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Classic inspirational sayings

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1. Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold. -"Warning Sage"
2. Profession is good at diligence. ——Han Yu's "Jin Xuejie"
3. The ancients learned nothing, and the younger the older the better. ——Lu You's "Winter Night Reading Show"
4. The old man is fuming and ambitious. The martyr is full of heart in his old age. ——Cao Cao
5. Broad view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair. --Su Shi
6. Poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud. -"Preface to Tengwang Pavilion"
7. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles. -"Zeng Guang Xian Wen"
8. The gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement. -"Zhou Yi"
9. If it doesn't, it's amazing. —— "Historical Records , Funny Biography"
10. Millions and thousands of hits are still strong. ——Zheng Banqiao
11. Broad view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair. —— "Talking to Zhang Hu"
12. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband can't be a loser. -"The Analects"
13. Those who have established great events in the past must not only have transcendent talents, they must also have perseverance. ——Su Shi's Theories of Mistakes
14. I bowed my head and died. -"After the teacher table"
15. Anxiety and anxiety first, joy and happiness after the world. -"Yue Yang Lou Ji"
16. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband can't be a loser. -"The Analects of Confucius • Zihan"
17. Who hasn't died since ancient times? Take the heart to take photos. -"Zero Crossing Ding Yang"
18. If you want to work hard, grind the iron pestle into a needle. ——Cao Xue's "Guangji of Shuzhong , Pengshan County, South Sichuan Road"
19. After picking flowers and honey, for whom it is hard and sweet. --"bee"
20. Life is a hero, and death is a ghost-"Summer Judgment"
21. The world rises and falls, and the husband is responsible. ——Gu Yanwu
22. But all living beings are full, and they are willing to sacrifice the sick Yang. ——Li Gang's "Sick Cow"
23. This situation can be reminisced, but it was gone at that time. ——Shangyin by Li Shangyin
24. Lao Dang Yi Zhuang, would rather know the heart of Baishou; poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud. ——Wang Bo
25. I felt Yangzhou dream in ten years and won the honor of being a young man. ——Du Mu's Rescue
26. I wish to be a long-serving country. Why give birth to Yumen Pass. ——Dai Shulun's "Second Song"
27. Her husband is full of ambitions. ——Cao Zhi “Gift to White Horse Wang Biao”
28. There is no distance to each other. ——Zhang Jiuling's "Send Weicheng Li Shaofu"
29. Candles are goodbye and goodbye, tears to dawn for people. ——Du Mu's "Goodbye"
30. Think of pros every holiday season. ——Wang Wei, "Remembering the Shandong Brothers on September 9"
31. The mirror does not change the light, and the blue does not change the fragrance. ——Meng Jiao
32. His heart is a magnetic needle, and he will not rest without a guide. ——Wen Tianxiang
33. But make Dragon City fly in, don't teach Huma to Yinshan. ——Wang Changling's "Stop Out"
34. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband cannot be ambitious. -"The Analects"
35. Tao Li didn't say anything. -"Historical Records"
36. Pumping the knife to cut off the water will make the water flow more, and raise the glass to eliminate sorrow and sorrow. ——Li Bai's "Xuanzhou Xiewanglou Becomes an Official School Book Shushu"
37. Healed the sore in front of his eyes, but ran into his heart. ——Nie Yizhong's "Wing Tian Family"
38. Hainanbaichuan, the capacity is the big; -Lin Zexu
39. Life is like a dream. --Su Shi
40. Aspiring to eat hunger meat hungry, laughing about drinking thirsty Xiongnu blood. -"Man Jiang Hong"
41. Perish the wood, and the dead wood will not be broken; perseverance, the golden stone can be carved. —— "Xunzi • Persuasion"
42. Martyrs are full of heart in their old age. —— "Although the Turtle"
