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1. The waterfall has no fear of cliffs, so it sings a magnificent song of life.
2. Nothing is as powerful as habit.
3. Don't sigh at frustration, let's just think of all this as preparation that you must go through before you can do something big.
4. People who let the period in their lives stop can't move halfway.
5. Even if the road is bumpy, the wheels must go forward; even if the river is rough, the ship is sailing.
6. A climber who is determined to reach the summit will not be intoxicated in a certain footprint along the way.
7. The waves are sailing boats and funerals for canoes that follow the waves.
8. Now that you have identified a path, why bother asking how long it will take.
9. If you are not with the sea for safety, the boat loses its meaning.
10. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools of success. Without it, geniuses would be in vain in the paradox of perplexity.
11. The development of good habits is not to be tempted by bad habits.
12. If you stop before victory, you often only embrace failure; if you persist when you are difficult, you often get new success.
13. Fault is a temporary regret, and miss is a permanent regret!
14. Anyone who owes too much of their luck to their own ingenuity and ingenuity will most likely end unfortunately.
15. The most common courage is to be honest and upright in daily life, to resist temptations, to dare to tell the truth, to show your true side, and not to falsify.
16. The belief of success in the human brain is like an alarm clock, it will wake you up when you need it.
17. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory.
18. Success is to simplify complex problems and then do it severely.
19. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the keys to success. Without it, genius would be in vain in the paradoxical paradox.
20. No education can survive adversity.
21. Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. Ken will use them to cultivate success from failure.
22. The goal is not always achievable, but it can be used as a targeting point.
23. Imagination will come up with a lot of brilliant ideas, but can't do anything.
24. The mountain does not resign, so it can become high; the sea does not resign, so it can become deep!
25. Let's reorganize the old days' bags, wave away the dust from our bodies, take the road with confidence to catalyze our lives, continue to explore tomorrow, make the tide, and live a confident life with three thousand hits!
26. Persevering in oneself is not just doing it alone, but in the market competition, following the fate without change, stably implementing your own style of chess and chess, and never stopping if you don't reach your goal.
27. Success is not something that will only come from the future, but is accumulated from the moment you decide to do it.
28. Your one-day love may bring gratitude to others for life.
29. Belief is powerful, doubt only inhibits ability, and faith is strength.
30. No matter how long you can go, you can walk step by step. If you go short, you can't reach it without taking your feet.
31. There are thousands of people with lofty ideals.
32. What is unlikely is possible today, and what is impossible is possible tomorrow.
33. When you can't jump from the first floor to the third floor, don't forget to take the stairs. Keep in mind that great success often doesn't happen overnight. You must learn to break down your goals and implement them gradually.
34. The person who walks the slowest, as long as he does not lose his goal, walks faster than the person wandering aimlessly.
35. Persevering in doing simple things is not trivial, persevering in doing ordinary things is not trivial. The so-called success is to make extraordinary persistence in the ordinary.
36. The world is not in the hands of those who laugh at it, but in the hands of those who can withstand the ridicule and criticism and keep moving forward.
37. Fight hard to prove to others to the world, and once you have achieved results, you will understand: people do not need to prove to others, as long as you can surpass yourself.
38. Even if it is the most hopeless thing, as long as a brave person persists in it, he will have hope in the end.
39. Living in the same environment, the boundary between the strong and the weak lies in who can change it.
40. All victories are insignificant compared to the victory of conquering yourself. All failures are more trivial than failures to lose oneself.
41. People who let the period in their lives stop can't move halfway.
42. The character of the waves is that they are shattered by the reefs numerous times and rush towards the reefs in countless flashes.
43. If you want to climb the peak, don't use the rainbow as a ladder.
44. Those who fear their own suffering are already suffering because of their fear.
45. In real life, every great cause begins with faith, and faith takes the first step.
46. Others can violate cause and effect, others can harm us, beat us, and slander us. But we cannot hate others because of this, why? We must keep a complete nature and a pure heart.
47. Those who applaud others are also fueling their lives.
48. A person can succeed in almost anything he has unlimited enthusiasm for.
49. It is an eternal truth to pay for what you give. Few people have been able to break through it since ancient times. However, if someone can surpass its limits and pay without asking for anything, then he will definitely get more.
50. We have to imagine more beautiful things, such as being healthy, strong, wealthy, and happy, and driving away the poverty, anxiety, and anxiety from our spiritual world, just like dumping rubbish far away from home. Abandon them! Try to avoid and stay away from those who have lost hope in life.
51. The meaning of vitality lies in hard work, because the world itself is an arena.
52. The curtain of the stage of life may be opened at any time. The key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.
53. Pay attention to your thoughts, it will become your words; pay attention to your words, it will become your actions; pay attention to your actions, it will become your habits; pay attention to your habits, it will become Your character; pay attention to your character, it will become your destiny.
54. Without zeal, there can be no progress in the world.
55. If the butterfly wants to enjoy the joy of flying in the hundred gardens, it must first endure the pain of breaking with the puppet.
