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100 sentences of classic chicken soup inspirational

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1. People who can only imagine but don't act will never experience the joy of harvesting fruits.
2. Taunt is a power, a negative power. Praise is also a power, but it is a power of the heart.
3. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools of success. Without it, genius would be in vain in the paradoxical paradox.
4. Youth is like a container filled with restless restlessness and occasional madness.
5. Companions don't have to go to the end. The loud laughter that the other party brings to themselves is enough.
6. Don't expect it, you won't be sad if you lose it, you will get a surprise.
7. We have nothing, the only cost is youth. Dream makes me different, and struggle makes me change my destiny!
8. Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. Ken will use them to cultivate success from failure.
9. People who lose money lose very little, people who lose health lose much, and those who lose courage lose everything.
10. Stepping down the rough road into the boulevard, knocking down the obstacle into a pontoon, going through the darkness is dawn.
11. Those who fear self-suffering are already suffering because of their fear.
12. The belief of success in the human brain is like an alarm clock, it will wake you up when you need it.
13. Fault is a temporary regret, and miss is a permanent regret!
14. When I look back on the years that I once had forbearance, I found that the past things that I found difficult to read are just a drop in the ocean. Life is not for me, but for growth, but for learning to lift heavy weight. Those pasts that could not be relieved were all put down.
15. The so-called fireworks on the earth is like this-a word that can be sometimes warm and sometimes indifferent. The so-called earth is such a moment of light and sometimes darkness.
16. In this world, everything can be arranged, except your heart. It doesn't matter if this world loses anyone, it's just that you lose yourself. There is still a long, long road in the future, which must be completed by oneself, all by oneself, by one's own ability. This road, the story is the moment of yesterday, along the long road, like a dream, forever.
17. The world will not have to give back because of your efforts, nor will it require others to treat you equally because of how you treat others. The hardest part of living in this world is to maintain a humble peace, and this humility comes from the sincere and down-to-earth efforts of the heart.
18. Everyone secretly works hard where you can't see. Where you can see, they also look like you, they complain like you, and only you believe that these are true, and only you are the last one. Keep thinking.
19. Everyone is not the way you see them, they are all angels with wings and purity, and demons with Yasha's face on one side. The fragility and timidity in their hearts, the vanity and cowardice they did not want to admit, were hiding under those glory. When they fell down, they also saw the sufferings of the world, they would hesitate before choosing, they also foolishly gave up the opportunity, and when they were cold with their subordinates, they suddenly remembered that someone had treated them like this Yourself.
20. The suffering and frustrations we will face will not be reduced because we have encountered enough. God will not have mercy on you because of your misery. It will only arrange one difficulty after another to temper your will. Just like the Tang monk Xitian taking the scriptures, if you want to get the true scriptures, don't have the thought of returning. You have no other way out except to continue to die.
21. You may wish to take a risky approach to life, because anyway you will lose it. If there is a miracle in this world, it is just another name for effort. No one can save themselves, and it is only you who saves you in the end. The joy of living in desperation and the good fortune of death are not "conservation of character" as you imagine. In the face of this world, life is a very specific and cumbersome vine. You only know its sweetness and bitterness before you know its last fragrance.
22. Mood is a state of emotion. When you have a good mood, you also have confidence and then you are young and healthy. I have a longing for future life, full of expectations, let us have a good mood, because living is lucky and happy.
23. Trekking in the years, each person has his own story, only a light mood can be beautiful, a bright mood can be seen. Take a break when you are tired, dance with the breeze, calm down when you are annoyed, stare at the flowers and plants, slow down when you are in a hurry, and smile with yourself.
24. When you are lonely, Fenger is my singing voice. May it give you a moment of comfort. When you are proud, the raindrops are my alarm bell. May it give you eternal humility.
25. The beauty of life is not in its splendor, but in its peace; the moving of life is not in its passion but in its tranquility. Only peace can see the vastness of life; only peace can see the depth of life.
26. Friendship is like water, light and long-term; friendship is like tea, fragrant and pure; friendship is like wine, strong and heartfelt; friendship is like rain, thin and continuous; friendship is like snow, loose and bright. Life is short, cherish friendship.
27. If you are angry, please face the mirror before facing your lover. Look at yourself, do you like this face now?
28. Life is not Lin Daiyu, and you won't be full of feelings because of sadness.
29. Self-confidence is like a pair of glasses, helping myopia to open the way to light; self-confidence is like a computer to help people who are ignorant to broaden their horizons; self-confidence is like a learning machine, helping poor students to improve their performance;
30. What makes us unhappy are small things like sesame. We can dodge an elephant, but we can't avoid a fly.
31. Action is the most important, and each action has its price and joy. The journey of life gives me happiness, not the destination.
