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100 patriotic sayings and aphorisms

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1. I miss Han Xingquan, I recommend Xuanyuan in my blood. ——Lu Xun's "Self-titled Elephant"
2. The man's seven-foot body is willing to donate for the motherland. —— "Poems of Revolutionary Martyrs • Poems by Chen Hui"
3. Too much interest to cover up my tears, and grieve the hardship of the people. ——Qu Yuan's Lisao
4. First the country's urgency and then personal revenge. -"Historical Biography of Lian Po's Prime Minister"
5. Reporting death to the state, Shuangxian Xiangren is no longer young. ——Lu You
6. Only solve the battlefield to die for the country, why should Ma Ge wrap the body? ——Xu Xilin's Poems on the Road
7. But make Dragon City fly in, don't teach Huma to Yinshan. ——Tang Changling's "Out of the Sea"
8. Qin Shiming, Yue Yue, Han Shiguan, Wanli Long March people did not return. However, the dragon city will be flying, and Huma will not be taught. ——Wang Changling's "Stop Out"
9. As long as a person loves his motherland and has a patriotic heart, everything can be solved. You can bear any misery. ——Bing Xin
10. Heroes are not tearless and do not sprinkle the enemy before. The man's seven-foot body is willing to donate for the motherland. ——Chen Hui
11. Going out of the door to save the country and trying to save the country are all in one heart; the East is backward, and the rise of Asia has yellow people. ——Wu Yuzhang
12. Always feel that the land of the motherland is firmly under your feet, live with the collective, and remember that it is the collective education that educates you. That day if you break away from the collective, that is the beginning of the end. --Ostrovsky
13. Multiply patriotism and hatred of the enemy by multiplication-only such patriotism can lead to victory. --Ostrovsky
14. Generally in the part, whoever does not belong to his own country then he does not belong to humans. -Belinsky
15. Love the motherland, this is a kind of the purest, most keen, noblest, most intense, most gentle, most affectionate, most gentle and most severe. A person who truly loves the motherland is a real person in all aspects. ——Suhomlinski
16. My motherland, I sing for you, for this free and lovely land. —— [US] Smith's "United States"
17. Xiaolai thinks of serving the country, not love waiting. -Tang Cen Shen, "Send Someone to Xi'an"
18. I knew everything was dead, but I am sad to see Kyushu. Wang Shibei settled on the Central Plains Day. ——Lu You
19. The concealment of things is forbidden, the harm to the heart is forgotten, and things that are beneficial to the country are avoided. ——Lu Kun
20. Only when we love the motherland and grieve the severe suffering of the motherland, and hate the enemy, will this give us the strength to participate in the struggle and win. ——A Tolstoy
21. Night vision is too white to radiate light, and the country will die without battle! ——Lu You
22. Only the people's soul is worth precious, and only by developing it can China make real progress. ——Lu Xun
23. If the motherland is in trouble, you should be a striker. ——Chen Yi
24. North and South drive to report the situation, Jiang Lace grass laughed. On the 360th day of the year, Heng Ge will leave immediately. ——Qi Jiguang
25. Read for the rise of China. ——Zhou Enlai
26. Home is the home, the township is the township, the country is the country, and the world is the world. —— "Pipe • Herder"
27. He is willing to send blood and tears to the mountains and rivers, and to sprinkle soil in Dongshan. ——Song Li Qingzhao
28. People who have no patriotism will die forever. ——Li Dazhao's "World-weary and Consciousness"
29. If a country is not a country, how can a family survive? -"Poetry of Revolutionary Martyrs • Poems by Yang Jingyu"
30. Patriotic regardless of first and last, hovering forever. ——Zhu Yunshan's "Gift to Taiwan Old Friends"
31. Hold out a heart of heart and dedicate billions of souls. -Tao Xingzhi's "No Surrender Song"
