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Cool weather care about short sentences

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1. The north wind blows, the temperature drops greatly, your warm and cold, I remember. The autumn leaves fall to the ground, the geese return in a row, and the blessing arrives sooner or later. You have to add clothes and add a quilt sooner or later.
2. The north wind is blowing, the snowflakes are falling hard, my thoughts are growing, think twice or think again, the text message is good, the body should pay attention when it is cold, add clothes to keep warm, and drink plenty of water to exercise Come, feel happy and happy!
3. No matter how busy the work is, just remember that I am always watching and blessing you. I hope you will have a sunny mood every day this winter!
4. Don't be annoyed by me, I'm not afraid to waste this dime, don't be afraid that I'm tired, sending a text message is not particularly tired, don't think that I care little about you, in fact, I just don't want to run when you have a cold Go to buy medicine and water. The temperature has dropped and the weather is cold. Do n’t forget to wear thicker, warmer, exercise regularly, and stay away from colds!
5. Spring is with flowers, autumn is with months, I am with you; spring flowers are beautiful, autumn and moon are beautiful, you and I pass on friendship, it ’s cold, pay attention to keep warm, greetings warm you, do n’t forget to add clothes.
6. Spring is coming, autumn is coming, flowers are blooming, cold is coming, summer is getting colder. Seasons reincarnation, I wish you health is still! It's cold, pay attention to add clothing!
7. When the cold wind is rising, I drift away to care about you; when the snow is flying, I release my thoughts about you, and when the weather is getting colder, I remind you that it is the most important to keep warm and cold Remember to add clothes.
8. When you stare into the distance; whether you pass my figure in front of your eyes; whether you will have an inexplicable throbbing; whether you know that it is because I silently bless you from afar and love you forever.
9. When the slight rain fell again, the cold wind blew to realize that the romantic autumn had gone away. At this moment, it is possible to forget everything. The only thing that cannot be forgotten is to say to you, it's cold, pay attention to your body!
10. It's winter and it's windy. May your worries blow away with the cool wind; it's winter and it's snowing. May my greetings fall with the snowflakes. It's cold, I'm getting extra clothes, taking care of my body, my friend Ding Dong remembers it!
11. Seeing frost again in winter, how sad are you? When the wind and sand are warm in spring? Add clothes, exercise frequently, and drink water often. Only a healthy body is king! Here, I wish you all good health and happiness every day!
12. People who know how to relax can find ease, people who know how to find freedom, people who know how to find friends, may you have a good mood every day, and always have a happy smile!
13. Carrying from Fengtian, the emperor Zhao said: the climate is changeable, it is cold and hot, Zhong Aiqing should pay attention to health, add clothes; eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement nutrition; exercise regularly to prevent colds; happy mood, always healthy!
14. To give you a warm sun, to reflect your comfortable mood. Send you a warm blessing, touching your long-lost touch, beautiful mood, coupled with the care of friends, is it still cold this winter? It's cold, I'll give you the stove, I'm afraid to cook you; I give you a scarf, I'm afraid of misunderstanding; I give you leather boots, I don't know the size of your feet. Think before you think, let me give you a sincere text message. May you be warm every moment and every day!
15. It does n’t matter if it ’s windy, just put on a scarf; it does n’t matter if it ’s raining, just use an umbrella to block it; do n’t worry if it ’s cool, just wear more clothes; Whether it's hot or cold, good health; no matter summer or winter, I wish you a good mood every day!
16. Caring does not start today, nor does the blessing end today. I send you the most sincere greetings, the most intimate care and the deepest blessings, and I will tell you gently: dress cold and take care of myself.
17. The cold wave is coming, pay attention to keep warm, the body is important, exercise regularly, eat well, sleep well, wide heart, healthy body, control desire, calm mind, take care of yourself, wide sky high.
