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100 selected classic love quotes

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1. A man only cares about the crying face of a woman, but never deliberately thinks carefully. If a woman laughs desperately, she is just hiding her endless sadness. Because she knew that if she stopped smiling, she would cry, but she did not want to let him see her weakness and helplessness. So she can only continue to laugh.

2. How vulnerable are people when they really stand in front of their beloved ones. When a heart is given to him / her, he loses all his protection. At this time, a little camouflage, a little cover, a little pride are needed, so as not to touch the blood in front of the hard shell that the other party did not remove.

3.The meteor is beautiful. I hope it can stay in my heart forever.The meaning of the meteor is fleeting. The beauty of the meteor only comes from the moment. After all, the meteor is a meteor. If you look for a long time, you can only wait for your own star and die. Seizing the beauty of this moment, it is only myself who is suffering.

4. When we love a person, it is tantamount to exchange our hearts with each other. Even if there is one, one party later regrets it and wants to recover it again, but it is impossible.

5. In every day of our youth, we can feel the impact of the waves of love. Although this impact does not necessarily lead us to our destination, we have no reason not to cherish it.

6. As long as I have truly loved and loved each other, this is enough. I don't expect too much.

7. There are some things, some people, that when we are alone, we will be silent and sad, but without any repentance. Some things, some people, remind us that we once shone at each other's eyes, as fierce as bones, and still thinking about it.

8. Some people will disappear suddenly, while others will be imprisoned in a small place all their lives.

9, in coming and going to see their own tears, see through the hearts of others, only parting, do you know if you really loved and owned.

10. Many times, we love, it's just a matter of ourselves. Those loves desperately did not respond. Maybe what we fall in love with is love itself. All sorrow is ultimately the shadow of self-pity.

11. Life will call us at some point, and the only thing we can do is respond to this call.

12. It turns out that it takes a little pain to fulfill others.

13. To love a person, instead of giving up on him for his happiness, keep him and work for his happiness.

14. Too much and too much do not understand cause too much tangles and regrets.

15, love you, but can not say, miss you, but it hurts alone, miss you, but can only send words in the wind, dream of you, but can't find your shadow, waiting for you, but dare not face your eyes.

16. Love does not need to be deliberately grasped. The more you want to grasp your love, the easier it is to lose yourself, lose your principles, and lose the tolerance and understanding that should be maintained between each other. Love will also become a form without beauty.

17. When God arranges lovers to fall in love, they also bring togetherness and separation to their heads. The former is loved and desired by lovers, while the latter brings infinite sadness to lovers, but there is a little God who can do nothing. That is, he can make lovers on each side, but their hearts are always together.

18. The so-called love is meaningful as long as it participates, even if there is no ending. The moment you like someone, you will never get a message. This will all become your courage to live. And it will become your first light in the dark.

19. Even if meeting is really no longer possible, love is still love.

20. Grief brings people's hearts closer, and worldly joy cannot separate them. The bond of sorrow in the heart is stronger than the bond of joy. Love washed up with tears is always pure, beautiful, and eternal.

21. Finding warmth in others is destined to be disappointed.

22. Some people are very good. You want to fall in love with him, but you can't do it. Some people are not so good, but you just can't help loving him.

23. I always thought you were special, but I never thought it was such a special scum.

24. Older women: I just made a difficult decision, let's get married!

25. A woman loves you and you are a husband; ten women love you and you are a lover; a hundred women love you and you are an idol; a thousand women love you and you are a hero; women across the country love you and you are RMB ; Women all over the world love you, uh, you are a sanitary napkin.

26. Marry a surname of Li, and his son will be named Li Gang.

27. No longer can you change your age and appearance.

28. Once met, always better than never met.

29. Everything in the world should be hard to come by, not easy to get. Things that are easy to get are easy to lose, things that are rare are hard to lose.

30. The biggest shortcoming of a person is not selfishness, passion, barbarism, willfulness, but paranoid love of a person who does not love himself.

31. Don't tell me the lie, "I love you", because I've told others before.

32, your serious appearance can not hide your sullen heart!

33. Happiness is good. Don't dry it out, because it will dry out sooner or later, so it is low-key.

34, sister never copied, but did not say not to copy.

35. A lonely person always remembers everyone who has appeared in his life, so I always think of you thinking about your loneliness over and over again in each night when the stars fall.

36. Some people can't tell where is good, but no one can replace it!

37. Of course, there is such a person, it is an indelible mark in life. With him, everyone else in the world can be ignored. Even if he couldn't grasp any clues about love, he was deeply grateful for the long life he accompanied me. Even if people look back sadly at dusk, they are glad that there was tears flowing for him.