43. His heart is a magnetic needle, and he will not rest without a guide. -"Yangtze River"
44. Don't be afraid of the clouds covering your eyes. -"Ascension to the Peak"
45. Anyone who has a will can do it. -"Han Han Book"
46. I don't know how to read, it is an inch of time and an inch of gold. ——Wang Zhenbai
47. Rope sawn wood is broken, water dripping through the stone. ——Luo Dajing
48. Travel day by day, not afraid of thousands of miles; often do, not afraid of anything. —— "Aphorism and Co-operation"
49. When the wind and waves break, there will be times when hanging on the clouds to save the sea. -"Difficult to Travel • Part One"
50. Natural talents will be useful, and thousands of gold will be returned. —— "Will Enter Wine"
51. Born in sorrow, but died in peace. -"Mencius Xiazi"
52. If you do n’t fly, it ’s already soaring; if you do n’t, it ’s so amazing. ——Sima Qian
53. The paper will eventually come to light, and I never know how to do it. ——Lu You
54. The bow can be carved like a full moon, looking northwest, shooting Sirius. -"Jiang Chengzi"
55. The soil is the mountains, the water is the sea. -"Xunzi Confucianism"
56. The strong heart is not old with age, and he can still be a ghost and hero. -"Book Anger"
57. The rope sawn wood was broken, and water dripped through the stone. ——Luo Dajing's "Helin Yulu"
58. It is not advisable to be brazen in the spirit of the magnificent. ——Zhu Geliang's "Master Class"
59. The young man does not work hard, the old man is sad. -"Long Songs"
60. Don't be shocked, don't move things, and then you can take on the big things in the world. ——Lun Kun's "groaning talks"
61. Life is in diligence. ——Zhang Heng
62. The good wind brought me to Qingyun by force. ——Cao Xueqin
63. It's hard to come back again in the heyday. Encourage in time. -Tao Yuanming
64. Cut a wall to steal light, gather fireflies for a bag; tolerate poverty, read books, and conquer the balance. ——Xu Mingkui
65. We are born to be useful. ——Li Bai
66. Wealth cannot be prostitution, poverty cannot be moved, and majesty cannot be surrendered. -"Mencius"
67. There are tens of thousands of houses in Ande Guangsha, and the people of the sheltered world are all happy. -"Thatched Cottage"
68. Those who are not strong will not be wise, and those who do not believe will fail. ——Mozi
69. Chinchilla An Zhihong's aspirations? —— "Historical Records , Chen She Family"
70. Forget to eat hard, happy to forget, I do not know the old age. ——- The Analects
71. Sincerity is added, gold stone is open. —— "Hou Han Book , Biography of the Ten Kings of Guangwu"
72. Things in the world are often made difficult, but lost in luxury. ——Lu You
73. The dark hair didn't know that the school was early, and Bai Shoufang regretted studying late. ——Yan Zhenqing's "Persuasive Poetry"
74. Hate is just like spring grass. ——Li Yu's "Qing Ping Le"
75. It's too long to cover up your tears and grieve the hardship of the people. ——Qu Yuan's Lisao
76. Will be the best when Ling Ling, a glimpse of the mountains. -Du Fu
77. Lost in the least. -"Hanshu"
78. Yueer turned around in Kyushu, several happy and several sad. ——Yang Wanli's "Bamboo Branch Ci"
79. The flames continued for three months, and the book of home arrived in gold. ——Du Fu's "Spring Hope"
80. Self-growth hates water. ——Li Yu's "Meet Each Other"
81. It ’s not that today ’s people love ancient people. ——Du Fu's "Six quatrains"
82. Good things are by nature frugal, and sweet after bitterness. ——Bai Pu's "Yangchunqu , Inscription"
83. Tianji Yunjin is used for me, and the beauty of cutting is not a rule. ——Lu You, "Reading Poems on September 1st, Feeling Going to Write a Song"
84. There is sadness, joy and separation, and the moon is cloudy and sunny, which is an ancient problem. ——Su Shi's "Song of Water Tuning"
85. Yin An word, cut off the number of stems and whiskers. ——Lu Yan let "Bitter Yin"
86. The poor is good at himself, and the good is good at all. -"Mencius"
87. If there is no north-south road outside the door, the world should be free from sorrow. ——Du Mu's "Goodbye"
