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100 incisive life insights

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1. Maybe some people are abominable, some people are despicable. And when I set his imagination, I knew that he was more pitiful than me. So please forgive everyone you have met, good or bad.

2. Life is like a marathon. The key to winning is not an instant burst, but the persistence on the way. Even if you have hundreds of reasons to give up, you must find yourself a reason to keep going. In many cases, success is one minute longer. If you don't give up this minute, there will be hope in the next minute. But we don't know when this minute will appear. No matter how hard and tired, as long as you keep walking, the scenery that belongs to you will eventually appear.

3. In the course of life, the best may not be the best for us. The most suitable is really the best. You can know with heart, love with affection, together with fate, and fulfillment with dreams. Maybe we once loved one person and loved a flower. In fact, as we grow up, as long as we have loved and loved, it is beautiful.

4. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you have to go forward. Life always goes back and forth in distress and struggles; if you ca n’t get it, you are afraid of losing it. You always feel that others get more than you get. Each of us is struggling to write our own lives.

5. Yes, in the stormy journey of life, when you admire others living in high-rise buildings, maybe the person shrinking in the corner is envying you to have a thatched cottage that can shelter the wind; when you envy others sitting in luxury cars And when you are disappointed that you are walking on the ground, maybe the person lying on the bed is envious that you can still walk freely ...

6. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles in my life, and I do n’t ask how much success or failure. It ’s calm and lossless. Instead of looking up in the glory of others, it ’s better to light up your own heart, sail sailing, and grasp the truest one. Interpret yourself more deeply ...

7.The seemingly repetitive life has too many differences. As the years go by, you slowly mature and then grow old. This is life. In this seemingly repetitive day, remember beautiful moments as memories, Love is like water. In those unforgettable memories, you have given, laughed, and cried. After going through it, you will understand that those years that have passed or are passing, some things are left behind, and some things are destined to disappear forever.

8. Life is a journey. Every person, every thing and every beautiful scenery you meet in the journey may become an unforgettable scenery in your life. We can't guess what kind of scenery will be greeted, where is the destination, but the pace of progress can not stop, because time does not allow us to stay anywhere, only to learn to choose, learn to appreciate, learn to appreciate.

9, life, there is no eternal pain, there is no hardship. Let's learn how to learn willow, seemingly weak but tough, and the wind is blowing constantly; too strong trunks, but branches in the wind. Learn to give up, learn to bear, learn to be strong, learn to smile, that is a different kind of beauty! Proper giving up is an elegant turn of life.

10. Love your family especially. They live with you day and night, and the care you give them is even less than others. Express your thoughts subtlely, and you will sow the most impressing feelings that they will never forget. The harmony of a family is a sign that no pain can easily defeat you.

11. The choice of life is actually very simple: you can't go wrong where you feel safe. Try not to be attentive to something contingent or absent, and listen to your own voice!

12. In the story of life, we all interpret our wonderful life. Scenery, whether it is now or in the past, is to look at it from a distance and think quietly. That is the scenery. If you close your eyes and meditate on the scenery, you often feel that it is ruined.

13. Put your destiny on yourself. This is the most beautiful mind in the world. To this end, work hard, do not give up day and night.

14. I don't know what I'm doing right now and what's wrong, and I only knew this when I finally died. So all I can do now is try my best to do everything well, and wait for death.

15, life is alive, in just a few tens of dynasties, fight is the same life, mixed is also the same life, but the different processes experienced, the results will inevitably be very different. There will inevitably be resistance and exhaustion during the fight, and there will also be joy of success and fruitful results. The mixed life is relatively bland, the ordinary days, the smooth road, but there is no passion, no painful experience.

16. Life is like a flower. The relationship between man and money is equal to the relationship between the seeds of flowers and the soil. Flowers need enough soil to bloom, but the premise is to let them sprout first. Society will transplant us from small flower pots to large flower pots as we grow. If we are towering trees, we will also place us in In the fertile soil of the wild. What people deserve to show off is the flowers and trees they grow, not just how fertile the soil is below.

17. Decline the gains and losses of life, the entanglement of grudges and grudges, and spend every day of seemingly ordinary life happily and easily is the greatest treasure of your life. Do not excessively pursue a glorious and splendid life, a vigorous and legendary experience, most of which are stories that happened in the book. For ordinary us, plainness is the main line of life.