38. The feeling of rejection is the same as being rejected. Regardless of love or not, no matter who bears whom, it is always so desolate. Only tears belong to oneself, and the other party will never see it.

39. She clung tightly to those past events that would only make her sad, perfunctory herself over and over again, to become a poppy who was drunk and dreaming of death, exuding a unique and prosperous atmosphere. Like a brightly colored but increasingly dusty brocade, there is only a scumbling beauty.

40. This time, he did not stay, and some fate was needed, and when the deadline was reached, he couldn't hold it.

41. You will never see what I was when I was the loneliest, because I was the loneliest only when you were not around me.

42. Because love is often unpredictable, its disappearance is often not transferred by our will. If we have ever loved it, it will never be forgotten by us.

43. If life is just as first seen, many grievances can be omitted. She said that no matter how good life is, it's like seeing it for the first time. In her life, she had been overwhelmed. The only opportunity was the moment when I first saw it, but it could not be eternal.

44. When I was young, I was so attached, either because of one thing or because of a relationship. Those long and short emotions can turn into a force, which makes us want to die, or that life is better than death.

45. It turns out that things can't beat time. Emotions and sorrows are the defeat of its men.

46. If the heart moves, tears will travel.

47. The most urgent walks are the most beautiful scenery; the deepest injuries are always the most true feelings.

48. Your eyes are the sea I will never meet again.

49. In the past, do n’t turn it if you ca n’t turn it. If you turn the dust, you will be lost.

50. When people are in the most sorrow and panic, there are no tears. Tears always flow at the end of the story, and at the end of everything!

51. Hate, can provoke disputes, love, can cover all faults.

52. Pick up your mood and go on. If you miss the flowers, you will harvest the rain. If you miss this one, you will encounter the next one.

53. If you can choose, don't use hate to end a period of love.

54. I believe I love you. still. Always. forever and always.

55. Many times I choose to give up because I am afraid of injury. I also love freedom too much, so I long for love, but I still do n’t know how to let others enter my world.

56, always feel a little panic when happy. When she laughed, she moved her tears. I can not believe in pure happiness. Sad and joyful about the ups and downs of life, both calm and uneasy.

57. Some are good, just accept it. The root cause and the pain is only yourself. People living in the world are too smart to be happy. It is not a wise thing to get through and make mistakes.

58. In the afterlife, I would like to be a lonely and self-appreciating flower, always standing in the wind, waking up as soon as spring arrives, and dying as soon as winter arrives, my life is short and happy, and I am a monarch who is scattered for the monarch.

59. Once upon a time, there was a mountain called Passionate Mountain, and there was a deep valley in the mountain, called Jueqing Valley, and a clear spring in the valley was called Wangqing River. I often drink alone the wine made by the river of regret. You are a passionate mountain visitor, and I am a passionate valley.

60. Oblivion is our unchangeable destiny. Everything is like misaligned paper. Everything in the past can't go back to the past, so it slowly extends one by one. Maybe something staggered, we really should forget. As long as you can remember me, even if you hate it. And when I try to hate you, I think of your smile.

61. We can forget everything in this world, but love is the exception.

62. When we were young, we cried and we laughed; when we grew up, we laughed and burst into tears.

63. Standing on the sixth floor and looking down, there are tears that endure and endure. Ci Yuan, we don't talk about such illusory things. The afterlife is too misty, I only want this life. It is enough to love you in this life.

64. It's just a person crying quietly, sad enough to be unable to help himself. I can't go back anymore, those quiet and happy times, those loves that have been together, can never be found again. The whole world is empty.

65. Things that don't belong to me, I don't want to. It's not something I really give me, I don't want it.

66. Perhaps only through experience can we understand what is like, what is love, and what is favorite.

67. That's right, we have loved each other, hurriedly lingering in that lush era, but even now, what is the meaning of these. No matter how nostalgic, it was just a sigh.

68. He appears so calm every time he appears in front of you. You finally understand that he doesn't know you still love him, he just doesn't want to know.

69. If the other is too clever, the other will lose miserably. You have no control over it, and you know from start to finish that you are not his opponent.

70. Without the slightest prevention of the devoted love, the mud feet are deep and cannot extricate themselves. You are willing to indulge in that tenderness, as if the moth flutters the fire and does not look back. Past feelings are like a stab in my heart. I can't look down on the wound but I feel pain. But he is a blunt knife, chopped down in your heart, this time, it does not hurt, because it is already incomplete.

