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Express gratitude to others

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1. Little goodwill in return. Don't do good for yourself or for kindness. Pay attention to others, see what they like or need, and then help them do something (pour a cup of coffee, hand out tea, etc.). Action is better than words. Saying "thank you" is better than doing something good in return.
2. Love does not have to be vigorous, love is mumbled in ordinary life. Two people come from different backgrounds and can be combined together.
3. Turn even gratitude into sunlight, illuminate your sky, turn gratitude into rain dew, moisturize the flowers in your heart, turn gratitude into language, speak to you personally, thank you.
4. Gather thousands of words into a song, the name is called gratitude, make thousands of gratitude into a poem, the name is called blessing, thank old friends for years of care, bless you forever happiness.
5. Eventually grow into a towering tree. I thank you for not expressing it in a thousand words.
6. Turn the truest blessings into your style, blow your most sincere greetings into the rain, drift to your window, and turn my gratitude into thousands of words, pray for you happiness forever.
7. Dad, Dad's Day, I want to confess to you, these years, I have always loved an old man, an old man who was kind, upright, and always paid for me. Dad, are you surprised? Haha, this old man is you! Dear Dad! Happy Father's Day!
8. Baiyun thanked the blue sky for giving him a home, raindrops thanked the sea for giving him a home, and dust thanked the earth for giving him a home. I want to thank you for giving me a warm home.
9. Help is just a hand, but thanks is endless.
10. The performer lowered the high shelf, and his heart fell from the stage to the auditorium, and was close to the hearts of the audience. "Thank you for watching the demon's performance" is the voice of the performer, with a heart of gratitude is the basic principle of life.
11. Stimulate a sincere heart, remember the bitterness of growth, you will never be on the road to success, dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever!
12. I am not in charge, I do not know Chai Migui; Express gratitude to others.
13. No matter how proud a person's achievements are, they should drink water and think about it. They should remember that their teachers have planted the initial seeds for their growth.
14. Sorry, can you tell me what is Thanksgiving before you repay me?
15. Regardless of hard work and cold weather, peaches are ripe with lilac, and Lee is skillful. It is easy to plant flowers but not to others. Yougu Feixiang is not ordinary, full of poetry and painting, the talents smile with joy.
16. No matter how far away in the future, no matter how the world will change, you are always the person I am always grateful for. In this grateful day, let me bring you the most sincere greetings, how are you, friend?
17. Little kindness that doesn't ask for returns. Don't do good for self-interest, and don't do it because of being kind. Pay attention to others, see what he likes or needs, and help them do something (pour coffee, hand over tea, etc.). Action is worse than words. Saying "thank you" is better to do a little good to reward him.
18. It's not that hard work and perseverance can be exchanged for warmth, and if you give it back, you also have to meet gratitude.
19. Don't look at life and ideals as round as the moon of fifteen and sixteen. It is made up of yin and qing, and you need to be more realistic in your life. May everyone be more "clear".
20. Don't always count how much you paid, remember how much you got from others.
21. I don't know what language to use to express my emotions, I can only say one sentence: "Thank you!"
22. It feels grassy and gracious, it is lush; it feels rainy, and it is beautiful; Thanksgiving, thank those we love!
23. In order to thank the coming of spring, the plants and plants revealed new buds; we must also be grateful. Be grateful to everyone around you, be grateful for everything around you. When we treat things with gratitude, you will find how perfect the world is.
24. Former strangeness does not represent eternity. Inadvertently, a certain feeling continues your friendship. I can receive your sincere care and sincere blessing during the lonely journey. I am glad to have you in the red dust, happy Thanksgiving.
25. Sincerity, flowers and flowers, with my sincere concern, greetings, and my sincere blessings, bless friends: there is an unforgettable yesterday, a happy today, and a perfect tomorrow!
26. The spring silkworm came to the end of the dead silk, and the wax torch started to dry. Teacher, you worked hard!
27. From strangers to acquaintances, from acquaintances to unswerving sectarians, I will deeply remember every joy and pain that is a testimony of our love and a sign of eternity.
28. Be grateful to see the life we are experiencing
29. When Miaoer needs a glass of water, never give a bucket of water; and when a bucket of water is needed, never give a glass of water. Giving it at the right time and in the right amount is a skill of a good gardener. My teacher, this is exactly the art of your education.
30. When the sun illuminates melancholy, when life miracles, and when the arrangement of destiny makes you and me meet, all the greetings become words of thanks, my friends really thank you.
31. When the sincerity and blessing meet, I feel warmth, when the care and love meet, I feel the true love, when the warmth and true love meet, it turns into my gratitude, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!
32. The grace of dripping water, I will report to Yongquan the next day.
33. The withered petals reveal the end of life, the withered leaves announce the cessation of life; the graceful peony highlights the luxury of life, and the flourishing tree highlights the roughness of life. Life not only gives a creature a form, but also gives it an incomparable brilliance. Therefore, we must be grateful for life.
34. Knowing gratitude, knowing gratitude, people will become kind, tolerant, and loving.
35. People who know how to be grateful are often people of modesty and awe. Treating a person who is weaker than yourself knows that it is the former to bow down and bend; it is the latter that feels God knows to look up.
36. With gratitude and gratitude, one becomes kind, forgiving, and loving.
37. Learning alone without friends is lonely and ignorant. Today, I have to be in the same class with Jun, like cutting like discussion, like thinking like grinding, and the joy is endless.
38. New Year's message: It is safe to live and work in peace. Industry and Bangxing are flourishing. Great luck, and strive to upstream. With all your skills and youth, I wish you happiness!
39. Thank you, always appearing when I am most lost. I am really happy to have a good friend like you by my side.
40. Smile a little, feel less distressed, don't care how much money you have, don't care how sweet your lover is, as long as you live well every day, worries aside, Happy Daily News, Thanksgiving is coming, happy and happy!
41. The hustle and bustle of the world, worldly joy and happiness, are like a clear stream, passing in the wind, in front of my eyes, warming like a spring, I have no extravagant hope, I only want you to be happy, do n’t sad.
42. Let go of the person who gave up on you, and thank him for the choice, so that others have the opportunity to love you.