18. Life is a long road. No matter what we choose, we must all mature, and we are all going towards the end. To learn to continually deny yourself, the world is right, and what is wrong is to slowly get rid of the young paranoia; to learn to observe others and cultivate tolerance and tolerance, in fact, there is no absolute right or wrong, it depends on your soul. How wide the realm is; to learn to be simple, you are simple to the world, and the world will not be too complicated.

19. There are many unexplainable stories in life. Once you enter life, you can never forget it. Singing all the way, like a primeval mood, dimly in the years. The lonely shadow follows, leaving the breeze and the breeze to leave the world, gently carrying a few indifferent indifferent, will look at every moment of time indulgently withered into the residual moon in the water, like a paper floppy flower, lightly shake the earth's dust. Thinking about the past and the past, there are always feelings, sorrows, never asking for anything, distant gaze, not virtual, far-reaching, but dreamy, fantasy.

20. Life is a perfect curve made up of many imperfections. Don't be upset about the mistakes you made, and you don't need to sigh for the scenery far away. We must know that what is perfect is imagination, what is imperfect is life. The past was like a sealed photo. It can only be used for reference and appreciation, but it cannot be reversed and repeated. Yesterday was a stereotyped book. Today is a piece of paper to be drawn. We can't let too much of the past squeeze the current space.

21. It is a fool to bitterly retain the setting sun; it is a fool to be sad for a long time. People who are reluctant to give up often lose more precious things.

22. At the starting point of life, we are almost the same. There is no background, no worldliness, but boundless dreams. We have a long way to go and the process is very difficult. So we learned to be smooth and learn to escape. Many people ran in a hurry. In China, I lost my dream, only to find ordinary, bland and mediocre. Dreams cannot be lost. Which way do you decide to go and who do you want to be? The longer you stick to it, the further you can go.

23. Life is an unknown adventure, and no one knows the ending in advance. Others will only respect your choice and will not care about your sacrifice. No one is responsible for your choices, so don't blame others, and don't hurt your misfortune with others, but calmly face the current situation, and solve your current problems with heart and responsibility. As long as you can be responsible for your present, then your future will also be responsible for you!

24. Abandoning does not mean that you are not capable. Sometimes it is because you are strong enough that you can let go of your clenched hands. Low-key does not mean that you have no strength, sometimes because you are good enough, you will not go too far. Forbearance does not mean that you have no courage, sometimes because you are confident enough, you will not care about the momentary gains and losses. Simplicity doesn't mean you haven't experienced it. Sometimes you just don't make yourself too heavy because you are mature enough.

25. Ideas are more important than ability, planning is more important than implementation, action is more important than commitment, choice is more important than effort, perception is more important than notification, creation is more important than proof, and respect for life is more important than others' opinions!

26. You have a beautiful experience in the past and treasure it well, but don't compare it with the present. It can't be more mature than happiness. It can't be more time. Everyone has a magnifying glass in their hearts. It is up to us to direct it to negative things or extremely productive things; most of the time we aim it at the negative type, so we are not successful, so we unhappy.

27. Learn to give up! Give up the pain of broken love; give up the hatred left by humiliation; give up all the inexplicable burdens in your heart; give up the quarrel of exhausting energy; give up the race for power; , You should give up.

28. Life is like walking. The more things you carry, the more tired you are. You can only move forward easily if you learn to let go. The same is true for spiritual practice. To have a relaxing, spacious and bright space.

29. Difficulties in life; the hardest to improve is quality; the hardest to change is habit; the hardest to unify is action; the hardest to do well is the details; the hardest to deal with is the relationship; the hardest to grasp is the opportunity; What is difficult to achieve is ideal; what is hardest to get is the human heart; what is hardest to distribute is benefit. The meaning of being alive should be in process, not conclusion. Therefore, one should not influence another with his own experience and perspective, not to mention that he is not you, and you are not him. Every person's growth process is different. The sweetness and bitterness of life should be tasted by oneself, and life is what you try.

30. Only by letting it go down can we better grasp the things we can afford, so as to grasp the most important things. Only then will your life be more exciting.

31. Can "Name" be put down? People with high IQs generally like to be strong and competitive, they value it more, even love their names, and end up tired and alive. If you can put it down, you can call it detached.

32. Can "sorrow" be allowed? There are too many worrying facts in real life. There is a poem saying: I just lowered my brow, but my heart was up. If you can put down sorrow, it can be called a drop of happiness, because without sorrow is indeed a kind of happiness!

