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100 short positive energy quotes

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1. There are several things in life that you must not lose: the power of self-control, a calm mind, hope and confidence.
2. You can afford what you like, and go where you want to go. You will not lose the quality of life because of the people around you, but you will be more confident because you spend your own money. Reason for effort.
3. The most precious thing is not how good you are now, but after hard work, every day you are better than before.
4. You are one percent of the teacher, fifty percent of your parents, but one hundred percent of your own, so you must work very hard to pursue everything you want.
5. Do not refuse to be busy, because it is a fulfillment; Do not complain about frustration, because it is a kind of strong; Do not refuse to smile, because the girl who loves to laugh is the most beautiful. You are good, do not need anyone to prove it.
6. People have two ways to go. One is necessary and the other is to go. You must take the beautiful way to be able to go the way you want to go.
7. May you be calm and persistent, and go all out for the things you love, and return with full load.
8. If you want to do something, make up your mind early. If you delay one day, you will struggle with one day, and you will earn another day earlier.
9. The day you like is the most beautiful day; the life that suits you is the best way to live.
10. The sense of security is not given by others, it depends on how much you love yourself, eat and wear warmth, your phone has electricity, and your wallet is never flat.
11. Successful people know how to boil, failing people know how to escape, excellent people know how to move forward and think about the wind! In fact, give up and persist in an instant, hold on, the world is yours.
12. To be a man, look up and have the courage to face reality. Look down with confidence and face yourself. Be spirited and strive hard. To be a man, you need to have ambition and be stingy. Fight for everything.
13. Stand up wherever you fall, and everything that cannot defeat you will promote your growth.
14. Don't use your time to witness the success of others. May all the detours you go through become beautiful rainbows in the end!
15. No one is lucky and comes out of thin air. Only when you work hard enough will you be lucky enough that the world will not live up to every effort and persistence.
16. Capable people influence others, incapable people are affected by others; it is not that someone annoys oneself, but that oneself annoys oneself with someone's words and deeds; set a goal, go forward step by step, and do yourself it is good.
17. The eagle does not need to be applauded, it is also flying; grass, no one is distressed, and is growing; wild flowers, no one appreciates, is also fragrant; things do not require everyone to understand, just do your best; Everyone likes it, just be frank.
18. Strive to be powerless, struggling to move yourself; the bitterness and the tiredness will illuminate the future; there is no youthlessness, only the winner is king.
19. A truly successful life does not lie in the size of the achievement, but in whether you work hard to realize yourself, shout your own voice, and go out of your own path.
20. Choose a direction and set a time; the rest is just hard work and persistence, time will give us the final answer.
21. No matter how you think about others, in the eyes of the person who annoys you, you are speculative; no matter how you strive for reason, and those who do not understand you, you are foolish. In the end you will find that some things are not that you have done wrong, but that you have met the wrong person; some people do not understand you but do not want to understand you at all.
22. No matter what, life still has to go forward. Sometimes hurt and failure may not be a bad thing, it will make you better, so is loneliness and loss. Everything will be a good thing in the end, as long as you can go to the end.
23. Salaries are given to people who work daily, high salaries are given to those who bear responsibility, bonuses are given to those who have achieved results, equity is given to competent and loyal people, honor is given to those who have ideal ambitions, and dismissed. The letter will be sent to someone who hasn't been able to play with his personality. There must be you here. What kind of person you want to be, you will strive to be such a person, to be the kind of person you want to be.
24. Rather than expecting to meet someone, it is better to expect that you can attract such people; instead of expecting positive energy to appear to warm yourself each time you lose, it is better to expect yourself to become a person full of positive energy; instead of worrying about the future, It's better to work hard now.
25. Sooner or later, the visible wound will heal.
26. If a person is perfect enough to see no shortcomings, then be wary of his strengths.
27. There are only three days in life. Those who are confused live yesterday, those who hope long live tomorrow, and only those who are clear live today. Yesterday has passed. It is an overdue cheque. It has not arrived tomorrow. It is an uncheckable cheque. Only living today is the most realistic.
28. People in the atmosphere never regret anything that is no longer theirs.
29. Beauty can only be called beautiful if it is combined with modesty. There is no humble beauty, not beauty, at best it can only look good.
30. Don't always do nothing, one day you will regret it.
31. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory.
32. The rainbow is gorgeous after the battle with storms; the maple leaves burn like fire, after the battle with the frost of autumn leaves; the eagle's wings spread high after the dangerous battle with falling cliffs. They maintained a stance of struggle before casting their success.
33. Don't talk about luck at all. In fact, it may be that you have not put all your efforts into it. As much as you give, you will get rewards.
34. The more you care about, the more you lose, the less you care about, the more happiness you have. Positive Energy Inspirational Quotes: Struggling positive energy sentences, one sentence a day, will cheer you up throughout the year!
35. Life is not too perfect, all sweet and sour are the best memories.
36. Don't buy things you don't need because of discounts, don't love inappropriate people because of emptiness.
37. Five things a woman needs to cultivate: self-confidence on the face, kindness in the bottom of her heart, the bones that melt into the blood, such as the gentleness of the breeze blowing the face, and the strength carved into her life.
38. Do not ask for satisfaction, but ask for it. Positive Energy Inspirational Quotes: Struggling positive energy sentences, one sentence a day, will cheer you up throughout the year!
39. If nothing happens, it turned out to be the best revenge. Life is better for yourself.
40. Wrestling when I was a kid, I always looked to see if there was anyone around me. I cried when I was up, and I got up when I was n’t. Hold back the pain.-This is growth.
41. No one can control your emotions, only you will not let yourself go. Stop staying up late, no one has a story in his heart, just learned to control.