43. It is helpless to give up, it is incompetent to give up; it is ignorance to give up; it is perseverance to give up.
44. Kite is happy because it is grateful to the line; green leaves are happy because it is grateful to the root; fish is happy because it is grateful to the sea heart; and I am happy because I am Be thankful for everything.
45. Thanksgiving, you don't have to be earth-shattering and violent, and the light and windy wind is enough to make it unforgettable like a little love song, light, light, warm, refreshing ...
46. Thanksgiving is not just an emotion, it is also a behavioral manifestation. It is a simple act to report "Sanchunhui" with "inch grass heart".
47. Thanksgiving, life is so extraordinary, and there are precious stones in the river of life. Thanksgiving, life is so rich and colorful, and the vitality of life that is given by all beings is never extinguished.
48. Thanksgiving is a support during a fall, an encouragement when depressed, a urge to forge ahead, a cheer for success, and a blessing for the festival.
49. Gratitude is the greatest wisdom in life; gratitude is a great virtue of human nature. With constant gratitude, we can feel the happiness of family and the joy of life all the time. In the world of gratitude, we will remind ourselves of the grace of dripping water from time to time, when the spring is reported!
50. Gratitude is a reflection of human nature; gratitude is a life attitude, a moral character, and a heartfelt word. If there is a lack of gratitude between people, it will inevitably lead to the indifference of interpersonal relationships. Those who do not understand the gratitude of Entu and will be ungrateful will be shameless people, so everyone should learn to be grateful.
51. Gratitude doesn't have to be gratitude. Gratitude can be a life attitude, a moral sentiment that is good at discovering and appreciating beauty.
52. Gratitude is not only an emotion but also an expression of behavior. This is the childish "three springbacks" behavior in the newspaper "Inch Grass Heart".
53. Thanks to nature, we must always look at nature, human beings, and destiny with a grateful heart, and we must learn to treat kindly, tolerate, and learn to deal with disasters.
54. Thank you parents, thank you parents for their upbringing for many years, thank your parents for their unwavering companionship, thank my parents for their support like mountains, and give me infinite motivation. Our warm healing room.
55. Thanksgiving, say thank you to all the friends who have helped me and I love, thank you for coming into my life, to make it complete and beneficial. I wish to bring you infinite happiness with my lifetime!
56. Thanksgiving teachers, they gave us the knowledge and the eyes of the world, taught us many things, and our success is their greatest pride.
57. Thanksgiving moon, like satin glory, as beautiful as frost, we miss the lunar beads. Thank you classmates, we hold hands and talk together. Mutual promotion and common development. Thank you classmates, we silently pray for them on the field.
58. Gratitude is deep and true. Thanksgiving has taught me so much, even the extraordinary worldly feelings. So why don't we learn to be grateful?
59. Thanksgiving life, let us pick up the beauty of life in the long seasons, and constantly interpret new meanings.
60. Thanks for life, thank her for the rich affection we have given us. Joy, anger, sorrow, sorrow and worry, free and easy, original, full of joy, unrestrained; laughter, anger and roar, sorrow and cry, showing our true heart and expressing our most true feelings.
61. Thanks for life, and thank her for giving us bright eyes. Look, the world is full of wonders, with luxuriant foliage, flowers and leaves; Look, famous mountains and rivers, steep and steep, exotic grasses, colorful; look, rivers and lakes, endless, quiet and profound, magnificent; look Fenghuaxueyue, spring and autumn are real; seeing the change of time sequence, the vicissitudes of the sea, we use the clear eyes to restore the original appearance of the object, a colorful and colorful world is presented to us. We admire Huamei, and we also understand ugliness.
62. Thanks for life, thank her for giving us a smart brain. Think about difficult issues, the benefits of life; praise truth, goodness and beauty, and criticize false and evil. Remember wonderful moments, exciting moments, warm scenes, sweet shots. Life gives us unique spirituality.
63. The wisdom of a wise man is often to treat his environment, post, and post with gratitude, and to create his own glory with gratitude!
64. Thanksgiving is the foundation of love and kindness. Although we cannot be perfect, we often feel grateful, at least we can make ourselves more beautiful and full.
65. Thanksgiving is the bee in the spring flowers, helping to pollinate the flowers; Thanksgiving is a fire in the long snow, lighting your inner warmth; Thanksgiving is the melody of the four seasons, and touches your heart with the melody.
66. Gratitude is positive thinking and humble attitude, it is spontaneous behavior. When a person knows how to be grateful, he will turn gratitude into a loving action and practice it in life. A grateful heart is a seed of peace, because gratefulness is not a simple reward, it is a spiritual state of self-respect and the pursuit of a sunny life!
67. Gratitude is like a transparent crystal, which makes people cherish it. Experience every touch with your heart, and you will reap beauty and joy.
68. Gratitude is little virtue, gratitude is great evil. In life, there are always many things that affect our emotions, joys, or worries, so what kind of mentality to choose to deal with life, and what kind of life to choose.
69. Gratitude needs learning and nurturing. Western parents have asked their children to write a grateful diary since they were very young. Grateful sunshine and gratitude naturally give thanks to all who give smiles and love.
70. Gratitude is an innate nature of a person, an indelible conscience of a person, and a manifestation of the healthy character of successful people in modern society. A person who doesn't even know how to be grateful must have a cold and heartless heart. He will never become a person who contributes to society.
71. Gratitude is a philosophy of life, gratitude is a wisdom of life, gratitude is the fulcrum of learning to be a man and achieving a sunny life.
72. Gratitude is a philosophy of life and a great wisdom in life. Life is not easy, and all failures and frustrations need to be bravely dealt with by Kuangda. At this time, is it just to complain about life, and then become depressed and slumped? Or to be thankful for life and fall and then get up? British writer Thackeray said: "Life is a mirror, you laugh, it also
Laugh; you cry, it also cry. "You are grateful for life, and life will give you brilliant sunshine; you are not grateful, you just blamed the sky, and may end up with nothing! When you succeed, you can find many reasons for gratitude; when you fail, you only need one excuse for not being grateful. As everyone knows, life should be grateful in the event of failure or misfortune.