18. The cold wind blows, the temperature is low, and SMS blessings are given to you; cool down, add more clothes, and always keep warm; the most important thing is to play mahjong less often and exercise regularly to cool down the weather. I wish my friends good health and happy family!
19. The cold wind blows deeper in winter, and the intimate friend is the most intimate. There was a cold wave and a cold wave, and a text message melted the truth. You and I are thousands of miles apart, and it's not easy to meet each other. Had to text message to send greetings, Tian Leng remember Tim clothes.
20. The cold wind blows and the drizzle falls, only to realize that autumn has already passed, and winter has come quietly. Changes in the world have forgotten many memories, but we cannot forget our friendship. May you pay attention to your body and take care of yourself.
21. The cold wind blows and cools down, and the cold winter arrives quietly. You and I are separated by tens of thousands of miles. We will never forget the short message greetings.
22. The cold wind, cold rain, and cold autumn, the leaves and the wind are cold, the clothes are warm, the body is warm, the heat is warm, and the body is safe. Stay at low temperature, blessing wishes to send friends, true love and friendship never end.
23. Cold winds are blowing, and text messages are sent again and again. The temperature is gradually falling, and the care is sending. Greetings are constant and warm. Blessings go on, good luck is always with us!
24. The cold wind is blowing, the temperature is gradually falling, in cold weather, care about the heart, send greetings busy, remember to keep healthy in the cold, work is too tired on weekdays, look at the message aftertaste, friends are the most precious, a lifetime It's intoxicating!
25. In the cold and winter, the cold current is constant and the weather is changing. Friends are always concerned, greetings are sent quickly, and wishes come early. I wish my friends cold clothes, exercise, good luck and happiness.
26. When the cold season comes, I will send you a small cotton jacket, the front is auspicious, the back is wishful, the warmth is a sleeve, the happiness is a collar, the happiness is a button, the pocket is full of blessings, accept this small cotton jacket, wish him Able to warm your whole cold season.
27. It's very important to keep warm in the cold winter; don't only care about the flowers; hot soup around the mouth; hot feet in the evening, run slowly, pay attention not to catch a cold; send you warmth, be happy as a jacket; I wish you a good winter mood !!
28. The cold can stop the pace of action, I can't stop my motivation to care about you, the cold wind can blow away the warm breath, and I can't blow away my thoughts about you. Cooling down can change your schedule, and I ca n’t change my greetings to you The frequency of text messages reminds you that it's more cold when it's cold.
29. Cold air trembles with cold, cold wind blows on the face and cool body; wear thick and warm body, often keep cold protection; eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, replenish nutrition and health; SMS caring warmth, I wish Jun good health forever!
30. The cold frost is falling, the weather is cold, call friends and friends, add clothes, have a hot pot, a few small wines, hot, get rid of cold and warm up, be happy, healthy and healthy!
31. Harmony can make money, reunion can be safe, warmth can resist cold, and clothing can keep warm. Sudden changes in temperature, don't entangle your mood, wear clothes, wear scarves, and keep warm.
32. Don't be afraid even if the weather is snowy and snowy, remember that I am blessing you silently, remember that I give you warmth all the time, and I will always be your strong backing to support you to become a better person.
33. The season cools down and reminds you to keep warm: clothes must be double-layered, hats must be hairy, boots must be bullet-proof, belts must have gold hoops, gloves must be boxing, and even masks must be worn. Insulated. I wish you warmth equipment in place, unified health and invincible.
34. The cooling army has been killed, and you still scratch your head and stick to politeness, accidentally freezing yourself to a cold, and now you know how silly you are. Fortunately, my text message care arrived in time, greetings and blessings came out from time to time. It's cold, pay attention to clothes!
35. I sent me to take care of my temperature. I have clothes for many days. I do n’t catch a cold after working out. I ’m good at my body. My smile is always “hot”. I forget about the cold and desolate. My text message arrives in time and your mood is unlimited. it is good!
