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1. The young man does not work hard, the boss is sad. -"Long Songs"
2. Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold. -"Warning Sage"
3. Shushan has the road and the path, and learns the sea without limits. ——Han Yu
4. The rope sawn wood is broken, and water droplets are worn. ——Luo Dajing's "Helin Yulu"
5. An inch of time is an inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy an inch of time. -"Zeng Guang Xian Wen"
6. Break through 10,000 books, and write like a god. -Du Fu
7. Anyone who has a will can do it. -"Han Han Book"
8. If you want to work hard, grind the iron pestle into a needle. ——Cao Xue's "Guangji of Shuzhong , Pengshan County, South Sichuan Road"
9. Three more lights and five more chickens, it is when men are reading. The dark hair didn't know that the school was early, and Bai Shoufang regretted studying late. -Yan Zhenqing
10. Perish the wood, and the rotten wood will not be broken; —— "Xunzi • Persuasion"
11. It's hard to come back in the day when the good years don't come again. Encourage in time. -Tao Yuanming
12. Mo is idle, the teenager's head is white, empty and sorrowful. ——Yue Fei
13. Industry is good at diligence, but wasteful. ——Han Yu's "Jin Xuejie"
14. Broad view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair. --Su Shi
15. Poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud. -"Preface to Tengwang Pavilion"
16. Sincerity comes, gold stone is open. -"Han Han Book"
17. Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to be good at it. --Confucius
18. Time is like an arrow, and the sun and moon are like shuttles. -"Zeng Guang Xian Wen"
19. As the day goes on, the gentleman keeps improving. -"Zhou Yi"
20. Lao Dang Yi Zhuang, would rather know the heart of Baishou; poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud. ——Wang Bo
21. If you don't sing, it's amazing. —— "Historical Records , Funny Biography"
22. Without a book, Pepsi is barren. ——Li Yan
23. The old man is fuming and ambitious. The martyr is full of heart in his old age. ——Cao Cao
24. Hainanbaichuan, the capacity is the big; -Lin Zexu
25. The three armies can be handsome. -"The Analects"
26. Those who have established great events in the past must not only have transcendent talents, but also perseverance. ——Su Shi's Theories of Mistakes
27. Life is a hero, and death is a ghost. —— "Summer Judgment"
28. I bowed my head and died. -"After the teacher table"
29. Anxiety and anxiety first, joy and happiness after the world. -"Yue Yang Lou Ji"
30. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband cannot be ambitious. -"The Analects of Confucius • Zihan"
31. Who hasn't died since ancient times? Take the heart to take photos. -"Zero Crossing Ding Yang"
32. Millions and thousands of hits are still strong. ——Zheng Banqiao
33. The ancients learned nothing, and the younger the older the better. ——Lu You's "Winter Night Reading Show"
34. If the bird wants to fly high, it will flap its wings first. ——Li Kuchan
35. The road is long and long, and I will search for it. ——Qu Yuan
36. After collecting flowers and honey, for whom it is hard and sweet. --"bee"
37. A man is responsible for the rise and fall of the world. ——Gu Yanwu
38. Three hundred poems of Tang dynasty can be read, and they can chant without poetry. ——Sun Li's Three Hundred Prefaces to Tang Poems
39. The strong learning expo is enough to pass ancient and modern times. -Ouyang Xiu
40. Two sentences come in three years, one tear sheds. ——Jia Dao's "After the Poem"
41. Her husband is full of ambitions and neighbors. ——Cao Zhi “Gift to White Horse Wang Biao”
42. The book has been read a hundred times, and its meaning is self-evident. ——Chen Shou
43. There is no distance to each other, and miles are still neighbors. ——Zhang Jiuling's "Send Weicheng Li Shaofu"
44. Candles are goodbye and goodbye, tears to dawn for people. ——Du Mu's "Goodbye"
45. The mirror does not change the light, and the blue does not change the fragrance. ——Meng Jiao
46. His heart is a magnetic needle, and he will not rest without a guide. ——Wen Tianxiang
47. But the dragon city will be flying, and Huma will not be taught. ——Wang Changling's "Stop Out"
