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1. Don't be discouraged when you fall to the bottom of the valley, at least every step you take is up.
2. If you want to be irreplaceable, you must be different.
3. Time has taken away my frivolous eyes, but it has given me rising capital.
4. Why prove to others that life is better for yourself.
5. Be faithful to your dreams, don't care if it shines.
6. Facing Difficulties and Frustrations As long as you are willing to believe in yourself and continue to work hard, you can do it even if your current life starts from scratch.
7. When you are strong, you will meet stronger than you; when you get better, you can deserve better.
8. Fight, you can't change the starting point, but you can change the end.
9. Have an ideal, a goal, and rush forward with enough strength; have courage, confidence, hard work and do not relax; have perseverance, perseverance, perseverance and perseverance; do not give in;
10. If we have happy thoughts, we will be happy; if we have miserable thoughts, we will be miserable.
11. Misunderstood by my favorite person. I am so sad that I don't want to argue. I have to choose to be silent. The whole world can not understand me, if you do not understand, I have nothing to say.
12. How many entanglements and frustrations a person wants to hide the tears that flow.
13. Try to work harder every day and stick to it longer, and you will find that many things are not that difficult.
14. Every experience you make, whether it is good times or bumps, will increase the thickness of your life. The world is small, please run with your dreams; the world is large, please grow up with perseverance.
15. There is no way to go for nothing in the world. Every step of reading a book melts into your bones, nourishing a brand new you. When your talent can't support your ambitions, you should calm down and learn; when your economy can't support your dreams, you should work hard.
16. Don't be stupid, don't work hard, and think about who can help you. In this world, those successful guys are moving side by side. If you don't run fast, you can only be left far behind, not even those who want to pull your hand.
17. The meaning of hard work: Don't have nothing but tears when your parents need you. Don't have nothing but shame when your child needs you. Don't look back on yourself, nothing but cricket.
18. I really like this sentence: you should open the road when you are alive, and cross the bridge when you meet the water. Life, you give me pressure, I give you miracles.
19. If you are really willing to work hard, the worst result of your life is nothing but a late bloomer.
20. People who are worse than me have not given up, and people who are better than me are still working hard, and I am even less qualified to say that I can do nothing.
21. People's biggest opponents are often not others, but their own laziness. Don't count on luck, luck can't be on you forever, rely on your ability to eat at any time. You have to do your best to qualify for bad luck.
22. Be hard on yourself and force yourself to work hard. In another five years you will thank yourself for being tough today and hating yourself for being lazy and inferior today. I always believe in one sentence: Only when I am strong enough can I not be trampled by others.
23. Women must learn to make money, they can drive, they can dress, the car has gas, the phone has electricity, and the wallet has money. This is the sense of security.
24. What you want, either strive to catch up, or simply give up. Don't always chatter with determination or sorrow and make others laugh after dinner.
25. A bird standing on a tree will never be afraid of a branch breaking, because it does not believe in the branch, but its own wings.
26. Waking up every day is stronger than the day before, staring at my fears and wiping my tears.
27. There has never been a vain effort, nor has it happened by chance. As long as you take life seriously, one day, every effort you make will be brilliant.
28. Efforts are not to impress anyone, nor to show them to anyone, but to make myself capable of jumping out of the circle of disgust at any time, and have the right to choose and live a life in a way you like.
29. With a dream for the future, in every ordinary but not ordinary day, you will laugh even brighter. As long as you don't give up, nothing will shrink you; as long as you are strong enough, nothing will break you.
30. What really makes you fall is not your opponent, but your desperate heart.
31. A person's dream may be worthless, but one's efforts are worthwhile.
32. One day, you will stand in the brightest place and live the look you once desired.
33. No matter how good others are, they are also others. No matter how embarrassing I am, I am myself. As long as you work hard to be your best self, your life is enough. Take responsibility for your life and pay for your dreams.
34. How can your talent deserve your willfulness without struggle. Without struggling, how can you keep up with the pace of your parents' old age. Don't struggle, what do you rely on to see the world so big?
35. Don't complain when you encounter difficulties. Since you cannot change the past, try to change the future.
36. In human life, there is no blind bitterness, no eternal pain;
37. When you are strong, you will encounter something stronger than you; when you get better, you will be better.
38. Only if you can bear the grievances can you become a great weapon and can you truly defend your dignity.
39. Luck will only come to those who are struggling to die. If you die with one heart, do one thing, and it will be done!
40. Think of effort as a habit, not a three-minute heat. Every harvest you envy, you work hard.
41. No matter how hard the road ahead is, as long as you go in the right direction, no matter how rough, it is closer to happiness than standing in place.
42. While you are young, you need to suffer a little bit before you are really humble; otherwise, your self-righteous intelligence and despise of superiority will sooner or later ruin you.
43. When you fall to the bottom of the valley, don't be discouraged, at least every step you take is up.
44. Life is your own. What kind of life you choose will achieve what you are. Rather than complaining that the world is not beautiful, use your own efforts to strive for more beauty and luck.
45. We all like to show off and we all want to show that we have something. You know, a narcissus or a rose, it never pretends, its beauty lies in what it was originally like.