36. After cooling down, it will gradually cool down, and you should keep warm more. You should choose warm stomachs for your diet. Health is the most important thing. Do n’t freeze your pigs feet while sleeping. Pay attention to preventing colds. Keep a good mood, be happy, and be healthy.
37. It's cooling down, the north wind is coming, the sun is freezing again, it's cold, it's frosty, the clothes should be thickened, the days are short, the nights are long, the work and rest are lost, strengthened, cold-proof, otherwise The cooling down is over. Remember to add more clothes when it's cold.
38. It has cooled down, the pace of winter has accelerated, it is cold, and the blessings of concern have heated up, I missed, diligent fingers swiped, sent, the voice of greetings passed, cotton warm clothes, warm me, short Text message that infects you, may your winter no longer be cold, and may your life be warmer!
39. It ’s cooling down, the sound of falling flowers knows, the feeling of missing knows, the colder temperature knows winter, my blessing you know, there are no gorgeous words, I just want to give you warmth in the colder winter blessing!
40. It's cooling down, I will send you a cup of warm black tea to keep you cold, I will give you a thoughtful piece of clothes to keep you warm, and I will send you a text message to miss you, so that you can remember the words of care. Cold and faint, faint cold, caring forever. I wish you company with love and warmth.
41. Moment of cooling, caring hours. As the weather turns cold, in addition to keeping cold and keeping warm and increasing nutrition, we must also pay attention to maintaining a happy mood. As the saying goes: medicine is not as good as food, and food is not as good as god. I hope my care can give you some god make up. Ha ha!
42. Reminder of temperature decrease: pay attention to changing temperature, pay attention to clothes, work on time, keep your mind happy, warm soup and warm food, enhance immunity, regular diet, gastrointestinal comfort, strengthen exercise, not fear of cold, healthy body, satisfactory body, everything goes well, good luck.
43. After cooling down, eat more vegetables and less ravioli to prevent colds. It is very important to sleep and quilt. In winter, it is very important to eat garlic and porridge. The weather turns cold and the season cools down. I wish my friends to pay attention to seasonal changes and take good care of their health.
44. Drop one degree and add a sweater; drop two degrees and add a scarf; drop three degrees with pair of gloves; drop four degrees and wear a beautiful hat; drop five degrees and wrap your jacket tightly. Cooling continues to strike, and warmth continues to upgrade. Wish you peace and happiness in the cold season!
45. Recently, the cold currents hit, I hurriedly wore a thick short sleeve, insisted on drinking a cup of hot water every day, insisted on exercising, running ten meters a day, and jumping to strengthen my physique, but I still It's cold and trembling, so I hope you put on a cotton padded jacket, do more exercise, resist the cold, get healthy, and enjoy a colorful life!
46. The space is separated by thousands of miles, and the rock is already snowing like dust. On a cold winter day, the mood is in awe, deep blessings, long thoughts, it's cold, healthy, and a lot of exercise can prevent the cold!
47. Happiness is like a flower, always blooming in the sun, nostalgia like water, always flowing in my heart, love like fire, always flourishing when appropriate, blessing like the wind, and wandering for you all the time. The weather is cool and the temperature drops, I will send you clothes of love, I wish you happiness and well-being, and a good mood.
48. Cold, stiffen your body, but can't freeze my passion for caring for you; cold, sealed your enthusiasm, but can't stop me to remind you of your sincerity; the weather is getting colder, may my warm greetings be for you Warm up, I wish you smooth and happy!
49. It's a piece of clothing if it's cold or cold; it's a mood when warm or not; it's a long-term concern; it's a text message if you want to. More clothes to cool down, I am sick, and my friends are more caring than spring breeze!
50. The cold is the weather and the warm is the heart! May my text messages bring you a warm moment: the weather is getting cold, remember to wear more clothes, prepare a quilt, pay attention to your body, and take care of yourself!
