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Domineering words to yourself

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1. I want to live freely, never sincere people, never come near; people who do n’t like, never disturb; places where you want to go, talk about leaving, want to live, and strive to live.
2. Don't forget the people who have helped you, don't hate those who have loved you, don't lie to those who trust you. Time doesn't necessarily prove many things, but it will definitely let you see through many things.
3. Like a person is not to reply to all his activities, but to research the suspicious comments below.
4. When you decide to do something, do your best. Even if it does not reach your expected return in the end, you still have to be serious and work hard to complete it. In the process, you will gradually realize yourself Lack of understanding of what you really want. Give yourself a deadline, don't tell everyone, don't hesitate until you really do your best.
5. There are so many things that you can feel relaxed when you put them down. A lot of people understand simplicity when you walk away. We always carry heavy forwards. We are always complicated in mood. Some things in life are really heavy, but not everything we need to bear. Some people in life are not simple, but we don't have to follow suit.
6. One day you will find that the deleted person may have had hundreds of pages of chat history; people who do not say hello when they meet in the street may have been tired all day; they scolded you like a dog behind them Person, may have been your best friend. The people around me are constantly changing, and a relationship sometimes breaks silently; in fact, everyone is almost the same. The freshness and enthusiasm disappear quickly, and some people will leave.
7. Don't take the tongue without brain as a personality but don't care about the feelings of friends. No matter who you are, you should learn how to talk to avoid hurting innocent people. Frankly, it is not hurt to speak without brain. Selfish manifestation. We can't take care of everyone's feelings, but at least we can do ourselves well. Expressing yourself happily means that you have a good grasp of your mouth, not arrogance or selfishness. Don't make a mistake.
8. Don't take your woman seriously, one day, another man will come over, thank you for not knowing her.
9. Don't always expose other people's wounds, talk and rush, throw cold water on the people around them, and look at them with "I'm doing this for you". Whether you can speak and flattery are two different things. Basic respect must be there. The most basic principle of conversation is equality, not a sense of superiority, even if it is a friend. In my opinion, there are three basic points to get along with friends: punctuality, equality and sincerity.
10. Some people are there to make you see how good you are. They laugh at you and ridicule behind you in order to stop you from confronting them and see how angry and helpless you are. A meaningless misunderstanding is not worthy of explanation. You are very busy. You have no time to pluck the thorns on your body, and you can't live with so many shadows. You know that silence means resistance. Go forward, don't look back, the bad guy will laugh, you're fine now.
11. Ask questions if you don't understand. Even if you do n’t speak English well, you do n’t need to care about grammar or pronunciation. Others will be able to guess and understand. If you have time, you will go up. It ’s embarrassing for me to be thick-skinned when I ’m alive, then I ’m so embarrassed, so how can you be alive? Something went wrong and ugly and laughed, what are you afraid of? When you are embarrassed about this world, growth will grow with each passing day.
12. Life is long and not smooth. People who only blame when encountering problems will never be a big deal. Those who know to solve the problem will not be defeated by failure. Because he is always trying to solve the problem. New methods are always proposed. Why don't we try it. We are young and we fail!
13. When speaking to people, learn to be calm. Don't yell, no matter how angry you are, because your loud voice will not make things better unless it disturbs your mind. The hysterical roar can't conquer others, but it will only make you lose your reason in the madness.
14. The most beautiful thing in the world is the clothes on her body, the smile, the temperament, and the kind woman who must achieve herself in the most beautiful time.
15. Do useful things, speak positive words, think of good things, and sleep well. Spend time on progress, not complaining.
16. The more a person experiences, the more he will think. The better you are, the harder you work. The root cause of this phenomenon is that good people always see better than themselves, while mediocre people always see worse than themselves. After working hard, you will find yourself much better than you think. Remember one sentence: the harder you work, the luckier you are!
17. Worry about the future than work harder now. On this way, only struggle can give you a sense of security. Don't easily pin your dreams on someone, and don't care too much about the whispers beside you, because the future is yours, and only you can give yourself the greatest sense of security. Don't forget to promise what you want to do, don't forget where you want to go, no matter how difficult or how far.
18. If you don't believe in hard work and time, then the result will be the first choice to live up to you. Don't negate your own past, and don't use your past to involve your current efforts and prospects for the future. It is not because you have hope that you work hard, but when you work hard, you may see the light of hope.
19. Only by going through hell-like tempering can the power of creating heaven be refined. I'm the king with my fist raised, and I will deserve a lifetime by clenching my teeth; I will climb the stairs of the ivory tower and work hard instead of the shade of my grandparents; I will hold the throat of fate and rely on hard sharing instead of the so-called honor I should be the strongest, heroes dare to fight here; passion and passion create dreams, aspirations will surely work; I can! I can! I can do it!
