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100 incisive classic quotes

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1. No one held my hand, so I took my pocket.

2. Buddy's biggest wish is: Beauty doesn't wear clothes!

3, the younger brother described the health of his dormitory-"Back in the dormitory, I don't want to open my eyes !!!"

4. Tsinghua University, also known as "Frog University"-when you eat buns and say ...

5, put your own fart, let others smell it!

6. How can I lose weight without eating?

7. The goal was scored by the goalkeeper.

8, boast a female classmate in person: you are really pure water out of hibiscus! !!

9. How did you die? Not yet dead.

10. There is a one-yuan coin in the flower bed, but the sign beside the flower bed says "Step into the flower bed, a fine of three yuan!"

11. If you look at the mirror and pay taxes, I am afraid that some women will go bankrupt.

12. Secret love is a successful mime, and it becomes a tragedy.

13. Hope is like fire and disappointment is like smoke. Life is seven places of ignition and eight places of smoke.

14. Format yourself just to delete you.

15. A fat man claims that he is not a rough man.

16. The furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but I am invisible you are online, but you are online I am invisible.

17. Everyone says I'm thin, I'm just not fat.

18. Confucius can't help you solve the problem, I'll help you solve it.

19. Every time I miss you, there is a grain of sand, so there is Sahara in the world.

20. Korean scholars believe that Sun Wukong is actually a Korean fairy because he uses a stick!

21. Sister is sister and has never been surpassed.

22. Life is actually very happy, depending on which angle you stand on.

23. Lei Feng did good things without leaving a name, but everything was recorded in the diary.

24. How can I lose weight without eating?

25. Sorry to make you laugh.

26. A man wants to divorce his wife after making money, and a man wants to divorce him if he cannot make money.

27. Men having affair are reflected in more and more busy work, and women having affair are reflected in more and more salty dishes.

28. When a woman says "hate" to you, she shows that she likes you. When a man says "hate" to you, he really hates you.

29. I can resist everything except temptation.

30. Lao Tzu not only has a car, he also owns it.

31. Everyone says that I am an actor, because I see my beautiful MM eyes round ...

32. Men pretend to understand when they don't, but women do the opposite.

33. You can't please everyone, because not everyone is human!

34. The forest is big, and there are all kinds of birds. Society is complicated and everyone has it. What kind of person am I, am I wondering?

35. Having milk is not necessarily a mother, but rich must be a grandpa!

36. Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, in the end, he killed all the students.

37. A rich man is difficult for a rich man!

38. Never stop smiling, even when you are sad, maybe someone will fall in love with you because of your smile.

39. In the four years of college, I have always considered myself a personal talent, but I was wrong, I was not! I tmd turned out to be a genius!

40. In order to cooperate with the successful completion of China's family planning work this year, I have decided not to contact with friends of the opposite sex for the time being, thank you for your cooperation.

41. The furthest distance in the world is not the parting of life and death, but when I stand in front of you, you don't know: I love you!

42. Wear other people's shoes, go their own way, and let them find it.

43. I study on purpose, work on purpose, live on purpose, and live like a person on purpose!

44. When you grow up, you should marry a Tang Monk as a husband.

45. As soon as the mice became ill, everyone was a sick cat.

46. My handsome must have killed me!

47. Life is her person, death is her mascot.

48. If the sun doesn't come out, I won't go to work; if it comes out, I will continue to sleep!

49. It may not be stupid for a blind man to light, or it may be wisdom, even fortitude ...

50, 24K pure man! pure!

51. Occasionally you will feel cool when you are silent, but you will be miserable when you are silent ...

52. You are such an authentic beauty. In other words, you can only be considered a beauty in the tunnel, because there are no lights in the tunnel.

53. Romance without money, I can take your hand to stroll on the beach covered with white sand.

54. Squatting in the toilet, thinking about 5 million ...

55. What do you write? Do you believe it? what? You really believe it, why are you so naive!

56. I knew that five hundred times of previous life would make me meet you in this life. I should just shook my head in exchange for meeting you in my life.