33. Living in this world, the hardest thing to do is undoubtedly to let go. Although most of them can't let go, they can't let go of what they don't like. Therefore, love and hate often occupy the atrium, so where is happiness and autonomy?

34. Can "love" be let down? The most inexplicable and unknown word in the world. Those who fall into emotional entanglements often lose their minds. If it can be put down, it can be said to be put down rationally.

35. In this world, why do some people live easily, and why do some people live heavy? The former is able to pick up and put down; the latter is able to pick up, but cannot put up, so it is heavy.

36. The biggest choice in life is to afford it and let it go. Only then can you live easy and happy.

37. In a person's life, it is a kind of courage to take it up, and a weight to put it down. People's congresses with experience in life can take it easy to treat flowers and applause on the road of life. But it is not easy to see the bumps and muddy with ordinary mind. Big setbacks and big calamities can be left untouched and bear them calmly. This is a matter of mind and weight.

38. Life and death depend on each other, and laughter and tears are intertwined. You don't have to be too happy to get something. You will inevitably give up others if you have some; Don't define the happiness of life by the success or failure of your career and the amount of income. They are just a dependency and have no necessary connection with the connotation of happiness. As long as everything is ordinary, no complaining, no jealousy, no slouch, no indifference, happiness can be attached.

39. The Buddhists are happy that the big belly can tolerate the world. This is a very high state. When it comes, it will be a kind of detachment; but this detachment will take years of training to develop.

40. Can the "finance" be put down? Li Bai has a poem saying: I am born to be useful. If you can put it down, it can be called a chic drop.

41. Life sometimes forces you, has to surrender power, has to let go of opportunities, and even has to abandon love. You can't get everything, so you should learn to give up in life.

42. Often, it's not that you can't take it in your life, but you can't let it go. The things in our hands do not want to be thrown away, but we have to pick up more.

43. There are too many passers-by in your life. No matter how reluctant you are, passers-by are always passers-by, and one day they will leave. You have to learn to let go and don't regret it until it becomes a kind of injury. Remember: it's your failure to run, and it's useless if you don't keep it.

44. The journey of life is always winding and ups and downs. A person's life cannot be smooth and smooth. A person who takes a flat life may be mediocre. For a promising person, his path is mostly tortuous. When bad luck strikes you, the most important thing is to have a broad mind, a great ideal, a tenacious will, and perseverance. Smile to face reality, smile to treat life!

45, life is not perfect, you find it wrong, come again, do not use one error to cover another error. The meaning of being alive should be in process, not conclusion. Therefore, one should not influence another with his own experience and perspective, not to mention that he is not you, and you are not him. Every person's growth process is different. The sweetness and bitterness of life should be tasted by oneself, and life is what you try.

46. Some things, we know that they are wrong, we also have to insist, because we are not willing; some people, we know that we are in love, we also have to give up, because there is no end; sometimes we know that there is no way out, But still moving forward, because I am used to it. In this world, there are always things we can't accomplish, some people who can't be approached, feelings that can't be possessed, some places that can't be reached, and defects that can't be repaired.

47. Many times in life are like wars. We always yearn for victory, but don't refuse to fail. Lost the feelings, the mood is still there; the ideal is broken, the thoughts still exist; the opportunity is lost, and there is still a chance. Even the painful past is also the mark of our lives, and we need not forget. The wound does not need to be shown to others. It hurts others' eyes, but it hurts their own heart. Believe that as long as we persist, we cannot fail.

48. We are always losing, losing time, losing life, losing wealth, and losing opportunities. We try hard to have more wonderful things. Unfortunately, we only have two hands, so we must learn to choose and give up. We need to know what we do n’t need. If the desire of our heart is too big, we want to catch everything, and we may not be able to grasp anything in the end. Only by learning to give up can we better hold.

49. In this way of life, you do n’t know what you want to walk. The destination you think and your side thinks of suddenly turns sharply, even out of bounds with the idea. But this is life, no one can be sure. Tomorrow tomorrow.

50. Life is not raining when you bring an umbrella, but you forget to bring an umbrella when it is raining; life is when the boss does n’t see when you are working hard, and you are bumped into when you are lazy about fish; life is when someone you like does n’t like me, people who do n’t like it Don't like me; life is when you start thinking about what life is, you are already nothing.