56. Praying by action is better at understanding God than words.
57. People who lose money lose very little, people who lose health lose much, and those who lose courage lose everything.
58. It's nothing to go to bullfighting when you're not afraid; it's nothing great not to go to bullfighting when you're afraid; it's really great to go to bullfighting when you're afraid.
59. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.
60. If you don't want to do something, don't want to reach anywhere in the world.
61. Life has never been truly desperate. No matter how hard it is, no matter how much suffering it is, as long as one has a seed of faith in his heart, one day he will be able to get out of his predicament and make his life blossom again.
62. Money can be recovered if it is lost, and once it is lost, it is difficult to recover.
63. Life has its own value. If a person can not make his life brilliant, but there is no reason to dim it; life can be ordinary, but not vulgar and degenerate; life does not care how much to plunder, but lies in the pursuit of perfection and excellence!
64. Life, we must make a way! For your career, for your life of struggle, avoid losing a lot, but if you lose, you will gain! What you get is often more important than what you lose. It is the value and meaning of life.
65. The road is bumpy and unexpectedly, the wind is strong to train the man.
66. Struggle has no end and is always a starting point.
67. Life is too short. If you give up today, you may not get it tomorrow.
68. The world does not belong to you originally, so you don't need to abandon it. What you want to abandon is everything. All is what I use, but not my own.
69. What we are most proud of is not never falling, but climbing up after each fall.
70. Take a risk! The whole life is an adventure, and the people who go the farthest are often willing to be willing to take risks.
71. How can I keep up the pace? Leave footprints behind.
72. Education is the home of talents, and society is the in-laws of talents.
73. No matter how steep the mountains are, there is always a climbing path for those who are not afraid of difficulties.
74. How can I see the rainbow without going through the wind and rain, but sometimes I still can't see the rainbow after going through the wind and rain. That is to face the confusion and pain given by all reality, because in addition to facing you or facing you, only in the constant pain will you have a colorful and rich life.
75. Complaining is useless, everything is on your own.
76. Ordinary steps can also complete a great journey.
77. Taunt is a power, a negative power. Praise is also a force, but it is a positive force.
78. Let's change the anxiety in advance to the thought and planning in advance!
79. The waterfall appears particularly majestic when it crosses steep cliffs.
80. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It's all the way to failure, and there is only one road left, which is the road to success.
81. Often people who can seize the opportunity to walk in front will succeed.
82. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm, it can move the stubborn stone, it is the essence of sincerity.
83. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory.
84. The reason why human life is tenacious is that it has gone through the wind and suffering, but still intact and enjoying the sun. But those imperfections in life often become a unique landscape in life!
85. Successful people learn from others, failing people only learn from themselves.
86. Don't ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.
87. Life is bumpy, life is bumpy. I firmly believe that in life there is only the happiness of curvilinear progress, and no straight-up success. Only by cherishing today can we have a bright tomorrow; only by grasping today can we have a brighter tomorrow! Life, friend! What are you waiting for? Do your best!
88. It is increasingly felt that young people have goals, ideals, and dreams. This is their driving force, this is the direction of their actions, this is the beacon of their struggle. Only in this way can our youth remain immortal.
89. I believe that no matter how rough the road ahead, just seize today, sooner or later, you will taste the sweetness of life in your struggle. Grab a minute and a second in life, better than January and a year in vain!
90. To do anything, there must be beginnings and ends, and insist on finishing it. Don't give up easily, if you give up, you will never have the chance to succeed. If there are setbacks, you have to tell yourself repeatedly: Keep doing it.
91. Those who try to do something but fail are better than those who try to do nothing but succeed.
92. Sometimes the distance between success and unsuccess is short-as long as the latter is a few steps forward.
93. A person cannot give confidence to others unless he has faith.
94. Joy and pain are also a very high state of life. It is a manifestation of human nature reaching a high position. A person must have an eternal and joyful mentality. After experiencing countless pains, tasting countless sorrows, after experiencing the ups and downs of life, and then he can truly understand the meaning of life and truly understand what Coexistence of joy and pain.
95. Sorrow is not the endless life. The ups and downs of life are not endless. No one can deprive you of joy, because joy is the fruit of the soul. Joy will guide you to find your mistakes in the right direction of life, to find the right goals in your life, and to keep going.
96. People who can only walk on the concrete floor will never leave deep footprints.
97. There is no glitter of a pearl, it is smeared by others.
98. Everything in this world is done by hope. The farmer will not peel a grain of corn if he never wants it to grow into a grain. The bachelor won't marry a wife if he never hopes to have children. The businessman will not go to work. If he never hopes to gain from it.
99. Stand on your feet and you will stand taller. Life is a process of metamorphosis. Life can often only increase the thickness of life and understand the true meaning of life only through various difficulties and tortures.
100. No one coaxed when crying, I learned to be strong; no one was with me when I was afraid, I learned to be brave; no one asked when I was annoyed, I learned to bear. After all, when you work hard outside, there are always some reasons to grow up.

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