88. Poor Wuding River Bone is still in the spring dream. ——Chen Tao's Long West Travel
89. Millions and thousands of hits are still strong. ——Zheng Banqiao
90. Where is the hometown, forget it unless drunk. ——Li Qingzhao's "Buddha Man"
91. The confidant in the sea, the neighbors of the earth. ——Wang Bo "Send Du Shaofu to Ren Shuzhou"
92. Friendship is in knowing each other, why should the flesh be kissed. ——Folk Song of Han Yuefu
93. I hope that the people will be full in their lives and spare no effort to leave the forest. ——Yu Qian's "Wing Coal"
94. Only in front of the lake, spring breeze does not change the old wave. ——He Zhizhang's "Two Books Returning Home"
95. The term is natural and new, and the luxury is all true. ——Yuan Haowen "Thirty Poems"
96. Daytime singing must be indulgent, and youth can return home with companionship. -Du Fu
97. As long as time goes, this hate is endless. ——Bai Juyi's Song of Everlasting Hate
98. Persuading Jun to make a glass of wine, and there is no reason to leave Yangguan in the west. ——Wang Wei's "Weicheng Qu"
99. Who knows that Chinese dishes are hard. ——Shen Li by Li Shen
100. I hope that people will last for a long time, a total of thousands of miles. ——Su Shi's "Song of Water Tuning"
101. Huma relies on the north wind and the south branch of the Viet Bird's Nest. -Nineteen Ancient Poems "Xing Xing Xing Xing Xing"
102. Sincerity comes, golden stone is open. -"Han Han Book"
103. There is Lingyun pen in the vertical and horizontal direction, and pitching can be pitiful. ——Yuan Haowen "Thirty Poems"
104. It's better to be jade broken than to be full. -"Book of Northern Qi"
105. The Canglong Sun is still raining, and the old tree is deeper in spring. ——Gu Yanwu's "Reward Fu Shiji Yun"
106. Don't have sorrow and hate, silent at this time is better than sound. -Bai Juyi's "Pipa Walk"
107. The content of the article is expensive, is it true that the mantra is true. ——Wang Ruoxu's On Poems
108. The crown is covered with Jinghua, and the Sri Lankan is alone. ——Du Fu's Dream Li Bai
109. After people return to the wild goose, they think before the flowers. ——Xue Daoheng's "Thinking of Returning to the People"
110. When you come from your hometown, you should know your hometown. In front of the window next to Qiqi, Han Mei is still flowering? . ——Wang Wei's Three Miscellaneous Poems
111. There is an oath deeper than the sea in his chest, which will make Shenzhou sink. ——Zheng Sixiao's Er Er
112. I write my mouth, how can Gu be restrained. ——Huang Zunxian's "Miscellaneous Feelings"
113. There should be no hate, when does it go to another time? . ——Su Shi's "Song of Water Tuning"
114. The tragedy can be crying, long-distance can be angelica. ——Han Yuefu folk song "Tragic Song"
115. The stones of the mountain can attack jade. —— "Book of Songs , Heming"
116. The date of death is far away, and the day of lacing has slowed down. —— "Nineteen Ancient Poems , Xing Xing Xing Xing Xing"
117. It is easy to see other times but not to others. ——Li Yu's "London Sands"
118. Life does not meet each other, moving like a participant. ——Du Fu's "Eight Guardians"
119. Last year I saw my goodbyes in Huali, and today it has been blooming for a year. ——Wei Yingwu "Send Li Yuan Yuanxi"
120. There is no way to eliminate this situation, and then the brows were lowered, but the hearts were raised. ——Li Qingzhao's "A Cut of Plum"
121. The humble dare not forget to worry about the country. ——Lu You's "Sick from the Book"
122. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind is endless. — Han Ying
123. But looking at his wife's sorrow, the scrolls of poems are ecstatic. -Du Fu
124. Don't ask for good sentences, just for kindness. ——Ouyang Xiu's "Poem of a Monk"
125. The rope sawn wood was broken, and water dripped through the stone. ——Luo Dajing's "Helin Yulu"
126. Why should the flute blame the willow, the spring breeze will not pass the Yumen Pass. ——Wang Zhihuan's "Liangzhou Ci"