32. Never forget our country. ——Zuo Xianggong 31 Years
33. The national shame is not snow, why do you become famous? ——Tang Li Bai's "Solomon"
34. Gou Li is like life and death. ——Qing • Lin Zexu's "Zhanshi Family's Visit to the Boarding Pass"
35. Motherland, I will always be loyal to you, give my life for you, and sing and fight for you forever with my piano. ——Chopin
36. The Huns are immortal and homeless! —— "Han Shu Wei Huo Qu Bi Chuan"
37. Anxiety and anxiety first, joy and happiness after the world. ——Fan Zhongyan's "Yueyang Tower"
38. No one has died in life since ancient times. ——Wen Tianxiang's "Zero Crossing Ding Yang"
39. I value the interests of the motherland more than my life and my cherished children. —— [British] Shakespeare's "Coriolanus"
40. Anyone who doesn't love their country loves nothing. —— [English] On "Foscari and Son"
41. Reporting the country is like iron. ——Song Lu You's "Song of the Snow" Excerpt from: Quotes
42. Being born alive is a country and he is not private. ——Nan Dynasty • Jiang Hui's Rain and Snow Song
43. Wang Shibei settled on the Central Plains Day. ——Song Lu You "Show Children"
44. Hate to resist the death of the Japanese and leave it as shame today. The country is still so, why should I care about it? ——Ji Hongchang
45. Da Jiangge turned around, and the meticulous group was poor. The face wall is broken for ten years. ——Zhou Enlai
46. Although Jincheng is happy, it is better to return to its hometown; although the paradise is good, it is not a place to stay long. Come back. ——Hua Luogeng
47. The merchant girl didn't know the hatred of the country, she still sang the backyard flowers across the river. ——Tang Du Mu's "Park Qinhuai"
48. Tianzihe has not received the land, and he does not intend to look back at his hometown. ——Tang Linghuchu's "Youth Walk"
49. Residing in a non-intensive world, willing to worry about the country. ——Three Kingdoms Cao Zhi's Six Miscellaneous Poems
50. Patriotism is a very noble emotional activity. ——Mao Dun's "Open Letter to Young Writers"
51. Bursting together to fight the thief, the man's patriotism has forgotten. ——Qiu Jin's "Hang Wu Martyrs"
52. Lu Shen, the motherland, has a responsibility, and the end of the world drifts homeless. ——Qiu Jin
53. If you want to lose our land, don't forget to pay me back. ——Feng Yuxiang
54. There will be no peaceful world until you drive patriotism out of humanity. —— [British] Shaw Bernard "VC Orpheuti"
55. The words of a patriot are most valuable. ——Lu Xun's Soul of Argument
56. The main method of patriotism is to love what you do. ——Xie Jue's "Love the Factory as Home"
57. For those who fell for the motherland, his death is glorious. —— [Ancient Greece] Homer's "Ellion"
58. The mind is vast and Guangyu listens to thunder in a silent place. ——Lu Xun
59. I am not afraid of the broken bones, I want to stay innocent in the world. ——Yu Qian's Lime Yin
60. I am yours, my motherland! It's all yours, my heart, this soul. —— [Hungary] Petofi, "I am Hungarian"
61. If the country keeps its pace, what will it take? ——Cai Yan's "Discussing Yuan Yuan"
62. Even though the world gives me treasures and honors, I don't want to leave my homeland, because even if my homeland is in shame, I still like to love and bless my homeland. —— [Hungary] Petofi "I am Hungarian"
63. Patriotism is a deep affection for one's motherland that has been consolidated for thousands of years. -Lenin
64. We love our nation. This is the source of our self-confidence. ——Zhou Enlai
65. We cannot serve the motherland in the same way. Everyone should do their best according to their resources. -Goethe
66. Our Chinese nation has the spirit to fight blood to the end with our enemies, has the determination to recover the old ones on the basis of self-reliance, and has the ability to stand on its own in the forest of the nations of the world. ——Mao Zedong
67. I am honored to be a citizen of the Chinese nation and become a citizen of the world. I am the son of the Chinese people. I love my country and people affectionately. ——Deng Xiaoping