48. Tao Li didn't say anything. -"Historical Records"
49. Life is like a dream. --Su Shi
50. Martyrs in the old age, full of heart. —— "Although the Turtle"
51. His heart is a magnetic needle, and he will not rest without a guide. -"Yangtze River"
52. Do not be afraid of the clouds covering your eyes. -"Ascension to the Peak"
53. I don't know how to read, it is an inch of time and an inch of gold. ——Wang Zhenbai
54. Travel day by day, not afraid of thousands of miles; often do, not afraid of thousands of things. —— "Aphorism and Co-operation"
55. When the wind and waves break, there will be times when hanging directly on Yunfan to save the sea. -"Difficult to Travel • Part One"
56. Born to me, I will be useful. —— "Will Enter Wine"
57. Born in sorrow, but died in peace. -"Mencius Xiazi"
58. If you do n’t fly, it ’s already soaring; if you do n’t, it ’s so amazing. ——Sima Qian
59. The paper will eventually come to light, and I never know what to do. ——Lu You
60. The bow will be carved like a full moon, looking northwest, shooting Sirius. -"Jiang Chengzi"
61. The soil is the mountain, and the water is the sea. -"Xunzi Confucianism"
62. Zhuangxin has not grown old with age, and he can still be a ghost and hero. -"Book Anger"
63. It is not advisable to be brazen in the spirit of the magnificent. ——Zhu Geliang's "Master Class"
64. Don't be shocked, don't move things, and then you can take on the big things in the world. ——Lun Kun's "groaning talks"
65. Life is in diligence. ——Zhang Heng
66. The good wind relies on my strength to send me to Qingyun. ——Cao Xueqin
67. Chisel the wall to steal light, gather fireflies for use as a bag; ——Xu Mingkui
68. Born to me, I will be useful. ——Li Bai
69. Cut the wall and steal the light, gather fireflies as a bag; study for the poor, Che Kuang Kuangheng. ——Xu Mingkui
70. Wealth cannot be prostitution, poverty cannot be moved, and majesty cannot be surrendered. -"Mencius"
71. There are millions of houses in Andeguang Building, and all the people in the shelter are happy. -"Thatched Cottage"
72. Those who are not strong are not intelligent, those who do not believe do not succeed. ——Mozi
73. Chick An Zhihong's aspirations? —— "Historical Records , Chen She Family"
74. Forget about eating, be happy about forgetting, and don't know how old will come. ——- The Analects
75. Things in the world are often made difficult, but lost in extravagance. ——Lu You
76. Hate is just like spring grass, and you can live farther and farther. ——Li Yu's "Qing Ping Le"
77. Too long to cover up his tears, grieve the hardship of the people. ——Qu Yuan's Lisao
78. Will be the best when Ling Ling, a glimpse of the mountains. -Du Fu
79. Lost in the least. -"Hanshu"
80. Yueer turns to take pictures of Kyushu, several happy and sad. ——Yang Wanli's "Bamboo Branch Ci"
81. The flames continued for three months, and the family letter arrived in thousands of dollars. ——Du Fu's "Spring Hope"
82. Self-growth hates the water of the East. ——Li Yu's "Meet Each Other"
83. It ’s not that today ’s people love ancient people. ——Du Fu's "Six quatrains"
84. Good things are by nature frugal, and sweet after bitterness. ——Bai Pu's "Yangchunqu , Inscription"
85. Tianji Yunjin is used for me, and the beauty of cutting is not a rule. ——Lu You, "Reading Poems on September 1st, Feeling Going to Write a Song"
86. There is sadness, joy and separation, and there is a lack of yin and qing on the moon. ——Su Shi's "Song of Water Tuning"
87. Yin An word, cut off the number of stems and whiskers. ——Lu Yan let "Bitter Yin"
88. The poor is good at himself, and the good is good at all. -"Mencius"
89. The confidant in the sea, the neighbors of the world. ——Wang Bo "Send Du Shaofu to Ren Shuzhou"
90. I hope that the people will be full in their lives and spare no effort to leave the forest. ——Yu Qian's "Wing Coal"
91. The term is natural and new, and the luxury is full of true Chun. ——Yuan Haowen "Thirty Poems"
92. Singing songs during the day should be indulgent, and return to hometown as a young companion. -Du Fu
93. Who knows that Chinese food is hard. ——Shen Li by Li Shen
94. There is Lingyun pen in the vertical and horizontal direction. ——Yuan Haowen "Thirty Poems"