51. Life is actually very short. Do n’t wait until you lose it before you know how to regret it, and then you want to cherish it. It ’s too late. There is no regret medicine in the world, and God wo n’t give you a second chance, so please take care What you want and who you want to cherish.

52, life is hurt, pain, sweet and bitter. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity, it makes people think, strengthens people, and makes them more cherished. If a person has not tasted bitterness, it is difficult to know the taste of sweetness. To face suffering bravely and overcome it optimistically is also a kind of practice. Without eternal nights and eternal winters, suffering will pass, and the sun is always after the storm!

53. There are many opportunities in life. The key is to see if we can seize them. When an opportunity comes, it is not clear at a glance, it is veiled, and not everyone can see it clearly, then it needs to have sufficient insight and recognition, otherwise, the best opportunity will be We passed by. Many people just waited for the opportunity to see it before, but the opportunity also missed us.

54. Life has no if, only consequences and consequences. The past won't come back, even if it comes back, it is no longer perfect. There are advances and retreats in life, and nothing can lose the mood. The greatest happiness in life is to believe that someone loves me. Don't forget the past, but let go. There is tomorrow, so today is always just the start line. The simple life is charming, the simple heart is happy; learning simple is not simple.

55. On the way to life, there is a smiling flower, gently blown by the wind, the fragrance of flowers swaying, the wind is light and light. The flowers bloom, the leaves fall calmly, walking all the way, moving all the way, nostalgic, all the way. Time passes, leaving marks on the years. One year, I just flipped thinly.

56. In life, many successes and failures are not what we can expect, and many things are not all we can afford, but as long as we work hard, we will be calm after giving. In fact, it is also a kind of happiness.

57. On the way to life, we are all running, we are always catching up with some people, and we are always being surpassed by some people. The essence of life is to enjoy the scenery along the way and to reach a distant end; the secret of life is to find a speed that suits you best, not because of illness and thus overwhelming, not because of slowness and wasting life; the joy of life, go Your own way, see your own vision, surpass others unwilling, others transcend without losing heart.

58. The world is complicated, but there is always a place to put your soul. You do n’t have to look for it. Just let your heart be quiet and think about nothing. Look at the top of the highest mountain of mind, look down at all beings, and see without saying a word. Lotus bloom.

59. Direction is more important than speed. Wisdom is more important than hard work. Learning is more important than education. Opportunity is more important than relationship. What you want is more important than what you do!

60. People are prone to wrestling because they lose their balance. The reason is simple but easy to overlook. If the mind loses its balance, it will go to the crooked position; if the body loses its balance, it will inevitably lean; if it loses its balance, it will inevitably be inadequate; if it loses its balance, it will be easy to go the wrong way. Balance is not the level, but the check and balance of power. Just want it, you will lose more. Rejecting pain is bound to be even worse. Afraid of failure, success cannot come.

61. Backwardness is backward thinking, poverty is head poverty. Many people do not have good opportunities but not good ideas. Not to reject new ideas, but unwilling to abandon old ideas!

62. Baby: If you understand everything, you can't say anything. Toddler: Anything you want to say just don't understand. Childhood: Ask everything or not. Boy: I'm so annoyed, I don't know what annoyed me. Youth: IQ and EQ fight each other, dreams and reality are chaotic. Middle-aged: Everything is a problem, but I don't know what the problem is. Old age: I do n’t see much, I think less, as long as I live, it ’s beautiful.

63. Generally, we are often full of resentment towards others. That may be your superior or your partner. From your standpoint, you cannot understand others, but you stand on the standpoint of that person slightly. The world It will be different. The heavens and the earth are wider, so Confucius said: Do n’t do anything to others.

64. When you are tired, maybe your heart is tired, or you are tired, and you want to be quiet. Try to get rid of the impetuousness of the day, find a quiet pure land, give the mind a vacation, and listen quietly Music that purifies the mind.

65. The Buddhist said that purifying the soul is valuable to the ego. Only by opening your heart can you see the dirt and effectively clean it. If you always use your hands to cover the depths of your soul, dirt will never be washed away.

66. Many things in life cannot be managed, and time cannot be managed. We always go far in our cherishment, indifference, and waste. Happiness can't be operated, interests can fade emotions and make love wilting; smiles can't be operated, it's an angel that doesn't ask for returns, it's a spring rooted in our hearts. The only thing we can do is to manage ourselves well and our own spiritual space, and don't let love gradually become barren in our indifference.