73. Gratitude is a philosophy of life, an attitude to life, an excellent quality, and a moral sentiment. Gratitude is a great wisdom in life and a way of singing about life. He comes from love and hope for life. A person who knows gratitude and graciousness is the richest person in the world.
74. Gratitude is an expression of gratitude for grace, and it is the emotion that haunts everyone who does not forget the kindness of others. Learning to be grateful is to polish the dusty heart without being numb, and learning to be grateful is to forever remember what you don't want to pay. For example, parents who are grateful for their life-long efforts for our growth.
75. Gratitude is a living wisdom, the moral bottom line of being a person, the growth of the potential to feel and appreciate the gratitude of others, and the essential psychological potential of a person to maintain his inner peace and improve the sense of happiness and abundance.
76. Gratitude is a life attitude, a moral character, and a heartfelt word. If there is a lack of gratitude among people, it will inevitably lead to the coldness of interpersonal relationships. Therefore, everyone should learn to be "gratitude", which is especially important for children at this moment.
77. Gratitude is a life attitude, a moral character, and a word from the heart. If people lack gratitude, it will inevitably lead to indifference in interpersonal relationships. Therefore, everyone should learn to be grateful, which is especially important for children at this time.
78. Gratitude is a philosophy of life. Gratitude is the wisdom of life. Gratitude is the fulcrum of learning to be a person and realize a sunny life.
79. Gratitude is a responsibility, and gratitude is a practice. Gratitude is often a journey of gratitude.
80. Thanksgiving is the first reason for happiness, because people who do not know how to be grateful will never be happy.
81. Grateful selfless parents, grateful friends who live with each other, grateful teachers who are tireless, grateful to give to your loved ones, grateful for a thoughtful life, grateful to inspire a lifetime of youth ...
82. Gratitude is like an invisible chain that binds people and their hearts. Even if you pull long and far, you can feel each other's heart.
83. Gratefulness is born of the heart, and it is done with the heart. Have a grateful heart and an extra warmth.
84. Thank you for having you, thank you for your company, it is another year. May you be old and refined, may our seventies and eighties be girlfriends, and happy birthday. Happy together
85. Thanks to nature, we live and work under its wings, grow up with laughter, it is beautiful, it is selfless, it gives us everything.
86. Thanks for the motherland. Without the prosperity of the motherland, how can there be today's happy life, she gave us the cradle of healthy growth and gave us space to play freely.
87. Gratitude is very simple. It is as simple as "thank you". Even a look can be complicated. It can have the weight of time and even surpass life and death.
88. Be grateful to those who hurt you, because he has hone your mind, be grateful to those who deceive you, because he has enhanced your wisdom, and grateful to those who hurt you, because he has sharpened your personality.
89. Thank you to those who helped you, because you got tolerance from there; thank you to those who promoted you, because you got opportunities from there; thank those who taught you, because you got knowledge from there.
90. Thank you for the sky, for giving us the sun, the moon, the stars; for the earth, for giving us the rice, wheat, and the barren valley;
91. It's better to say thank you. In short, you are a close friend of my life!
92. Thanks for my father's love, such as mountains and generosity; Thanks for my mother's love, such as water, small and profound; Thanks to brothers and sisters, with them, our lives are no longer lonely. Thanks for friendship, it made me hear Qingquan's singing, and when I was lonely and sad, it gave me comfort and warmth, even in the dark corner, I can feel the bright sunshine.
93. Thanks to my parents for giving life; thank my friends for being around; thank my lover for staying with me all my life. Life is full of impermanence, most of which is a heart of gratitude.
94. Thanks to my parents, I have increased my knowledge and traveled the great mountains and rivers of my motherland. At the foot of the Great Wall, on top of the Taishan Mountain and the seashore grassland, we have left perfect memories of our happy steps. You let me know the majesty of the Great Wall, the splendor of the Forbidden City, the majesty of Mount Tai, the endless waves of the sea, the herdsmen on the grassland are enthusiastic and hearty, and know the greatness of the motherland!
95. Thanks to my parents for giving me life and for bringing me to this colorful world; thanking my loved ones for showing me the love and preciousness of my affection; thanking my teacher for being selfless and teaching me, I enjoyed traveling here; I thank my friends for their meticulous help, which helped me overcome many difficulties.
96. Thank you leaders for taking the precious time to check our training. In these short days, we have felt the care and support of our leaders for us.
97. Thanks to the leaders for their careful cultivation during this period, which helped me a lot and improved my business level comprehensively.
98. Thank you, Mi Yunfan, for risking serious injuries to help me stop the chemistry teacher's problem, and for the stool that cannot bear the weight of your life, I pray for it.
99. Thank you for the snow that summer, the snow in the dream, the dream in the snow.
100. Thanks to those who care about me, it is you who let me know that we have never been separated from each other, and also that you let me know what friendship is. I appreciate your care!
101. Thank you, dear friends! Thank you for your strong support for good emotions, for your selfless love for good emotions, for your hard click on good emotions, and for your devotion to good emotions.
102. Thank you for staying with me through my lost days; thank you for listening to nonsense when I am bored; thank you for helping me when I am helpless; thank you for being my best and most conscientious friend!
103. Thank you for your help, and for everything you have done to me. Please understand my sincere wishes at any time.
104. Thank you for your father's love and generosity; thank you for your mother's love, that is deep and delicate; thank your siblings, with them, our lives are no longer alone. Thank you for your friendship. It made me hear the song of Qingquan. When I am lonely and sad, it gives me comfort and warmth. I can feel the bright sun even in the dark corner.
105. Thank you for your care, thank you for your help, thank you for everything you do to me ... any time, please understand my most sincere wishes!
106. Thank you for your care, thank you for your help, and thank you for everything you have done to me. In this holiday full of gratitude, please accept my most sincere wishes: a life of peace, happiness and health!
107. Thank you for your strong support for good emotions, for your selfless love for good emotions, for your hard click on good emotions, and for your devotion to good emotions.
108. Thank you for watching with concern my continuous progress on the path of life, and using friendship to inspire my pursuit of the future.
