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Positive energy sentence classic sentence

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1. Have the simplest life and the most distant dreams, even if it will be cold tomorrow, the mountains and waters will be far away, and the roads and horses will die.
2. I believe that no one will be completely satisfied with their current situation and build their dreams. Our ideal will always be ahead, and at the same time, we will do our best.
3. Tagore said that silence is a virtue. But I feel cowardly in front of those I like. Tagore also said: Although you don't have to stay, go to pick flowers to save, because the flowers will naturally continue to open along the way.
4. There is no inherent faith, only faith that is constantly cultivated.
5. People's achievements and differences depend on their spare time.
6. No one can share the real pain with you. You can only change it from one shoulder to another.
7. Longing for the pinnacle and yearning for height, the pinnacle is just a narrow place that can just stand. You ca n’t run sideways, you ca n’t go straight, and just enjoy the pleasure of looking down for a while. How can you stop and sit for a long time?
8. Weak people have no choice of the way to die.
9. It's not the alarm clock that wakes us up every morning but the dream.
10. Don't be too entangled in the present, or worry too much about the future. When you have experienced something, the scenery in front of you is not the same as before.
11. Young people really cherish youth. After the age of 20 to 30, there will be no more. Human growth is actually not knowledge. The core problem behind all growth is that he knows that time has passed. So what you want to do, you have to work 100% to do it. It's actually too late after the age of twenty-five or six.
12. The loneliness we are experiencing, we call it confused. The loneliness we pass by, we call it growth.
13. You can ridicule my youth for being frivolous, and I will tell you what the winner is.
14. For blind ships, all winds are upwind.
15. Don't get angry and fight, don't see through and break through, don't be jealous and appreciate, don't delay and be positive, don't mind and act.
16. Where one can go in the future does not depend on imagination, but on what you have done and how well you do today.
17. If the mind is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the mind is relaxed, it is always spring. There are often unsatisfactory things in the world. There are very few people who can do everything to you and make you wish. If you have to care about it, no one person or thing can satisfy you. If a person lives for a lifetime, he also seeks for the stability of his heart. The heart is an inch wide and the road is one foot wide. If the heart is not as wide as the sea, how can life be calm?
18. Life will not change because of your complaints; life will not change because of you. You blame or not, life is the same; you are sad or not, life is unchanged. I have complained a lot, I am sad, but I am bitter. You cry, life will not shed tears, you suffer, life will not worry. So why not smile? In this case, why bother? In life, happiness is a lifetime, and sorrow is also a lifetime. Why not look away and be happy.
19. Life, but a cup of tea, full or less, fight for something! It is thick and light, and has its own taste. What's the matter, urgent or slow? Warm or cold, smile at each other. Life is painful because I care. Suspicious because of doubt. Because you look down, you are happy; because you look down, you are happy. We are all passers-by from heaven and earth, and we ca n’t be masters of many things.
20. The past is like a smoke. Slowly understand that a person's life will experience too many ups and downs, and it will not always be smooth sailing, nor will it always be turbulent, no sky will always be clear, and no one's soul will be spotless. Therefore, after Qian Fan, we must learn to be strong, learn to be patient, and learn to be calm! When you are in good times, you have more thoughts, and when you are in adversity, you have more courage; when you are successful, you have one more calmness, and when you are young, you have one more faith.
21. Everything that appears in life cannot be possessed, only experience. We are just passing time, and one day we will say goodbye to everything. Those who know this well will understand: it doesn't matter to lose, but just to pass; it doesn't matter to get, it's just experience. After all, even if it is beautiful, after all, it can only be a kind of memory; if you get it, you should cherish it and then say goodbye when you lose it.
22. Everyone longs for perfection, but unsatisfactory but out of ten. Life is like half a glass of water, and it is difficult to have a full time. For the same half glass of water, some people see the missing half, while others see the half they own. If you only see the missing half, it is killing happiness, or self-torture. The secret to happiness and joy is to see the half you have and enjoy the half you already have.
