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100 quotes that value time

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Quotes from Chinese celebrities who value time
1. Three more lights and five more chickens, it is when men are reading. Black hair is not as early as school, and white hair regrets being late for school. -Yan Zhenqing
2. It's hard to come back in the morning without a resurgence of prosperity. Encourage in time. -Tao Yuanming
3. The young man does not work hard, the old man is sad. —— "The Collection of Yuefu Poems"
4. An inch of time is an inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy an inch of time. -"Zeng Guang Xian Wen"
5. The deceased is like a husband who does not want to leave day or night. --Confucius
6. Between the world of life, if Bai Ku has a gap, it suddenly disappears. ——Zhuangzi
7. Don't be idle, the teenager's head is white, empty and sad! ——Yue Fei
8. The situation is unsustainable, and it must be broken into silk. ——Li Bai
9. Tomorrow is coming again, and tomorrow is so many. I will be born tomorrow, and everything will be done. ——Wen Jia's "Tomorrow Song"
10. Today is a century of life, today is not a pity! If Yan Gu awaits the Ming dynasty, there is something about the Ming dynasty. Give Jun Liao the "Poetry Today", and strive to start today! -"Song Today"
11. Yesterday Yesterday, how little yesterday! Yesterday passed and today is troubled. But the world knows that it was yesterday, and it does n’t feel like today has passed. The water goes by, the sun goes down, and the day of success is established today. -"Song of Yesterday"
12. Save time, that is, make a person's limited life more effective, which is equivalent to extending the life of a person. ——Lu Xun
13. Life is based on time. Wasting other people ’s time is equal to killing money; wasting your own time is equal to chronic suicide. ——Lu Xun
14. Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you are willing to squeeze, there is always time. ——Lu Xun
15. Ten thousand years is too long, only for the night. ——Mao Zedong
16. Time is accumulated by the minute, and those who are good at using sporadic time will make better results. ——Hua Luogeng
17. The most wasteful time is time. ——Ding Zhaozhong
18. The philosopher cherishes the year, the sage cherishes the day, and the sage cherishes the time. ——Wei Yuan
Quotes from foreign celebrities who value time
19. Time is the least favored, 24 hours for anyone; time is also favored, not 24 hours for anyone. -Huxley
20. Those who forget today will be forgotten tomorrow. -Goethe
21. The hard-working bee never has time for sorrow. -Black
22. Of all the criticism, the greatest, most correct, and most genius is time. -Belinsky
23. People who never waste time have no time to complain about lack of time. -Jefferson
24. Time is my property and my acres are time. -Goethe
25. Set armpits into furs, gather sand into towers. Although a few seconds are not long, they constitute a great era in the eternal river. -Fletcher
26. Chunguang doesn't stay on his own. ——Shakespeare
27. Those who abandon today will not have tomorrow; yesterday, however, is nothing but running water. ——John Locke
28. The sky can be replenished, the sea can be filled, and the Nanshan can be moved. The sun and the moon are past and cannot be recovered. ——Zeng Guofan
29. All savings come down to time savings. ——Marx
30. Using time is an extremely advanced rule. -Engels
31. Don't wait for tomorrow for what you do today, don't wait for others for what you do. -Goethe
32. What should be done today is not done, and tomorrow will be delayed no matter how early. -Pestalozzi
33. Wasting time is a felony. -Rousseau
34. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material of life. ——Franklin
35. Think of each day as the last day of your life. ——Helen Keller
36. Delayed time, there are not many days to come. Twenty beauties, please come and kiss me. ——Shakespeare
37. Ordinary people only think about how to spend time, and talented people manage to use time. ——Schopenhauer
38. Waste time equals waste life. -Kawabata Yasunari
39. It is important to remember that we have limited time to study. Time is limited, not only because of short life, but also because of the complexity of personnel. -Spencer
40. Don't sigh old, it will never come back; improve wisely now. We must invest in a confusing future with a determined will without fear. -Longfellow
41. A person who dares to waste even an hour shows that he does not know how to cherish the full value of life. -Darwin
42. We only live once in the world, so we should take care of our time. You must live a real life and a worthy life. -Pavlov