109. Thank you for paying attention to my life and using friendship to inspire me to pursue the future.
110. Thank you for accompanying me through the wind and rain, thank you for encouraging you when you are most helpless, and thank you for at least you when you are alone.
111. Thank you dear father and mother! It is you who gave me life, brought me to this beautiful world, and gave me the opportunity to pursue happiness and feel happiness. It is you who nurtured me to grow up, taught me knowledge, taught me how to be grateful.
112. Thanks for the tenacity of natural life in the desert, let me understand that self-repair is the nature of survival. When I touch the surrounding world with my body, no matter how harsh the environment and harsh conditions, I can always adapt to the mind and perceive everything that comes from life. power.
113. Thanks for all the encounters in life, let me meet you at the perfect age.
114. Thanks is the rainbow after the rain, which is extremely bright. Thanks is a torch in the winter, driving away the darkness. Thanks for being a summer rain, taking away the haze. Only with gratitude can there be friends and we will drive to the other side of success.
115. Thank you for letting a boat, where I found the desire to drop sails. Your tenderness is not a flower, it is a green branch, there are always new leaves after winter.
116. Thank you for letting a boat of friendship, let us find the desire to drop sails, your friendship is not flowers, but green branches, there are always new leaves after winter, I will take care of a heart full of tenderness.
117. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me meet! I can't say why, but I miss you more and more every day, and even have your smile in my dreams.
118. Thank heaven and earth, thank destiny, the world is wide and the road is bumpy, but as long as there is love in the heart and gratitude in the heart, we will work hard and we can move forward.
119. Thanks to my brothers and sisters. With them, my journey of life is no longer lonely. When I am in crisis, it is naturally their backbone that rushes ahead.
120. Thanks for friendship, let me hear Qingquan's singing; when I was lonely and sad, gave me comfort and warmth, even in the dark corner, I can feel the splendor of the beam of light.
121. Thanks for the rainbow after the rain. Thank you for a torch in winter that drove away the darkness. Thank you for the summer rain that took away the haze. Only with gratitude can we have friends and we can drive to the other side of success.
122. Thank you for giving me beautiful feelings on this beautiful autumn night. When I think of it, I can feel that cool wind gently brushes my face like a soft hand, blows my neck, distant thoughts Happy New Year Thanksgiving!
123. Thanks to nature, giving people magical creativity and imagination. People observe birds, explore the ocean, and harvest everything that nature has given us. We enjoy nature. It is nature that makes life colorful, let us protect nature, love nature, and thank nature.
124. Thank nature for giving us life for everything. Let the branches sprout sprouts, let the birds spread their wings, and let the fish swim on the bottom of the sea, giving us a comfortable environment, plenty of nourishment and space for the pipes.
125. Communication eliminates barriers and trust melts barriers. Kindness gathers strength, and love creates value. Thanksgiving enriches life and enriches mood. Etiquette demonstrates quality and civilization embodies cultivation. Nobleness adds interest, and tolerance creates harmony!
126. The little progress of the child is inseparable from your education. Your child's care and patience make me wonder how I am grateful.
127. I have n’t seen you for a long time. I ’ve been in love but I ca n’t hold hands. How are you doing now? Thank you, the days you spend with me, have given me warm care, and thank you for the pain that you brought to me, let me know Cherish. Have n’t seen you for a long time, are you okay? If I meet again, I will not turn a blind eye to you again, the feeling is the pain of the soul, I will say a greeting like a good friend, not miss, just hope that we can be happy every day .
128. I really want to erase you from my memory, but I always think of you involuntarily: every moment in my dream, every minute when I wake up ...
129. The flowers are grateful against the green leaves, the clouds are grateful for the care of the sky, the waves are grateful for the turbulent sea, and the big stones are grateful for the towering mountains.
130. The flowers are grateful for the nourishment of the earth, so that they have a beautiful and fragrant fragrance; the eagle is grateful for the broadness of the blue sky, and it has the wings to fly soaring into the sky; the fishes are grateful for the tolerance of the sea, and then there is the Tengbo show The waves are beautiful.
131. Flowers bloom, thanks for the care of sunshine and dew; beautiful scenery, thanks to the gifts of nature; happiness of life, thanks to the help of parents and friends.
132. Embracing a grateful heart is like lighting a beacon in the journey of life; embracing a grateful heart is like holding the key to a door of the palace of life.
133. With a heart of gratitude, you will feel that everyone loves you, and with a heart of reward, you will feel that everyone owes you. The reward begins with gratitude, and the gratitude finally returns.
134. The memories are perfect, and the future is splendid. This time is just a tribulation in your lifetime. After the incident, maybe you will also thank this tribulation because it will make you gain a lot. Thank you so much.
135. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can not be regarded as your dedication, poetry, song and poetry, and praise. You, like spring rain, dye the world, but disappear silently in the dirt. Twelve minutes, thank you, my beloved teacher!
136. I must choose to be grateful if life can be left and memorable.
137. If life is a hike, you are my best donkey friend; if life is a drama, you are my best partner; Thanksgiving is here, thank you for your company and wish you peace and happiness!
138. In the future, whether I will become a tall tree or a low bush, teacher, I will salute you with the verdant green of life!
139. Today, far away, I gave you the paper cranes I blessed before, and flew across Qianshan and Wanshui, just to tell my Enshi you: Thank you for your cultivation and care!
140. Today is Thanksgiving! Although I do n’t believe in Christ, but I agree with gratitude, I really thank God for letting us know each other, and I hope we become good friends for a lifetime! Bless you and me, dear friends, and enjoy this happy holiday .
141. Today is Thanksgiving. Say thanks to all the friends who have helped me and my love. Thank you for coming into my life and making it complete and beneficial. I wish to bring you infinite happiness with my lifetime!
142. Today, I am in a distant place, giving you yesterday, a boat folded into memory, and let it float in the lake of missed heart.
143. Although no one is grateful for your kindness, you still have to choose to be a kind-hearted person. What kind of person you choose to do is for yourself, not for others.