20. You can afford what you like and go where you want to go. You will not lose the quality of life because of the people around you. Instead, you will be more confident because you spend your own money. This should be more Reason for the effort!
21. Everyone has lonely and stupid times, it is important not to be afraid of these times. Accepting loneliness frankly accepts parting. The biggest benefit of a person's life is that he is more and more calm, and is more at ease with all kinds of things. I can spend even the hardest things. This self-confidence and strength is squeezed out of life day by day. You will be painful but you no longer need to be afraid of the sudden collapse of the place where you stand because you walk very solidly.
22. Without long-term goals and short-term plans, everything is too lazy to think about it, unwilling to think about too far away problems, tired to sleep, hungry to eat, drink thirsty, and anger exploded, choose to live in this way, did not feel how inappropriate. Maybe someone else seems to be bored, but I am willing to stay like this, no one cares.
23. The most effective way to treat grief is to learn something. When you are hit, experience setbacks, tremble from your bones, see your world destroyed by others, experience your honor being stepped into the sewer, there is only one thing you need to learn after these things happen. Learn why things have changed and what has changed. This is the only thing that can make your heart never tired, never alienated, and never regret it.
24. May you live a cool and smart life, fearless and fearless, able to pick it up and let it go, when you love it, do your best, and if you do n’t love it, you can turn around and walk away.
25. The so-called poetry and distant places are nothing but the ones that must be spared before they are gone.
26. No matter how short your life is, do n’t do it casually, because no one pays for your health; no matter how hard life is, do n’t lose faith, because the good will be tomorrow;
27. Rather spend time cultivating an imperfect self rather than wasting time expecting perfect others.
28. I can afford to play and I can hold my heart. I can focus on you to surprise you, or I can spend my heart to make you scared. I have drunk the strongest alcohol and gave up my favorite person. I can be like a You can play like a lunatic, you can also work like a man, and you can cook a good wife and mother at home, and everything depends on who you are and how you treat me and compare your heart, so please do n’t stand Look at me from your perspective, I'm afraid you don't understand.
29. Some girls choose men, they must have a sense of responsibility, be professional, and be gentle, but in the end they just ignore the handsome guy. Some men choose girls, they must be virtuous, they must be knowledgeable, they must be suitable as wives, but in the end they can't move when they see beautiful women. This is not a lust for money, but because people have experienced too little, so they are not mature enough. If you have experienced it more, I am afraid that it is more important than anything.
30. The people who are really good to you will never meet a few people in your life. Some people will light up the lights of this world for you, and some people will remove the dust from your heart. But the more distance between people, the easier it becomes to lose contact. The more independent we are, the fewer important people are. You are not sure when you will lose them. The only thing you can do is to Those who are still by your side are better, and the dullness and excitement of life.
31. Dependence is a terrible word. It can cause people to fall into it unguardedly and face all things without the ability to resist. When you are used to this person, his sudden departure will make you feel full Difficulty breathing with blood drawn. Don't expect to depend on others. Without dependence, independence is faster.
32. Learning from difficult people is a good way to grow. There is no need to form a friendly relationship with them, but it can form a "nutrition relationship". As we get older, our values become more and more stable, and it is difficult to renew or subvert ourselves. It is the emergence of those who are difficult to get along with. While we are in tension with them, we also have a conflict with ourselves, and This opposition can also patch our own loopholes.
33. There are a lot of things because I don't want to bother others, so I bite my teeth and held up. There are also many hard-to-open difficulties that have been carried over by myself. When I was frustrated during the low tide, I felt like I couldn't cheer up, and finally I didn't survive it. You see, we are all stronger than we thought.
34. Excessive friendliness is a disease, and disease is an attempt to please everyone. Overly friendly people are afraid of rejection, because it seems that rejecting others is also a shame. Looking at the face bigger than the sky often stems from a weak heart. Fear of disappointing others is also an inferiority. Life is always a bit debilitating. A person who does not understand rejection at all cannot win true respect.
35. Don't kill yourself now, I'll kill you in the future. People who are worse than you haven't given up, and people who are better than you are still trying. What qualifications do you have to say "I can't do anything"? If you mingle, you will get a famous name. It's better to turn your face than to turn over, and to be angry is better. Don't pretend to work hard, after all, it won't accompany you to act!
36. I can be more kind than the good guys, and more fierce than the bad guys. Whatever you look like, I have no face!
37. The price paid each day is higher than the previous day, because your life is shortened by another day, so every day should be more positive. Today is too precious to be eroded by bitter anxiety and bitter remorse. Raise your chin and seize today. It will not return.
