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Verses that value time

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1. There is no rejuvenation after spending reopening days. ——Guan Hanqing's "Dou E's Injustice"
2. Mo's idleness, vain youth, empty and sad! ——Yue Fei's "Man Jiang Hong • Furious Red Crown"
3. The young man does not work hard, the old man is sad. -"Long Songs"
4. Three more lights, five more chickens, it is when men are reading. -Yan Zhenqing
5. It's too late to read, one inch of time and one inch of gold. ——Wang Zhenbai's “Two White Deer Caves • One”
6. I do n’t see the ancients before, I do n’t see the later. ——Chen Ziang's "Dengyouzhoutaige"
7. The flowers bloom and fold straight and must be folded. ——Du Qiu Niang's "Golden Wool Clothes"
8. For example, Chaolu, it ’s hard to go to the sun. -Cao Cao's "Short Song Walk"
9. The flowers are similar every year, but every year is different. ——Liu Xiyi's "Sorrowful Pulsant"
10. Song of wine, life geometry! -Cao Cao's "Short Song Walk"
11. Ten thousand years is too long. ——Mao Zedong's "Man Jianghong and Comrade Guo Moruo"
12. Tomorrow is coming tomorrow, and there are so many tomorrow. I will be born tomorrow, and everything will be done. ——Qian Fu's "Song of Tomorrow"
13. It's hard to come back in the day when the good years don't return. ——Tao Yuanming's "Time"
14. Persuading the junior not to cherish the gold chain clothes, persuading the junior to take the youth. ——Du Qiu Niang's "Golden Wool Clothes"
15. When will Baichuan go to the sea, when will it return to the west? -"Long Songs"
16. Life is less than a hundred years old, often pregnant with Chitose. —— "Life is under 100"
17. Are there any passengers left in Guanhe? Years are unrelenting. ——Yu Qian's Feelings of Li Chun Ri
18. Ran Ran was almost empty, and Cheng Cheng became ancient. ——Wang Changling's "Same Cong's Brothers Sell Nanzhai, Play with the Moon, and Recall the Mountain Yin, Cui Shaofu"
19. Short days and long nights, why not swim by candlelight! —— "Life is under 100"
20 years have not been old last year, spring is more stubborn than people. ——Huang Jingren's "Selling Flowers • First Spring"
21. The old country has many days, and the old man has no youth. ——Jia Dao's Travel
22. Farewell to the last year in Huali last year, another year today. ——Wei Yingwu "Send Li Yuan Yuanxi"
23. Life is endless, and Jiang Yue looks similar every year. ——Zhang Ruoxu's "Spring Moon Night"
24. The white-headed palace girl is here, sitting idle and talking about Xuanzong. ——Yuan Zhen's "The Palace"
25. Look at the water flowing eastward and twilight at the west. ——Qian Fu's "Song of Tomorrow"
26. Youth can't be kept, and white hair is born naturally. ——Du Mu's "Send Friends"
27. The years are not forgiving. ——Wu Qian's "Ling Meng Ling • Willow Will Be Inserted Through the Door"
28. Xingle is too late in time, and it is impossible to sing about wine. ——Du Mu's "Hunan Zhengzhao Li Zhaoxiu"
29. Life is a centenary, and it is also an instant in eternity. ——Du Mu's "Achievement to Chi Meng Chi"
30. How many ninety days can there be? The solution for the Golden Turtle stayed countless. ——Zhu Fu "Fisherman Pride • Fine Rain and Fine Wind"
31. The years are fast, and there are many haze here. ——Zhu Fang's "Tiny Bamboo Forest Temple"
32. Full of gratitude is gracious reward, but has not seen the fame. ——Du Mu's "Northern Tower of Zhimen Temple in Winter"
33. Shao Guang mostly went in a hurry, and some of his feelings failed to pass. -Wu Xichou's "Spring Day"
34. The old relics of the king are appreciated today, and they turn to the everlasting love. ——Du Fu's Song of Yue Wang Lou
35. In the world of life, suddenly travellers. —— "Green and Green Tombs"
36. Since the beginning of last year, the white hair has been renewed. ——Yu Qian's Feelings of Li Chun Ri
37. How many years have you spent in your life? ——Yuan Haowen, "Rainstorm hits Xinhe • Green leaves are overcast"
38. Floating but ice-like water, people don't know day and night. ——Du Mu's "Frozen River"
39. Fei Guang Fei Guang, persuade Seoul a glass of wine. ——Li He's "Bitter Days Short"
40. He Ri Sang Tian changed, and he did not teach Yishui to flow eastward. ——Shangyuan by Li Shangyin
41. Where is the unforgettable wine? ——Zhu Youzhu, "Where is the unforgettable wine and Baixiangshan? Where is the unforgettable wine"
42. The sorrow of my sorrow and the envy of the Yangtze River. ——Su Shi's "Chibi Fu"
43. Ten years ago, he was a respected guest and the moon was white and clear. Anxiety fades, and time flies when you grow old. ——Ouyang Xiu, "Chopping Sangzi • Respecting Ex-Customers Ten Years Ago"
44. Literary receptions, a few lonely months, repeatedly changing star frost. ——Liu Yong's "Jade Butterfly Where the Rain Comes Off"
45. Don't make green cripples, pulsating pulsatilla. -Chen Ziang's "Deng Zezhou City North Building Banquet"
46. The strong wind falls to the deep red, and the green leaves become full branches. ——Du Mu's "Sigh Flowers"
47. Sanchun flowers are early, and flowers must be early. -"Take Time"
48. Youth must be early, how can you grow young. ——Meng Jiao's "Persuasion"
49. The dark hair didn't know that the school was early, and Bai Shoufang regretted being late for school. -Yan Zhenqing
50. Since the autumn and old age last year, Jiangnan Jiangbei is about to bloom. ——Fang Yue's "Jiu Day Dao Zhong"
51. Life is easy to grow when flowers bloom. -"Take Time"
52. When Rongjun refuses to accept, he falls away. ——Li Bai "Encounter the Second"
53. The deceased is like a husband who does not want to leave day or night.
54. The golden years no longer come, and the years do not treat others.
55. There is a reopening day for flowers, and there are no more young people in life.
56. An inch of time is an inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy an inch of time.
57. Between the world of life, if Bai Ku has a gap, suddenly it is gone.
58 Do not eat all day long, do not give up on the Yin Yin.
59. I have n’t seen the ancients before, but I have n’t seen anyone since.
60. Life is gone like a frost. When the time comes, Hua is no longer Yang.
61. Zhishi cherishes the short days, and the sad one knows that the night is long.
62. In terms of time, there are points after junior high school; in terms of day, it is known today and yesterday; in terms of people, there is a period of young and strong Ai.
63. Fairness in the world is only gray hair, noble people have no mercy.
64. Aged to spit out arrows.
65. In the winter, when the night is old, when the night is in the day, and in the rainy hour.
66. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles.
67. There is no morning in the morning, and the time does not return.
68. If you have flowers, you must fold them. Family Planning Slogan
69. The setting sun is endless, and this day is even more busy.
70. Do not say that Yin Yin is short, it is difficult to get it again. Needless to say, it's hard to say nothing.

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