51. The cold wind is blowing, I send my blessings: cold and cold, easy to get cold, wear plenty of clothes to keep warm; morning and evening, the temperature difference is large, it is appropriate to add clothes; go to bed early, get up early, good health, everything goes well. I wish you happiness!
52. Cold wind, rain and cold weather, winter is almost chilling, and I hurriedly inform you to prepare for paralysis in winter, cover your body with a quilt at night, wear clothes in the morning and evening, stay away from cold germs, and work more often. Winter Care tells you that you can't compare our feelings to you!
53. The cold air suddenly made a noise. I sent you warm equipment. I gave you a pair of gloves, and the frostbite slipped away quietly. I gave you a padded jacket, and when you were sick, you ran away. I gave you a cotton hat, and the warm current went from head to toe. May you: laugh with health companions!
54. It's cold, wear more! Why do you want me to be so big? Do n’t be convinced, I ’m just sending a text message for your parents, take it! Wear more clothes, and if you are not obedient, tell your dad to spank your ass!
55. Cold weather, cold rain, warm blessings, warm you, the cold heart is not cold, the cold weather is not cold, the blessings are still there, the concerns are also sent, I hope you exercise more, to maintain health, Cold weather is still great!
56. Happiness can continue after a long time of contact, and the relationship will not fade with more blessings, friendship will be more profound with more greetings, more intimate clothes will not be invaded, more friends will remind you to come by, a touch of warmth will connect friendship, happiness The taste is expensive and simple and warm. I hope you are warm, healthy and happy without the cold.
57. The cold wind strikes, the night grows long, and the frost falls and the earth suddenly cools; Ye Piaoling, cold rain, cold, remember to wear a quilt; good friends, send care, I hope you are happy and warm; text message, blessing, wish You are healthy and good!
58. The fallen leaves are colorful. I use care to make colorful garlands to bring you the joy of spring. The temperature turns cold. I use thoughts to create a warm blanket to bring warmth to your cold winter. And now I want to send you a blessing message to remind you to change clothes and pay attention to your body!
59. Cotton clothes, cotton shoes, cotton socks, cotton jackets, you have everything, love, text messages, warm your heart, love, text messages, cold, see the text messages, add clothes, like my company.
60. Believe it or not, true love can make the sun shine. If you believe it, accept my true love and pay more attention to cold protection. If you do n’t believe it, you have to add some clothes and cover the quilt yourself!
61. The air is cold, mom and dad, you should pay attention to your body at home, do not be tired, eat and drink properly, often come out to bask in the sun. Your health is the most important thing for your children. May you be well.
62. The temperature drop is concerned. I sewed the warmth into the cotton jacket, I drank the nutrition into the food, I mixed the blessing with hot wine, and I packed my health into my backpack. Then I will give it to you all, I hope you do not catch a cold, the cold can not beat.
63. It is frozen for thousands of miles, has herbal tea in hands, thousands of miles of snow drifts, has pants, the cold and cold wind howls, laughs heartily, adding clothes is only for self-defense, and booze is even more addictive. Friends love is like a stove. , The warmer and warmer the more the surrounding. Friends, it's cold, so dress more to beware of colds.
64. Dear baby, the weather has recently cooled down. Remember to soak your feet and drink milk before going to bed, then apply hand cream and cover with a thick quilt.
65. Dear comrades, are you okay? I heard that it ’s snowing there. Pay extra attention to your clothes! Now the flu is very bad. Pay attention to your body and do more prevention! Get up early and get up early. Good health and diet are more important.
66. Please come to the plane to dispel the cold north wind for you, and hire a tank to block the cold current from you. For the sake of my being so considerate of you, help the brothers share the cost. The rent is mine and the gas money is yours. I'm excited! I'm sweating! It's not cold! With a caring friend like me, you don't have to worry about getting sick this winter.