127. If you want to work hard, grind the iron pestle into a needle. ——Cao Xue
128. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and the moon are like shuttles. -"Zeng Guang Xian Wen"
129. In the past, I went to Yangli, Yiliu Yiyi; now I think about it, rain and snow. —— "Book of Songs , Xiaoya , Caiwei"
130. The skin of a thousand sheep is not as good as the armpit of a fox. -"Historical Records"
131. The ruler is short and the inch is long. -"Historical Records"
132. Life is everywhere, it should be like Feihong stepping on the mud. Fingers and claws were accidentally left on the mud, and Hongfei recounted things ...—— Su Shi's "Nostalgia for Hezi Youji"
133. Bright moonlight in front of the bed is suspected to be frost on the ground. Look up at the moon, and look down at your hometown. ——Li Bai's "Silent Night Thinking"
134. Reading a hundred times, the meaning is self-evident. -"Three Kingdoms"
135. Two sentences come in three years, and one tear sheds. ——Jia Dao's "After the Poem"
136. Lu Chong is white tonight, and the month is hometown. ——Du Fu's "Remembering Shedi in the Moonlight"
137. When people are sad, they have nowhere to meet, and they always feel sad when they are not caring. ——Huang Tingjian's "Reading a True Story with Chen Junyi"
138. The mountains and rivers are broken and wind blows, and their lives are floating and raining. ——Wen Tianxiang's "Zero Crossing Ding Yang"
139. The authorities are lost, the onlookers are clear. -"Old Tang Book"
140. Tao Li Chunfeng has a glass of wine, the lights of the rivers and lakes night rain for ten years. ——Huang Tingjian's "Sending Huang Fu"
141. Talented people are born on behalf of Jiangshan, each leading for hundreds of years. ——Zhao Yi's On Poems
142. Inch and river. ——Huang Zunxian "Giving Liang Parents the Same Year"
143. The survivors shed tears in Hu Chen's tears, and Wang Wang of the South looked for another year. ——Lu You, "I will know the fence in autumn night to welcome the cold"
144. Lost in the East, closed in Mulberry. -"Historical Records"
145. Sadness, sadness and separation. ——Qu Yuan's "Nine Songs and Lesser Life"
146. The flowing water is not rotten, and the hub is not stingy. ——Lu's Spring and Autumn
147. Hate the golden thread every year and make wedding clothes for others. ——Qin Taoyu's "Poor Woman"
148. Mo Dao does not dispel the soul, the curtain is westerly, and the person is thinner than Huanghua. ——Li Qingzhao's "Drunk Flower Yin"
149. The wind is cold, the water is cold, and the strong man never returns. -"Historical Records"
150. Peach Blossom Lake has a depth of thousands of feet, which is not as good as that of Wang Lun. ——Li Bai's "Gift to Wang Lun"
151. Although the three households in Chu can resist the Qin Dynasty, how can there be no one in China? ——Lu You, "Golden Wrong Sword"
152. Homesickness is more timid and dare not ask people. ——Song Zhiwen's "Du Daling Ridge"
153. Laughing again this year and next year, autumn moon spring breeze and other leisure time. -Bai Juyi's "Pipa Walk"
154. The bones are exposed in the wild, and there are no chickens in thousands of miles. ——Cao Cao's "Xunhaoxing"
155. If you do n’t write poetry for a day, your heart is like a well. ——Jia Dao's "Gift to Friends"
156. Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to be good at it. --Confucius
157. It is difficult to donate his life to the country, and he is ashamed of death. ——Cao Zhi's "White Horse"
158. It is difficult to meet and not to meet each other. Dongfeng is powerless. ——Untitled by Li Shangyin
159. How sad can Jun be? It seems that a river springs eastward. ——Yu Li by Yu Yu
160. Beginning with a watch with a real name, who can be worthy of a thousand years. ——Lu You's Book Anger
161. Hainanbaichuan, capacity is big; walls stand a thousand feet, but desire is just. -Lin Zexu
162. Not the same. -"Hanshu"
163. Mo will put the dead sentence into the poem, this trick is passed from Fang Weng. ——Yuan Mei's "Imitation of Yuan Yishan's Poems"
