibetan Guanghua in simplicity.
85. Life is a large encyclopedia that is all-encompassing; life is a lyre, playing multiple beautiful melodies: life is a Pegasus clock, and winding the clockwork will give people a concentrated life.
86. Attempt is the kind of brave bird that can go straight up into the sky when the dark clouds conceal the sun; Attempt is a flat boat that bravely advances at sea when the waves tumble. For the brave, try is a new way of life; for the weak, try is a high wall made of iron.
87. There are many things in life that have been misplaced and put in inappropriate places. This is what people often say about dislocations. From the material and the people, the heroes in the remote areas are really eclipsed, and the downtown area bears bears.
88. It takes five years to forget, and it takes five years to get closer. If someone can count, then figure out which one will be harder.
89. You are already part of my heart. Because the sugar is borrowed, and the heart is returned.
90. The years are mottled and the time is quiet. If you miss it, leave it in the clouds and smoke; A smiley face can be full of thoughts, and a thought can be full of feelings. As time goes by, you can see the passing years quietly, and let those who are beautiful and sad, take it easy.
91. I should be thankful for myself. Looking at the bright blue sky in Peiping, people just want to kneel. The influence you gave me is just like the sky, so far away. I looked at the day and dreamed at night, always dreaming of wings and flying upwards. Fly up and you will see many stars, all of which become your eyes.
92. The time is too wide and the fingers are too thin. I've hit horses from the ink and wash Jiangnan, and walked from one life to the next. I remember the past, but the rain broke the Jiangnan. And the foolish eyes in this one night, I don't know if anyone remembers it.
93. Gradually took away the young and frivolous, and slowly settled the cold and warm self-knowledge. Praise for your growth.
94. There are two sides to friendship. One side is Can Ruoyun, the other is Xia Langruo Jiao Yue. The flashes are sincere brilliance, and the splatters are concerns and charms. They do not stand in the way of the distance and can withstand the time. All kinds of flowers are swirling or shaking, and even dazzling is all under the covers.
95. Beauty is not as beautiful as grassland; it is wide but not as blue as sky; it is deep but not as deep as the sea. My friend, your mind is as beautiful as the grassland, as wide as the blue sky, and as deep as the sea.
96. The grass under the rocks teaches us to be strong, the wild lilies on the cliff teaches us to persevere, the pine trees on the top of the mountain teach us to fight the wind and rain, and the Lamei in the severe cold teaches us to smile and welcome the ice and snow.
97. Love is a light rain pouring in the spring, so that lonely and lonely people can enjoy the nourishment of their hearts; love is a tear flowing in the clear spring of summer night, so that people who are hot and hot can enjoy poetic tranquility; love is a glass of splashing The ice water above the head makes those with high fever and fainting need to think calmly; love is a piece of toffee in the mouth, so that those who have been drinking Huanglian for a long time can taste the sweetness of life.
98. How can I know the value of the Sunshine Avenue without experiencing rough and muddy difficulties; how can I appreciate the cuteness of the wind and the sun without experiencing the dark night; how can I experience victory and success without the test of frustration and suffering Joy. Frustration, trying to say hate you is not easy ...
99. Life is like the sea, tolerant boating, rafting on the sea, knowing the wideness of the sea; life is like a mountain, tolerance is the trail, climbing the mountain, the knowing the mountains is tall; .
100. The scenery is so good, our life is still a long way, the road is indeed a little curved, but what does it matter? We will finally reach Rome.

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