67. The autumn breeze sends the cool return, the season welcomes the cold, and it is especially warm and cold when the winter is cold and autumn. Although Qiao is not spring, she can prevent colds, and when someone is snot, you laugh in the nest. The season cools down, I wish you warmth in place, warm and down-to-earth, dementia with a smile.
68. The warm sun in autumn can't stop the slightest chill. The little stars make everything even colder. Although it is not cold in winter, you should put on a quilt when you go to sleep, and take extra clothes when you go out. .
69. Autumn is here and the weather is cold. Remember to put on long pants, boots, be careful with your hands and feet, send a text message, and send a blessing to remind you to pay attention to your body.
70. If you feel cold, I will turn on the electric heater for you, put on cotton gloves, put on a thick scarf, pour warm water, cook a good chicken and duck soup, and open a warm embrace to make you warm and happy all your life.
71. Shanglian: Autumn wind and deciduous rain, Xialian: Sweater, trousers, and winter clothing: Horizontal batch: Late autumn. I wish all friends: warm clothes, full food, and a happy day!
72. Time is a minute and a second, blessings are one by one, and your care is uninterrupted. The cold wind blew and the cool air burst, reminding Tim to keep warm and wish well. May you work hard to build a strong iron bone that is not afraid of the cold, and always be happy against the cold. Recently, the temperature has plummeted, and I will tell you a recipe for cold protection: two or two in beautiful mood, three or two in friendship and caring, five or two in family care, adding clothes and exercising for five dollars, boiling with grateful water twice a day, one cup in the morning and evening, can protect against cold Wind can keep you healthy.
73. Keep warm all the time, caring for a long time, I wish you happiness in the days when the weather is cold, full of happiness in this season of snowflakes, and I wish you a happy life.
74. Send you a red scarf to wrap your good fortune; send you a pair of sincere gloves to protect your safety; send you a happy jacket to eliminate your troubles. Happily accompany you to jump and bounce with you. May the warm sunshine shine in your heart!
75. Although my people cannot accompany you, my heart is with you, I hope you are not so cold in winter, I hope you have a warm winter!
76. Blessing is a velvet clothes, warm; miss is a warm jacket, warm; friends are a big stove, hot; when the weather turns cold, friends warm you with miss , Warm you with blessings, I wish Dong'an!
77. The years are in a hurry, but the good days are prosperous and the friends are simple, but the good friendship is refreshing and the weather is cold and clear. I hope you are healthy and healthy! It's cold, pay attention to keep warm and cold!
78. Too busy, forgotten the long-lost greetings; whether the friendship that has been idle for a long time has rusted; years hurriedly, and then look back, do you still have a smile? Dear friends: The weather is getting colder, watch your clothes!
79. It's cold and the fog is thick. Look at the wind out of the window again. People are very busy, they are very heavy, and time is too tight. They have little money, but people are poor. , Healthy and safe people relaxed.
80. The sky is depressed, the eyes are rippled, and the heat is gone; cold wind is constant, ears are frozen, cold is coming; adding clothes and hats, gloves and scarves, keeping warm is important; one text message, a warm piece, and blessings constantly. I wish Tian Lengxin warmth, happiness and peace!
81. Don't catch cold when you are cold, wear more constant temperature, eat more energy, and increase your physical fitness; don't catch a cold when you cool down, don't have a cold, don't have a fever, and you must seek a doctor if you have a serious fever. May your heart be cold and cool, and your temperature will be blessed.
82. Cool in the cold, exercise a lot; add clothes and clothes to prevent colds; go to bed early and get up early, relax; get more sun, and feel happy; I wish you cold and not cold, healthy and warm!
83. It ’s cold, Baiyun is a skirt; the ground is cold, and the leaves are pretending; swallows are cold, and they are moved to the south; fish is cold, and the water is hidden deep; in winter, blessings are sewed with care for you and put on you My heart, for you to resist thousands of miles of snow and frost!
