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Classic inspirational quotes

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1. Follow the waves, not follow the waves.
2. No matter how far the road is, you can reach the end; no matter how deep the pain, there will be an end day. To bear the hope of tomorrow, in each painful and happy day, we can go stronger; with the dream of the future, in every ordinary but not ordinary day, we will laugh more brightly. As long as you don't give up, nothing will shrink you; as long as you are strong enough, nothing will break you.
3. Success is not easy, but who really did it. The world never lacks opportunities, but rather lacks the means to seize them. Success doesn't patronize the homes of those who only want to do nothing and those who only say no. We need not only dreams, but also the efforts made for them. Don't worry about failure. Just do your best to make sure that you have a clear conscience; don't be afraid of difficulties, many of which are scared by your imagination.
4. Life is a pursuit and an understanding. You don't have to be discouraged when you have the ability, you don't have to show off when you have the value. The quality of life depends on the mood of each day. By changing your attitude, you can often make yourself in a good mood. Life is a process, not a result. Learn to enjoy the process and make every day exciting.
5. Life is like a car, or long distance, or short distance. Life is a pursuit, an effort, an expectation. Eager to turn dreams into reality and to turn illusion into reality. Life is beautiful because of dreams; life is sad because of dreams. However, no matter how difficult the road is, there is an end; no matter how long the road is, there are exits, and there will be light if you persist!
6. Learn to dominate your life; even if you are alone, it is not a bad situation. Do not pity, do not humiliate, do not regret, come day by day, step by step, the joy and inevitable arrival of the glorious share lies in our own practice.
7. Many things are better than nothing, the light of the meteor is short and hot.
8. I feel that what I do and what I don't do is only one thought.
9. The road is at my feet, and no one can decide my direction.
10. Your choice is to do or not to do it, but you will never have a chance without it.
11. If you live a day, you are blessed and you should cherish it. When I cried when I had no shoes on, I realized that someone had no feet.
12. Let everything take its course, be in a calm situation, be calm when you are proud, be calm when you are disappointed, go through arduous twists and turns, and experience vicissitudes.
13. Put your face in the sun, then there will be no shadows.
14. People always compare with others and see who is better than themselves and who is not better than themselves. In fact, the bottom of your worries and sorrows is never the misfortune and pain of others, but your own attitude.
15. Destiny does not exist, it is just an excuse for losers to escape reality.
16. In order to obtain a rich harvest of life, sunlight must be provided; at the same time, the rain must be irrigated.
17. People always lose before they know to cherish!
18. Lost because of greed-Seriously, honest people are rarely fooled.
19. Life should set goals, otherwise your energy will be wasted.
20. The mountain springs sang a wonderful song after all the twists and turns.
21. If it was not for one person, who would keep a city dry. City and love always have such a relationship. We will go to that city because of one person, because it is a city of love; and we will leave a city because of one person, it is a desperate wounded city.
22. The trajectory of life does not necessarily work the way you like. Some things you can dislike, but have to do; some people you can dislike, but have to socialize. When we encounter things that we don't like but can't change, the only thing we can do is endure. After enduring the night of loneliness, the sky is dawning; when the cold winter is enduring, spring is here. No matter how difficult the years are, it is just a cloud.
23. Strangely, for some reason, when I was young, I tried to pretend to be an adult; and when I was no longer a child, I wanted to be a child again.
24. Does anyone ever suffer for that secret love? We always thought that the infatuation was heavy, heavy, and the most important weight in the world. One day when we suddenly looked back, we found that it was always very light and very light. And our love is two flowers that do n’t cling to one another, and the only thing left is to listen.
25. There are four questions in life test questions: academic career, marriage and family. The average score is high enough to pass. Don't spend too much time and energy on any topic.
26. The helplessness of life is not that there is no choice, but precisely because too many choices need to be made.
27. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent effort.
28. Time tells me that it's time to be sensible when the age of making trouble is over.
29. Always seek to benefit others, not to benefit yourself.
30. No matter how difficult it is, raise your head firmly and tell everyone that you are not as vulnerable as they think.
31. Everyone has a scar in their heart. Time is the best cure.
32. Youth is so gorgeous, but the fireworks are in the end.
33. Dream is a naive word, and fulfilling dreams is a cruel word.
34. Only the samsara continues to turn, the sun rises and the sun is sinking. Who said it: time is still, it is we are flying.
