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100 short inspirational quotes

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1. The qualitative change in any performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative change.
2. If you don't want to do something, don't want to reach anywhere in the world.
3. No education can adversity.
4. Obstacles and failures are the most reliable stepping stones to success. If you study and use them, you can cultivate success from failure.
5. Let's change the anxiety in advance to the thought and planning in advance!
6. If you are living at the bottom, you don't have to worry about getting mixed up.
7. People with long-term vision and clear goals are often very confident, and self-confidence is closely related to the success or failure of life.
8. The strong can fight in the storm of fate.
9. You can walk on the path without lights, as long as your heart is still there.
10. Taunt is a power, a negative power. Praise is also a force, but it is a positive force.
11. Destiny does not exist, it is just an excuse for losers to escape reality.
12. If you hold the past too tightly, how can you free up your hands to embrace the present?
13. If I insist on something, I can't beat me with a cannon.
14. The end of the road is still the road, as long as you are willing to go.
15. Rather than run a dragon in other people's lives, it is better to be yourself.
16. To overcome the anxiety and depression of life, you must first learn to be your own master.
17. The withering of a flower will not desolate the entire spring, nor will a frustration desolate the entire life.
18. Face the sun bravely, and the shadows are naturally behind you.
19. The mountain does not resign, so it can become high; the sea does not resign, so it can become deep!
20. Sometimes the distance between success and unsuccess is short-as long as the latter is a few steps forward.
21. Those who try to do something but fail are better than those who try to do nothing but succeed.
22. In the history of the world, every great and noble moment is a zealous victory.
23. Those who fear their own suffering are already suffering because of their fear.
24. When a person is truly conscious, he gives up the pursuit of the wealth of the external world and starts to pursue the true wealth of his inner world.
25. There is no fast lane for success, and no highway for happiness. All success comes from tireless effort and running; all happiness comes from ordinary struggle and persistence.
26. If your life is already at the bottom, then go boldly, because you are going up all the way.
27. Don't bring your own troubles because of the foolishness of beings. Don't hurt yourself because of the ignorance of sentient beings.
28. For life to be richly harvested, sunlight is needed; at the same time, "rain" is needed for irrigation.
29. People always lose before they know to cherish!
30. Keep in mind that every day is the best day of the year.
31. Life is far less bitter than coffee. The key is how people taste it! Everyone likes and yearns for a life that they want, and they don't know that it is not life at all.
32. If you shed tears when you miss the sun, then you also miss the stars.
33. Don't drill into sorrow when you are unhappy, think about the days with laughter.
34. No one can bear the pain for you, and no one can take away your strength.
35. If you see the shadow in front of you, don't be afraid, it is because there is sunlight behind you.
36. Fantasy is always beautiful, reality is always cruel.
37. The advantages are more and more each day, the disadvantages are less and less each day.
38. Someone is jealous of you is definitely a good thing, but you must strive to be worthy of this jealousy.
39. There is no despair in the world, only people who are desperate for the situation.
40. Tears do not represent who failed, and smiles do not mean who succeeded.
41. Follow the waves, not the currents.
42. I learned after all the scales and wounds that success is not enough effort, and success is never giving up.
43. Life is: born to live.
44. Put away the envy of others and work hard.
45. If God doesn't help you then he must believe you can.
46. Go your own way and let others talk.
47. True love should go beyond the length of life, the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.
48. Life is beautiful when you are happy, and life is the best when someone is happy because of you.
49. No matter when you start, it is important not to stop after you start.
50. When you are poor, stay less at home and more outside. When you are rich, spend more time at home and less outside. This is the art of life. When you are poor, you spend money on others, and when you are rich, you spend it on yourself. Many people do it upside down.