67. On the way of life, we are constantly giving away and different from each other; therefore, in the inn of life, always play a hurry passer, too late to nostalgia and aftertaste, as if it is too late to make a wish before the meteor disappears.

68. There is a realm with vision, a charm with strength, a way out with ideas, and a position with achievements. Zheng Cong is coming, wisdom is coming, knowledge is coming, bit is coming!

69. There are always gains and losses in love. If you gain loyalty, you will lose charm. When you get rich, you lose your consideration. You get romance and you lose it forever. When you look, you lose your sense of security. So, don't expect to be everything, since you are an ordinary person, then go for ordinary love. The luck of a person's life is not to meet the best person, but to be able to meet the person who accompanies you to the old.

70, life is like a car, or long distance, or short distance; life is like a play, or joy, or sadness. Many things are destined to become stories when they pass; many people are destined to become old people when they leave. Old people in life, accumulated stories, these are experiences. People gradually mature in the experience. Some things, break into life, happy, painful, time fades away. With more experience, my heart will be stronger, and the road will be solid.

71. Life is like a bunch of flowers. Only by carefully watching can you find its beauty. Life is like a cup of tea. Only by slowly pondering can you enjoy the fragrant taste. Life is like a mountain. What is important is not its height, but its spiritual beauty. Life is like a rain. What matters is not its size, but its timeliness.

72. In real life, everyone is not an island, everyone's fate is connected with everyone, everyone needs kindness and help. Many times we help others and actually help ourselves. In a person's life, it is impossible not to encounter difficulties or help from others, but the help of strangers is even more respectful, because it is a kind of good inspiration, continuation and spread.

73. If things can't change, change yourself; if you can't convince others, then try to convince yourself. If the mountain can't pass, that person will pass!

74. Intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, and awareness is more important than quality. Direction is greater than method, motivation is greater than ability, life is more than work!

75. Clear thinking is far more important than hard work. Correct attitude is more important than actual performance. Choosing the right direction is more important than working hard, and doing the right thing is far more important than doing the right thing. The pain of growing up is far better than the pain of regret, and the joy of victory is far better than the comfort of failure!

76. Having vision is more important than owning assets, having ability is more important than owning knowledge, having talents is more important than owning machines, and having health is more important than owning money!

77. Thinking determines the way out, idea determines the direction, personality determines destiny, and lifestyle determines health!

78. In life, there are always times when it is difficult to avoid sorrow and helplessness. Forcing those who do not belong to us, forcing others to stay away, and forcing them to catch up, we are always embarrassing ourselves. Can't stand it, can't let it go, can't figure it out. We are unhappy because we lose our heart and cannot find our way.

79. In life, we have many opportunities for reinvention, and each reincarnation has the perception and accumulation of our life experience, and the introspection of the value of life. There are not many opportunities to realize life, but as long as there is an opportunity to realize, the feelings in each instant will be an unprecedented wealth. ——Although spiritual satisfaction and spiritual growth are abstract, they are the most concrete existence in us, and those who can truly feel their existence are the richest people in the world.

80. It is precious to be able to afford it; it is the true meaning of life when you let it go.

81. When the mindset is tilted, you can go to several places to see: orphanages, away from the warmth of loved ones, is the greatest misfortune in life; remote mountains, poverty is nothing, only face the reality, survival is the last word; hospital, life The most worthy of cherish is the others; the cemetery, no matter how much you own, will eventually lead to the same goal, reduce the chase of material desires properly, your mentality is balanced, and what you save is your own.

82. The most persistent things hurt the most to oneself. When the heart is flat, everything will be calm and calm; when the heart is right, everything will be smooth. When the heart is let down, happiness and happiness will follow. If we don't cling to happiness, happiness comes naturally; if we don't escape from pain, suffering naturally goes away. To let go is not to give up, to relax is not to be slack, to be free is not to be let go, to be free is not to be casual, not to be attached to is not serious.

83. You love someone wholeheartedly, but the other person may not care about you. Instead, those who have hurt him are always missed. So being nice doesn't make love last long. At the same time that you are good to others, is there anyone who is just as good to you? This is the point. When you love someone more than yourself, it is true love but not good life. In fact, falling in love is that you truly treat him, and he treats you sincerely.

84. Life is a process. Although the result of things is important, the process of doing things is more important because the results are better and we will be happier, but the process enriches our lives. The world is small when you look at it; the world is big when you look at it with your heart. Some people and things can only be understood more realistically if they are consciously appreciated.