35. People always cherish what they don't get and forget what they have.
36. Taking a step back does not mean that I give up; letting go does not mean that I give up; smiling does not mean that I am happy!
37. Why don't you just change it to I care about you.
38. Looking back in the sea of people, my friends are still sincere, my life is reunited, my mood is peaceful and gentle, my past is like the wind, my years are like a song, my life is long, how vicissitudes are, how happy I am!
39. The biggest challenge in life is not too much to defeat yourself!
40. Keep in mind that every day is the best day of the year.
41. Life is far less bitter than coffee, the key is how people who drink it taste! Everyone likes and yearns for a life that they want, and they don't know that it is not life at all.
42. If you shed tears when you miss the sun, then you also miss the stars.
43. Don't drill into sorrow when you are unhappy, think about the days with laughter.
44. Love everyone, believe in a few people, do not bully anyone; try to be silent when you need to lie, and try not to hurt each other when you have to lie; when we are right, no one will remember, when we do wrong People will forget; happiness is good body and bad memory; people can choose to give up, but they cannot give up their choices; everything is worse than nothing.
45. The important thing in life is to be yourself. Anything unrealistic is the source of pain. The biggest killer of life is sorrow and anxiety. Pain stems from insufficiency, and life is not full of thoughts. You have to find your own goal, and then work towards that goal.
46. This is an era full of competition. If you want to succeed and excel, you must learn to win from the beginning. In the rapidly changing competition, the idea of light as wisdom is the winning sword. So, having it will give you a chance to succeed. Smile is the understanding and comprehension of life from the heart. Leave a smile to the kind person, and he will give you the same smile.
47. To live a meaningful life, don't delay, take action now! In the path of life, frustration is inevitable. It is valuable that you can sum up your experience and keep moving forward in this setback. Life is beautiful because of experience. Time is fair to everyone, and wasting your time is tantamount to chronic suicide. The greatest success in life is to achieve the most goals in the shortest time.
48. I must strive to do my best in adversity. On the contrary, if I try to escape or get rid of the problem, I will become more and more anxious and the situation will get worse. Life is in a hurry. We don't have to sacrifice ourselves and leave no regrets. It is the most important thing to live the way we like, to do what we like, to pamper ourselves, and to be a unique one.
49. In life, you must know your pursuit, let your dreams go, and work hard. Man is the master of the earth and should exert his own initiative. Not afraid of setbacks and overcoming difficulties, it may not be so easy. In fact, there is nothing you can't do or not, but you want to do it or not.
50. Some people lost their way in the wind, and some people raised their chests in the wind. Some people are brave in the wind, while others are trying to hide in the wind. Some people are not afraid of the wind, and some are afraid of the wind. In fact, how can there be no wind in life, you always have to be yourself. Trekking in the years, everyone will have their own story, only when you look down, you will be beautiful, and when you look away, you will be bright.
51. I don't understand why we care so much about other people's views. The commentary is just a pastime for boring people, so why look at it like an enemy. If you don't eat other people's meals, don't take others' words too seriously.
52. Life needs precipitation, and tranquility can go far; life needs reflection, often looking back, in order to sublimate in the gains and losses of taste and suffering. Looking forward is the dream and goal; looking backward is testing and correction. Don't complain, feel calm. Life has bitterness; life has ups and downs. Learn to swing your sleeves calmly and smile warmly. Happiness is not that you have more, but that you have less care; optimism is not that you are not troubled, but that you are content.
53. If you are bullied when you are young and vigorous, you will always hate to think that you must mix up a famous person in the future to make people look good. But when there is such a day, I can't remember to hate it. It turns out that true strength is tolerant, not forgiving others, but letting go of yourself.
54. Dealing with failures and setbacks with a smile is optimism and self-confidence; responding to misunderstandings and hatred with a smile is calm and forgiving; responding with praise and motivation with a smile is modest and sober; It is hard to deny the joy of tomorrow because of the pain of this day.
55. The suffering and joy of life are like two sides of a coin, one side is suffering and the other side is joy. We live for ourselves, we don't have to immerse ourselves in the language of others, and curl up in the shadow of the world. If you stand still, someone will sneer; if you break the bondage, spring will bloom in front of you. No matter how long it rains, there will be a rainbow after the rain, no matter how sad you are, you must firmly believe that happiness is waiting for you!
