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Words of struggle

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1. The mountain springs sang a wonderful song after all the twists and turns.
2. The waterfall looks exceptionally magnificent when it crosses steep cliffs.
3. What matters is not what happened, but what to do to improve it.
4. The helm of fate is struggle.
5. In the vast desert, only the pace of progress is a symbol of hope.
6. Conquer yourself, you can conquer everything.
7. It was the blood dripping from Shi Shi on the climbing road, and also the tears flowing when the coward was disappointed.
8. God's delay is not God's rejection.
9. Pride is fleeting with a kite broken.
10. Inferiority is the flying bird with its wings cut off.
11. If you compare talent to a sword, hard work is a sharpening stone.
12. Positive people always turn suffering into positive motivation.
13. No failure, only giving up.
14. I do n’t know the heights of the mountains without climbing the mountains, and the thickness of the mountains without the mountains.
15. God never complains about people's ignorance, but people complain about God's injustice.
16. Passion and desire can overcome all difficulties.
17. Believe that you can do it, and you will be full of energy.
18. If you want to succeed, you must be your own king.
19. It rained yesterday, it was windy today, and the sun will come out tomorrow.
20. A person who is not angry is a fool, and a person who is not angry is a true wise man.
21. Tens of millions of people fail because they fail to do things thoroughly, and often fail to do so only one step away from success.
22. Faith is an indestructible blade.
23. Climb to the highest realm, you will suddenly find: the scenery there is your usual.
24. Suffering, like happiness, is the blossoming flower of life.
25. The secret of success is to work harder. How many times have you worked for success?
26. Facing the setbacks and tribulations of life, we must not only have courage, but also strong conviction.
27. Everyone will encounter various difficulties, frustrations and failures in their studies. Different mentalities are the difference between successful and ordinary people.
28. Only struggle will have results.
29. Things often go against people, and things are always artificial.
30. Smooth sailing does not mean that you are traveling on a flat route.
31. Everything happens for a purpose, and will always help your growth from a certain perspective.
32. Don't have a hint of illusion, don't give up a chance, don't stop working hard all day.
33. Even if the road is bumpy, the wheels must go forward; even if the river is rough, the ship is sailing.
34. Whoever regards ease as a flower of happiness, then when the season ends, he can only look at the empty branch and sigh.
35. The streamers on the laurel wreath are not twisted from genius fibers, but are woven from painful and tormented threads.
36. Make yourself mature while looking for opportunities. When the time comes, the ideal will be realized.
37. A weak person can only stand still, a reckless person can only lead to burnout, and only a person who is really brave can be invincible.
38. In our world, never give a medal to a sad laggard.
39. The step of a ladder is never used to rest your feet, it just allows people to put their feet on for a period of time so that the other foot can go up.
40. Daqi doesn't have to be late. While you are young, try to make your talents create the greatest value.
41. We cannot choose destiny, but we can change destiny.
42. Giving yourself a cliff without a retreat is to give yourself a chance to charge towards the heights of life.
43. Even if study and life are difficult, you still have to laugh and give life a beautiful face.
44. Willpower is a lifeline for people, it can help us out of trouble and lead us to victory.
45. Life is like a mirror. If you smile at her, she smiles at you.
46. Without ordinary failure, there will be no ultimate success. It is important to analyze the cause of the failure and learn from it.
47. Open your Internet cafe to your good hopes and pursuits. 999 times have failed, and there are 1,000 times.
48. Without the courage to break through the ground and fight with the snow, the future of seeds is no better than that of fallen leaves.
49. Life is like chess. Taking one step to see one step is mediocre, taking one step to count three steps is common, and taking one step to determine ten steps is wise.
50. Noble ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If you want to do it, hard work is the rope for climbing.
51. For climbers, it is not a pity to lose their previous footprints, but it is dangerous to lose their previous direction.
52. Don't let the pursuit boat anchor in the imaginary harbour. Instead, raise the sail of struggle and sail to the sea of real life.
53. Footprints in the desert soon disappeared. Songs of endeavors have long stirred in the hearts of trekkers.
54. Now that you have identified a path, why bother asking how long it will take.
55. To a strong man, unfortunately, like the iron plough, reclaims the earth in his heart. Although it hurts, it can be sown.