23. The world will not be so good to you at once because of how miserable you are. What people are most looking forward to in their predicament is an instant reversal, and the "things from heaven" are needed to solve their urgent needs, and even after some time, if there is any joy coming from the sky, we will not have that kind of rejoicing and gratitude. We may have forgotten the misery of that year.
24. Only when you are rich can you feel the world is rich, and when you are kind, you can feel the beauty of society.
25. Every story needs an ending, but the one without ending is called life.
26. Tiny happiness is around, easy to satisfy is paradise.
27. Regardless of how difficult it is, keep your head strong and upright. Life is an awakening, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today. Live in the present and look into the future. Life is an attitude, and peace of mind is naturally broad. Different you and me, different mentalities, different lives.
28. Fear of lack of material, fear of lack of soul, fear of material wealth, fear of lack of spirit. It is a rich life if you are willing to give up, but you are a poor person if you want to live comfortably.
29. There are only two kinds of people in the world. For example, when a bunch of grapes arrives, one person picks the best and eats the best, and the other leaves the best until the last. As usual, the first person should be optimistic, because every one he eats is the best among leftover grapes; the second person should be pessimistic, because every one he eats is the worst among leftover grapes. But the facts are counterproductive, because there is hope for the second person, and only the first person has memories.
30. Life is like a journey. What you see is your realm of life. Always seeing people better than yourself means that you are going uphill; always seeing people similar to yourself, that you are hanging out; always seeing people who are not as good as yourself, you are going downhill. Rather than complain about the world, change yourself. Adjust your mindset and move forward. Your life journey will be full of sunshine.
31. No one can live for nothing, and no one can live without regrets. Don't care about your ordinary, because ordinary makes life more real; don't care about what will happen in the future, because as long as you work hard, you will not let us down in the future; There is no need to care about gains and losses, because life is inherently hovering between gains and losses.
32. One hundred years of life at your fingertips, there are always things to go through, encountering some people, life is not complete, happiness is not eternal, and twists and turns can only outline the beauty of life; Full of tranquility and sunshine, leaving the most beautiful smile in the plain flow of the year.
33. There are sufferings everywhere, and living is a kind of practice. Several times of withering in life, and a few prosperous fading in the world, all show the rise and fall of life. Seeing success or failure, life is magnificent, big deal from the beginning, life is wind and rain, and what can block you from the wind and rain is tough. Life has ups and downs, and it takes courage to set you up. Life has its ups and downs, what calms you up and down is calmness.
34. It is because of the experience of failure that we can better grasp the timing of success; it is because of the painful experience that we know how to cherish it; because of the lost experience, we will not easily let go ... ...
35. A great man is great because when he is in an adversity with others, others lose their confidence, but he is determined to achieve his goals.
36. We have nothing, the only capital is youth. Dream makes me different, and struggle makes me change my destiny!
37. In this thin and youthful years, the sweat of dreams is pieced together, we must firmly believe that there is always a road to dreams on this journey. Let the self's heart not be displaced, always filled with the positive energy of youth!
38. Regardless of how difficult it is, keep your head strong and upright. Life is an awakening, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just today. Live in the present and look into the future. Life is an attitude, and peace of mind is naturally broad. Different you and me, different mentalities, different lives.
39. Tian Xingjian, the gentleman constantly strives for self-improvement;
40. Life is not afraid of a low starting point, afraid of no pursuit; not afraid to go slowly, afraid of going the wrong way; not afraid of unsatisfactory, afraid of being confused. Rather than envy others, be yourself.
41. Imagining a successful step, the successful person will feel a waste of time and energy, but think that there is no gain; in the face of failure, the weak person is painful and confused, and winces;
42. I am confident that my future will be bright and colorful. I am also full of hope for the future.
43. Everyone is an energy field. Just like the earth is a huge magnetic field, it is elusive, but it really exists. It will release positive energy particles regardless of time and space. These particles attract or repel each other, forming a kind of upward air flow, warming you and me.
