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100 valuable inspirational quotes

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1. Genius is the ability to work hard and endlessly. -Carlisle

2. Invention is one percent smart and 99 percent hard work. ——Edison

3. People are always trying to cherish what they don't get, and forget what they have.

4. The past has passed, and how to renew from now on really matters.

5, smart out of hard work, genius lies in accumulation. ——Hua Luogeng

6. Genius is inadequate, cleverness is unreliable, and it is unimaginable to find great scientific inventions hand picked. ——Hua Luogeng

7. For those in science, hard work is the mother of success! -Mao Yisheng

8. Hard work is the mother of success. -Mao Yisheng

9, study hard, work hard, make youth more glorious. ——Wang Guangmei

10. To survive in competition, human beings must struggle. -Sun Yat-sen

11. For those who have changed and repented, we can no longer blame a second time.

12. The world is always full of temptation. Just like a bear and a stick, seeing the good and throwing it in his arms, and seeing the good and throwing it in his arms, in the end, the one who stays in his arms is actually the smallest.

13. When you have to make a commitment for a period of love, it is all over; when you have to make a commitment for a marriage, everything is just beginning.

14. Make mistakes and admit your mistakes honestly. Sophistry and mischief will only hurt you.

15. Where there is genius, I use other people's coffee for work. ——Lu Xun

16. You can become a learned person by doing a diligent, handy, and brainy study. -Wu Yan

17. Between genius and hard work, I choose hard work without hesitation. She is the oxytocin of almost all achievements in the world. ——Einstein

18. The vastness of the spirit, the active imagination, and the diligence of the soul: genius. -Diderot

19. "Genius is hard work," as someone once said. If this is not entirely true, it is at least largely true. -Liebknecht

20. The so-called genius refers to people with perseverance, hard-working people, obsessed people, and forgetful people. -Bernard Shaw

21. Smart qualifications, inner drive, hard work attitude and perseverance. These are all other conditions necessary for the success of scientific research. -Beveridge

22. If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you haven't won him; if a friend makes you angry, it means that you still care about his friendship.

23. Inspiration is a reward for hard work. -Repin

24. It is helpless to give up, it is incompetent to give up; it is ignorance to give up; it is perseverance to give up.

25. No matter how old or old, no matter how urged by family and friends, do not treat marriage casually. Marriage is not a card game, and reshuffle will pay a huge price.

26. Use "time" to see people. Time is the examiner who exposes the nature of the other party.

27. There is only one step between genius and mortal. This step is hard work.

28. How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm. --"true hero"

29. Genius is 99% sweat and 1% inspiration. ——Edison

30. Leisure is a dress, and should not be worn often. ——Anon

31. If you do n’t smell it, you do n’t smell it. If you smell it, you do n’t see it. ——Condition

32. "Genius is hard work," as someone once said. If this is not entirely true, it is at least largely true.

33. When will Baichuan reach the sea from east to west? Young idler, an old beggar.

34. Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the fragrance of plum blossoms came from bitter cold.

35. Don't suffer from the inability of others, but not suffer from the self.

36. The method can improve the efficiency, perseverance can guarantee the chance, and persevere to have a chance to succeed.

37. Xi Qin forgot to work, Xi Yi became lazy.

38. For the best results, let's go to the end.

39. In today's world, who do we care for!

40. Inadvertent inspiration cannot in fact replace long-term efforts. -Rodin

41. No animal is more diligent than an ant, yet it is the most taciturn. ——Franklin

42. Geniuses are the most powerful cattle, and they work 18 hours a day without stopping. -Renan

43. Laziness means burying a person alive. -Taylor

44. There is no intelligence without enthusiasm, and there is no enthusiasm without intelligence. Without hard work, there is no combination of enthusiasm and talent. -Joseph

45. No one will become a wise man because of learning. Knowledge may come from hard work, but wit and wisdom are lazy. -John Selden

46. Without redoubled diligence, there is neither talent nor genius. -Mendeleev

47. Genius comes from hard work. -Gorky

48. Ascend the mountain to attack the extreme rewards.

49. I work hard, I insist, I will succeed.

50. Take your destiny in your own hands.

51. Opportunities are always for those who are ready.

52. If you don't accumulate steps, there will be no miles, if you don't accumulate small streams, you won't become a sea.