95. The Canglong Sun is still raining, and the old tree is deeper in spring. ——Gu Yanwu's "Reward Fu Shiji Yun"
96. Don't have sorrow and hate, silent at this time is better than sound. -Bai Juyi's "Pipa Walk"
97. The article is self-sufficient, is it true? ——Wang Ruoxu's On Poems
98. The crown is covered with Jinghua, and the Sri Lankan is alone. ——Du Fu's Dream Li Bai
99. When people return to the wild goose, they think before the flowers. ——Xue Daoheng's "Thinking of Returning to the People"
100. When you come from your hometown, you should know your hometown affairs. In front of the window next to Qiqi, Han Mei is still flowering? . ——Wang Wei's Three Miscellaneous Poems
101. There is an oath deeper than the sea in his chest, which will make Shenzhou sink. ——Zheng Sixiao's Er Er
102. I write my mouth, how can Gu be restrained. ——Huang Zunxian's "Miscellaneous Feelings"
103. There should be no hate. ——Su Shi's "Song of Water Tuning"
104. The tragedy can be crying, long-distance can be angelica. ——Han Yuefu folk song "Tragic Song"
105. The stones of other mountains can attack jade. —— "Book of Songs , Heming"
106. The date of death is far away, and the day of lacing has slowed down. —— "Nineteen Ancient Poems , Xing Xing Xing Xing Xing"
107. It's not easy to see other times, but harder to go. Spring is also going to spring, heaven and earth. ——Li Yu's "London Sands"
108. Life does not meet each other, moving like a business. ——Du Fu's "Eight Guardians"
109. Don't ask for good sentences, just for kindness. ——Ouyang Xiu's "Poem of a Monk"
110. The feet are short and the inches are long. -"Historical Records"
111. But all living beings are full, and they are willing to sacrifice the sick Yang. ——Li Gang's "Sick Cow"
112. Lu Cong is white tonight, and the moon is hometown. ——Du Fu's "Remembering Shedi in the Moonlight"
113. The mountains and rivers are broken and wind blows, and their lives are floating and raining. ——Wen Tianxiang's "Zero Crossing Ding Yang"
114. The authorities are confused, the onlookers are clear. -"Old Tang Book"
115. Tao Li Chunfeng has a glass of wine, and the night lights of the rivers and lakes for ten years. ——Huang Tingjian's "Sending Huang Fu"
116. Talented people are born on behalf of the Jiangshan, each leading for hundreds of years. ——Zhao Yi's On Poems
117. Inch and river. ——Huang Zunxian "Giving Liang Parents the Same Year"
118. The survivors burst into tears in the dust, and Wang Nanwang looked for another year. ——Lu You, "I will know the fence in autumn night to welcome the cold"
119. The flowing water is not rotten, and the hub is not stubborn. ——Lu's Spring and Autumn
120. The wind is cold, the water is cold, and the strong man never returns. -"Historical Records"
121. Bone is exposed in the wild, and there are no chickens in thousands of miles. ——Cao Cao's "Xunhaoxing"
122. Without poetry for a day, my heart is like a waste well. ——Jia Dao's "Gift to Friends"
123. It is difficult to donate his life to the country and treat death as if he was absent. ——Cao Zhi's "White Horse"
124. It's hard to say no when you meet, Dongfeng is powerless. ——Untitled by Li Shangyin
125. Beginning with a watch with a real name, who can be worthy of a thousand years. ——Lu You's Book Anger
126. Hainanbaichuan, the capacity is large; -Lin Zexu
127. Mo will put the dead sentence into the poem, this formula is passed from Fang Weng. ——Yuan Mei's "Imitation of Yuan Yishan's Poems"
128. The hibiscus comes out of clear water, and it is naturally carved. ——Li Bai's "Reminiscence of Old Travel Books and Congratulations to Jiang Xiawei's Guardian"
129. Those who raise big things don't want to complain. -"Han Han Book"
130. Mu Xiu in the forest, the wind will destroy it. -"Old Tang Book"
131. There are tens of thousands of houses in Ande and Guangsha, the cold weather in the sheltered world rejoices, and the wind and rain remain untouched. ——Du Fu's "The Thatched House Is Broken by the Autumn Wind"
132. When the water is clear, there are no fish, and when the person is near Cha, there is no apprentice. -"Hanshu"
133. The article goes through eternity, knowing the gains and losses. ——Du Fu's "Even Questions"
