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100 inspirational quotes

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1. A hundred schools must be determined first. ——Zhu Xi

2. Repetition is the mother of learning. -Di Cigen

3. The most difficult thing is to know yourself. --Greece

4. To overcome the anxiety and depression of life, you must first learn to be your own master.

5. Don't be afraid of the clouds covering your eyes. ——Wang Anshi

6. Smart people have long ears and short tongues. --Flag

7, do not suffer from the unknown, also suffer from the unknown. --Confucius

8. People who sing praises to themselves have only one audience.

9. If you do n’t fly, it ’s soaring; if you do n’t, it ’s amazing. ——Sima Qian

10. Learned, questioned, thought carefully, discerned, and acted out. -"Book of Rites"

11. If you cannot command yourself, you cannot command others.

12, do not climb the mountains, do not know the height of the sky; do not know the depths of the river, but also do not know. -"Xunzi"

13. It is false to use learning too much as decoration; it is a scholar's quirk to judge things completely according to the rules of learning. ——Bacon

14. Without rules, there is no way to make a square garden. -Mencius

15. Self-knowledge is the most rare knowledge. --Spain

16. The stars in the sky can be counted clearly, but the soot on his face is invisible. --Malaysia

17. A step-by-step road. ——Hua Luogeng

18. People with knowledge and achievements in ancient and modern China and abroad always pay great attention to accumulation. Knowledge is accumulated by machines, and experience is also accumulated. We should n’t be “eye-catching” about anything. ——Deng Tuo

19, Mo laughed at the back of others, straightened his waist. --Soviet Union

20. Learning foreign languages is not difficult. Learning foreign languages is like making friends. Friends are more and more familiar. When you meet each day, your friends will be close. -Gao Shiqi

21. The more incompetent people, the more they like to be critical of others. --Ireland

22. The skill of learning is the skill of chewing slowly. It ’s like eating, it ’s good for your body if you chew it badly to digest it. -Tao Zhu "ideal. sentiment. Spiritual life

23. Everyone knows where shoes squeeze their feet. -Latin America

24. Learning is labor and labor full of thoughts. -Ushenski

25. Loitering learning is no better than learning loitering. -Joel Belles

26. There is no stopping, no stopping. ——Han Yu

27. The situation is constantly changing. To adapt your mind to the new situation, you must learn. ——Mao Zedong

28. When will Baichuan go to the sea, when will it return? Young idler, an old beggar. ——Long Song Travel by Han Yuefu

29. When you can't tell yourself what you have learned today, don't go to sleep. ——Lichton Castle

30. The three conditions for studying are: more observation, more suffering, and more research. -Garfield

31. Those who ask are only fools for five minutes; those who are ashamed to ask questions are fools for life. ——Anonymous

32. If you don't enter the tiger's hole, won't you win? ——Han Hanshu

33. Strive to build strength, and attitude determines height.

34. Even though Kunlun has thousands of snow, I also swear to Kunlun.

35. Opportunities are always for those who are ready.

36. The ruthless years increase, decrease, and youthful taste is bitter and sweet. Set ambitions and create a bright future.

37. Ascend the mountain to attack the extreme rewards.

38. Only by going through hell-like tempering can the power of creating heaven be refined.

39. For the best results, let's go crazy.

40. I work hard, I insist, I will succeed.

41. Having a dream is only an intelligence, and achieving a dream is a capability.

42, fight for autumn, winter, spring and summer! Win a lifetime without regrets!

43, Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening, and the plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold.

44. Don't complain when you encounter difficulties. Since you cannot change the past, try to change the future.

45, you have constant, why do you have to change from three to five and sleep more?

46. It's rare to beat in your life, when you don't, and when.

47. Zhi Jianzhi speaks with words and deeds, the end of failure is the end of success and glory.

48. Wenji danced and became a hard-working traveler.

49. Laziness and tiredness are difficult to learn.

50. At present, there is hard work and diligence, and the Ming Dynasty is making strides.

51. I know how much I eat. --Soviet Union

52. Don't cut off the fake body and be pro-fashionable, and transfer to Yiduo to be Ru. (Du Fu) Broad view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair. --Su Shi

53. After collecting flowers and honey, for whom it is hard and sweet. -Luo Yin

54. My efforts to study did not get any other benefits, but I became more and more aware of my ignorance. ——Descartes

55. The trick to learning a lot is not to learn a lot at once. -Locke

56. Take your destiny in your own hands.

57. A hard-working person, who can live up to his expectations.

58. The winner is wise and the winner is strong. It is not that success is too far away from us, but that we insist too little.

59. The sweat on the eyebrows and tears under the eyebrows must be the same!

60. Parents are nourishing hardships, and only repaying gratitude is hard work.

61. Attitude is everything. Details determine success or failure. Habits make life easier.

62. Stand at a new starting point, meet new challenges and create new achievements.

63. When you enter the class, you will be quiet and when you are seated, you will learn.

64, fight for a spring, summer, autumn and winter, for a lifetime without regrets and regrets.

65. The jade test is to be burned for three days, and the identification of materials must wait for a seven-year period. ——Bai Juyi

66. When the book comes to use, the party hates less, and things don't go through without knowing it. ——Lu You

67. When you are lazy, think about the look your parents expect.

68. Because of regret, Phi Xing Daiyue; because of dreams, I carelessly.

69. The past is the far-off twilight, and the future is the near morning light.

70. The first sign of an educated mind is being good at asking questions. -Plekhanov

71, the world is knowledgeable and knowledgeable. ——Cao Xueqin

72. Only in the crowd can we know ourselves. --Germany

73, own shoes, I know where tight. --Spain

74, ten years of cold window sharpen a sword, right and wrong in today's success.

75. Don't find a reason for failure, but find a way for success.

76. Challenge the limits, strive hard and forge ahead without regrets, and write a glorious chapter.

77. Action is the ideal noble expression.

78. One confidence, one effort, one success; very confident, very hard, very successful.

79. Success is when others fail.

80, study hard today, the Ming Dynasty Yuelongmen.

81. Let hard work become a habit, and irrigate the future with sweat.

82. There is no waiting for the glory; only the beauty that comes out.

83. I pounce on books, just like hungry people pounce on bread. -Gorky

84. Storms, summers, autumns and winters, ten years sharpen a sword. Achieve dreams with our own wisdom.

85. Hard work today, who will fight with each other.

86. Keep in mind; every day is the best day of the year.

87. It is not as beautiful as it looks.

88. Although we cannot change our lives, we can change our outlook on life; although we cannot change our environment, we can change our minds.

89. Don't ask for advice without thinking or reading.

90, life is too short, give up today and tomorrow may not be obtained.

91. Qing Xiao has to go to the end of the road.

92. Occupation is to give meaning to one's own livelihood and glory to his own life, not to live.

93. The worst is not the one who loses, but the one who doesn't want to win at the beginning. Excerpt from: mood quotes www.yuluju.com

94. Giving a beautiful face is worse than having a very charming smile. It will benefit you for life, and a very attractive plastic surgery comes from an active attitude.

95. Face the past with the least remorse.

96. The earth is moving, and a person will never be in an unlucky position.

97. When others start to say that you are crazy, you are not far from success.

98. There are only people who can't figure out in the world, and there is no way they can't figure out.

99. The same bottle of drink costs 2 yuan in a convenience store and 60 yuan in a five-star restaurant. In many cases, the value of a person depends on the location.

100. Time is like a net, where you spread your harvest.

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