51. Don't sigh for the pain of life-sigh for the weak.
52. The road to light is smooth. In order to succeed, to thirst for struggle, we have to work hard.
53. Life, just 30,000 days, there are climaxes and troughs; there are successes and failures; there are life and death.
54. If you don't want to do something, you don't want to reach anywhere in the world.
55. It's not easy to be calm and calm, and it's hard to let you fall into a lethargy! While you are young, strong and flexible, do good things never tirelessly.
56. If you don't want to do something, don't want to reach anywhere in the world.
57. Persevering in doing simple things is not trivial, persevering in doing ordinary things is not trivial. The so-called success is to make extraordinary persistence in the ordinary.
58. The world is not in the hands of those who laugh at it, but in the hands of those who can withstand the ridicule and criticism and keep moving forward.
59. Let's change the anxiety in advance to the thought and planning in advance! Perseverance.
60. Put away the weak smile, remove the false words, and finished the work diary of the day with exhaustion. I don't know if I have the courage to catch up with the endless annoying meeting tomorrow. Realistically, what can we use to encourage ourselves , Alive.
61. In the history of the world, every great and noble moment is some kind of zealous victory.
62. Pay attention to your thoughts, it will become your words; pay attention to your words, it will become your actions; pay attention to your actions, it will become your habits; pay attention to your habits, it will become Your character; pay attention to your character, it will become your destiny.
63. The road is bumpy and unexpected.
64. Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm, it can move the stubborn stone, it is the essence of sincerity.
65. I am a good person, why run into other people's lives as an episode.
66. As long as you have faith, people will never be frustrated.
67. Despite the reality and cruelty of society, we still have to go down.
68. A stupid person always wants others to understand him. wise people try hard to understand themselve.
69. As long as you live longer than your competitors, you win.
70. Only the dull reflection on the calm lake surface can the beautiful waves of the Pentium rapids! Happiness does not depend on others to give, but to win on your own! The meaning of life is constantly challenging yourself and defeating yourself!
71. It is better to accept than to complain. For the immutable facts, you have no better way than accept.
72. If you lose, you lose. There is nothing to explain, but it's just a game of chess, so why bother.
73. Learn to flatter your leaders, put more smiles on you, don't be wicked, keep silent, think twice.
74. The pursuit of enrichment and sharing make people happy.
75. Often people who can seize the opportunity to walk in front will succeed.
76. The most pitiful human nature is: we always dream of a wonderful rose garden in the sky, instead of admiring the roses that are open in our window today.
77. Wisdom always takes root in loneliness.
78. The shortest answer is action.
79. They are talking about giving up, but when they give up, they learn to cherish, after all, everything is hard to come by.
80. Illuminate the little stubbornness and depression in your body in the name of years.
81. I buried all my memories, I just want to have a bright future.
82. The helplessness of life is not that there is no choice, but precisely because too many choices need to be made.
83. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent effort.
84. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the keys to success. Without it, geniuses would be in vain in the paradox of perplexity.
85. In real life, every great cause begins with faith, and faith takes the first step.
86. I feel that what I do and what I don't do is only one thought.
87. It's not easy to ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.
88. A person cannot give confidence to others unless he has faith.
89. People who applaud others are also cheering on their lives.
90. What is failure? Nothing, just a step closer to success; what is success? It's all the way to failure, and there is only one road left, which is the road to success.
91. Start a panic, stay and irreproducible memories.
92. Experience is taken from pain.
93. You have to look down on yourself before others can look down on you.
94. Life requires patience and waiting. Torment in waiting, get what you want in waiting, achieve in waiting, and joy in waiting!
95. There are four questions in life test: study, career, marriage, and family. The average score is high enough to pass. Don't spend too much time and energy on any topic.
96. Look at people with time and heart, not with eyes.
97. There are never shortcuts on the path of life, only down-to-earth.
98. As long as there is tomorrow, today will always be the starting line.
99. Everyone will miss it. Everyone has missed it. The one that truly belongs to you will never miss it.
100. The purpose of my efforts to make money is to make my parents as simple as buying me things.

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