84. It's cold, and send my concerns with text messages. Don't get sick, don't let you sleep, don't lose your wisdom, don't hide your smile, just wish my greetings make you happy forever and happy forever!
85. It's getting cold, the bears are digging into the tree holes, the little snake is busy moulting, you have become lazy, and you want to sleep after filling your belly. Your companion is calling you to go back to hibernation, and remember to hibernate My text message came back.
86. It's cold, the leaves are stacked with thoughts; My blessings come to you lightly, send you a care, want you to be healthy; send you a greeting, I wish happiness and good luck. Give you a warmth and make you happier.
87. It's cold and I send my blessings; I wish you good hands and feet, can go up and down; I wish you a good stomach, can eat and drink; I wish you good spirits, can speak; I wish you good work, smooth and smooth; I wish you a good life , Happiness and health.
88. It ’s getting cold, Tang Seng has added a small cotton robe, Sun Wukong has added a small cotton trousers, Sand Monk has added a small cotton hat, Bajie, your little hands, do n’t just watch text messages on your mobile phone, remember Put on a small pair of gloves.
89. It's cold, I want to give you a coat: the pocket is called warm, the collar is called caring, the sleeve is called thoughtful, and the button is called miss. Let this coat stay with you every minute and second.
90. It's cold, a greeting to bless you, a text message will be sent to you, a look will be thrown to you, a scarf will be mailed to you, remember: cold clothes, prevent colds.
91. It's cold, take care of yourself, I can't borrow your coat, nor can I give you a hug.
92. Blessing is not a firecracker, it is over when it sounds; blessing is not a stove, it is cold after it is over fire; blessing is not fashionable, it is faded when it is outdated; blessing is a sentence formed by the care of countless days: it ’s cold, take care !!
93. When it ’s cold, I want to wear more clothes. When it ’s windy, I want to wear a mask. When it snows, I want to bring an umbrella. When I pick up my phone, I want to send you a message. Health is the most important thing.
94. The weather is getting colder and colder in autumn. Maple forest was red again, and frost leaves drifted away. The mountains are faint, and Han Lu thinks long. I haven't seen each other for a long time. Sending blessings from afar, I hope the monarch's body will be more secure and happy with you!
95. Pay attention to cold prevention in cold weather. The three parts are particularly important. The cold in the head is prone to headaches and stomach upset. The cold in the back can affect the lumbar spine, joints and internal organs. Tian Leng is not cold, rest assured, Tian Han is not cold, a trace of care is not forgotten, a small text message is long, telling Tian Leng to maintain health, exercise more rest, reasonable diet and good body!
96. It's cool, and a bowl of chicken broth drove you out of the cold. It was filled with greeting ingredients, exuding a caring taste, and it was full of thoughtful warmth. My friend, autumn is about to pass, and winter is coming. Remember to keep cold and keep warm. I wish you health forever.
97. It's cold, I send you my greetings and care, and I also give you my thoughts. From then on, you are the person I care about most in the world. So do n’t forget to cover your quilt when you cool down, and wear more clothes in the morning, because the cold wind is really biting.
98. It's getting colder, and my greetings and care are warmer to you. Don't forget to cover your quilt at night, wear more clothes in the morning, and don't forget that I care about you!
99. I know everything when it ’s cold, I know how to keep warm, I know how to keep warm, and I know how to keep warm, but my friends ca n’t forget, and I send blessings to harass. Run in the middle of the night, go out and play in the middle of the night, and it will be fine as usual.
100. When dawn, I hope you are happy every day; when it is dark, I hope you sleep well every night; when it is cold, I hope my blessing can make you warm; when it is sunny, I hope your smile is even brighter!
101. The weather changes very quickly, and the cold wind comes quietly, because you are cute, so I care for you! The quilt should be covered at night to prevent the bird's feet from freezing. It's okay to pinch your bones so that you can add calcium, don't say I'm too bad. I wish you a happy day!