68. People not only have the right to patriotism, but patriotism is an obligation and a glory. ——Xu Teli
69. Four seas turned the clouds and waterways, and Wuzhou trembled and thundered. ——Mao Zedong
70. Splendid rivers and mountains are packed up, and all people are the masters. ——Zhu De
71. The motherland is more important than life. It is our mother, our land. -Neruda
72. I praise the current motherland, and triple the praise of its future. -Mayakovsky
73. It is natural to love your country. -Heine
74. How great is the power of patriotism! In front of it, what is the love of life and the fear of suffering? In front of it, what is man itself? -Chernyshevsky
75. If I have some ability, I will be obliged to dedicate it to the motherland. -Lin Nai
76. I have my personality and conscience, not money. My music should be dedicated to the motherland, to the working people, and to serve the national crisis. ——Xing Xinghai
77. A person's service to the people does not necessarily have to stand at the conference to give a speech or do something earth-shattering. He can tell others what he knows at any time, anywhere, and so on. In essence, it is planting the country for cultivation. -Fu Lei
78. Motherland, I will always be loyal to you, give my life for you, and sing and fight for you with my piano forever. ——Chopin
79. Chang Si is reckless and cares about the country's urgent needs. ——Sima Qian
80. It's difficult to donate your life to China, and you will be treated as death. ——Three Kingdoms • Cao Zhi's "White Horse"
81. It is not a pity to kill the land, it is regrettable to serve the country all the time. ——Song Lu You, Denghui Zhaosi Pavilion
82. His heart is a magnetic needle, and he will not rest without a guide. ——Song Wen Tianxiang's Guide. Yangzijiang
83. One inch of mountains and rivers, one inch of gold. -"Jin Shi. Biography of Lu Chanlun"
84. As soon as a savior died, the two men were no longer young. ——Song Lu You, Yebo Water Village
85. People not only have the right to patriotism, but patriotism is an obligation and a glory. -Xu Teli, "How to Implement Patriotism Education"
86. Husband is the country, breaking the enemy like a mountain. ——Tang Weiyingwu's "Chang Chang Dang"
87. I am the son of the Chinese people and I deeply love our motherland and people. ——Deng Xiaoping
88. Worrying about the shame of the country, he stepped forward to the guillotine. -"Poetry of Revolutionary Martyrs. Poems by Xiong Henghan"
89. Patriotic life is as fateful as righteousness. ——Cai Yan's "To Baiwen Weidian"
90. The sound of the wind, the sound of reading, the sound of people's ears; family affairs, national affairs, world affairs, and care. ——Ming Gu Xiancheng
91. The country breaks the mountains and rivers, and the city spring plants are deep. Flowers burst into tears when I felt, hate the birds to be shocked. -Du Fu
92. Hengmei coldly pointed at Qianfu, bowing his head as a bullock. ——Lu Xun
93. One cavity of blood and diligence is precious. ——Qing Qiu Jin's "On Wine"
94. A man is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. ——Gu Yanwu's "Rizhi Lu • Zheng Shi"
95. Why do n’t men bring Wu Gou to charge Guanshan and Fuzhou? ——Tang Lihe's "South Park"
96. In order to sacrifice much ambition, dare to teach the sun and the moon to change to a new day. ——Mao Zedong
97. A flute and a sword flattened the business and made a name for fifteen years. ——Qing Gong Zizhen's "Man"
98. Only the people's soul is worth precious, and only by developing it can China make real progress. ——Lu Xun
99. Since ancient times in China, there have been people who work hard, people who work hard, people who ask for the people, and people who give themselves up and ask for the law. -They are the backbone of China. ——Lu Xun
100. I love my motherland and my people. Without it, without them, I cannot survive, let alone write. -Ba Jin

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