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Motivational inspirational quote about life

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1. Defeat yourself, and one day you will flap your wings of dreams and fly in the blue sky!
2. Life is the process of life. How can there be no wind and rain? It is because of the baptism of wind and rain that we can see the colorful rainbow; with the pain of failure, we can taste the joy of success.
3. If youth is the sea breeze that is intoxicating, then self-confidence is the signpost for the harmony of the wind; if youth is the towering towering clouds, then hard work is the driving force of the mountains; , So strong is the strongest sound of this melody!
4. Because I have a dream, try to achieve it.
5. Despite sorrow, keep going.
6. Life should be self-improving. In life, people will always encounter frustrations and hardships, but life has no hardships. After passing through, it is a gain and it will allow you to grow up.
7.Everyone has their own fight, break free from the past, live in the present, and create the future. Maybe it will take youth to know how narcissistic a period of youth is. No one will accompany you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to loneliness, no one will help you for a lifetime, so you have to struggle for a lifetime. Rather than remorse yesterday with tears, fight today with sweat.
8. Life is as brilliant as summer flowers, and death is as beautiful as autumn leaves.
9. The best things in life are free, and the next best things are expensive.
10. Time flies, I have spent 17 spring and autumn on my life journey, and I have entered a youthful period of youth, a youthful period of hard work to embellish.
11. Glow is not the patent of the sun, you can also glow.
12. The struggle of more than ten years has given me a brand new life; the struggle of more than ten years has given me the motivation to rush to the top. Like rich and strong China, I, together with many hard-working people, stepped into the temple of dreams.
13. The most beautiful scenery encountered in life does not require heavy ink to paint, but a series of light footprints that are usually stepped on.
14. Life is like a sailboat traveling in the rapids, and there must be struggles. To overcome the rapids, "torrents" represent ideals.
15. How can I see the Rainbow without going through ordeal? I ca n’t shrink back when I encounter difficulties, otherwise you will lose to yourself before you even enter the battlefield. Have an unyielding spirit and never bow your head in the face of difficulties!
16. Where you are, use all your resources to do what you can.
17. Cherish your time and make good use of every copy every second. Do not let go of every detail, be cautious, meticulous, and be able to do this, what else is impossible?
18. Life, we must make a way out! For the sake of career and struggle, despite losing a lot, there is always something to lose! What is gained is often more important than what is lost. It is the value and meaning of life.
19. Dream, like a pair of invisible wings. Because those are wings, and pursue dreams, because of those wings, let your dreams fly.
20. People can be destroyed, but they cannot be defeated.
21. Don't care if you don't even think about it.
22. Only when you have tried, worked, and persisted can you gain something. One point of cultivation, one point of harvest, only by working hard can successful flowers bloom. as long as you try very hard, you can achieve anything. I believe that as long as I work hard and persevere towards this ideal, then I will succeed!
23. Life is too short. If you give up today, you may not get it tomorrow.
24. Monday is the beginning and the hardest day of each week. Try to overcome your laziness.
25. Get up early this morning and memorize words and learn to prepare for the fourth level. Does not affect learning due to mood!
26. From now on, I will do myself a favor: unload the burden, forget the pain, and heal the wounds.
27. There are no stops in life, reality is always a starting point. No matter when and where, you can't give up. Only by maintaining a stance of struggle can you prove the existence of life.
28. Be kind to others when you are proud, because you will need them when you are frustrated.
29. There are many ways to go in life. There is a way that cannot be turned back, that is, the way to give up; there is a way that cannot be rejected, that is the way to grow; there is a way that cannot be lost, that is the way of faith; There is a way that we must not forget, that is, the way home; walk with confidence every step of the way, I wish you a wonderful day in your life.
30. When you realize that you decide your future, you can experience life more fully. When you do not blame others for your failures or timidity, you will lay the foundation for a successful future.