56. Without a goal, there is no direction. Every stage of learning should set a goal for yourself.
57. There are many choices in life. Be careful at every step. But one choice does not determine everything. Don't hesitate, don't regret making a choice. As long as we can fight resolutely, victory is ahead.
58. Establish the belief that you must believe, do not say "I can't." If you want to succeed, you can succeed.
59. The more you are rejected, the faster you grow; the more you learn, the more successful you will be.
60. Accept the challenge bravely, and constantly surpass yourself, so as to release your unlimited potential.
61. Create life with your own hands, and realize your dream of life with hard sweat.
62. One confidence, one effort, one success; very confident, very hard, very successful.
63. What many people lack is not beauty, but self-confidence.
64. How many beats can there be in life? When not to wait now? Cherish the opportunity, let the golden years collide with more brilliant sparks!
65. To solve your own problems as a goal is a real truth. Face your problem squarely and try to solve it. This is a shortcut to success. Whoever can settle his mind and focus on small holes and obstacles, he will take a big step first.
66. There was no failure in the college entrance examination. The profound thoughts, unforgettable experiences and feelings it brought to everyone were rare treasures. The process of striving for our ideals has far more significance than the unknown results.
67. People who let the period in their lives stop cannot move halfway.
68. The softest sand on the sandy beach is the easiest to leave feet and tantalum.
69. If a butterfly wants to enjoy the joy of flying in a hundred gardens, it must first endure the pain of breaking with the puppet.
70. Although the light spot of fireflies is faint, when they are bright, they are challenging the darkness.
71. Eating the suffering that others cannot, the anger that others can't stand, and paying more than others can only enjoy more than others.
72. Standing on the shoulders of giants is to surpass them.
73. The loose strings can never play the strong sound of the times.
74. Remember, don't give up the knock on the door easily, success will greet you with a smile the next time you knock on the door.
75. If you are afraid of the ups and downs of the rock in front, life will always be a pool of standing water.
76. Don't give up when encountering difficulties. Remember, persistence is victory.
77. When you are sad and painful, it is best to learn something. Learning will make you invincible forever.
78. The curtain of the stage of life may be opened at any time, the key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.
79. With less preset expectations, the care for people will be more comfortable.
80. Your spirit of experimentation in your studies is valuable.
81. The road through the clouds only kisses the footprints of climbers.
82. I am proud of your performance today.
83. When a person is truly conscious, he gives up the pursuit of the wealth of the external world and starts to pursue the true wealth of his inner world.
84. The past does not equal the future.
85. There is no failure, only success that has been temporarily halted.
86. The soldier breaks through the turbulent current without sinking, and the coward will drown in calm waters.
87. A climber who is determined to reach the summit will not be intoxicated in a certain footprint along the way.
88. Face the past with the least remorse, face the present with the least waste, and face the future with the most confidence.
89. "Trouble" allows you to learn a lot and it is also an opportunity to exercise yourself, so don't be afraid of "trouble".
90. No one can predict the future destiny, but we can face it with a happy expression.
91. Learning is an independent action, which requires exploration, pondering, active challenge, and tenacious challenge. The hardships are borne by you alone, and the victory is independently won by you.
92. To put it bluntly, in fact, it is not difficult to improve your performance, depending on whether you are willing to work hard to accumulate-do more questions, summarize more.
93. The most reliable person in this world is not others, but yourself. Don't expect others. Be strong and independent.
94. Don't lose yourself in your busy life, while studying, enjoy your life and make your mood bloom like flowers.
95. "Speaking of efficiency" includes two meanings: one is to do nothing at the cost of work, and the other is to save time and effort. Fast action is about efficiency; methodical is about efficiency; concentration is about efficiency; proper planning is about efficiency.
96. When encountering difficulties, we must overcome difficulties with confidence and defeat ourselves.
97. Be kind to your hobbies, don't let them make way for learning, let them serve for learning.
98. The god of fate closes a door and will surely open another window.
99. The easiest thing in the world is persistence, and the hardest thing is persistence. Remember, persistence is victory.
100. Every successful person has a beginning. The courage to start can only find the way to success.

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