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Motivational inspirational life motto

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1. Maybe a person has to go through a lot of paths and experience maturity and desolation in life before he will mature.
2. The person who really waits for you, he will always wait for it, and the person who is unwilling to wait for you will always hold someone else's hand as soon as he turns around.
3. Now is the time for me to fight because young people are in front of me.
4. People who are taller sometimes need to be lame, and people who are shorter still need to bend down.
5. Life should learn to settle, settle experience, settle mood, settle yourself.
6. Living in this world, people will be attacked. If you fall in love, you will be hurt by feelings.
7. There is a road when there is a mountain, and a river can cross it.
8. In life, it is often pain that motivates us to work hard, because there is a relationship and unwillingness, because I do not want to be painful and uncomfortable. Maybe, behind pain is beauty. The key is how you look at and understand pain, and what actions you give.
9. Time will tell me how I came over that difficult time. Time will also tell you how you lost someone who is willing to love you with your life.
10. Between success and failure, it's easy to say simple, and complicated to say. In a word, as long as you do not fail, that is the greatest success!
11. Winter has arrived, can spring be far behind?
12. Decisive abandonment is a sober choice in the face of life.
13. It is difficult to buy thousands of gold. I knew that it was regret medicine.
14. If a person is determined, he will not stop at Banpo.
15. Use your own efforts in exchange for success, and then success will be like a big slap in the face of those who once looked down on you, how loud and how loud, how refreshing.
16. Tempering makes people unbearable and makes them difficult to walk, but it can make the stronger stand stronger, walk more stable, and generate stronger fighting spirit.
17. Successful salesperson: good expression, good expression, good performance, good appearance!
18. No rouge can smear time, no garment can conceal the soul, and no set of ancient books can decorate emptiness.
19. When you face frustration and unsatisfaction, you should have a calm mood. After reading calmness, you can understand life.
20. No animal is more diligent than an ant, yet it is the most taciturn. ——Franklin
21. Tribulation is like a kind of exercise. On the one hand, it consumes a lot of physical energy, but on the other hand, it strengthens the bones. There are two attitudes towards suffering. One is to greet actively, and the other is to bear passively. Those who take the initiative to meet the sufferings, when they endure the sufferings of the sufferings, are mostly calm, and the sufferings make him seem to be more sharp. A person who is passively enduring suffering, when suffering
twenty two. Full of bewilderment, the ordeal made him seem smoother and smoother.
23. Poor thinking changes, poor thinking diligence! There is no mountain higher than humans and there is no longer way than foot.
24. If a person has no integrity, he will always be a dangerous person, even if he is intelligent.
25. Anger is punishing yourself by doing something wrong.
26. When adversity, one more thought; when adversity, one more courage; when it succeeds, one more indifferent; when obsessed, one more faith.
27. The power of habits is amazing. Habits determine the size of your success. Excellent is a habit!
28. The embracing tree was born at the end of the day; the nine-story platform rose from the basement; the journey of thousands of miles began at the foot. -"Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching"
29. Taking time to explain is worse than taking time to prove it.
30. No one cares how much effort you have made, it is not exhausting, it does n’t hurt to fall, they just look at where you stand last, and then envy and envy.
31. You really like what you want. Nothing is easy to get. That is the reason for the effort.
32. It is better to be poor and happy than to be troubled.
33. Sometimes, you struggle very hard, but have not achieved brilliant results, should you consider giving up something. Human life is limited. Only by grasping a limited amount of time and energy and investing in a specific life goal with relative concentration, can it succeed.
34. As long as the mind does not slip, the solution is more than difficult.
35. Swords do not wear to rust; people do not learn to fall behind.
36. The questioner is only a fool of five minutes; the one who is ashamed to question is a fool for life.
37. For a concert without an audience, for whom the performance is performed without an audience, what is the need to continue?
38. Fame and fortune are illusory, and your own heart is the most real.
39. Dozens of cold windows lie dormant, waiting for this day to break out of the cocoon; countless people are eagerly looking forward to turning into butterflies for this moment.
40. As long as you are willing to fight, nothing is absolutely impossible.
41. As long as enthusiasm is still there, even if youth fades away.
42. If we do not stand up, nothing can be done in the world.
43. A leap can't be ten steps; a horse can drive ten horses, and the work is unsatisfactory; -"Xunzi, persuasion"
44. Promising and ineffective, contented and inadequate; sharp energy is hidden in the chest, and air is floating in the face;
45. Don't be overwhelming, but you cannot be overwhelming.
46. If you don't cultivate or plant, the fertile soil will not produce crops, you will not struggle, you will not create, and no matter how beautiful the youth is, it will not bear fruit.