144. Whether it is possible to grow old together forever with the happy hour may never be, but I am also glad that there must be our own beauty
145. Thirsty and tired to drink Red Bull! Bored and annoyed looking for a brother! This is what you often say to me. The language is light and the friendship is strong. Whenever I think of it, there is a touch of warmth.
146. When thirsty, a drop is like manna, and the value of charcoal in the snow is worth a thousand dollars. Often comes and goes, Tianshun people go with everything. With a touch of affection, he asked softly, true feelings and true feelings.
147. When thirsty, a drop of water is like dew; when it snows, it releases carbon and is worth a thousand gold. Come and go often and everything goes smoothly. Ease one's feelings and ask one's own words, for true feelings change for true feelings, and people's hearts change.
148. Teacher, you brought me change and growth, and you took me through wide windows and doors. You make my life better, you make my life undulating. In my life journey, you are like a beacon, shining on me, guiding me in the right direction.
149. Teacher, you are a beautiful cultivator and a beautiful seeder. It is you who shine with the beautiful sun and moisturize with the beautiful rain. Our hearts are green, and flowers bloom!
150. Teacher, it was you who brought me change and growth, and it was you who took me over the wide windows and doors. You make my life better, you make my life ripple. In my life journey, you are like a beacon, shining on me to point me in the right direction.
151. Hello teacher! School starts in September, and Teacher's Day is also here! thanks for your work teacher! Teacher, you are the most memorable person in my life, because with you, it makes my life fun, and with you, my life turns, thank you!
152. Teacher, you are like lighting a candle to illuminate others: like spring silkworms who spit out green silk, in order for the younger generation to get the golden key to climb the pinnacle of science, you have worked hard. On Teacher's Day, I wish you good health!
153. Teachers are our leaders and our friends. Teachers respect, understand, and love us. They teach and teach and benefit us for life. Teachers give us hard work and sweat. We should be grateful to our teachers.
154. The cold wind withers away spring flowers, the autumn wind wipes out the sadness, the cold rain wets the memory, the eternal friendship, how can we forget. Thanksgiving, meet each other, appreciate acquaintance, know each other, and be grateful for a lifetime.
155. Fragmented days, cherish perfect memories. Together with the storm, we walked through the rough. Help each other in difficult times and be polite when dealing with each other. Thank you for your support and love for me over the years. I sincerely wish you and your family good luck.
156. In the past years, I am grateful for those treasures, and some always know how to be absorbed by the years, some always turn around, and are at a loss in the depths of the fireworks.
157. Slightly lower three have no winnings, only two inches higher have gold. Smart and stupid teacher Gou teaches, smart eyes help Zhiling. Don't look at the current rainy dew, please look at the grass core. All teachers, you have worked hard! I wish you happy!
158. Busy, praying for comfort, walking in the dark, but hoping to light a lamp for myself, the light of others can hardly shine on my way, but fortunately I have your guidance to go all the way.
159. Blind and arrogant life is a life of pride and ignorance. The ashes of time are scattered in the red dust, people pass by the wind, a few dusts of fate become contemplative, the years are flowing, and the important things are sent to the sun and the moon. The wind and dust swayed the thin face, but the constant heat accompanied the grateful heart, walking through the mottled time, thanking the wind and rain.
160. In the vast sea of people, the moment when you look back and smile is the gentlest, like the coquettishness of a riverside willow, letting my long-seal heart open! Thank God for letting me meet you, I send you with thanks Thanksgiving blessing.
161. I know you in the vast sea of people, I am grateful, thank God for creating me and creating you at the same time, so in the windy days I often think of you, in the days when you are no longer lonely, I look back in surprise, acquaintance Is a beauty.
162. Without you, there would be no me, no sorrow of my tens of cold and summer, and no laughter of my spring, summer, autumn and winter, thank you for giving me everything and growth in my life. Happy Mothers' Day!
163. There is no gorgeous language, no grand words, but my gratitude to you will not diminish.
164. Without the sun, there is no warmth of the day; without rain and dew, there is no grain richness; without water, there is no life; without parents, there is no ourselves. The grace of dripping water, Yongquan reported. Caring for parents makes us responsible.
165. Without sunshine, there will be no warm days; without rain and dew, there will be no grains; no water, there will be no life; no parents, there will be no ourselves; no relatives, teachers and teachers will not feel human truth! We all understand these simple truths, but what is lacking is the understanding of gratitude, and what is often forgotten is the heart of gratitude.
166. Everyone has a piece of their own sky, and there is a you in my sky.
167. Every sunny day will make me thank you! Thank you sincerely, so that I can fight the severe cold and rain, thunder and lightning with strong will and senseless spirit, without feeling tired and lonely.
168. The bees have collected honey from the flowers, and they know how to hum the thanks; the leaves are cooled by the breeze, and they also know that they are thankful. However, we are not as good as bees and leaves, and sometimes we tend to forget that we need to be grateful.
169. The bees scoop honey from the flowers and thank you when they leave. The flamboyant butterfly believes that the flowers should be thanked to him.
170. So, let us close our hands, close our eyes, and pray sincerely to the heavens, may the people of the world, remember gratitude, remember kindness!
171. Forget those unpleasant experiences. 让我们各自都有机会,做一个新的自己,重新开始,重装系统,重拾信心,重归于好,一切宛如新生。
174. You hold the ship's side of my sloping life, and the clear water allows my revived soul to swim forward, forward, your friendship, like a lamp in my life, lights up my soul, Make my life glorious, thank you for having you around!
175. Your help is tantamount to sending charcoal in the snow, which makes me grateful!
176. Your bright smile stays in my heart for a long time, your kind words always accompany me, your warmth encourages me to move forward, and your sincere help warms my heart, as this Thanksgiving comes.
177. I have no time to participate in your past, and I will accompany you in the future.
178. Your friendship is like a lamp in my life, which illuminates my soul and makes my life glorious.
179. The most precious gift you give me-sincere friendship, is like a bright star in the galaxy in which I live.
180. You have left me many wonderful moments that cannot be erased. You made me know how to cherish each other and turn each of our moments into eternal memory.
