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Time passing sentence

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1. The flower has a reopening day, and there are no more young people in life.
2. The proud moon is like a hook, and the reflection is like a boat. Farewell to hate, never die.
3. It must be remembered that we have limited time to study. Time is limited, not only because of short life, but also because of the complexity of personnel.
4. Don't look at the minute and second slowly walking around the clock, time will never turn back. Like flowing water, can it come back? It can't be kept, it can only let hard-working people hurry along with it. If one day, every minute on the clock turns backwards, and the flowing river flows backwards, young friends, ask you to quickly carry your bag of knowledge and accompany time to rush and rush.
5. Don't waste time, do something useful every moment, quit all unnecessary behavior.
6. Don't let colleagues distract you with trivial matters.
7. Don't sigh for the years that have passed away, but look squarely at the time you want to rush away.
8. There was a smile in my life once, but it finally disappeared like a fog, and that smile became a rushing river buried deep in my heart, unable to cross, the sound of the river became my daily Singing in despair every night.
9. People who never waste time don't have time to complain about lack of time.
10. But don't indulge your desires, it's like a whirlpool that will turn you into the bottomless abyss. You really should learn to master the direction.
11. Yesterday was a voided check, tomorrow is a promissory note, and today is the only cash you have.
12. The East passed the water, Ye Luo rushed, and the lingering time quietly and slowly passed away, wearing new clothes and lighting firecrackers. One year, one year old, gradually approaching, secretly away, I sorted out my messy thoughts and headed for the new year. It was another year of green grass, and I couldn't catch the time.
13. For life-threatening patients, time is precious life; for business people, time is wealth, and some people say that time is like the wind from where the water left on the hillside blows. For students who are studying, time is power and time is knowledge. Cherishing time is half of mastering good knowledge.
14. How many times, looking for the breath of memory strayed into the gap of dreams, and saw the traces of the past: Yichuan Tobacco, the autumn waters around the river, and the beautiful beauty that disappeared across the river. The yellowed diary is full of misty drifting, the years under the pen, some year, some year, some year, no one in you.
15. All the more accomplished scientific workers are, without exception, those who use time, and who are determined to invest a lot of labor in a lot of time.
16. As if trying to grab something, but the tighter it gets, the more everything in the past is like sand, slipping away silently from the gathered fingers.
17. The person who gives up time, time also gives up on him.
18. The wind and light flowers settled down, time set foot on the light footprint, rolled up the beauty of the past and long gone. In the last chapter of the night, that sweet fragrance was gone.
19. Everyone who has achieved success in ancient times takes his life seriously. When he is alive, he must work as much as possible, work more, study more, refuse to waste his time, and not let time be wasted. ——Deng Tuo
20. From ancient times to the present, many people regret that time flies, so they sigh and say, "Time is like an arrow that urges people to grow old. Indeed, the flow rate of time is really difficult to estimate and beyond description.
21. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles. In the blink of an eye, time is like a galloping horse, flying away from us, our work is like a shining golden light shooting star, and it is over.
22. Time is like an arrow that provokes people to grow old.
23. Arranging time properly means saving time.
24. The dark hair didn't know that the school was early, and Bai Shoufang regretted studying late.
25. Love makes people forget time, and time makes people forget love.
26. If you talk too much, you will naturally have less time to do it. Too much time to do, too little time to think. Too much time to think, less time to practice. No more, no less, just right, life is just right.
27. The golden age is ahead of us, not behind us.
28. Looking back, the days are full of colorful lights and shadows. In the barriers of memory, the sounds of my heart have gradually disappeared.
29. To save time is to make a person's limited life more effective, which is equivalent to extending one's life.
30. Today is today, how little today! Not today, when is this happening! Today is a century of life, today is not a pity! If Yan Gu awaits the Ming dynasty, there is something about the Ming dynasty. Give Junchao a poem for today, please try to start today.
31. What should be done today is not done, and tomorrow will be delayed no matter how early.
32. Create as much happiness as possible to fill the time, how can you live with time to accompany happiness.
33. In a flash, the years rushed. Four thousand days slipped away from me, like a drop of water in the sea. No sound, no shadow, no trace.
34. Wasting time is the most extravagant and expensive of all expenditures. Time is the only capital for a wise man who has no other property.
35. Set aside some time to do what you can do.
36. The passing years, the passing myths, these are the will of God, the gentle universe, what about my little planet? Only waiting for new miracles in passing.
37. There is no way for Shiji to strike the hour that has passed for me.
38. Arrange two to three short vacations each year instead of doing it all.
39. Every minute, every second, that flow is not only the blood in your body, but also the source of life for you-time. Listen, it's exhausted, slowly but hurriedly, taking you from youth to aging.