134. In the midst of strategic planning, the victory is thousands of miles away. -"Historical Records"
135. The words can be clear, and can be used for thousands of miles. ——Liu Yuxi's Collection of Dong's Wuling
136. People in Qiaoli City do not know each other. ——Huang Zhongze's "The New Year's Eve has become even"
137. I do n’t see the ancients before, I do n’t see the later. After reading the heavens and the earth, you are alone. ——Chen Ziang's "Dengyouzhoutaige"
138. The heart is a magnetic needle, and the party will not rest without the guide. ——Wen Tianxiang's "Yangtze River"
139. Tianyi is self-sounding and fun, good poetry is not close to human feelings. ——Zhang Wentao's "On the 12 Poems of Poems"
140. Lin Yuan envy the fish, it is better to retreat and form a net. -"Hanshu"
141. The road is long and far away, and I will search up and down. ——Qu Yuan
142. Never tire of learning, tireless. --Confucius
143. Anger and forgetfulness, happy to forget, I do not know that the old age will reach Yuner. --Confucius
144. It's not early to read, and later repent. -"Qing Shiduo Early Song"
145. The method of reading is gradual and orderly. ——Zhu Xi
146. A hundred studies must first be determined. ——Zhu Xi
147. Read without thinking, think, read without thinking. ——Zhu Xi
148. Xuegu doesn't care about reading, but there is no reason for not reading. ——Zhu Xi
149. Learn from the other, learn from each other by smelling, and learn deeply from scholars and poor knowledge, and then be able to get through to this point. -Zhu Xi
150. The joy of reading is Tao Tao, rising and rising on the moon. ——Zhu Xi
151. There is no other way to read, but to be arrogant and play with it over and over again. -Zhu Xi
152. Those who are undoubtedly need to be taught to be suspicious, but those who are in doubt must be undoubtedly here. ——Zhu Xi
153. For the way of learning, there is no precedence over poor science; if it is poor, it must precede reading. ——Zhu Xi
154. Reading books such as eating and drinking, chewing calmly, the taste will grow; ——Zhu Xi
155. Those who are undoubtedly reading must be taught to be suspicious, but those who are in doubt must be undoubtedly here. ——Zhu Xi
156. There are three readings, that is, the heart, the eyes, and the mouth. ——Zhu Xi
157. Learn from the other, learn from each other by smelling, and learn deeply from scholars and poor knowledge, and then be able to understand them to the full. ——Zhu Xi
158. Establishing learning is the first, and learning is based on reading. -Ouyang Xiu
159. Read thousands of books and walk thousands of miles. ——Liu Yi
160. Furiously understand all the characters in the world, determined to read all the books on earth. --Su Shi
161. Read the old book a hundred times and read it carefully. --Su Shi
162. Withdrawing from writing like a mountain is full of treasures, reading thousands of volumes before starting to communicate. --Su Shi
163. Books are as rich as the sea. Human energy cannot be exhausted, but it is what spring desires. Therefore, scholars are willing to make one request every time. --Su Shi
164. I do n’t know how to read. -Yuan Mu
165. Anyone who reads no good books is lost in play. ——Wang Yu
166. Books are still medicine, good reading can cure fools. ——Liu Xiang
167. There is nothing left to learn from old age, but life is the only way to read. -"Minutes of Song Poetry"
168. There is no such thing as reading, but no teaching. -"Zeng Guang Xian Wen"
169. My life has its limits, and knowledge has its limits. ——Zhuangzi
170. Three people will have my teacher. Choose those who are good and follow them, and change those who are not good. --Confucius
171. Sensitive and easy to learn, shamelessly ask, Confucius
172. The one who knows is worse than the one who is good, and the one who is good is not as good as the one who is happy. --Confucius
173. Learning without thinking is rampant, thinking without learning is rampant. --Confucius
174. Learn from time to time, don't you care? --Confucius
175. If you learn something new, you can be a teacher. --Confucius
176. Hing in "Poetry", stand in ceremony, and succeed in music. --Confucius
177. Aspiring to think of true character requires hard work in reading. -Ruan Yuan