31. Everyone encounters difficulties at the beginning of success. But failure is the mother of success. Only through the baptism of failure can rich success be achieved. We should cherish everyone's attitude. Even ordinary people have their own opinions and will also determine your quality.
32. I like everyday more than forever!
33. I told people to fall and learn to get up and always love themselves.
34. The world is impermanent and life is limited. In the face of cancer, everyone is equal.
35. People must have dreams in order to have the motivation to move forward. Without dreams, then your life has no direction.
36. Failure and frustration are not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of self-confidence and the inherent motivation that motivates us to move forward. Let us regain our confidence and always firmly believe that the life boat is at the helm of ourselves. As long as we can confidently sail, we can overcome the storm and reach the beautiful shore.
37. The boat of life faces the shoal and the rapids. The weak will choose to escape and give up, while the strong will choose to face and challenge. The infinite joy in life lies in the eternal light of the challenges to life.
38. Having a dream is only an intelligence, and achieving a dream is a capability.
39. Thoughts are like drills. You must concentrate on a bit to drill down to have strength.
40. Life is too short to have time for regret. If not the end, please smile forward.
41. A self-confident person, who understands the principle of "I am born to be useful", relies on the confidence to win, and drives to the other side of success in hard fights.
42. Many people should have eaten "tea eggs", the ones with the most broken eggshells are the most interesting. Similarly, the richer life experiences, the more frustrations, the more flavorful. Suffering can help a person grow, and happiness afterwards is beyond your imagination.
43. I believe that no matter how rough the road ahead, as long as we seize today, sooner or later we will taste the sweetness of life in our struggle. Grab a minute and a second in life, better than January and a year in vain!
44. As long as you observe and think with a positive attitude, you will find that the facts are far worse than imagined. Observe from another angle, the world will be more beautiful!
45. In the long journey of life, if life is as smooth as two points and one line, it will be as dull as plain water. Only the sour, sweet, bitter, salty and five flavors are all in life, and only the full experience of sorrow, joy, sorrow, love, and lust can be considered a complete life ...
46. Self-confidence is like a pair of glasses, helping myopia to open the way to light; self-confidence is like a computer to help people who are ignorant to broaden their horizons; self-confidence is like a learning machine, helping poor students to improve their performance ...
47. It doesn't matter who you were ten years ago, who you were a year ago, or even who you were yesterday. What matters is who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.
48. There are a lot of troubles and pains that are easy to solve. As long as you are willing to change your perspective and change your mindset, you will have another look. Therefore, when we encounter suffering setbacks, we may consider the temporary difficulties as the darkness before dawn.
49. There is no reward in the world for encouraging hard work. All rewards are only used to reward work results.
50. Those who understand know how to give up, those who are true love know how to sacrifice, and those who are happy know how to be detached. For those who don't love themselves, what they need most is understanding, giving up and blessing. Too much self-love is begging for the alms of the other. Love and being loved are things that make people happy. Don't let these become pain.
51. Eggs, breaking from the outside is food, breaking from the inside is life. Life is also, breaking from the outside is stress, breaking from the inside is growth. If you wait for others to break you from the outside, then you are destined to be food for others; if you can break yourself from the inside, then you will find that your growth is equivalent to a kind of rebirth.
52. No great discovery can be made without bold guessing.
53. After more experience, more knowledge, more suffering, and more, I grow up.
54. It is better to endure hardship later in life. Life is very tiring. If you are not tired now, you will be more tiring later. Life is very hard. If you are not tiring now, you will be tiring later. All things are in harmony with each other, nothing is the highest, no low is no high, no bitter is not sweet.
55. The basis of success depends on the person's psychological quality, attitude to life and qualifications. Of course, this "book" alone is not enough. It must have both high aspirations and the dedication and perseverance to achieve the goals. In particular, the spirit of focusing on one is more conducive to success.
