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100 words to motivate yourself

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1. If we do or do n’t do, people will laugh, and if we do n’t do well or do well, people will laugh.
2. Now you don't want to study hard, you will play for you in the future.
3. Withstand loneliness and bustling!
4. Regardless of the ridicule of others, I have to go the way I want to go.
5. The scary thing is that people who are better than you work harder than you.
6. I don't know the youth is frivolous, I only know that the winner is king.
7. Don't be a slave of money and rights; learn to be the master of "money and rights".
8. When is the closest to the light? That's when you think darkness is too dark.
9. The most worthwhile scenery to enjoy is the footprint of your own struggle.
10. It's not the mountains in the distance that make people tired, but the sand in the shoes.
11. The best way to predict the future is to create the future.
12. It rained yesterday, it was windy today, and the sun will come out tomorrow.
13. Life is like the ocean. Only strong-willed people can reach the other side.
14. The pressure is not that someone is working harder than you, but that those who are several times better than you are still working harder than you.
15. Think with your brain, think with your heart, and confirm with action.
16. On the stage of life, never give out medals to the laggards.
17. Don't care too much about your looks, because ability will not be written on your face.
18. A person knows what is pain and what is right and wrong only when he sees his scar with his own eyes.
19. The bees who are busy collecting, have no time to talk in front of people.
20. Learn to forget the pain and make room for sunshine memory.
21. In real life, every great cause begins with faith, and faith takes the first step.
22. There are thousands of people with lofty ideals, and those who have no loyalty only find it difficult.
23. I want to fly freely. At this moment, I said to myself, I'm not timid.
24. The future I want depends on myself.
25. Behind the dark clouds is the sun, and behind the sun is the rainbow.
26. The secret of everlasting success is to eliminate yourself every day!
27. Don't be disturbed by anyone, because no one will be as clear and care about your dreams as you are.
28. Even if the road is not open, you must be your own sun!
29. Don't miss the past, not for the future, cherish the present.
30. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the keys to success.
31. Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. If you study and use them, you can cultivate success from failure.
32. Smile is the most sincere confession of our soul and the best medicine in the face of difficulties.
33. No education can adversity.
34. Water can make waves only when it hits a stone.
35. Life can't be as good as you think, but it won't be as bad as you think.
36. There are only people who can't figure out, there is no way to go.
37. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory.
38. If people's activities are not encouraged by ideals, they will become empty and small.
39. The background given by the parents is called Jiang Shan.
40. The flowers are not blooming, but to be more brilliant.
41. Everything in the world has a causal relationship. Because you are like this, you will be like this; because you are like this, you will have this result; understand the "causal" relationship, and think twice before doing everything.
42. To improve the quality of our lives in the time we can control and work hard.
43. Attitude determines height.
44. You have nothing, so you can only desperately!
45. Being unhappy is not in yourself, being unhappy is not in you, it is actually you who is not happy. Do n’t care too much about “gains and losses” in your life. .
46. No matter how hard and tired you have to be strong, just for those looking forward.
47. When things have happened, don't complain, don't be frustrated, just smile, everything will pass.
48. In the long and rugged journey of life, if people want to realize their ideals and careers, they must take every step of their lives well, and they must understand the experience and wisdom of successful people. Happiness and joy exist in the course of fighting against difficulties, and are by no means a compromise on difficulties. To give up is to give up everything.
49. Second place means you are the number one loser.
50. Those who can really survive the storm can only love and stick to it.
51. No matter how great the blow is, as long as life is still, please believe that the daily sun is new.
52, do your own other let others say it!
53. I feel that I can and cannot do it, only in one thought.
54. Life is like a hot iron bar, and it takes a lot of hard work to get better.
55, tears, taste it yourself. Pain, carry it yourself. In the future, go for it yourself.
56. Don't look at yourself so badly. In fact, you are fine.
57. What kind of character a person has, he has what kind of world.
58. Never give up what you really want. It's hard to wait, but regret it even more.
59. You must go through the necessary roads before you can go where you want to go.
60. I am the last person in this world, but my heart is toward the sky.
61. Scars are the glory of a soldier's life.
62. When desperate, he looked up and looked at the light of hope.
63. Being able to comprehend the experience and wisdom of successful people is the greatest happiness in your life and the indispensable wealth in your life journey. The so-called wealth is not money, but your perception, experience, knowledge, skills, and interpersonal life. It is your wealth to success.
64. In life, there is no permanent pain, no matter how deep the pain, the wound will always heal.
65. Those who do not believe in miracles will never create miracles.
66. Don't be afraid of dreams, don't stop when you want to win!
67. Tell others with a smile that today I am stronger than yesterday and will be the same from now on.
68. I know I don't work hard for nothing.
69. Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile.
70. Let persistence be a belief.
71. If you don't force yourself, how do you know you can't.
72. Dreams may not be realized today, nor tomorrow, but as long as you are working harder than yesterday, you will be one step closer to your dreams.
73. Life is a circle. Some people have never walked out of the circle drawn by destiny. In fact, every point on the circle has a soaring tangent.
74. Don't be obsessed with online games. If you want to play, play this great game of life.
75. Destiny is responsible for shuffling, but it is we who play the cards!
76. Luck is an opportunity that happens to hit your efforts.
77. The gain is calm, the loss is indifferent, let it be, and strive for its necessity.
78. Time is a master of healing trauma, but by no means a master of problem solving.
79. All the laziness of today will be exchanged for the humble of tomorrow.
80. You have to match your strength with your ambitions.
81. I hate doing nothing but expecting myself!
82. If you can work hard, why not.
83. There is only one kind of failure, that is, people who give up before reaching success.
84. The process of life from "life" to "death" is life; in short: life is human life and survival to the end of life. In this limited life, realize your great ideal and meaning of life. , The value of life.
85. The so-called dream is a never-ending madness.
86. Life is like drawing a picture without rubber.
87. Don't force yourself, you never know how good you are.
88. A person's life is not smooth sailing. When you face failure and indecisiveness, when you shake your self-confidence and blame yourself, do you think when you miss your opportunity and renounce yourself: My self-confidence? In fact, self-confidence is in our hearts.
89. Details determine fate, attitude determines height.
90. There may only be despair and failure at the end, but this is by no means a reason to stop moving.
91. Time does not lie in how much you have, but in how you use it.
92, Tian Xingjian, gentleman is constantly improving.
93. Don't fight hard, don't fight for life, don't suffer, don't tire, and life is tasteless.
94. Life is like a palm print. Despite its complexity, it is always in its own hands.
95. All human suffering is essentially an anger at his incompetence!
96. My world is at the end of this world, but my heart is toward the sky.
97, youth does not struggle, what is your youth for?
98. Suffering to the extreme, returning to the sweet, and returning to the extremes of the ice.
99. People are not long or short in their lives. When they walked, they went to the grave. Do you want to be buried in a violent scenery, or you should scatter ashes to the rivers and mountains.
100, heavenly remuneration. Maybe you don't get paid for what you pay, but you don't get paid for not paying.

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