38. In life, don't be controlled by ease. Striving is what determines success. In life, don't be controlled by others. It's yourself who decides your destiny. Quietly work to live the look you want.
39. Smile is an attitude, running is a posture, this is an indispensable look for a positive life!
40. Give life a dream, give a dream a way, give a way, if you fall, you must learn to get up yourself, if you are injured, you must learn to heal yourself. Life is only wonderful when it comes out, but no glory waiting for it!
41. It's easier to lie to others, it's easier to lie to yourself, but it's really hard to lie to this world. Time is fair, wherever you spend it, it ends up being there. Move forward steadily, take every step well, and even if it is slower, life will give you a satisfactory ending.
42. You can start doing what you want to do at any time. I hope you don't restrict yourself with age and other things. Age is never the limit, unless you embarrass yourself.
43. If everyone can understand you, what do you have to look like!
44. It is better to spend time to become rich when you have time to hate the rich!
45. When you should work hard, work hard and when you should play, you can only live up to your life, because you are the most precious in the world!
46. Really good people, do n’t have time to live up to life! There are no shortcuts in life, stop making excuses for laziness! Your future look is hidden in your efforts! Change from today, and encourage!
47. It is your luck to have someone help you; it is a just destiny to help you. No one should do anything for you, because life is your own, you have to take responsibility for yourself.
48. A lot of embarrassment in life is not for you, but for you to continuously improve your survival skills. It seems that what others do is easy and easy to succeed. That's because the people behind them may have paid a hundred times more effort than you!
49. Everyone who achieves great things has extraordinary willpower and endurance, that is, when people encounter difficulties, obstacles or difficulties, and ordinary people find it difficult to persist and give up or evade, the people who have the ability often stand up, very The past is the winner.
50. There has never been no effort in this world, nor has it happened by chance. Many successful experiences that seem to have hit the Universiade often stem from a period of silent effort without seeing the light. Destiny is telling us in this way, as long as you take life seriously, every day your efforts will be gorgeous.
51. There will always be a difficult road in life. You need to walk alone, no one to help, no one to accompany, no need to be afraid, walk up with your head up, and after all the setbacks and tribulations, you will find that you are far better than Much stronger than imagined.
52. If you don't work hard today or tomorrow, then your life is just repetition. You must firmly believe that it is not the alarm clock that wakes you up every day, but the dream in your heart. The new day begins. The only person you should strive to surpass is your past self.
53. Everyone wants successful results, and the way to success is not everyone wants to go. The road to success is not crowded, because not many people persist!
54. One thing, you insisted on doing it for three days, that was whim! You held on for three months, that was just playing! You've been doing it for three years, and that's your career! If you do something that requires immediate return, it is doomed to nothing in this life!
55. People spend their entire lives paying for their own cognition. Cognitive height determines the level of happiness.
56. No matter how good others are, they are also others. No matter how embarrassing I am, I am myself. As long as you work hard to be your best self, your life is enough. Take responsibility for your life and pay for your dreams.
57. Personality is written on the face; character is engraved in the eyes; lifestyle is shown in the figure; emotions are revealed in the sound;
58. Not everything in this world is under our control. When you are lost, think about the flowing water and tell yourself gently that everything like this flowing water will pass. All you do is adjust your mentality and wait silently.
59. With hard-working people, you will not be lazy; with active people, you will not be depressed; walking with the wise, you will be extraordinary; you can climb to the top with the superior. Follow the right person, choose the right path, and do the right thing is more important than hard work.
60. Life is like a marathon, not an instant burst, it depends on persistence on the way. Even children know that when you want something, you need to stand on your toes and reach for it. Excuse me, what did you pay for what you wanted? !! There may be no results after paying, but there will be no results without paying.
61. What you want, either strive to catch up, or simply give up. Don't be a giant in thought, a short in action! Don't always chatter with determination or sorrow and make others laugh after dinner.
62. People have two ways to go. One is necessary and the other is to go. You must take the beautiful road to be beautiful before you can go the way you want to go.
63. While you still have time, do your best to do the thing you want to do the most and live the life you want to do the most. Maybe we are always small people, but this does not prevent us from choosing how to live. The world is always more exciting than you think.
64. If you don't believe in effort and time, then the result will be the first choice to live up to you. Don't negate your own past, and don't use your past to involve your current efforts and prospects for the future. It is not because you have hope that you work hard, but when you work hard, you may see the light of hope.
65. Life has no if, only consequences and consequences. Ask less why, and ask yourself why.
66. Without the ability to clean up the mess, don't indulge fickle emotions, and your temper should never be greater than your ability.