46. Only when you can endure loneliness can you survive the bustling age. Don't choose ease for the age of struggle.
47. Believe that life will not treat you badly, you suffer, you suffer, you fall into the pit, you go the wrong way, you will cultivate a unique mature and strong gratitude.
48. Courage is controlling fear, not fearlessness.
49. You can surpass yourself by breaking through psychological barriers.
50. Hope is the only benefit shared by all people; people who have nothing have hope.
51. I don't deserve to be tired now because I have nothing.
52. Why prove to others that life is better for yourself.
53. When you scold someone, swallow it back and swallow it back, and delete the hurting information, you will really grow up a lot.
54. While you are young, you need to suffer a little bit before you are really humble; otherwise, your self-righteous intelligence and contempt of superiority will sooner or later ruin you.
55. If the talent is not high, and there is no good family and opportunity, learn the wisdom of the tongue. Be gentle, persuasion, and gradually become rational, calm, tolerant, and overall from experience and setbacks.
56. There are always some people who were only passers-by of life, but later became regular visitors of memory.
57. Crying to yourself and laughing to others, this is the so-called life.
58. There are always people who look better than you, are smarter than you, and younger than you, but no one can replace you.
59. We are always too polite to strangers and too harsh to our close ones.
60. Facing difficulties, pessimistic people often see only the negative side of things.
61. Don't trade your health for money because you are young. When you are old, you realize that money is not healthy.
62. Don't keep dissatisfied with others, you should always review yourself.
63. A person's life is like an essay, and it can only be perfected after many careful modifications.
64. People can live happily, but we have chosen complexity and sighed!
65. Even if you are nostalgic for the beautiful daffodils that are open in the water, don't forget that in the lonely corner of the valley, wild lily also has its own spring!
66. When you are sad, take a grain of sugar and tell yourself that life is sweet!
67. Always seek to benefit others, not to benefit yourself.
68. I'm still thinking that you will pass through time, through thorns, through my sorrow and sorrow, and hold my hand through the mountains and rivers. But you did not come, but I have been waiting.
69. Your eyes are getting darker, and the boiled water has tasted the wine. You have no tears, just remember who you are.
70. As long as you have the courage to move forward, there will be a step back calmly.
71. For your wish, take the first step bravely.
72. Even if you don't get the effort, you won't even get started without effort.
73. If you go back to the past and want to say to yourself: You don't need to please everyone, as long as you are polite, understand the rules, and keep a comfortable distance from others.
74. All promises will be fulfilled in my future actions.
75. What you get in society will ultimately be your life experience.
76. When you meet, you are already destined to be an important person in your life.
77. If you can carry it yourself, don't make a fool of yourself. You don't look pretty in a guileless manner. Be a brave person and learn to bear every slap in your face.
78. How can your talent deserve your willfulness without struggle. Without struggling, how can you keep up with the pace of your parents' old age. Don't struggle, what do you rely on to see the world so big?
79. No matter how good others are, they are also others. No matter how embarrassing I am, I am myself. As long as you work hard to be your best self, your life is enough. Take responsibility for your life and pay for your dreams.
80. Destiny gives you a lower starting point than others is to tell you that you will use your life to struggle to produce a Jedi counterattack story, so there is no reason not to work hard!
81. If you have value, you will be like a sucker. Friends and even strangers in the past are willing to turn around and be with you. Don't blame the reality of the world. Making yourself strong is your best security.
82. You are still very young. In the future, you will meet many people, experience many things, gain a lot, and lose a lot, but in any case, there are two things that you must not give up. One is conscience and the other is ideal.
83. The real practice is not to flee, not to evade, but to face it happily, accept it completely, accept all the good and bad you are experiencing at the moment.
84. A living person can become a mature person, but if an acquaintance becomes a living person, he will have more life than a living person.
85. On the road, when there is no traffic, you choose to turn, and when you are unhappy, you choose to look down; when you are far away, you choose to be casual.
86. Life is like a clock, it can go back to the starting point, but it is not yesterday!
87. As long as I am willing to work hard, nothing is impossible for me.
88. When I meet you, at the right time, we fall in love, get married, have children, and grow old in a warm company. This is the happiness everyone wants, a steady happiness.
89. Don't think that the person who left is suddenly thinking of leaving, look back and see how much cold water you have poured.
90. I feel particularly good when I am busy. I feel that I have not disappointed the makeup in the morning, I have not disappointed with the two bowls of rice eaten at noon, and I have not disappointed the sleep at night, so people must move forward.
91. Lost will be gained, remember that no one can get it for nothing.
92. No matter how difficult the road ahead, you need to understand that hard work will get you.
93. Diamonds have no flaws, so they are brilliant.
94. You have to be your protagonist, you cannot be.
95. If you want to have it, you will give it. If you give it, you will get it.
96. If it turns into a bubble, it will still have to fight against fate before it disappears.
97. Be happy if you live, because we will be silent for a long time.
98. When the heart is strong, the world is small, and when the heart is small, the world is large.
99. Life experience will always encounter many difficulties and will eventually become wealth.
100. I can do nothing about the past, but I can always change the future.

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