40. Facing is not necessarily the saddest; lonely, not necessarily unhappy; getting, may not be long-lasting; lost, not necessarily no longer owned;
41. Tomorrow is coming again, and tomorrow is so many. I will live until tomorrow, and everything will be done. If the world is tired tomorrow, spring is coming and autumn is coming. Look at the water flowing east, and see the sun and the west fall. Tomorrow can be a hundred years old, please listen to my song tomorrow.
42. Knowing that the age will eventually grow old, and I stand on the tip of my youth and stare quietly, looking forward to the smile on the wind, and hope that this heart will be old enough. Seeing the years passing by at the fingertips, I still understand that youth and I have not only met.
43. Mo is idle, the teenager's head is white, empty and sad.
44. You cannot change your past, but you can make your future better. Once time is wasted, life is wasted.
45. You give me a tear, and I see all the sea in your heart
46. The boat propped up against the water, struggling to retreat, and retired a thousand times back; Gu Yun "a pity today", my generation deserves the second.
47. Friends, we are constantly growing and we can no longer be nostalgic for the past. As the Russian poet Pushkin said: "And the past will become a kind nostalgia!" Friends! Remember! The years are passing, we are growing!
48. The bells of Christmas Eve will turn another round, and the wheels of time will go forward again. Turning back fiercely, the ebb and flow have swamped yesterday's footprint.
49. With the secret shadow on the sundial, you can also know that time is secretly moving towards ancient times.
50. A hardworking person is the master of time, and a lazy person is the slave of time.
51. Hardworking people, seven full days a week; lazy people, seven mornings a week.
52. Youth companionship, I have been there, it is thanksgiving, satisfaction, and no regrets.
53. Youth is passing so fast that even chasing can't catch up. Sometimes, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, you feel that time is flowing fast. Who stole our youth or did we run away by ourselves? No one knows. Will an invisible person who disappears without a shadow be seen so easily by you?
54. Youth is a wind that occasionally slips by, and inadvertently, it has made me cry.
55. Youth is gone forever, and the career will never succeed.
56. Youth is a beautiful and inaccessible period, the beginning of all future light and happiness.
57. People often say, "Time is passing." Actually, it is not true. Time is still. It is we that are passing. Don't take it easy, the teenager's head is white, empty and sorrowful! The young man doesn't work hard, the old man is sad.
58. A hundred years of life, how many spring and autumn. Looking forward, as if time is boundless; looking back fiercely, knowing that life waved for an instant.
59. Life is short. If you spend years in your life, your short life is too long.
60. Between the world of life, if Bai Ku has a gap, it suddenly disappears. ——Zhuangzi
61. Life is a lifetime, the white clouds are long, how many vicissitudes and tears have drifted away; life is short and sweaty, and how many past memories and memories are deposited.
62. One person is mistaken for one time.
63. Any saving is ultimately a saving of time. ——Marx
64. Ren Shiguang hurries away, I only care about you ~~ Time ca n’t catch this thing, I ca n’t keep it, just wish our friendship lasts forever
65. Serving for years, vicissitudes of life. I also smile and I have no regrets. Years are quiet, I miss you as always.
66. If I could be with you, I would rather let all the stars in the sky be lost, because your eyes are the brightest light in my life.
67. If, no longer remember, then let me pick up for you, these old days.
68. Three more lights and five more chickens, when the man is determined. The dark hair didn't know that the school was early, and Bai Shoufang regretted studying late. Yan Zhenqing
69. Juveniles are easy to learn and difficult to achieve, and one inch of time cannot be ignored.
70. The beauty of life is not how beautiful you look, but whether you have a good heart.
71. Life is based on time. Wasting other people ’s time is equal to killing money; wasting your own time is equal to chronic suicide.
72. The saints are not expensive walls and heavy Yin. —— "Huainanzi • Original Taoism"
73. The fingers are wide and the time is too thin, slipping away quietly.
74. It's hard to come back again in the heyday. Encourage in time.
75. The failing people are passing by because of the thought of "being a monk for one day". Passing time, in their eyes, the time is long and useless. When they turn around, they find that time is flowing. If you do n’t return, you will find the time is precious.
76. In terms of time, there are beginning, middle, and later points; in terms of day, there are today, yesterday, and tomorrow; in terms of people, there are periods of young, strong, and strong. ——Tang Liu Yuxi
77. Time has passed, memories have gone far away, but remain deeply in the memory and mind. When the years passed and youth was no longer, I gradually understood the meaning and wonderful things of life. We have many People are very reluctant to live in this world and are full of love for life.