43. Success = hard work + the right way + less talk. -Einstein
44. Arranging time properly means saving time. ——Bacon
45. There is no way to make the clock strike me for the hour that has passed. -Byron
46. The full power of man is nothing more than a mixture of patience and time. -Balzac
47. Any saving is ultimately a saving of time. ——Marx
48. Time is the place for development of abilities and so on. ——Marx
49. Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time hurts the dreamer and gives happiness to the creator. -McKinsey
50. Time is a great mentor. -Burke
51. Time is a great author, and it will write the perfect ending for everyone. -Chaplin
52. The coming day is longer than the past year. ——Folster
53. Set armpits into fur, gather sand into towers. Although a few seconds are not long, they constitute a great era in the eternal river. -Fletcher
54. The way to get the job done is to take care of every minute. -Darwin
55. The coming day is longer than the past year. ——Folster
56. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time constitutes the material of life. ——Franklin
57. The golden age is before us and not behind us. ——Mark Twain, American writer
58. Life is short and short. If you spend your years, your short life is too long. ——British playwright Shakespeare
59. As long as we can make good use of time, we will never worry about running out of time. -Goethe
60. No matter how long your time devours everything, we must strive to gain our reputation while this interest still exists, so that the sickle of time cannot hurt us. ——Shakespeare
61. The more one knows the value of time, the more painful he will be when he is lost. ——Dante
62. Don't sigh the old, it won't come back; improve the present wisely. We must invest in a confusing future with a determined will without fear. -Longfellow
63. Don't sigh for the years that have passed, you must face up to the rushing time. -Brecht
64. When many people are lingering along a road, they have to make way for the person who cherishes time to rush ahead of them. -Socrates
65. Those who abandon time, time also abandons him. ——Shakespeare
66. The mediocre person cares how time is consumed, and the talented person tries his best to use time. ——Schopenhauer
67. Between today and tomorrow, there is a long time; while you are still mental, learn to work quickly. -Goethe
Sentence Proverbs about Cherishing Time
68. A hardworking person is the master of time, and a lazy person is the slave of time.
69. Nine cattle can't drag back a minute and a second.
70. The waves that have passed will not return, and will not come again when they have already passed.
71. No one can call back the hours that have gone.
72. I can't afford to miss a day in the morning, and don't learn a lifetime in my childhood.
73. There will be no return, no time return.
74. Time is a file without sound.
75. The mediocre mind will spend time, and the capable person will make every effort to use time.
76. Don't waste time, do something useful every moment and quit all unnecessary behavior.
77. Time is life, and unnecessarily consuming others' time is actually tantamount to killing money.
78. Fragmented time can really make a big cause.
79. Time flies, how can you let me stay.
80. Time is a loan, and even lenders who keep their promises cannot afford it.
81. Time is like river water.
82. Those who are good at using time will always find plenty of time.
83. Cherishing time can make life more valuable.
84. Grasping today is better than two tomorrows.
85. The most precious thing is today, and the most easily lost is also today.
86. Time is a golden river, don't let it pass gently at your fingertips.
87. When night comes, no one can keep a corner of the sun.
88. There are no mornings in a day, and time passes no longer.
89. It's hard to see each other in time, and the East China Sea does not turn back.
90. The plan for a day lies in the morning, the plan for a year old lies in the spring, and the plan for a lifetime lies in diligence.
91. Time is better than defending gems.
92. Time can get gold, gold can't buy time.
93. Time is like flowing water in the east, only flowing away but not flowing back.
94. Time is the greatest and fair judge.
95. Time is gold and its value is priceless.
96. Grasping one today is better than two tomorrows.
97. Time is as expensive as money.
98. The brightest thing is sunlight, and the most precious thing is time.
99. Of all the natural gifts that are inherent, time is the most precious.
100. There is no neglect when it comes, and it never comes again.

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