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100 inspirational quotes

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1. Think carefully before making a decision. Once you have made a decision, go ahead and stick to it.

2. The curtain of the stage of life may be opened at any time. The key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.

3. Let's change the anxiety in advance to the thought and plan in advance!

4. No matter when you start, it is important not to stop after you start.

5. There are thousands of people with lofty ideals, and those who have no loyalty only find it difficult.

6, to achieve their goals, we must be able to stand alone and lonely.

7. The world will make way for those who have goals and vision.

8. In order not to leave regret and regret in life, we should seize every opportunity to change our life as much as possible.

9. No matter how unfortunate you feel, someone will always be more unfortunate than you.

10. No matter how great you feel, there will always be someone stronger than you.

11. The most important thing for a young person is the increase in personal value.

12. Without the ability to endure difficulties, there is no hope.

13. Without saliva and sweat, there are no successful tears.

14. Any restriction starts from your own heart.

15. The world will make way for those who have goals and vision.

16. To achieve your goals, you must be able to stand alone and lonely.

17. If you want to succeed, then remember: zero heritage, honesty first, learning second, politeness third, hard work fourth, smart fifth.

18. Failure is only a temporary cessation of success. If I cannot, I must; if I can, I can!

19. We must never give up. There is no failure in the world, only giving up.

20. Strikes and setbacks are stepping stones to success, not stumbling blocks.

21. Successful people learn from others, and failing people learn from themselves.

22. Failure is a matter, and it should never be a person.

23. There is only one kind of failure, and that is halfway.

24. What we are most proud of is not never falling, but climbing up after each fall.

25. Work hard to prove yourself to others and the world, and once you have achieved results, you will understand: people do not need to prove to others, as long as you can surpass yourself.

26. No education can meet adversity.

27. Defeating yourself is the most tragic failure, and defeating yourself is the most precious victory.

28. It is not glorious to never fall. It is the greatest honor to stand up after each fall.

29. Stressful, but not overwhelmed; confused, but never desperate.

30. Start working hard! In the process you have to give up a lot of things, but you have to understand that they are not what you ultimately want. You have to believe that after you succeed, they will come back one day, and it is better than now!

31. When you can't jump from the first floor to the third floor, don't forget to take the stairs. Keep in mind that great success often doesn't happen overnight. You must learn to break down your goals and implement them gradually.

32. How to harvest without sowing; how to succeed without hardship; how to glorify without suffering; how glorious without setbacks.

33. Belief is powerful, doubt only inhibits ability, and faith is strength.

34. Unless one has confidence, one will give confidence to others.

35. People who lose money lose very little, people who lose health lose much, and those who lose courage lose everything.

36. You must sell yourself to yourself 100%.

37. The firmness of the goal is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the keys to success. Without it, genius would be in vain in the paradoxical paradox.

38. Even if it is the most hopeless thing, as long as a brave person persists in it, there will be hope in the end.

39. The name of the bystander never climbed on the scoreboard of the game.

40. People must believe in themselves. This is the secret of success.

41. A mentally lunatic is not terrible. What is terrible is a mentally lunatic.

42. Unconsciously people get moldy, so don't unknowingly.

43. Life is not a one-way line. One way cannot go. You can turn.

44. A person who frequently looks back cannot go a long way.

45. When the tears are gone, what is left should be strength.

46. Ordinary steps can also complete the great journey.

47. Success has a probability distribution. The key is whether you can persist until the moment when success begins to appear.

48. Sometimes the distance between success and unsuccess is short-as long as the latter is a few steps forward.

49. In real life, every great cause begins with faith, and faith takes the first step.

50. No education is as good as adversity.

51. The curtain on the stage of life may be opened at any time. The key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.

52. People who can seize the opportunity to walk in front of them will probably succeed.

53. No matter how long the road can be, step by step, even the short road can not be reached without opening your feet.

54. Desire cannot be satisfied with pain; Once desire is boring, life is swinging between pain and boredom.

55. The farthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, but the second I just connected, but you are offline.

56. Youth is a book that cannot be closed when it is opened, life is a road that cannot be turned back on, and love is a bet that can't be collected if thrown out.

57. Take out the complaints and bask in the sun every day, and you won't be short of calcium.

58. Any restriction starts from your own heart.

59. Forget failure, but keep in mind the lessons of failure.

60. It is not the situation that makes people, but the man-made situation.

61. The mountains and mountains will fall, the water will flow, and they will never fall on their own.

62. When you know deceit, it is not pitiful. When you do not know deceit, it is the poorest.

63. An arrogant person is saved, but an inferior person is not saved.

64. Do not forgive sentient beings, do not forgive sentient beings, you are suffering yourself.

65. Don't say that others are poor, but you are even poorer. What about your own practice? How much do you know about life?

66. When I meet, my heart is fluttering like white clouds; when I have it, my heart is like raindrops; when I miss it, my heart is like a quicksand. Looking back, the mood is like Lan Jing Ye Qing.

67. If you are going to get married, tell you a very important philosophical saying: "You must tolerate and tolerate each other's shortcomings. There is no absolute happy and complete marriage in the world. Happiness only comes from infinite tolerance and mutual respect."

68. Marriage is like picking up shells. Don't pick the biggest and most beautiful one. Pick the one that suits you best and don't go to the beach.

69. The hunter chasing the deer cannot see the mountains under his feet.

70. Don't think about creating the sea, you must start with Xiaohechuan.

71. Those who are in trouble will succeed; if they break the boat, they will return to Chu in one hundred and two;

72. Your face is to present the most precious gift God has given to mankind—smile, and it must be your greatest asset in your work.

73. Those who touch with sincerity should be sincere.

74. There is no reward in the world for encouraging hard work. All rewards are only used to reward work results.

75. Even an immature attempt is better than a dead birth strategy.

76. If you can yell "I don't need to worry about this little thing" every day, you will find that you have an incredible power in your heart. Try it, it works.

77. Live with your ordinary heart, treat people with shame, do things with your heart, and use the Bodhicitta to fulfill the Buddha's heart.

78. When you put down, you have no trouble.

79. There are thousands of people with lofty ideals, and those who have no loyalty only find it difficult.

80. Every successful person has a beginning. The courage to start can only find the way to success.

81. Success is not only in the future, but it is accumulated from the moment you decide to do it.

82. The mountain does not resign, so it can become high; the sea does not resign, so it can become deep!

83. Tenacity is a major element of success. As long as you knock on the door long enough and loud enough, you will eventually wake people up.

84. As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the distance.

85. The establishment of the great cause of life is no longer able to know, but is capable.

86. The environment will never be perfect. Negative people are controlled by the environment, while positive people control the environment.

87. In fact, success represents only 1% of your work, and success is the result of 99% failure.

88. Don't wait for opportunities, but create opportunities.

89. It is not that someone annoys me, but that I annoy myself with someone's words and deeds.

90. There are two types of lonely people, one who understands everything and one who cannot understand anything.

91. There is no rehearsal in life, and it is broadcast live every day.

92. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.

93. It is better to say that your cultivation is not enough than that others make you suffer.

94. If you don't bother yourself, others can never bother you. You can not let go because of your heart.

95. Take good care of yourself and not others.

96. When you exhort others, no matter how good the words are, they are useless.

97. Respect for others is to be solemn yourself.

98. Don't keep dissatisfied with others, you should always review yourself. Dissatisfied people are suffering yourself.

99. You have to be tolerant of those who have different opinions from you. If you always want to change him, you will be very painful. Learn how to tolerate him. You have to learn how to tolerate him.

100. To acknowledge your greatness is to acknowledge your folly.

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