44. Some people say to make a light, some people want to face the light, but I want to be a backlit person. If you glow, you will illuminate others, but you will also lose yourself accidentally. If you walk in the light, you will be bright, but you will not see the road ahead because of your dazzling. Only by facing away from the light can we see the world clearly, we can see through the gains and losses, and understand what we really want.
45. You always look up to that small group of people. The real you may be like most girls, with average grades, low income, and good looks, but the more ordinary, the more you learn to take care of yourself, read sports, make friends and travel, You see, when you don't realize it, you have already become your best self.
46. Bowing is a potential. It is not inferiority or cowardice. It is a transmutation in sobriety. Sometimes, we bow our heads a little, or our life will be more exciting.
47. There are no free people here, only monkeys who can't be angry, pigs who don't understand love, and monks who can't distinguish southeast, northwest, and northeast.
48. The beasts always walk alone, and the cattle and sheep are in groups.
49. Despair in this world is easy. Love for this world is difficult. You have to learn to move forward, the crowd is flowing, carrying your own color, and going to the place you want. The song on the radio has been changed. After listening to this song, you changed the night, changed the road signs, stumbled, and became a beloved person in this world.
50. I hope that all Chinese youth will get rid of the air-conditioning and just walk upwards, without having to listen to the words of the violent and abandoners. Can do things, can do things vocally.
51. There is a bit of heat, and a point of light makes the firefly ordinary, or you can light a little in the dark without waiting for a torch. Since then there was no torch: I was the only light.
52. The most wonderful thing in life is not the moment of realizing the dream, but the process of insisting on the dream.
53. No matter where I go, I am looking for happiness. I will never go to look for pain, because I was born to be a joy-seeker. Only when pain finds my head, will I be in pain.
54. Success is actually very simple. When you ca n’t keep up, stick to it.
55. You have to put up with it until the spring blooms; you have to go and get to the bright lights; you have to see the vast world, and then judge whether it is good or bad; People around you; you have to become what you imagine, and this thing can't be done in one step.
56. Success is not something that will only come in the future, but is accumulated from the moment you decide to do it.
57. Happiness makes life last. Happiness is the spirit and physical vitality, hope and conviction, confidence in one's present and coming, and confidence in everything that should be done in this way.
58. Running towards the goal, why bother with the wings of the wing, as long as the faith is not dead, you can see the direction. Downwind is more suitable for walking, and headwind is more suitable for flying.
59. Every day that never dances is a disappointment to life.
60. People are alive, they must pursue, dream, live happily and happily. This is the ideal life. Heaven gives us a chance to let us come and go around the world. We must cherish it. Because life is so short, if we do n’t know how to cherish it, it will soon pass away. In the end, we will have nothing to do.
61. Every day you waste today is tomorrow that those who died yesterday had hoped for. Every now and then you are bored is the future that you would never return to.
62. Think carefully before making a decision. Once you have made a decision, go ahead and stick to it.
63. Joy is a flower of hope that can give her strength so that she can face the ups and downs of life without fear.
64. Don't force yourself too much, people may say so, but please force yourself to the point of death, it won't really die anyway.
65. People live for the most part in order to get praise from others and get more recognition. When you find that the protagonist you assume is high or low, you should make yourself optimistic and happy. It is not easy to let go of your dreams because of the humbleness of your career, or to abandon yourself because of unsatisfactory work, or to dim your life because of the depression and confusion in your life.
66. It is not difficult to endure those hard times, because I know it will get better.
67. We can be disappointed, but not blindly.
68. With a cut of weak light, we must proudly bring out the glory.
69. Those who have not worked are not qualified to despise those who are working. You can't laugh at those who love to hate because you have become a painless and itchy person.
70. I must win myself, win the pain and be able to return to the game. Only in this way can those who doubt me rethink what it means to be impossible.
71. I have no confidence in anything that is readily available, fast, instinctual, improvisational, and vague. I believe in the power of slowness, peace, and trickle, solidity and calmness. I don't believe in the lack of self-discipline and self-construction and hard work, we can get individual or collective liberation.