56. Remember to get up early and work hard to chase the first rays of sunlight, which can make you brave. Even with dogma and shackles, and even with external pressure, don't let others' opinions influence your inner voice. Don't be afraid to fall, hit the wall, and fail. Young calls you brave. A person's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less. It's more of a burden than another loss.
57. People live not to remember yesterday, but to look forward to tomorrow and wait for hope. Now that you're alive, you need to be sober, bent down, and raised your head. Live self-confidence, live with dignity, live solid and steady, live with natural taste, extraordinary temperament. Living is remarkable, living poetic and romantic, living easy and gentle, living happy and healthy, and living has extraordinary meaning.
58. Life is really interesting. In life, every place we pass by, everyone, may become a post station. We always like to remember and do n’t forget. But now I find that those things deep in my heart have long become oblivious in their time. Do what you want to do now. The death of youth is not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of a heart that loves life bravely.
59. Self-improvement, whether it is external image or internal cultivation; self-improvement, whether it is the improvement of personality or ability; Your distance from success. Get up in an encounter, regenerate in despair, improve yourself, and work hard.
60. Set a goal for yourself, one year, two years, five years. Maybe you were born better than others. Through hard work, you can often change the fate of%. Broken jars can only be friends with cowardice.
61. Life is like a river, countless memories become pebbles at the bottom of the river, picking up one, the casserole surface is engraved with two large characters-youth. Force it into the whirlpool of time and fly into life ...
62. On the stage of youth, we write 惆怅. Pieces of fallen leaves floated in front of his eyes, and a trace of sadness appeared from his heart. We, young, are always sentimental, weeping for the tragic fate of the hero in the book, screaming for the appearance of the star we are looking for, laughing for the happy ending of an idol drama ... sometimes We are melancholy, sometimes we are confused, sometimes we are fulfilled, but these heart movements are often inexplicable.
63. Youth, so beautiful. But this beauty is always discovered by us when our youth is gone. We will suddenly realize, oh, the original time was golden. The road of youth is full of gold, but we have gone too hastily, forgetting to look down, and the golden land under our feet.
64. Youth is used for remembrance. When you are pregnant with it, it is worthless. Only after exhausting it and looking back, everything has meaning. Those who have loved us and those who have hurt us. Is the meaning of our youth.
65. I think that knowing you is a bit like a miracle with a very low probability. Since there aren't too many other disturbances in his own age to disturb him, his youth will always play a fierce and powerful voice in the procrastination rhythm.
66. Many people like to set small goals because they are afraid of failure. In fact, what they are afraid of is realizing that they have the ability to do a lot of things, and they are wasting these time and dreams. You have the ability to do everything you want to do. Don't set small goals any more, but look farther today. This is a goal you owe yourself!
67. Since coming to this world alive, there is no plan to go back alive. Therefore, in this limited time, we should cherish life, cherish opportunities, and even more cherish the hard-won time. Because of the ticking time, once you pass, don't look back.
68. The meeting in the youth years does not require any agreement. Occasional rubbing of the shoulders can make a fate with an inadvertent look. We all have the ages of flowering branches, and we have exerted all our passions for someone we love, facing the mountains and the river, making swearing vows. He thought he was a kind of love, went through a lingering course, and then began to get tired. At that time, he found that the past mountain alliance water oath was just a joke of youth.
69. Youth is an era full of power and temptation. Active is youth, curiosity is youth, fun is youth. Cynical disrespect is even more youthful, and everything we do is youthful.
70. Maybe if you think about it, you can slowly recall some big things and small things, but after all, they have been sharpened by all the edges and corners in the memory, and it has become a bland past. You can't feel the mood at that time when you step on it. Where there are scars, scars that cannot flow, but in the surrounding, new flesh, there are factors that can continue.
71. Youth is blue. How vast is the sea and how blue is the sky? Isn't our youth very "blue"? Yes. When we encounter setbacks, don't shrink back, go forward bravely; when we encounter failures, don't evade reality, face the reality bravely; when we fall in the process of learning, don't be afraid. The ancient saying goes, "Where you fall, you have to stand up." No matter what the circumstances are, we must have the vision and we want to overcome it. This can make youth more passionate.