56. How can the stubborn and vigorous life form be supported by the decaying life situation? How can we achieve great earth-shaking foundation business? So if you want to make progress, you need to change it. You will ruthlessly eliminate the bad habits in your life. It is the truth that has remained unchanged forever. It is easy to sit and talk, but it is difficult to find a way out.
57. Fight harder today and laughter more tomorrow.
58. When you have it, cherish it, whether it is family, friendship or love, peace is a blessing. Walk with pity, walk and realize, in life, you can only walk out of a sunny avenue if you keep improving and bravely move forward.
59. Do anything, as long as you take the first step and then go step by step, you will gradually get closer to your destination. If you know your specific destination and take the first step towards it, you are on your way to success!
60. If a person is full of love for his own career and has chosen his own work desire, he will spontaneously do his best to work. If a person has no goals in his life, he will eventually lose himself.
61. Because there are many things that are not perfect, we pursue perfection; because there are many times when we are unhappy, we desire to be happy. Life is originally a symphony of perfection and imperfection; life is originally a harmony of pain and happiness. What you lose, you can't lose a smile; what you give up, you can't give up happiness.
62. Time is the most precious thing in life. The brightest thing in life is career. Nothing is happier in life than struggle.
63. Hope for tomorrow, let us forget today's pain.
64. In life, there is only the happiness of a curve going forward, and no straight-line success. Only by cherishing today can we have a bright tomorrow; only by grasping today can we have a brighter tomorrow!
65. Some people say: "How big your heart is, how big the stage is. You can't do it, only you can't think of it." As long as we think about it, we must say to ourselves, I can, I will. Be brave to face your own shortcomings, surpass your own situation, take on failures, learn from mistakes, and start again. If you fail completely, and since then you are in a state of sorrow, then you can only sigh with regret and regret for life.
66. Life requires struggle. Struggle and non-struggle result in very different results. Life is nothing, keep the attitude of struggle, make the world so bright, and make your life gorgeous. Do not satisfy the gentleness of the creek, otherwise you will also satisfy your mediocrity. Only by admiring the precipitousness of the mountain can you have the opportunity to appreciate yourself.
67. Life is always pursuing. Who can tell me what your pursuit is? We should see what is really deep in our hearts. As long as people are willing to open their closed hearts and then experience and embrace the happiness in front of them, they will live a richer and happier life than others.
68. No matter how bitter it is, we must remember that suffering is an indispensable experience in our lives. Only by living can we be happy!
69. No one in this world can really help you, even if it is temporary.
70. In life, because you do n’t have enough achievements, others will look down on you. Because your achievements are not high enough, others will ignore you, and because your morals are not high, others will bully you. Because your emotions are not perfect, others will laugh at you. No one is perfect in life. Life is just a process towards perfection. External evaluation is directly proportional to your achievements.
71. The chariots of history pass by, leaving the mark of the ancestors; the torrent of the times advances, leading our future! Hard work, hard work, hard work! We will use unremitting perseverance, with high fighting spirit, to write a bloody youth!
72. Don't rely too much on others, even your shadow will leave you in the dark.
73. Imperfection is a kind of beauty, madness is a kind of talent, it's better to be unreliable than super boring.
74. Life is always bumpy and rough, and the wind, frost, snow and rain are constantly being sharpened. Pain and happiness alternate, and sadness and joy are entwined. Flowers in the mist, breeze catkins, golden autumn fruit, winter snow and red plum. Do not worry about success or failure. As long as you work hard, you can be assured of conscience, and you will never lose sight of it, and you will accumulate patience and wait for the opportunity.
75. The waves for the most capable pilots are always extremely turbulent.
76. Some roads, if you don't go down, you won't know how beautiful the scenery over there is.
77. Don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has its own worry.
78. The most annoying feeling is not becoming a stranger, but an attitude that is gradually strange.
79. As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of being far away. As long as recognition is worthwhile, you don't care about vicissitudes of change.
80. If success is the sunny peak, there must be thorn traps on the way to success. To reach the light of success, we must hold back the darkness. In the endless night, only those who always encourage themselves can greet the dawn of dawn.