85. The most unhappy people in the world are those who care most about the opinions of others. The longer you wait, the more you cherish when you get it. Anything worth having is surely worth the wait. Never explain yourself to anyone, because people who like you don't need it, and people who don't like you won't believe it. If you are criticized, remember that it is because you give him a sense of importance. It also shows that you are accomplished and noticeable. Many people get satisfaction by accusing someone who is more accomplished than themselves.

86. On the surface, money is lacking. Essentially, ideas are lacking. Choices are missing in destiny. Courage is missing in the bones. Knowledge is missing in the stomach. Perseverance is lacking in business. Change is lacking in action!

87. Understanding yourself and others is really important. Money can be a good way, but it can't be clever. Time can compete against time, but not waste. Life can be wonderful and rich, but not boring. Life can be ups and downs, but it can't be repeated. I hope my friends cherish time, love life, grasp the present, and create a better future. Therefore, only indifference can be happy, and trial is rich life!

88. You need to know clearly who you are and where you are going. What kind of person you want to be, many people are confused and frustrated. You can clearly realize, or dream to reach the other side, sometimes, life situation is like this, easily reach your other side.

89. At the trough of life, people will find who is there with them, and they will never give up. Suddenly, they will find those who have never noticed the feelings, so they warm their hearts. So understand the simple and complicated truth: God closed a door for you, and always opened a window for you. Yes, it won't always be breathless.

90. The state of mind determines the vision of the world, and the action determines the state of survival. If you want to live dignity and show extraordinary, you can only change your mind and dare to fight against fate!

91. In life, you will encounter unpleasant things, and you will meet unpleasant people. If you do not learn to forgive, you will live in pain and tired. Forgiveness is a grace, a feeling, forgiveness is a solvent, a lubricant for mutual understanding. Forgiving yourself does not mean indulging in yourself, forgiving others does not represent the principle of abandonment, and forgiving life does not mean not loving life.

92. For the book of life, whether you like it or not, you must write it or read it, and you must write it well and read it well. There is a place in life, and there is a person. In front of this person, there is no need to be prosperous, there is no need to have an image, and the whole body is a weakness. This is a confidant.

93. The joy of life, go your own way, look at your own vision, surpass others unwilling, others transcendence without loss of ambition.

94. Life is a one-way train. There will be many stops in the middle and small stops, but never return tickets. On this train, some things can be done, some things must be done, some things can be done or not, and some things can't be done. The choice between doing and not doing decides the direction of life; the difference between doing more and doing less, decides The height of life; the results of good and bad, determines the quality of life.

95. Zen is just a state of mind. You can understand the story you have passed. In fact, the alienation of words is not necessarily a bad thing. Just like yourself, you don't want to be entangled in years, and you don't want to deal with emotions, words, and sometimes speak like a knife. But the reality is that, that's all. It's softer, just deeper. The past year is like water, and what cannot be seen is the red moon in the mirror, and the past is like smoke, but what can't be swept away is the past. After the bustling life, all I can remember.

96. The stream is like water, and there are always many worries in the turbulence, but in the voiceless sound of water, the soul always flies freely, without sorrow, no sorrow, and some are just a faint dust, safe, calm Leisurely.

97. The most important thing in life is not effort, but direction. The pressure is not that someone is working harder than you, but someone who is several times stronger than you is still working harder than you. Even if I don't see the future, even if I don't see hope, I still believe that I can't be wrong, the person I choose can't be wrong, and the life I choose can't be wrong.

98. On the way to life, we are all running, we are always catching up with some people, and we are always being surpassed by some people. The essence of life is to enjoy the scenery along the way and to reach a distant end; the secret of life is to find a speed that suits you best, not because of illness and thus overwhelming, not because of slowness and wasting life; the joy of life, go Your own way, see your own vision, surpass others unwilling, others transcend without losing heart.

99. The saddest thing in life is not too much lost yesterday, but immersed in yesterday's sadness. Don't care too much about some people, if someone asks, say forget. No explanation, no sadness.

100. Life is like chess, black and white are intertwined, and life and death are blended; life is like chess, so there is the leisure of "knocking chess pieces and falling lanterns", "the long man only needs one chess game"; It is a kind of competition, it is also a kind of reconciliation, a long life, and indefinite change, it is inevitable. Chess is uncertain, and the game is unpredictable. It should be constantly changing with constant change, and have a good mind.

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