102. The weather gets cooler, wear more clothes, take care of me, don't let me worry about it; the temperature drops, the atmosphere is stiff, give care, warm you up; a little colder, a little miss, a lot of blessings One point, happy life every bit.
103. It's getting cold, and I quietly send you my warm blessings. Let happy and warm moments accompany you, let good luck and surprises always appear in your work and life.
104. It's getting cold, and I quietly send you my warm blessings. Let happy and healthy moments accompany you, let good luck and surprise moments appear in your work and life. May my blessings keep you from feeling cold this winter.
105. The weather has cooled down. May the cold wind sweep away the sorrow and depression for you; the cold freezes the cold and the disease for you; the friendship and reminders of friends may warm you up and keep you healthy and happy to go along; Warm forever!
106. It's getting cold, you should pay attention to adding clothes at any time, don't catch cold. Otherwise I will feel heartache.
107. The weather is cold, I send the warmth; the ground is frosted, I send the cotton shoes; Ye Er is yellow, I send happy; the temperature drops, I send my greetings: cold weather, Beware of catching cold.
108. Although the weather is cold, the warmth of my blessings does not diminish. Although the temperature is low, the temperature I care about is not low. Although the cold wind is cold, it will warm your heart with my deep thoughts. May you pick up your blessings, take care, choose your thoughts, and warm up every day.
109. The weather turns cold and passes warmth; pay attention to keep warm and prevent colds; three meals a day, reasonable meals; adhere to exercise, keep fit and healthy; reduce staying up late, full energy; abandon troubles, keep relaxed; happy mood, sweet life.
110. When the weather turns cold, I turn my care into the sun and send you warmth; I turn my thoughts into a cotton coat to keep you warm; and turn blessings into red wine to increase your warmth. May your weather turn colder, warmer and healthier!
111. The weather turns cold and I will send you a magic text message, which has the function of "protecting against cold and keeping warm." For anyone who receives it, the cold wind cannot blow it, and the cold is not enough. If the retransmission effect is more, take action quickly.
112. The weather turns cold, pay attention to the eight precepts: quit wearing less clothing, quit the cover is thin, quit sports sweating, quit cold wind, quit smoking and alcohol, quit lust, quit greasy food, quit drinking cold water, do the eight precepts, and stick to it Bajie, I wish you a happy pig Bajie.
113. The weather is getting cold, pay attention; cover the quilt, don't freeze; cold things, eat less; exercise, often do; keep warm clothes, bring information; be happy; I wish you all right, Always smiling!
114. The weather is getting colder, the north wind is cooler, the temperature has plummeted, and the changes are even more mad. Do n’t hide your clothes, otherwise you will be desolate, and you should be in a hurry to keep warm, otherwise you will be suffocated, cold air will strike, health On your own, pay more attention to your body.
115. The weather is getting colder and the heart is getting colder. I ’ve been looking forward to it for so long. After all, no one cares about you anymore. In order to reflect the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, I decided to send you this message to remind you that the weather is getting colder and pay attention to cold protection Add more grass to the nest. After all, the country often teaches us to love small animals.
116. It's cold, blessing, and it ’s always good to be friends. I care about you when I am worried. If the temperature is cold today, the greetings will be sent immediately. Although I ca n’t send a coat, warm words are indispensable. I wish you good health. it is good!
117. Suddenly cold weather, I want to know your news from afar, whether to pay attention to the body take care of yourself, the pressure of life and work, I can not replace it for you, send a few words of concern, don't forget to keep warm in cold weather!
118. I am very lazy, unfamiliar people do not see, people who are not pleasing to the eye do not see, people who do not like do not talk, even if you, if it is not a major matter, I do not want to waste this dime: listen, It ’s cooling down. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm. Is it possible to prevent colds?
119. I hope my warm greeting will be a warm current, warming your heart, I hope my friendship reminds you to remember to add clothing to prevent the cold! It's cold, the love is still warm, I wish you happy!