178. There is no such thing as a wide range of talents, and no one can learn. ——Zhu Geliang
179. Reading a book is a magical solution. ——Xu Hongjun
180. People have difficulties and are lost in their prime years. -Yan Zhitui
181. When the book comes to use, the party hates little, and it is not easy to know what happened. ——Lu You
182. Reading as flesh, cold reading as Qiu, lonely reading as friends and friends, worrying reading as Jinshi Qinther. -You
183. The soul desires Zhuang Zhoudie, she only loves books but not flowers. -Tong Yan
184. The sound of the wind, the rain, the sound of reading, the sound of the ears; family affairs, national affairs, world affairs, everything cares. -Gu Xiancheng
185. Reading is more refined than broad, and more dedicated and not complicated. -Huang Tingjian
186. One of the ten things in the world that is difficult to abandon, and nine in ten that is a waste of inertia. -Yan Zhitui
187. The book fanatics will work, and the art fanatics will have good skills. ——Pu Songling
188. The taste of foreign objects is tiring for a long time; the taste of reading is longer and deeper. ——Cheng Yi
189. Reading a book must not be in a hurry, and Han Yong has a long time to enjoy it; showing that you might let it go, you need to think about it. ——Lu Jiuyuan
190. Reading is progressing step by step; once a book is already well-read, read a book before. ——Hu Juren
191. The heart is not mixed, but the way to enter God. -Yuan Mu
192. Either writing or dropping, a ten-cold cold, although I have been studying for a hundred years, I have not seen it. ——Wu Mengxiang
193. To know the world, you must read the ancient books. ——Feng Menglong
194. Whoever wants to show glory and glory is not good at learning. -Wang Fu
195. If a scholar wants to declare his righteousness, he must first read his book. -Wang Fu
196. Reading is a journey, and there is no fear of adventure. -"Qing Shiduo , Reading"
197. Read the world about reading. ——Ni Yuanlu
198. Opening books is helpful. ——Zhao Guangyi
199. Read well and don't know much about it. Whenever he knew, he forgot to eat. -Tao Yuanming
200. Qiwen enjoyed it together, and the doubts were similar. -Tao Yuanming
201. Work hard at reading and escape writing. ——Cheng Duanli
202. If you do n’t read for three days, you will have thorns in your mouth; if you do n’t play for three days, you will have thorns in your hands. ——Zhu Shunshui "Answering the Wild Festival"
203. Literati who works as a book writer will work, and idiots who know how to work will be good. ——Pu Songling
204. Vegetarian food is not turbid; solitary is god opaque; silent sitting is turbid; ——Zeng Guofan
205. Reading 10,000 books, without the right person in his chest, is like a wealthy child, and is quite bitter with money. ——Zheng Banqiao
206. The ability to read a book in order to read it is most unhelpful. ——Zheng Banqiao
207. It is even more necessary for the poor to read, and the rich and the rich do not forget to gain money. ——Wang Yongbin
208. Study hard and accumulate data, which is the basis of academic study. -Qin Mu
209. Seeing something in the sentence, anti-three in the word. -Liu Zhiji
210. Reading tens of thousands of books without a suitable master in your chest is like a storm. -Liezi
211. A gentleman is erudite and Japanese province, but he knows what he can do. ——Bitch
212. Reading is good for the first time, and the road has been passed when Li Xue is deep. -Yuan Mei
213. Reading Instructions At first we should ask for entry, and at last we should seek out. ——Chen Shan
214. Learning must seek its experience, and karma must honour its expertise. ——Zhang Xuecheng
215. When he was young, he loved Lisu and grew up and had to read five books. ——Wang Anshi
216. The paper will eventually come to light, and I never know how to do it. ——Lu You
217. One can live without food for twelve days, but book security is absent for a day. ——Lu You
218. There is no place to know but no place to live. ——Zhuangzi
219. Reading is in the sage, and the kingdom is preserved for the government. ——Zhu Yongchun
220. The period of Mian is endless, and more efforts are made. -Ouyang Xiu

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