42. You can regret it, but don't regret it. In this age of integrity, your integrity is like a credit card, and your overdraft will burst. What others can give us is only some outside help, and ultimately we have to stand on our own. It is better to reflect on one's fate because of it; to rely on others is worse than to strengthen oneself.
43. It is not talent or luck that determines a person's achievement. It is persistence and dedication.
44. If you don't work hard, no one can give you the life you want. The life you want is earned by yourself. It is better to rely on yourself than on yourself.
45. When you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is to keep yourself from forgetting.
46. I can accept failure, but I cannot accept myself who has never struggled.
47. Illuminate the soul to discover the beauty of life.
48. In fact, a person can also live beautifully, smile for himself, cry for himself. People who know how to make concessions are clever, this is to take the initiative in determining the situation in their own hands. In emotional confrontation, if you win your face, you lose your love. Often those who end up dead are lonely. Bending is not admitting defeat, but just to pick up the happiness that was lost.
49. Time can change the young face, but never take away the stretched smile.
50. Alone outside, nothing, just have a strong heart.
51. Life can't always go well with one's heart, but if you keep walking towards the sun, the shadow will hide behind you, and the glare is the right direction.
52. If you want to be willful, then learn to bear first. Life begins with your own crying and ends in the tears of others. This intermediate process is happiness. Don't hate someone you've loved, don't ask about the reason for breaking up, and don't plead for the possibility of recombination. Turn around and make yourself happy is the real thing.
53. A person, no matter how clean, high, or super-easy, don't waste your life on things that hate torture you. Life is only once in a lifetime. You have someone you need to love and live the life you deserve.
54. With your company, I will not be afraid of storms. Even if she cries, she smiles bravely.
55. Back to the sun, a shadow; facing the sun, the sun is shining.
56. The road is chosen by oneself, no matter what is ahead, only one can go through it. When you can't move forward, stop and think about how you got here. People always say that time will change everything, but you actually have to change everything yourself.
57. On the road, look for a reason to continue, look for a dream that once existed.
58. Be stronger, believe in yourself; be firm, believe in your feelings.
59. Firm conviction and locked goals; persistent attitude to change destiny; calm thinking and break through confusion; optimistic attitude determines success or failure; the degree of effort determines the outcome;
60. Being with positive people can make us feel good.
61. There is a reason for a person to have at least one dream to be strong.
62. Rubbing the dark side a bit brighter can make the defects more complete.
63. Only through hellish torture can there be the power to conquer heaven. Only bloody fingers can pop into the world's must-sing.
64. Everyone is his own God and believes that he can excel in one area.
65. Don't blindly follow others' thinking, they will say that you will learn from others.
66. Suiyuan is not to pass or pass, but to do everything to listen to destiny.
67. Now that we seem to be sensible, we have learned to fight.
68. The speed at which you handle emotions is the speed at which you can move towards success.
69. Everyone has an aura; those who are full of optimism and the poor and happy will be accompanied by good luck; those who are full of pessimistic and cynical people will have a hard time not following them. Therefore, everything that happens is a reflection of myself. If you are in full bloom and butterflies come, if you are wonderful, arrange it by yourself!
70. Girl, don't refuse to be busy, because it is a fulfillment; girl, you have to live beautifully for yourself!
71. As much as you can withstand stigma, you can afford as much praise and live as you are, so you deserve better.
72. Dreams are a desire, and desire is an action. Dreams are the crystallization of dreams and thoughts.
73. Stressful, but not overwhelmed; confused, but never desperate.
74. Learn to forget the pain and make room for sunny memories.
75. Without health, wisdom cannot be revealed, culture cannot be exerted, power cannot fight, and knowledge cannot be used.
76. People must have dreams to be motivated to move forward.
77. As long as a rainbow appears, there must be hope tomorrow.
78. It ’s distressing, do n’t get it if you do n’t get it, throw it away if it ’s not good, we should live affectionately in a world of ruthlessness.
79. The success or failure of life does not lie in frustrations and shame, but in the correct positioning; the many glories of life are not in the joy of the moment, but in the positive energy of life.
80. The so-called life is to get up and walk away with a smile even if you feel bad.
81. In fact, most people respect success rather than dreams. Imagine meeting Li An who failed, what would you think of him.
82. After many years, you will definitely thank yourself for your hard work now.
83. Time passes day by day, as if nothing has changed, but when you look back, everything has changed.
84. Don't worry about the sky. Worry will not reduce the burden of tomorrow, but it will lose the happiness of today.
85. I'm afraid of a long journey. Step by step scenery, and step by step joy. Happiness is on the way.
86. While waiting, time still passes, but it is stretched by our thoughts.
87. We must take what we have and exchange for what we don't have.
88. Do it as long as you are sure you are right. Someone said it was not good if they didn't do it, or someone said it was not good. Don't avoid criticism.
89. Hard work is the branch of learning, and of course it is bitter, wisdom is the flower of learning, and of course it is fragrant.
90. Do not seek the best, but seek to do better.
91. On the neck of a young man, there is nothing like the brilliant orb of entrepreneurship.
92. Before we succeed, we should do what we should do. After we succeed, we can do what we like to do.
93. Water dripping through stones is not powerful but deep in effort.
94. Life is like a cup of tea, it will not be a lifetime, but it will always be a while.
95. As long as better, don't seek the best! Struggle is the father of success.
96. If people have aspirations, they will not stop at Banpo.
97. Life always makes us scaly, but in the future, those injured places will surely become our strongest places.
98. Achieve your life with your ideals, don't let it go.
99. Sleepy, you are the source of human art, and you give great inspiration to poets.
100. Success is a concept, success is a thought, success is a habit, and success is a state of mind.

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