181. You are my baby, you are my flower, thank you for your help and thank you for your love.
182. You are the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen, let my forest fade for you; you are like a melody to make my life more harmonious, I can only say thanks in a small voice, so small that only you can understand! happy Thanksgiving!
183. You are the cutest stick figure in my diary. In my dreams, let me find the reason to love you; you are the most beautiful rose in my heart, drifting in reality, let me be willing to wait for you forever!
184. You are open and kind in your heart and care for my weak and kind heart; you are tolerant and sincere and forgive me for my childish wayward behavior; you are kind and gentle, and melt my cold and indifferent appearance; you are optimistic and uplifting and guide me Boring thoughts! Thank you, my dear!
185. You are going to leave in the end, but you keep the image of the flower, you keep the fragrance of the flower, and you keep the hope we watered together. In the future, as long as I think of you, my years will always be bright and beautiful.
186. Young people will have a chance if they have a reverence for the future, if they are serious about today, and if they are grateful for yesterday.
187. Your bright smile stays in my heart forever. Your kind words always accompany me. Your enthusiasm encourages me to move forward. Your sincere help warms my heart and I sincerely say to you: thank you!
188. Your hard work makes me grateful for my life; Your teachings make me remember my life; Your morals make me remember a lifetime; Your care makes me warm for life. Dear father, happy father's day!
189. You are much like the obscure root of a tree, which makes the tree thrive, and leaves the branches full of fruit, without asking for any reward.
190. You gave us a ruler of life, let us measure it ourselves; you gave us a mirror of exemplary behavior, so that we have role models everywhere.
191. Thank you sincerely, stay with me when I am in trouble, give me hope when I am depressed, and give me strength when I am struggling, and shield me from the storm. Dear friends, would like to share my joy and happiness with you.
192. You are like a red candle, giving all the heat and light to the younger generation! Your character and spirit can be used in two words-burning! Constantly burning!
193. You have dyed the color of my youth with all the love in your heart; you have forged my unyielding character with your persistent belief ... teacher, the spark of my life shines on you!
194. You write the hymns of life with the pen of wisdom; you use your blood to create youth without regret; you use enlightenment to light up the beacon of hope; you use knowledge bricks to build the building of life. Teacher's Day, salute the teachers!
195. Friends, let me say hello gently. Although life is inevitable, but you are the most cherished and most memorable friend in my heart.
196. Friends, let me say hello. Although it is inevitable to meet and leave in life, you are my most cherished and most memorable friend.
197. Friends are lights that help you dispel loneliness and illuminate expectations. Friends are tea, helping you filter impetuousness and store tranquility. Friends are water and help you moisturize for a while and keep you fresh. Friends are sugar, helping you to dilute the bitterness, full of sweetness. Thank you, dear friend!
198. Friends are harps, they play wonderful life, friends are pens, write happiness and joy of a lifetime, friends are songs, sing the warmth of a lifetime, and wish Happy Thanksgiving!
199. A friend is a feeling, a feeling that you will remember when you are cold, a feeling that you are always concerned, a feeling that you can rely on when you are upset and sad, thank you for having a good friend in your life that is worth remembering often!
200. Friends are always heart-to-heart. A friend who knows something is worth a thousand dollars. He thinks of a friend under the light.
201. Actually, it feels really bad to resist everything. Trusted people are a valuable life experience regardless of their adversity. Thanks for these ordeals, and for my life.
202. In fact, the sky is very blue, and the clouds are always scattered; in fact, the sea is not wide, and this shore is even the other shore; in fact, the tears are also sweet, when you wish. Actually I want you to be happy every day!
203. In fact, at some times, there are opportunities that pass by because of instant hesitation; some fate, because of temporary willfulness, slipped between fingers.
204. The journey of thousands of miles, accumulated in pacing; the boat of thousands of miles, completed by the compass; thank the leaders for their guidance on weekdays, which is what I have achieved today.
205. There are thousands of words that cannot express my gratitude. I can only say that I have it in my heart.
206. Dear leaders, it is because of your leadership that we are able to perform our duties with due diligence and dedication. Sincerely express our thanks!
207. Dear friends, I would like to say thank you so much for accompanying me through my life so many miles!
208. The gentle wind blows away your frowns and lets all sorrows fly backwards. Please don't go back and chase you because you should run forward, because happiness is ahead!
209. Early morning, thanksgiving dawn and a new day; noon, thanksgiving breaks and leisure moments; evening, thanksgiving sunset and infinite night. Thanksgiving is always with us, and life is wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving.
210. Please accept our sincere blessing: Happy Thanksgiving to you!
211. Autumn is mottled and yearns for every harvest season in life, and is grateful. Perseverance in every sincere emotion makes me cherish every encounter in the ocean.
212. How similar mothers are all over the world! Their hearts are always the same, and they all have a very innocent heart.
213. What keeps women remembering is feelings, and what keeps men thinking is feelings. Feelings settle down slowly over time, and feelings fade away over time. Maybe you can get love, you can get marriage, you can get a superior life; but if you can't get a sense of security, what's the use of everything? It is better to live in fear of abundance than in poverty of stability. Happiness is not a hard life to love, but a life of peace of mind.
214. There are too many people to thank me, no matter how long they have stayed in my life, I will not forget the people who have given me warmth before.
215. Let us thank the sun, moon and stars. Let us thank the mountains with gratitude. Let us be grateful to society. Let us thank ourselves for having a grateful soul.
216. Let us thank the sun, moon, and stars with gratitude, let us thank the mountains and earth with gratitude, let us thank society for life with gratitude, let us thank ourselves, and thank ourselves for having a grateful soul.
217. How can I thank you when I came to you I wanted to harvest a spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring, how did I thank you When I came to you, I wanted to hold a bunch of waves, but you gave My entire ocean
218. How can I thank you, when I came to you, I wanted to harvest a spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring ...
219. How can I thank you, when I walked towards you, I wanted to harvest a spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring.
220. Let the sunshine send beautiful expectations, let the breeze send us our deep blessings, and let the white clouds and blue sky always embellish your hungry life. May your life be full of happiness!