72. If there is a shadow in front of you, it is because there is sunlight behind you.
73. The only secret to success is to stick to the last minute.
74. The world seen in a positive life is a sun, the world seen in a negative life is a dark; the life felt by a positive life is extremely happy, and the negative life feels only a trace of sadness.
75. When you fall to the bottom of the valley, that means that you can only go up, not down!
76. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It's all the way to failure, and there is only one road left, which is the road to success.
77. In your life, you will always encounter such a situation, your heart has been turned upside down, but in the eyes of others, you are just a little quieter than usual, no one will find it strange. This kind of war is doomed.
78. The world is so vague and ambiguous, our hearts must be like big round mirrors, and everything we look at is clear. Living in the world, tired of all kinds of troubles, even if you live so much, even if you always blame yourself and repent, when will you be clear in your heart.
79. I believe that no matter how rough the road ahead, just seize today, sooner or later, you will taste the sweetness of life in your struggle. Grab a minute and a second in life, better than January and a year in vain!
80. If your dream is still standing, no one can make you fall.
81. I know that no matter whether the flowers are blooming or not, it is only a lonely performance, but I am still willing to do my best to perform this life.
82. Nothing in this world is eternal, so cherishment is the biggest truth.
83. In fact, all things can be viewed in this way, there are waves, but the ship is not sinking, why not consider it as no waves; there are traps, but people have not stumbled, why not consider it a smooth road.
84. When I look back after years that I once had forbearance, I realized that the past things that I found difficult to read are just a drop in the ocean. Life is not for me, but for growth, but for learning to lift heavy weight. Those pasts that could not be relieved were all put down.
85. You have been practicing smiling, not to say that you have become a person you hate, but to become calm in the world, you ca n’t give up when you are tired, and yell when you are in pain. Believe that others are better off relying on themselves, others hurt, and time will warm you up.
86. When someone says we can't do it, we have to respond to them with this eternal credo: Yes, we can do it.
87. When you conquer a mountain, it is already at your feet. You must find another mountain to conquer. Otherwise, you only have to go down the mountain and go downhill.
88. There is only one type of heroism in the world, and that is to love life after recognizing the truth of life.
89. Time is limited, so don't waste time on the road of others.
90. The first priority in life is to develop the potential of the self, to store the energy of the self, to maintain the health of the self, so that the self can exert its full power when doing anything!
91. Certain sorrow, pain, or trouble is always necessary for everyone. If a ship does not have ballast, it will not be stable and cannot move forward towards its destination.
92. Life always makes us scaly, but later, those injuries will eventually become our strongest place.
93. Those who let the period in their lives stop cannot move halfway.
94. Watching the efforts of others envy you and then turn back to live your own life, and why should you live the life you want.
95. A person does not have to look too good, know too many things, and understand which hand is more attractive to hold a cigar. It is a retrograde for all vintage years, but it is important that you have your own aura.
96. I didn't come to this world for failure, and there was no failing blood flowing in my veins. I'm not a lamb who is flogged by anyone. I'm a lion and I don't belong to the flock. I don't want to hear the cry of the frustrated, the complaint of the complainer, this is a plague in the flock, and I cannot be infected by him. The slaughterhouse of the loser is not the end of my destiny.
97. If you can't do what you want to do, you should want to do what you can. If you want to be loved when you are old, you should be polite when you are young.
98. You can stick to your ideals, but you don't need to be stubborn.
99. The world will not be so good to you at once because of how miserable you are. What people are most looking forward to in their predicament is an instant reversal, and the "things from heaven" are needed to solve their urgent needs, and even after some time, if there is any joy coming from the sky, we will not have that kind of rejoicing and gratitude. We may have forgotten the misery of that year.
100. The color of emotion is lively red, vibrant green, noble and gorgeous yellow, well, use these colors as emotions to write life, not to make it dark ...

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