164. If you do n’t fly, it ’s soaring; if you do n’t, it ’s so amazing. -"Historical Records"
165. Tonight Yueming hopes, I don't know who Qiu Si falls. ——Wang Jian "Looking at the Moon on the 15th Night and Sending Du Langzhong"
166. Five hundred years of advances in new ideas, and in the millennium again feel Chen. ——Zhao Yi's "On Five Poems"
167. You must teach yourself to take out the breast, and you must not follow your feet. ——Dai Huanfu's "On the Ten Poems"
168. The hibiscus comes out of the water, and it is naturally carved. ——Li Bai's "Reminiscence of Old Travel Books and Congratulations to Jiang Xiawei's Guardian"
169. The gentleman is open-minded, and the villain is long. --Confucius
170. It is impossible to think alone on the Jianglou, moonlight is like water. Where are the same moon-watchers? The scenery is vaguely like last year. ——Zhao Xie's "The Feeling of Jianglou"
171. Don't hesitate to raise minor complaints. -"Han Han Book"
172. Muxiu Yulin, the wind will destroy it. -"Old Tang Book"
173. Cover of the front car, lessons from the back car. -"Hanshu"
174. There are millions of houses in Ande Guangsha, and the cold weather in the sheltered world rejoices. ——Du Fu's "The Thatched House Is Broken by the Autumn Wind"
175. There is no fish when the water is clear, and there are no people when the people are close to Cha. -"Hanshu"
176. Xun Xun Xun Xun, desolately deserted, miserable. ——Li Qingzhao's "Slow Voice"
177. Chunjiang Qiuyue winter snow, don't listen to Chen Yan, just listen to the sky. -Yang Wanli, "Reading Zhang Wenqian's Poems"
178. The article goes through ages, knowing the gains and losses. ——Du Fu's "Even Questions"
179. In the midst of strategic planning, the victory is thousands of miles away. -"Historical Records"
180. The words can be clear, and can be used for thousands of miles. ——Liu Yuxi's Collection of Dong's Wuling
181. Tao Taoran is in it. -Yang Jiong, "Secretary's Preface to Deng Secretary's Court"
182. The original meaning of reading is Yuan Yuan. ——Lu You's "Reading"
183. The people in Qiaoli City do not know each other. ——Huang Zhongze's "The New Year's Eve has become even"
184. Mo Chou has no confidant on his way. No one in the world knows the king. -Gao Shi, "Don't Be Dongda"
185. She keeps cutting, she is still confused, she is sad. Don't be ordinary in your heart. ——Li Yu's "Meet Each Other"
186. It is known that everything is dead, but it is sad to see Kyushu. Wang Shibei settled on the Central Plains Day. ——Lu You "Show Children"
187. The spring breeze is proud of horseshoe disease. ——Meng Jiao's "After Dengke"
188. I do n’t see the ancients before, I do n’t see the later. After reading the heavens and the earth, you are alone. ——Chen Ziang's "Dengyouzhoutaige"
189. When the body is dead, the spirit is the spirit, and the soul is the ghost. ——Qu Yuan's "National Cricket"
190. Poor years worry about Li Yuan, sighing intestinal heat. ——Du Fu's "Five Hundred Words from Yongxian to Fengxian"
191. The situation is not big or small, self-adaptable. ——Du Fu's "Summer Night Sigh"
192. The heart is a magnetic needle, and the party will not rest without the guide. ——Wen Tianxiang's "Yangtze River"
193. Tianyi is full of self-interest, and good poetry is not close to human feelings. ——Zhang Wentao's "On the 12 Poems of Poems"
194. Lin Yuan envy the fish, it is better to retreat and form a net. -"Hanshu"
195. There is no waves in the backwaters of a bay, and there are also spring winds. ——Dai Shanfu's "Dr. Tao Taoist Drunk Writer Scenery"
196. Everyone gradually feels different village sounds, but hates the sound of the Yingying like a mountain. ——Si Kongtu's "Five Books"
197. Zhumen wine smells bad, and there are frozen bones on the road. ——Du Fu's "Five Hundred Words from Yongxian to Fengxian"
198. The road is long and far away, and I will search up and down. ——Qu Yuan
199. Three thousand feet of white hair, the sadness seems long. ——Li Bai's "Qiupu Song"
200. It's better to see it all. -"Hanshu"

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