67. Don't work hard now, what to take in the future, to prove to those who have abandoned you how blind he is.
68. Don't ask me if I'm doing well, you can't help if it's not good, and it's not your credit.
69. Even if you want to betray your soul, find someone who can afford it.
70. Don't pretend to live a wonderful and happy life with me, and don't wish me a happy life. Are you qualified?
71. Don't challenge my temper with your only personality, because you are not yet qualified!
72. The best way to get something you want is to make yourself worthy of it.
73. I'm not a sage, how can I hope you live well and be happy, I wish that you lived in poverty and loneliness, and every night, I thought about my good.
74. Don't use human feelings for problems that can be solved with money; don't use tears for problems that can be solved with sweat.
75. If you hate me, I don't mind at all, I am not alive to please you!
76. My eyes are not dye tanks, I can't hold your face.
77. Before you prepare to lie to me, please be prepared that I may never forgive you.
78. You know you can do it, others think you may be able to do it, then, less nonsense, let alone, other grievances are vain. If you don't show your light, you shouldn't blame others for their lack of vision.
79. As a person, what you should strive for is not the ability to call the wind and the rain, but to look down on the situation. Stand tall to see far, and see low to let go. Living with a tolerant heart, the crowded world will become infinitely broad, and the ordinary life will become full of sunshine!
80. I must strive to do my best in adversity. I find that if I do this, the situation tends to improve quickly; on the contrary, if I try to escape or get rid of the problem, I will become more and more anxious and the situation will become worse.
81. What determines a person's achievement is not relying on heaven or luck, but persistence and dedication, do it continuously, do it repeatedly, and do it with your heart. When you really work hard, you will find yourself Unlimited potential!
82. A person's life is not long. Today's bitter experience is the best memories of tomorrow. Today's efforts will become more gains tomorrow! What you miss makes it miss forever. Cherish the life in front of you, live your life, and cheer for your life!
83. When you live in the eyes of others, you are lost in your own heart. You can never satisfy everyone and don't have to twist yourself to please the world.
84. Where is the positioning of life, the graph of the heart; Where is the line of life, follow the road signs; What is the means of life, you must start with small eyes; What is the attitude of life, ideals and convictions as guides.
85. Only if you learn to zero your existing achievements can you make room for more new things, so that you can constantly surpass yourself.
86. While you are young, you will find that the more you run, the more you end. Do the most fashionable thing, you will find yourself getting more and more fashionable. Follow the trend and let yourself live at the forefront of the world. There is no career in life, just like dislike, love an industry, need passion and enthusiasm!
87. Life is not to transcend others, but to transcend ourselves. Every successful person must pass through the unknown darkness. The strong are not without tears, but they can run forward with tears.
88. Life can drift and be lonely, but the soul must be converted. All of you are unwilling because you still have your dreams. Before you give up, fight hard, just because you are old and not afraid of the road.
89. If you give up too early, you never know what you will miss. Living not by tears for sympathy, but by sweat for applause. Inferiority is a flying bird with its wings cut off, and it is difficult to get into the sky, both of which are taboos for success.
90. No bravery can be called without rapids, and no climb without mountains. A cowardly person can only stand still, a reckless person can only lead to burnout, and only those who are really brave can be invincible.
91. When adversity, one more thought; when adversity, one more courage; when success, one more indifferent; when obsessed, one more conviction. Life is always like this. What you think you may lose may be on your way; what you think you have may be on your way.
92. The most precious thing in life is time. The brightest thing in life is career. A fool has always wanted others to know him. wise people try hard to understand themselve.
93. Never compete with animals. Won? You are more beast than beast. Lost? You are not as good as a beast. A tie? You are no different from a beast.
94. As a person, the water is full and the words stay soft. Don't know my bottom line, don't inquire about my bottom line.
95. You always say that dreams are out of reach, but you never get up early, and always feel that success belongs to others, but you never work hard, and what you ca n’t bring with your talents may be changed. Meet here and become your favorite self!
96. There is no eternal patron in the adult world. Your strongest patron is your effort.
97. First class can be boarded first, bank VIPs can skip the queue, the most expensive tickets for concerts are also the best, the world is never equal, but it is fair, the harder you work, the more special!
98. If you can't stand it, you'll be outstanding, if you can't stand it, you'll be out. I believe that the bad days are over, and the rest is good luck.
99. Strive early, struggle early, the lower the starting point, the harder you work, you are not qualified to fall. When times abandon you, you won't even say goodbye.
100. If life does not spoil you, treat yourself more. In this life, both wind and rain, to meet the best of myself.

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