53. If you do n’t smell it, you do n’t smell it. If you smell it, you do n’t see it. If you do n’t see it, you do n’t know it.

54. Praise weakens diligence.

55. Wisdom comes from hard work, and genius lies in accumulation.

56. Smart qualifications, inner motivation, hard working attitude and perseverance. These are all other conditions necessary for the success of scientific research.

57. Dripping through rocks is not strength, but deep work; good grades, not high talent, but hard work.

58. If the land is not cultivated, no matter how fertile it is, no fruit can be produced; no one can learn and be clever and ignorant.

59. The relentless years increase, decrease, and youthful taste is bitter and sweet. Set ambitions and create a bright future.

60. Only by going through hell-like training can the power of creating heaven be refined.

61. Wenji danced and became a hard-working traveler.

62. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and achieving a dream is a capability.

63. Show off your will and achieve your dreams.

64, lying on the bed to taste the courage, taste cocoon and tenderness. Broke the boat and go round, the golden June dream.

65. Those who have the will, things have come true, they have broken the boat, and the Baier Qinguan finally belongs to Chu;

66, a hard-working person, the sky is up to him, and he will be able to swallow Wu.

67. Stand at a new starting point, meet new challenges and create new achievements.

68, fight a fall winter spring summer! Win a lifetime without regrets!

69. Zhi Jianzhi speaks with words and deeds. The end of failure is the end of success and glory.

70, ten years of cold window sharpen a sword, right and wrong in the present.

71. One confidence, one effort, one success; very confident, very hard, very successful.

72. Don't ask for advice without touching and don't read.

73. It's rare to beat in your life, when you don't, and when.

74. Qing Xiao has to go to the end of the road.

75, you have constant, why do you have to get more sleep three times and sleep more five times?

76. Attitude is everything. Details determine success or failure. Habits make life easier.

77. When you enter the class, you will be quiet and when you are seated, you will learn.

78, wind and rain summer, autumn and winter, ten years sharpen a sword. Achieve dreams with our own wisdom.

79. Challenge the limit, strive hard and forge ahead without regrets, and write a glorious chapter.

80. Let hard work become a habit, and irrigate the future with sweat.

81, fight for a spring, summer, autumn and winter, for a lifetime without regrets and regrets.

82. Action is the ideal and noble expression.

83. Success is when others fail.

84. The winner is wise, and the winner is strong. It is not that success is too far away from us, but that we insist too little.

85. Don't complain when you encounter difficulties. Since you cannot change the past, try to change the future.

86. Study hard today, the Ming Dynasty Yuelongmen.

87. There is no waiting for the glory; only the beauty that comes out.

88. Hard work today, who will fight with each other.

89. When you are lazy, think about the look your parents expect.

90. Strive to build strength, attitude determines height.

91. Because of remorse, Phi Xing Daiyue; because of dreams, he ignored himself.

92. The past is the far-off twilight, and the future is the near-morning morning light.

93. At present, he is diligent and diligent, and the Ming Dynasty is in a rush. Excerpt from: Inspirational Quotations www.yuluju.com

94. Even if Kunlun has thousands of snow, I also swear to Kunlun.

95. The sweat on the eyebrows and the tears under the eyebrows must be the same!

96. Don't find a reason for failure, but find a way for success.

97. Parents have worked hard, but they have to read hardships.

98. From the sea to the end of Yinguang China, Tian Zuo An Shan ascended to the top.

99, lazy and tired of learning is difficult to become a tool, diligent and educated.

100, life is in diligence, do not ask for anything. ——Zhang Heng

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