71. Who is the passenger in whose life, who is the runner of life, the dust of previous lives, the wind of this life, the endless sorrowful spirit, and ultimately no one is who.

72. He has exhausted your feelings. He is the last person you fell in love with before you lose your ability to love. He is gone, but you can no longer love anyone. It's not because of food waste, but because of the sea. You want to admire the legacy of love, but in the end you find that love is beyond recognition.

73. "Forever" is like a spell, "Always be together", "Always love you", "Always be a good friend", "Always believe in you" and other spells, specifically used to summon "Separation", "Betrayal", "Changing heart", "Doubt ". So never say never.

74. There is no limit to love. Even if two people are separated by two places, they will meet again because of love after all. Even if the red line of the elderly under the moon does not actually exist, love always springs up in nature. Because love is always full of infinite possibilities.

75. Every young girl who is in love is longing for a man like this. He is smart, grand, mature, and tolerant, and even if he has seen through your tricks, in order to make you happy, he will cooperate with you to be a fool. But when you are in danger, he can spare no effort for you. His heart is infinite and can accommodate everything, but only you can enter.

76. But as beautiful as she ca n’t keep your heart, you laugh so naturally, I really do n’t understand. How can a person who has ever been in love be so clear-hearted?

77. The girl Jiayan was immersed in the love of Zhou Yichen, and could not extricate herself, although she knew that everything was in vain. Or when we are intoxicated, we can't see ourselves, the other side, the future and hope. Or, when we grow old and look back, we realize that those things that we long for but cannot get, they live forever in the forest we can't reach.

78. Once met, always better than never met.

79. The origin and the demise of the origin, the affluence and the faintness, are beyond our control. What we can do is to cherish the short period of time during the fate meeting.

80. Back to the past, back to the past, back to the origin, back to the original tranquility. We finally came to an end, no longer entangled with each other, and life was finally flat. I finally understand that I am still the child who likes to be quiet, and I am also the child who is unwilling to compete with others. I finally understood that what I wanted was peace.

81. Love yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of romance.

82. People's gifts of life always seem so peaceful, we can't resist, but we should all miss them together. I can only hope that when the next opportunity appears, I will greet it calmly, but even if I live through the severe winter in expectation and anxiety, it may not be spring.

83. She is the one I can't forget no matter where I go in this life. I don't necessarily love her so much, but there will never be a person who makes my heart hurt so easily.

84. When love comes, of course it is also happy. However, this happiness is to pay, but also to learn to accept disappointment, hurt and parting, since then, life is no longer pure.

85. One day, there will be someone who loves life, and freezes you in his world like freezes the next beautiful photo.

86. Love is when one heart meets another, not when one face meets another.

87. If the emotions are years of drinking, they can also be torn slightly and thrown into the sea, then I would like to be silent on the sea floor from now on. Your words, I love to hear, but do not understand, my silence, you would like to see, but do not understand.

88. Love is not complicated. There are only three words to come and go. I do n’t love you, I hate you, just forget it, how are you? Sorry.

89. Life is not a movie, there is no rewind, just like our love, abruptly stopped at that night.

90. You finally know that you guys really ended long ago and there is no sequel. You pretty insist that he doesn't need it at all.

91. Why should you forget one so painfully, time will naturally make you forget.

92. We may be able to love two people at the same time and be loved by two people. Unfortunately, we can only stay with one of them until we are old.

93. When you fall in love with someone, you will always be a little scared, afraid of getting him, or losing him.

94. If you were not loved by others, you will cherish the person who loves you in the future. Excerpt from: Classic Quotations www.yuluju.com

95. When they can't meet, they miss each other. But once they can meet, once they are walking together, they will torture each other again.

96. If I don't love you, I will not miss you, I will not be jealous of the opposite sex around you, I will not lose my confidence and drink fighting spirit, and I will not hurt. If I don't love you enough, that would be great.

97. The love of fire should not be rekindled, rekindled, and those beautiful memories of the past have come to naught. If we reunite, maybe I will live with his deep thoughts until the flesh decays, but at this moment, I hate him. All good days have gone forever.

98. Those warmth and innocence have become false under the erosion of years. The only thanksgiving was the moment we met at the beginning.

99. I think it's all my fault. If I'm sensible, calm down, walk over and ask clearly, everything will not be like this now.

100. Do you believe that all the feelings in the world will move towards separation. All sentient beings coincide with their meeting and then part ways. Regarding these, it seems like a scene of black and white movies flashed in the memory. All the hearts gradually became a hard and cold stone in the ordeal, but no one could peel off the rough shell to peer into the soft core.

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