221. People must have a grateful heart, learn to accept others, and learn to know themselves.
222. A person's life, regardless of success or failure, will be helped by too many people. Parents' upbringing teacher's teaching spouse's caring friend's help to help the gift of nature.
223. A person's life is only a few decades, so why not cherish your time! Even if you have worked hard, even if you have pursued, in the end, victory is not your own. At least I worked hard and it was a happy thing.
224. In my life, I have encountered many people worth remembering and nostalgic, including loved ones, classmates, friends, teachers, and so on.
225. Everyone knows you a thousand cups. It is rare to know you in the long journey of life. Thank you very much for your help. I can never forget our friendship, and we ca n’t forget the bits and pieces of our together. I would like to say that it is nice to have you.
226. People often think of things they can't get, rather than cherish everything they have. In fact, the best are those you will never get. Be realistic! friend!
227. On the way of life, thank you for sheltering me from the wind and rain. On the way of emotion, thank you for your tolerance towards me. On the way of life, thank you for your warmth and care. I give my most true thanks on Thanksgiving.
228. The journey of life is bright because of you, the way of life is no longer confused because of you, it is you who let me find the wings of soaring, thank you my most sincere friend.
229. In life, you are not the only one who has helped you. Sometimes it is the opposite.
230. In the journey of life, you enrich my soul, develop my intelligence, and ignite the light of hope for me, thank you!
231. Never have to worry about life, because the sky makes cotton and hemp grow when you are cold, so that you can protect yourself from the cold. Growing food when you're hungry makes you sick. Let you have friends to accompany you when you are unhappy. And you should use your energy to return to heaven.
232. The most precious thing in the world is sincere friendship, deep nostalgia, like a fragrant flower blooming in the valley.
233. People are always prone to numbness in a troubled and dull life. Thank you for your Thanksgiving text message. Let me know that there are still people who are silently caring not far away, and teach me to treat life with gratitude!
234. The days will be more beautiful, and the wind and rain will always pass. Opening those memories, there are always too many touches in my heart. I know the shallow text can't write you who love me. In my life, thank you for walking with me. The long night is long and it makes me scared and suffocated. Fortunately, there are you, and you have been behind me until dawn.
235. If you really speak my guilt, I'm afraid that you don't think I'm futile, but if I don't say it, I feel like I'm futile.
236. If I could, I would rub everything in my heart into today's differences. But I can't! So let's break up in silence! You know, this is the silence of a volcano, it's better than everything else!
237. If I can get the mood swings of others for weeks, months, or even years in a few days, then I actually get more.
238. If I were a grass, I would be grateful for the nourishment and cultivation of the earth; if I were a safflower, I would be grateful for the selfless dedication of the green leaves; if I were the sea, I would be grateful to the seagulls for adding color to me.
239. If a person receives a great grace and then turns against his benevolent, he must take care of his decentness, and must be more vicious than an unrelated stranger. He must prove the other's sin before he can explain his ruthlessness.
240. If one day I am lost in the wind and rain I know you will heal me for pain and pain, maybe our world will be different but I know you will stay with me in the wind and rain, thank you!
241. If you are grateful for what you have, you will get more. But if you focus on what you don't have, you will never be satisfied.
242. If you have to separate, say goodbye well, and thank you in your heart, thank you for giving me a memory.
243. It's really not easy to meet you on the huge earth. Thank God for giving us the fate of this acquaintance. Don't forget, I've been to your world before.
244. The sense of the mountain and the land is good, Fang Chengqi is high and the sea is the sense of the river, and Fang Chengqi is big. The sense of the sky is good and the bird is magnificent. Thanksgiving makes our lives greater. Thanksgiving makes our lives more brilliant. Give it a peach, give it back to you, be grateful, and make life full of humanity and harmony.
245. Mountains and seas can block each other, but they can't block my thoughts, distance can pull you away from me, but not sincere friendship, time can forget the past, but never forget the friends forever.
246. Last time you helped me a lot, I want to say to you: Thank you, and I wish you all the best in the new year: Good luck and good health!
247. The heart that God gave me a good feeling must have his intention. In addition to letting me experience more joy and sorrow, there must be some things waiting for me to seriously do.
248. In life, there are a lot of fleeting moments, like saying goodbye at the station, just hugging each other just now.
249. Life is your own. Every day of yours, every happiness of yours, God will not give it to you casually, but requires you to work hard to capture it with gratitude.
250. Life is helpless, troubled, sad, no one applauds, unhappy, and you help me care and let me understand that life is wonderful. Blessings are sent on Thanksgiving Day, wish you a happy life.
251. Life needs to be laughed, gratitude must not be less, times are developing, morals must be improved, the Chinese nation has a good tradition, know how to be gracious and be a good person, you do n’t need to be earth-shattering, and it ’s true to show your true feelings. Thanksgiving, be a grateful person and have a grateful heart.
252. Living in gratitude is true happiness and happiness.
253. Because of you in your life, it becomes extraordinary, and in the struggle, because of you, it is wonderful. I thank you with all my efforts and thank you for your care.
254. Because of you in your life, it has become very meaningful, and in the struggle because of you, it has become very exciting. I thank you with all my efforts and thank you for being in my world.
255. Life is not long but good. As long as every effort is made, it is worth encouraging and applauding.
256. A greeting when you fail; some enlightenment when you are upset; an encouragement when you give up; a cheer when you succeed. As Thanksgiving comes, I want to express my gratitude.
257. I am very happy to spend every minute with you, hope to make you happy every moment, think of your name feels sweet, and look forward to seeing you again!
258. I often feel like a lucky person. I am always there to help and care whenever and wherever I am. I have repeatedly experienced and convinced that it is because of your love and tolerance that you have made me today. Here, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you!
259. Time will not do anything, nor will it take away anything, but it will keep moving forward, making today the yesterday, and the smiley face that I want to remember, before the memories slowly become shallower.
260. Time allows people to taste the charm of waiting, and space makes people feel worried about the beauty. I like to leave my footprints in your space, and that is from sincere greetings. I wish my friends a happy life and always happy!
261. Things that can stand in the other's perspective are compassion. You must always thank all beings for your adversity and remind yourself to keep a pure heart. Today's Bathing Buddha Festival is to cleanse yourself from the worries and delusions.