78. Time flies, spring is another year. No matter you at this time, in your anxiety or happiness, you all hope that you are beautiful: stay in your heart; unfortunately, go with the wind. Live in the present, and act and cherish. The good days are easy to die, and the sun is never lost!
79. Time flies, time flies.
80. Time goes by inadvertently, turning over the old notes, the lines are filled with the interlacing of affection and mood. It seemed as if I had gone back to the storms and storms I had experienced, and the bumps and turns, the memories of the old days are still there, but a little bit less melancholy, a little bit more prosperous, a little bit more vicissitudes.
81. Time is passing, never stop; everything is renewing, and we are growing. Years are so fair, they never give anyone a second, and on the contrary they never give anyone a second. Everyone will experience the most important transitions in life from the passing of time, such as: from naive to mature, from impulsive to calm, innocent to careful.
82. Time hastily passed, but memories always exist.
83. Time is the same for everyone and is very important. No more and no less, if you waste it, you are wasting your good years, losing your current youth, losing your present face, losing your present talent, and losing what you want to do and not doing now. It is often said that writing should be inspired. Yes, inspiration is really important, but what is so-called inspiration? You have to think step by step.
84. Time flies too quickly and makes people feel overwhelmed. I have to look at the daze that once felt good and try to remember the previous days, but the capacity of memory is limited. No matter how I remember, I can't remember a trace. At this time, you quietly left again, leaving me at a loss, how can I keep you?
85. Time will slowly settle, and some people will slowly blur in your heart. Learn to let go, your happiness needs to be done by yourself.
86. Time is the place for development of abilities and so on. ——Marx
87. Time is life, time is speed, time is power. ——Guo Moruo
88. Time is life. Unreasonably wasting other people's time is actually tantamount to killing money. ——Lu Xun
89. Time is like this step by step, never return. And this is telling us not to throw precious time away, cherish time, take care of life, use every minute and every second, and don't waste it.
90. Time can make deep things get deeper and shallow things get shallower. Time tells us that love must grow with time, because the best love is in the deepest part of time.
91. Time has passed and hastily passed. Walking without a trace, like the dew on the lotus leaf, the moment it slipped into the water, it was so fast and so crisp. Sun and moon, youth, why, erase my years, but leave only a scar?
92. Time is in the hands of the sloth, it will always be a blank piece of paper.
93. Time allows us to grow up, time allows us to mature, time allows us to change, time allows us to continuously accept the baptism of life, time can dilute everything, and erased memories will always appear in the old things. As quiet as water, shadows are blurry, and memories are extremely sad, but a faint smile looms before us, huh, we were all growing at that time!
94. Time is precious. Although it limits people's lives, people can make full use of it in a limited life. Mr. Lu Xun said that time is 24 hours a day, but one day brings wisdom and strength to the industrious person, leaving only a piece of remorse to the lazy person.
95. Time is invisible and untouchable. When you are not paying attention, it has passed you quietly. Maybe you have waited, but what can you do? You still have to think about it. . So we must cherish time and cherish it.
96. Time is the wealth of man, and all wealth is just like time is the wealth of the country, because any wealth is the result of combining time with action.
97. Time is kind and wealth is weight.
98. Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time hurts the dreamer and gives happiness to the creator.
99. Time is a great mentor.
100. Time is a great author, she can write the future ending.
101. Time is a loan, and even lenders who are trustworthy cannot afford it.
102. Time is a great writer, and it will write the perfect ending for everyone. -Chaplin
103. Time is accumulated by the minute, and those who are good at using sporadic time will make greater achievements.
104. Time is the most ordinary and the most precious. Money cannot buy it, and status cannot keep it. "Time is the material that makes up a person's life." Everyone's life is limited. Similarly, a lively time is also limited. It is one minute and one second, which elapses.
105. An author of great time, she can write the future ending.
106. Time is like a surging turbulent rush, it never returns and never lingers.
107. Time is always flowing, always flowing. It will not stop waiting for my realization and repentance. As long as the day turns, I will live it. Decadence seems to be some kind of pride. I hate and despise such a boring me, a boring life. What to learn.
108. There are three steps in time: the future is long overdue, now flies like an arrow, and the past will never stand still.
109. Time is the most private, and it is twenty-four hours to anyone; time is also private, and it is not twenty-four hours to anyone.
110. Always understand that I like old things because there is a taste of time on them and there are traces of the past. Pick up the old scattered leaves, stand in front of the window, and quietly record these memories in the warm light of the desk lamp.
111. There are no people who will never make mistakes in the world! Loneliness is not the depth of the innate season; do wrong ... don't regret it. Regret is greater loss than loss. Time rushes away. It feels like another world, but it spreads in the depths of the soul. No big deal. Intoxicated with the past years with a scent of flowers ...