120. Summer is over, and the night is getting longer; cold winds, cold arrival; text message greetings, pay attention to health; eat more fruits and vegetables, increase clothes; pay attention in the fog, do not open the window; changeable weather, be careful with cold; take care of the body, the whole family Ankang!
121. Farewell hot, cold report, north wind blows, leaves fall away, thoughts rise, blessings fly out, a text message is sent to you, give you some care, give you some greetings, in this cold Winter wishes you health and sweetness and a smooth life.
122. Ye Er fell, the grass was yellow, the wind became cold, the rain became cold and the winter solstice, the frost fell, and the lovely person should wear more clothes. Dear friends, the seasons change, pay attention to cold protection. The weather is cold and warm, you and I know each other.
123. The leaves are yellow, the grass is withered, the night is long, the sky is cold, the wind is clear, the clouds are light, the autumn is high, the air is cool, the wind is rainy, the rain is heavy, the dew is heavy, the frost is lonely Now, I miss you, the letter is here, Tim Yi, take care.
124. One two three four five to prevent autumn tigers. Flu should be prevented and the diet should be proper. The room is often ventilated and there is regular living. The tea is dry and the duck is good this season. Less spicy and greasy, Qiu Yan cautiously make up. I wish you health and happiness every day!
125. An unbroken friendship, with ten million blessings, warm greetings to you who I miss. No matter how far away we are, caring for your heart will never change. Pay attention to taking care of your body.
126. A hug and a light kiss will keep you in the warm embrace and not let the cold disturb you; a care and a blessing will make you have a fiery heartbeat and will not worry about winter.
127. A pot of old wine, driven away by the cold; a text message, I wish you joy; a greeting, accompanied by warmth; a flower, holding your hand; a scarf, warm greetings: cold is no longer cold, happiness is long The land is long.
128. A friend, two people in love, missing in three days, asking around, hard to distinguish between five and five, six flavors, colorful, dyeing horses, hard to find, long unforgettable, friend blessing, cold and warm, cold and warm Heart field.
129. A greeting, a text message, a hug, a look, a scarf, warm each other with your little hand; please remember, it's cold, don't catch a cold if you wear extra clothes! If you unfortunately sneeze, remember That must be I thinking of you!
130. A caring text message represents an unbroken friendship, hiding thousands of persistent blessings and sending them to you who miss you. The weather is getting colder and the temperature is falling. May you take care of yourself and live a healthy life.
131. A cold wind rises, it sounds the alarm of adding clothes; blows off two or three dead leaves, it warns of health; four or five bells ring, it reminds you that a text message is coming; six or seven lines of text, it says Out of my blessings to you, I wish you good luck in the wind, such as eighty or ninety plum blossoms, temperament and proud snow frost.
132. There is a cold wind and a cold wind, the clothing is added in the cooling weather, the sun is high in the air, and warmth and health are important. A friend asks a greeting and wishes a happy laugh every day, and a happy cooling day every day.
133. Because it ’s cold, I have fire; because it rains, I have an umbrella; because it ’s boring, I have wonderful music; dear, can you let me be your fire, be your umbrella, and be with you Sing forever!
134. With my warm blessing, we will knit a black sweater for you. If the memory can stay, then the white dragonfly will add a quilt for you on a cold night! Friends, it's cold, pay attention to cold protection!
135. Some things stay in my eyes temporarily, some people stay in my heart for a long time; some are cold and heartfelt; some are warm and deep into the bone marrow; some words are lingering around my mouth; some thoughts drift away with the letter. It's cold, remember to add a quilt to make warm wings difficult to fly.
136. It's cold air again, a layer of spring rain and a layer of cold; I usually work hard again and put a smile on my face; I cherish friendship often think about it, don't forget to send a text message; the cold current has reminded you, don't forget Tim clothes!

Article Title: A Brief Sentence Concerning Cooling Weather

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