262. Imagine that if it were not for this incident, I would not understand many things. Thank you for your help.
263. The chalk in your hand slowly turns into the ash of the sky love. This love stains your black hair. On this special day, offer a sentence: Teacher you have worked hard!
264. Accepting the grace of dripping water should be reported to Yongquan. Gratitude, what a compelling word! Thanksgiving is to show gratitude to others after receiving benefits.
265. Say a blessing on your mouth, send a greeting on the Internet, take my thoughts, take my wish, fly with me and fly to the sky of gratitude.
266. Thoughts are like drills. You must concentrate on a bit to drill down to have strength.
267. With the condition, the condition does not climb, the condition begins and ends, and life and death carry wide. I just want to simply walk through my life and find someone I love and love.
268. Time will take away the beauty, time will bring the wind and rain, but even if everything changes, it will not take away my gratitude to you and everything you paid for me.
269. Time will take away beauty, time will bring wind and rain, but even if everything changes, it will not take away my gratitude to you and your kindness to me.
270. The so-called good friends are just like us. They can talk about the feelings in their hearts, care for each other, and take care of each other. Sometimes they laugh and sometimes fight red, but they don't take it to heart.
271. The so-called happiness is to have a grateful heart, a healthy body, a satisfactory job, a lover who loves you, and a group of trusted friends.
272. It is the light source watching for you in the dark, it is the road sign for you in Langzhong, it is the coat to keep you warm in the cold wind, it is the arm that resists you in rumors.
273. The words that are too beautiful all show sincerity and blessings. Appreciating your words is equivalent to appreciating the beauty and kindness in your heart. Your taste and personality are worthy of my reference and study, and I am grateful for life; I am grateful for your acquaintance.
274. There is a thing called snow in heaven and earth, which comes down from the sky, and changes to the ground; there is a thing in this world called love, born from attraction, and harmonious in sublimation; one of your friends is you, who knows by chance and ends in eternity.
275. The sky attracts you to fly, the ocean calls you to sail, the mountains inspire you to climb bravely, and the plains are waiting for you to believe in your horses. Let ’s go.
276. The sky is beautiful because of the clouds, the mountains are beautiful because of the river, the flowers are beautiful because of the green leaves, and life is beautiful because of you. Thank you my best friend, and may our friendship last forever!
277. As time goes by, there is no end to this situation, I am waiting for you to come back.
278. Bend over for others and pick up a good mood; think for others and get real gratitude.
279. The gentle wind blows away your locked eyebrows and lets all your troubles fly backwards. Please don't chase you back because you should run, because happiness is ahead!
280. I do n’t know how many stars are intoxicated and waved their hands, how can they be erased? This is a constant attachment, even if the scenery in the future is more beautiful and better, I ca n’t throw it away and show a smile It ’s hard to say goodbye, even though life is farewell to ordinary things.
281. I don't know what language to use to express my emotions. I can only say: "Thank you very much!"
282. My friends, we are going to be separated for the time being; I will not say the words "Treasure". In this waning night, try to cast a few small morning stars; although there is not much light, it can also make the early one happy.
283. I understand that only when I learn to be grateful can I find perfection in life. I treat each day with a smile, the world with a smile, the life, the friends, and the difficulties. Tolerance and emotion can turn decay into magic, turn ice peaks into spring warmth, and dryness into jade.
284. How should I thank you, when I walked towards you, I wanted to harvest a ray of spring breeze, but you gave me the whole spring.
285. I am grateful that this depends on your support and love. I sincerely hope that you and your company will achieve greater success.
286. We grow from seedlings to big trees, but we will always be your students. I wish you the evergreen tree of your life in the year of your flower.
287. We are like flowing water for many years, always rushing and never rest.
288. We want to be grateful to our parents, just like Xiaocao to thank the silent land. They used pure fatherly love and motherly love to shelter us from the wind and rain, and gave us a growth field filled with love and warmth.
289. We want to be grateful to the teacher, to thank the teacher for the inspiration of our minds and the growth of life, to thank the teacher for our hard work and teaching, to respect the virtues of the teacher and to contribute to society.
290. We must be grateful to the society, to thank nature for giving the source of life, to appreciate the gifts of society, to learn to love nature, and to return to society. We want to be grateful to the team, to thank everyone in the mass for their care, help and support, and to remember every honor and success that the team has built together.
291. We must be grateful for the times, live, treat, condition, and appreciate the gifts of the times, as in the past and the previous generation, and care about the possession at this moment to enhance the sense of dedication and social responsibility.
292. We want to be grateful to our classmates and friends, just like a flower to be grateful to another flower. They use the sincere friendship to give comfort and encouragement, bathe the sun side by side, and share the wind and rain side by side. On the road of growth, give us Leaves a perfect and warm memory.
293. We have enjoyed beautiful flowers together before; we have dreamed of beautiful seasons together. Classmates, classmates, don't forget the days we spent together after we separated. We have had peace like water, heated debates, and silent competition. We clung to our shoulders, clasped our hands, shared a common ideal, and shared a common voice. Whether it is gained or lost, everything will survive.
294. We will never remember the benefits we bring, and we should not forget that it is in our interest.
295. I am a girl who attaches importance to feelings. I will not love easily, nor will I easily understand love. Love is not a promise, the promise made is a debt owed.
296. I believe in retribution, and I hope it is better to live. In this way, those who do the most damaging things, and those who hurt you the most, must be in a mess where you can't see it.
297. I folded the paper of the heart into the most beautiful carnation in the world and gave it to my mother, thanking her for giving me life.
298. I sincerely thank you, thank you for your helping hand!
299. I wish to be a migratory bird and fly with you on the migration path; I wish to be an eagle, to encourage you during the climbing; I wish to be a turkey, to be tasted by you on Thanksgiving! Ha ha, such a friend is worthy of justice! Happy Thanksgiving!
300. Tenderness in the palm of your hand, little by little into the bottom of your heart. For example, this woman is beautiful and kind. If, this woman is all over the country. Supported all the way, accompanied by all the way.

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