72. The happiness of those youth stories that belong to us are gone now, and what do we desire now?
73. When talking about youth, people will think of the rising sun; when talking about youth, people will see flower buds with buds; when talking about youth, people will hear the sound of rain in early spring.
74. A bright red flower grew out of a dirty soil. That dirt is the environment in which Xiaohua lives. For a small flower, it has no power to change the dirty soil, but in the dirty environment, instead of being willing to fall, it constantly purifies itself, making itself beautiful and high-clean. If every one of us could start from beautifying ourselves like this flower, the world would be a beautiful painting.
75. When the fireworks blooming in the middle of the night, after blooming their own warmth, only a few flickering residual stars are left for us to ponder. When the cold wind of the deep winter tears your youth, all the past, shake out from the gap of time, and transform into petals, floating out of memory like a butterfly, hitting notes, fragrant fragrance lingering around the staff However, the melody came to an end in a second. Freed in the past time and space, opened the book carrying all our youth, heavy, wet your eyes, the falling tears fell into the river of time, and the ripples of the past can not be reflected.
76. The beauty of youth is not a popular brand fashion in street fashion; the melody of youth is not the lingering sorrow of guitar playing; the chicness of youth is not the swaying posture of swinging arms and hips; the happiness of youth is not the fluttering suburbs of the spinning wheels.
77. It turned out that youth was part of life. She died to enrich our life experience and make life more complete. Maybe, youth doesn't need us to sacrifice in grand form. All we need to do is to wave her hand and thank her for passing away.
78. We are an ignorant youth during adolescence. We drank the future in laughter, laughed at the blossoming flowers, and spent an unforgettable tonight in a sad and joyful clutch. We need a beacon, we need a pair of wings, and we even need the oath of youth.
79. In the youthful world, sand grains will become pearls; stones will become gold; deserts will multiply into forests. We in youth do not lie in what we possess, but in what we pursue.
80. I want to fly, take my soul, take my dream, take my past, take my youth, and fly to that distant corner. Fly to the deserted Taklamakan Desert. Fly to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Fly to the ruined Cuban Babylon Garden. Fly into the choppy Yellow River.
81. We applaud the youthfulness and admiration for the youthful Ling Yunzhi, but at the same time we lament the youthfulness. Our youth did not look back suddenly, but was full of the ambition of "please lift the brigade, go straight to Qinghe Luo". We traveled the world with our youth to realize the majesty of the truth of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. To experience the breathtaking mountains and rivers of the Great Wall, and to hold a grass to face the same smile of the spring of the earth. Similarly, in our youth, there are the pain and helplessness of falling down, as well as the disappointment and sadness. However, we have learned to be stronger even when we were baptized with menstrual injuries in our youth.
82. On the stage of youth, we soared freely, walking quietly alone, walking on an unmanned path, listening to the birds singing cheerfully, smelling the fragrant fragrance of flowers, enjoying the vibrant spring. Touch the old trunk with your hands and feel the vicissitudes of their life. Breathing the peculiar freshness of the land, savouring the simplicity of nature. Or through the clear glass, looking at the flourishing things, the heart can't help but hope, remembering the feeling of baptism.
83. No matter how difficult it is, raise your head firmly and tell everyone that you are not as vulnerable as they think.
84. Everyone will be injured on the growth path. We have just set sail and must learn to be strong.
85. Why do you have to find a way to find out how long it will take?
86. I will treat every change as growth, even if it is painful.
87. To defeat anything, learn to defeat yourself first.
88. I would rather laugh and shed tears than cry and say regret.
89. There is a temper, don't give up.
90. The dream is a journey destined to be lonely. Questions and ridicule are unavoidable on the road, but how about that?
91. No matter how hard it is now, we should also be a dancer in life.
92. Fate never sympathizes with the weak.
93. I'm not afraid that 10,000 people will stand in front, I'm afraid that I will surrender first.
94. Life is actually very simple. Today is tomorrow.
95. Do n’t forget to cry when you look down and keep going.
96. Don't be disturbed by anyone, because no one is as clear and caring about your dreams as you are.
97. No one can knock me down unless I get down first myself!
98. Remember that you are not living for others, you are living for yourself.
99. In this game, it is not up to you to decide whether to win or lose, to determine our fate.
100. Only those who are down-to-earth can say: The road is right under my feet.

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