47. I don't speak first when spring comes, which bug dares to squeak.
48. Arranging time properly means saving time. ——Bacon
49. There is still a long way under my feet, and I will resolutely go on living.
50. What you have to do is what others ca n’t replace, then you ca n’t blame anyone, it ’s your own uselessness!
51. In human life, there is no blind suffering, no eternal pain; there are no hurdles to pass, no hurdles to pass.
52. We sometimes mistakenly think that what is not available is precious, and what we have is cheap. Unavailable, because it lacks in-depth understanding, it is just a beautiful illusion, showing us a gorgeous appearance. If one day you are close to it and you know its truth, you will realize that it is so similar to what we have
53. . Don't keep your eyes on your imagination, what you have is your happiness.
54. Everything has passed, everything has passed, everything has gone through, the background of life has increased toughness and added softness. At this time, the life that has been calm down has been so quiet that it cannot be disturbed, it has been so stable that it cannot be shaken, and it has been so calm that it cannot be beaten by the wind.
55. Every day after work, do the finishing work today.
56. Being able to suffer is a realm of being a man and a wisdom of life.
57. If you lose, you lose. There is nothing to explain, but it is a game of chess, so why bother.
58. Aspirants can make the stones grow grass.
59. Instead of believing in others, it is better to believe in yourself.
60. Tired? Tired, right, comfort is left to the dead!
61. Time is like this, but I still feel slow. Once I look back, I just flick my fingers. Life is so short and the world is so chaotic. I don't want to quarrel, don't want the Cold War, and don't want to have a second of regrets with you.
62. Being in an environment of excellence and pursuing excellence, you will also become excellence.
63. When you are no longer worried about yesterday, it is when you start to be happy.
64. Tolerance lubricates each other's relationship, eliminates each other's estrangements, clears away each other's fears, and enhances mutual understanding.
65. I wish: this world is stable, and the years are quiet.
66. Don't shrink back in front of work, saying it's impossible, labor will make you create everything.
67. Friends are the jungle of life, a station for the soul to rest, a house for storing your mind, and a bag for saving feelings. No matter how many storms in your life, friends are like umbrellas, and they will be clear all the way! May your sky be bluer and the most beautiful in life.
68. The beauty and preciousness of youth lies in its innocence and flawlessness, in its encounter but not in demand, in its never returning.
69. Even when trust is a luxury, happiness is even more out of reach.
70. Dream never chooses people. It is a magic brush that God has given everyone to build a blueprint for the future. Dreams are high or low, as long as you have dreams in your heart, and live a good life with optimism.
71. The existence of everything in the world changes with the change of the cause, the flowers are not always blooming, and the good times are not always there. But for the change of impermanence, to maintain a calm and rational mentality, gain without joy, lose without worry, gain and loss follow the fate. Understand that impermanent change is the law of the existence of all things, and only it does not change.
72. Only by facing our ignorance can we expand our knowledge.
73. Just be the first me, not the second.
74. I am most afraid of my mediocrity and comfort myself.
75. What is not available is always the best, the lost relationship is always memorable, and the lost is always unforgettable.
76. The sky will be dark to a certain extent, and the stars will shine.
77. Set your heart flat, and you will be as good as the water; Set your heart light, and you will be free as a cloud. Make others comfortable, you are the operator; others make you comfortable, you are the consumer. If you want to be good, you have to accept the challenge; if you want to be good as soon as possible, you must find the challenge.
78. Success requires a price, and unsuccess requires a higher price.
79. One more distraction to pay attention to others, one less distraction to reflect on oneself, do you understand?
80. Those who fear self-suffering are already suffering because of their fear.
81. There is no progress without rapids, and no climbing without mountains.
82. You can live the life you want only after you have finished the path you must take. Some way, you have to go alone, this is not loneliness, but choice.
83. Efforts are rewarded, and everyone can succeed.
84. After dropping some baggage, you will be surprised to find that you can fly so high.
85. This world does not fit everyone's dreams. It is just that some people have learned to forget, and some people have persisted.
86. What matters is not what happened, but what to do to improve it.
87. A message to the finch Mo Xiangxun, who has a high altitude of thousands of miles.
88. The waterfall appears particularly majestic when it crosses steep cliffs.
89. As long as you aim at the general direction and persevere in doing so, you can remove the obstacles that stand in front of your dreams and achieve a beautiful blueprint for life.
90. There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, people who understand life and love it.
91. Moved alive, moved happily to eat, moved the smell of flowers, moved the limbs arbitrarily ... There are many things in life that seem to be taken for granted. Only when you lose them do you feel extra precious.
92. As long as this second is not hopeless, there will be hope in the next second.
93. Think of yourself as a fool and ask if you don't understand, you will learn more.
94. It's not impossible, but no way has been found.
95. The method of reading is gradual and orderly. ——Zhu Xi
96. Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent sweat and sweat. ——Edison
97. As long as you have courage, the whole blue sky is yours.
98. It is not your talents but your attitude to life that determines the height of your life!
99. Life is like a clock, it can go back to the starting point, but it is not yesterday!
100. God never complains about people's ignorance, but people complain about God's injustice.

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