32. The biggest difference between successful people and others is that they really do it.
33. Persist in your dreams and fly even without wings.
34. It's mine, it's mine after all; it's not mine, and it will die out if we fight for it. Why? Still be a bystander in the corner silently, let it be, let it be, and live your life.
35. Nothing is as powerful as custom.
36. The same is true of life. It is also a retreat. It is a responsibility and a motivation for people with a good attitude. For people with a bad attitude, if they do n’t grasp it well, they will give mental health, family, and career. Have a negative impact.
37. It's not easy to ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.
38. Life is too short, letting go of this day and not having to get it tomorrow.
39. Those who let the period in their lives stop can't move halfway.
40. Self defeating the self is the most tragic failure, and self defeating the self is the most precious victory.
41. Your day of love may bring gratitude to others.
42. In life, we have to find a way!
43. The most common courage is to be honest and upright in daily life, be able to resist temptations, dare to speak the truth, and show the true side of yourself, and not fake.
44. Opening perfection with action, lighting up life with wisdom, motivating self with confidence, igniting passion with courage, waiting for success with persistence, creating splendor with hard work, creating glory with struggle, and opening up the future with hard work!
45. Money can be recovered if it is lost, and once it is lost, it is difficult to recover.
46. When you can't jump from the first floor to the third floor, don't forget to take the stairs. Keep in mind that great success doesn't happen overnight. Be sure to learn and understand how to break down your goals and implement them gradually.
47. It's not good to sigh at frustration. Let's think of all this as preparation work that you must go through before you can do something big.
48. Struggle has no end and is always a starting point.
49. Improbable things may come true this day, and impossible things may come true tomorrow.
50. No one is too rich to help others, and no one is too poor to help others in some way.
51. Living in the same environment, the boundary between the strong and the weak lies in who can change it.
52. Praying by action is better at understanding God than words.
53. Conviction is power, doubt only inhibits potential, and faith is power.
54. In real life, every great cause begins with faith, and faith takes the first step.
55. Self defeating the self is the most tragic failure, and self defeating the self is the most precious victory.
56. A person cannot give confidence to others unless he has confidence in himself.
57. Pay attention to your thoughts, it will become your words; pay attention to your words, it will become your actions; pay attention to your actions, it will become your habits; pay attention to your habits, it will become Your character; pay attention to your character, it will become your destiny.
58. Without zeal, there can be no progress in the world.
59. If the butterfly wants to enjoy the joy of flying in the hundred gardens, it must first endure the pain of breaking with the puppet.
60. The meaning of vitality lies in hard work, because the world itself is an arena.
61. The character of the waves is that they are shattered by the reefs numerous times and rush towards the reefs in countless flashes.
62. People who can only walk on the concrete floor will never leave deep footprints.
63. There is no glitter of a pearl, it is smeared by others.
64. The world is too big and life is so short. Try to live it as much as you want.
65. The thing that makes you sad, one day, you will definitely say it with a smile.
66. Who doesn't learn to be strong while being injured.
67. It doesn't matter how slow the pace is, as long as you are walking, you will always see improvement.
68. Not everyone can make waves in my heart.
69. Let me be obsessed and walk bravely in my own world.
70. If the mind is concerned, there will be complaints everywhere; if the mind is relaxed, it will always be spring.
71. Taking others too seriously, as a result, they are nothing in the eyes of others.
72. It ’s better not to see each other. You are always, what I remember.
73. Friends are the jungle of life, a station for the soul to rest, a house for storing your mind, and a bag for saving feelings. No matter how many storms in your life, friends are like umbrellas, and you will be clear all the way! May your sky be bluer and the most beautiful in life.
74. Friends often think of it, they are caring in their hearts, and they are paying attention to their eyes; friends are going through a period of life together to spend time and hours together; friends are thinking of adding joy when they think of it, remembering more tenderness .
75. Recalling the past, full of Acacia can't forget. Friends go together all their lives, there are no longer those days, a word, a lifetime, a lifetime, a glass of wine. There have been injuries, and pain, and you, and me.
76. What is the harvest? The harvest is wonderful, hard-working, happy, and the maintenance of self-esteem. But success comes at a price. Everyone hopes for success and gains, but there will be a lot of hard sweat on this road.
77. Friends know the same regardless of the distance, and they are good friends. Friends do not distinguish between men and women. They share the same understanding. They have the same music, relaxed and harmonious. A greeting, caring and considerate.
78. You have to believe that everyone and everything you meet in your life has its value and meaning. Some people teach you to love, and some things teach you to grow, even if you just leave a mark on your journey. It is also a valuable asset. At least at some point, you understand life, you understand yourself.