112. The fastest and slowest in the world, the longest and the shortest, the most mundane and most precious, the most overlooked and the most regrettable is time. -Gorky
113. I don't know how many people in the world who can successfully set up a business have become obscured because they pass away the rare time.
114. The deceased is like a husband and sacrifice day and night.
115. Pick up your mood and go on. If you miss the flowers, you will harvest the rain. If you miss this one, you will encounter the next one.
116. Wind in April, love in May. Late spring and early summer, witnessed a blooming and withering called love.
117. For people, things are invisible to people. However, this is the thing that makes people cherish their time more. If, years can give everyone a wish. I hope that the years can be reversed.
118. The torrent of years has swept away youth and away the years, all that remains is a scarred body shell that has been deeply imprinted by the years, and a vicissitudes of heart.
119. As the years go by, do you still remember those past events? Today's sadness and the roads that have passed, the impact of feelings and careers will fade with the years, and the books of time become older with time. Vague, can't stand the test of time.
120. As the years pass, a stream of clear spring flows out, a stream of fragrance flows out; the annual rings of the teeth, only a pale face, waiting helplessly; recalling the quicksand, no one can see him, no one can hear his steps Everything goes on in the flow, and erupts in the flow.
121. The years are like shuttles, Shao Guang is easy to die. Looking back, when I went back in time, I tried all the hardships and sweetness. Night lingering, reading sleeplessly, listening to the words of spring, every day is a new one, no longer idle, looking at the moonlit stars all the way forward.
122. All the best times are those that have passed away and do n’t look back. When you are feeling for the memories, you realize that at that time, it was the best time.
123. The sun's light is far better than the moon, but the sun can always be alone, and the moon is accompanied by stars. Of all things in the world, the sun is the loneliest.
124. The sky can be replenished, the sea can be filled, and the Nanshan can be moved. The sun and the moon are past and cannot be recovered. ——Zeng Guofan
125. Tian lives in a busy life and wants to keep you, but does not know what he is doing. You still walk and pull without any hesitation. The second hand walked little by little, a week passed, a month passed, a year passed! I seemed to do nothing! I had no choice but to sigh. Looking at the drizzle outside the window, I wanted a little comfort.
126. In my childhood, I was naive, still so reckless, and didn't understand at all, just like a carefree bird. Now that I'm grown up, it wasn't like I used to be, but then I suddenly realized, but time has passed, like a drop of water on the tip of a needle flowing into the sea, and my youth stayed in time with nothing. I can't help crying.
127. One last thing in the evening, read an article by your favorite author.
128. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow.
129. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow. -Goethe
130. All we see is just the past, it is only this past, it is very close to us.
131. Things we thought we would never forget in our lifetime were forgotten by us.
132. In my opinion, the most precious thing in the world is "today", and the most vulnerable is "today". Because he is the easiest to lose, he feels more expensive. ——Li Dazhao
133. I think that the most precious thing in the world is "today", and the thing most likely to lose is "today". Because he is the easiest to lose, he feels more expensive.
134. There is so much warmth in my life, I gave it all to you, but you left me, how can you tell me to laugh at others in the future.
135. Relentless time The old man is like a cold wind that blows away the new vitality of everything, but as long as you hurry along with it to rush on, there is nothing to regret when you are old.
136. Things are not for nothing, and tears flow first.
137. If you want to be successful, you must precious time and make full use of it.
138. None of those who dedicated themselves to today wasted yesterday.
139. Of all the critics, the greatest, most correct, and most genius is time. -Belinsky
140. Learn to make good use of time, you should cherish time, not waste every minute, every second.
141. The swallows go, there are times when they will come again; the willows are withered, sometimes they are green again; the peach blossoms are thankful, and sometimes they are reopened. But smart, you tell me, why are our days gone forever?-Someone stole them: Who is it? Where are they hiding? It is they who fled by themselves: Now they are here again Where is it?
142. Encourage others to express their opinions, even if their opinions are contrary to yours.
143. Find time to think about what you do in a day, whether it is a plus or minus sign.
144. Maybe after the end of the song, leave, leave, forget, but when the melody is the best, thank God for letting us be together.
145. I ca n’t call back yesterday, but I am not sure tomorrow. What you can be sure of is today. ——Li Dazhao
146. An inch of time is an inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy an inch of time.
147. Once a secret is revealed, the accompanying pain will be forgotten. Healing one person requires another.
148. The plan for the year lies in spring, and the plan for the day lies in the morning.
149. People who use "minutes" to calculate time are 59 times more than those who use "hours" to calculate time.
150. From the perspective of economics, time is a kind of wealth.

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