81. Young people see that the road to life is full of brilliant flowers, and the elderly see that the way of life is the beautiful setting sun.
82. Some people were swept away in the raging waves of fierce competition and never recovered; some people embarked on the edge of the waves against the wind and landed ashore, and they succeeded. Because they have an extra insistence. The cusp of the wind is not a stumbling block for them, but a stepping stone for themselves.
83. The blooming of flowers and grass, the nature that is roasted in the heat of the storm, the migration of fish, in the turbulent and vast ocean, the flying of birds, in the vast and distant sky of lightning and thunder, the bloom of life can only be in the wind and rain This is an unalterable law in the long and bitter and sweet climbing.
84. Some habits cannot be changed anyway. Everyone understands the truth, but it is difficult to control small emotions. Too much life can only be complicated, too much life can only flow out. I shouldn't think too much and talk too much. I should only be myself to enrich myself, keep my heart back to myself, resolve the complex and bearish life, live a good life now, live a simple, beautiful and fulfilling life.
85. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.
86. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles in my life, and I do n’t ask how much success or failure. It ’s calm and lossless. Instead of looking up in the glory of others, it ’s better to light up your own heart, set sail, and grasp the truest one. Interpret yourself more deeply ...
87. In this world, the richest people are the ones who fall the most; the bravest people are the ones who can stand up every time they fall; the most successful people are those who can not only stand up but also People who can keep going.
88. Keep your feet on the ground, keep your heart open, and cherish every minute. Follow the teacher and lay the foundation.
89. Only when you are tired can you be free; While you are young, go out boldly to meet the baptism of wind, frost, rain, and snow, and cultivate a heart that is patient, open-minded, and wise, and happiness will come.
90. Learn to look at life from a different angle. You will feel that the sky is blue and the wind is light. Sowing a mindset, you will reap a thought; Sowing a thought, you will reap a behavior; Sowing a behavior, you will reap a character; Sowing a character, you will reap a fate.
91. In your life, as many people as you can respect, as many as you will respect you. As many people as you can trust, as many people trust you! As many people as you can make, as many people as you can help you succeed!
92. Those who sow with tears will surely harvest with a smile.
93. There is always a force that moves us, and there is always a spirit that urges us to move forward. The history of the elderly is still moving forward, we still need to work hard, just for that unforgettable history ... is a fulfilling life! Do not forget the shame of the country and revitalize China. This is not just a personal responsibility, it should also be the responsibility of the whole of China.
94. In the big stage of life, no matter who it is, it will never be a smooth road to flowers. There will always be thorns and bumps. When we are in good times, we live in peace and have a long road. When we are in adversity, we stick to hope to get out of trouble. In any case, we are the protagonists in our own life movies. The arrangement of destiny has become our assistant for cultivation. With good intentions, adhere to faith, develop positive energy, thank people around you, and gain purity and joy.
95. Sludge can grow lotus flowers, Hanmen can cultivate filial sons, and flood furnaces can be made into steel. Difficulties can make great men. Bitterness can brew sweetness, and troubles can be turned into bodhi. Life is like waves, there are valleys and crests. Sing slowly at peak times. In the trough, don't cry. Wave after wave, wave after wave, is the other side of life.
96. Life needs to maintain a passion. When this passion makes others feel that you are unstoppable, it will make way for your success! The unyielding temperament of a person can be moving and can change a lot of things.
97. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is by your own efforts.
98. No matter how bad life is at the moment, there will always be a day of improvement. The life I walked through was not perfect. Too perfect is not life! Everyone is doing one thing every day: fighting for the future! Although the results are different, it is because of our usual efforts. Efforts, future success is inevitable!
99. The environment will not change. The solution is to change yourself.
100. In the face of life's troubles and frustrations, the most important thing is to straighten out your mentality and face everything positively. No matter how hard and tired you have to keep smiling. Smile, your life will be better!

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