79. The more you dream about this thing, the farther away you are from reality. Don't wait for the pie to fall from heaven, and don't expect heaven's sympathy for you. Only by working hard can we see a new sky. We might as well think so, the effort with fruit is exercise, the effort without fruit is tempering, no matter what, every encounter is an indispensable element in your life.
80. Some people say they want to be a light, some people want to face the light, but I want to be a backlit person. If you glow, you will illuminate others, but you will also lose yourself accidentally. If you walk in the light, you will be bright, but you will not see the road ahead because of your dazzling. Only by facing away from the light can we see the world clearly, we can see through the gains and losses, and understand what we really want.
81. Don't try to explain any misunderstandings and distortions in this world. Existence is truth. Anyone's success is not an empty head. They must have paid the effort and price you did not expect. It is disgraceful things, they all exist, there is nothing to doubt.
82. The world is already rampant, so there is nothing to fear. Everyone has bitterness that can't be vented, and depression that can't be resolved. Which of us who live here does not try our best and even live by all means.
83. Since there is no miracle of "all at once", then break your own record and constantly refresh yourself the number of confrontations with suffering. As long as there is still breath, you must fight to the end. In fact, later you will find that it is because of your own persistence that you have succeeded in yourself, and the situation will be different.
84. The world will not be so good to you at once because of how miserable you are. What people are most looking forward to in their predicament is an instant reversal, and the "things from heaven" are needed to solve their urgent needs, and even after some time, if there is any joy coming from the sky, we will not have that kind of rejoicing and gratitude. We may have forgotten the misery of that year.
85. When I think I'm out of luck, I will think: This is my bad luck, and after I'm done, all the rest is lucky!
86. If you want to get out of the shadows, then let your face face the sun; if you want to say goodbye to cowardice, then let your heart slowly strengthen in the experience; if you want to get rid of ordinary life, then try to let yourself fly proudly. A caring person is destined to live a hard life because it is too easy to be influenced by the emotions of others. Attentive people always think wildly, but the result is trapped in a messy mind, unable to move. sometimes it is better to not overthink.
87. To be successful, we must wait for a long time without being anxious, calm but maintain a keen attitude, not afraid of frustration and full of hope.
88. The so-called inner happiness is a person living a healthy, normal and harmonious life. All the joys in life are the joys of creation: the actions of love geniuses-all by the fire of creation.
89. It is not because life is too realistic that you are disappointed with it; it is because you know that life is too realistic, so you have to live with your heart. Give yourself a hug.
90. Maybe you want to be the sun, but you are just a star; maybe you want to be a tree, but you are a grass. So you have some inferiority. In fact, you, like others, are also a landscape: if you ca n’t make the sun, you will be a star, glow in your constellation; if you ca n’t make a tree, you will make grass, and you will decorate your hope with your green ...
91. Even if I run the last one, at least I am sporty. And I will definitely run the whole distance, as long as I reach the finish line, I will succeed!
92. No money, no experience, no experience, no social relations, these are not terrible. Without money, you can earn it through hard work; without experience, you can summarize it through practice; without experience, you can accumulate step by step; without social relations, you can weave it little by little. However, no dreams and no ideas are the most terrifying, so that people feel scared and want to escape!
93. Every day comes up with many thoughts, those who are not dead are called dreams.
94. Failure and frustration are not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of self-confidence and the inherent motivation that motivates us to move forward. Let us regain our confidence and always firmly believe that the life boat is at the helm of ourselves. As long as we can confidently sail, we can overcome the storm and reach the beautiful shore.
95. Life needs to maintain a passion. When this passion makes others feel that you are unstoppable, it will make way for your success! The unyielding temperament of a person can be moving and can change a lot of things.
96. Regardless of how difficult it is, keep your head upright, life is a wake-up, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today. Live in the present and look into the future. Life is an attitude, and peace of mind is naturally broad. Different you and me, different mentalities, different lives.
97. There are many ways to go in life. There is a way that cannot be turned back, that is, the way to give up; there is a way that cannot be rejected, that is the way to grow; there is a way that cannot be lost, that is the way of faith; There is a way that we must not forget, that is, the way home; walk with confidence every step of the way, I wish you a wonderful day in your life.
98. Life requires struggle. Struggle and non-struggle result in very different results. Life is nothing, keep the attitude of struggle, make the world so bright, and make your life gorgeous. Do not satisfy the gentleness of the creek, otherwise you will also satisfy your mediocrity. Only by admiring the precipitousness of the mountain can you have the opportunity to appreciate yourself.
99. The boat of life will face the shoal and the rapids. The weak will choose to escape and give up, while the strong will choose to face and challenge. The infinite joy in life lies in the eternal light of the challenges to life.
100. The struggle of more than ten years has given me a brand new life; the struggle of more than ten years has given me the motivation to rush to the top. Like rich and strong China, I, together with many hard-working people, stepped into the temple of dreams.

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