57. A sturdy life requires no explanation.

58, my lover calls me a third party!

59. Oh my god, my clothes are thin again!

60. Youth is like toilet paper. Looking at a lot, it is not enough to use it.

61. As soon as I get angry, winter comes; as soon as I get angry in winter, I become a man in autumn pants.

62. Why wonder why so many people still commit suicide when they are not in college? Why are so many people still alive after college?

63. Grandpa came from his grandson ...

64. If you marry someone, marry someone first and then marry me. Take his savings to lead his sister and drive the BMW.

65. If personality is a mistake, then I am wrong. If handsome is a sin, then I have sinned. If I were to be punished for being clever, wouldn't I have to do everything. If humility is to be blamed, how can I escape my jealous mouth.

66. Love like Pi, infinite and non-circulating ...

67, Qin Qi calligraphy and painting will not, washing and cooking too tired.

68, a mountain can not accommodate two tigers, unless one male and one female.

69. Wanted small MM to irrigate water together; I irrigate the Yangtze River and Jun irrigation the tail of the Yangtze River.

70. Being a woman is “very” good, being a man is “tiring” tired!

71. Water can carry a boat and cook porridge!

72. It may seem to be, but it may not necessarily be the case.

73. I drink to drown the pain, but this damn pain has learned to swim.

74. Don't wait until everyone says you're ugly and then find yourself really ugly.

75. If you can't put on a wedding dress for your beloved woman, please stop your hands to unbutton her clothes.

76. If eating more fish can make your brain smarter, then I have to eat at least a pair of whales ...

77. A coincidence is like yawning when you are sleepy, and you don't want to open your mouth but fly in a green bean fly. Really disgusting.

78. In 2012, if the ground is not cracked, the floor is not down, the toilet is not exploded, and the passerby is not running, I will be on January 4, 2013 (love you for a lifetime), this big and difficult day, and I love People walk into the palace of marriage!

79. If you can't put on a wedding dress for your woman, then don't stop your hands to unbutton her clothes!

80. Falling is not terrible. The terrible thing is that when a person falls, he is very sober!

81. Before, take off the underwear to look at the bottom; now, pull out the bottom to look at the underwear. Because I wear thongs.

82. He walked across the campus and she passed by. With a beautiful back, he couldn't help but shouted, "You are so beautiful, please stay!" She looked back, his eyes fixed. As a result, the two died together-she was ugly, he was scared to death; he was ugly, she was dead with a smile ...

83. Send you a gift with the heaviest feces ever, and you will definitely eat a pound.

84. You can see the words I type on the screen, but you can't see the tears that I dropped on the keyboard ...

85. No, the bowl is iron. What are you going to eat without food?

86. Men conquer women by conquering the world! Women conquer the world by conquering men!

87. Is it too late to love you now?

88, I have no regrets for life, but I feel ashamed, as long as I don't die ... I promise to make RMB in the end!

89. Do you think I will just watch you go to death? I will close my eyes. Excerpt from: emotional quotes www.yuluju.com

90. Alive, in a dead posture ...

91. If each girlfriend is replaced by a word, my love history can write a novel.

92. 22 years in the first half of life, 3 times rejected, 2 times rejected, currently 3: 2 lead ...

93. The three most romantic words are not "I love you" but "together."

94. Is the departure of the leaves unstoppable by the tree or the pursuit of the wind?

95. We pray sincerely: the bonus at the end of the year is only a lot; the emotional commitment of the leader: the work in the new year is not much.

96, the old man and the old man, the wife, the wife and the human wife.

97. Love is deceived, and feelings fall asleep.

98. Do a good job, teach students, do a good website, be a good writer, and live a good life ...

99. In high school, we are as busy as our grandson, but we can still be as happy as SB; in college, we are as busy as SB, but we ca n’t find the happiness of being our grandson ...

100. Just when I was in college, we watched Struggle with longing. When we were stingy, we watched "My Youth Who Makes the Decision". When we were about to become suddenly bright, a "Snail House" took us all It's dead. In despair, we watched "2012" and calmed down. What house to buy, sooner or later!

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