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100 very refined celebrity quotes

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1. Believe in yourself first, then others will believe in you. —Turgenev
2. The secret of success is to develop the habit of doing it quickly. When the tide rises to the highest moment, not only is there no resistance, but it can help you to succeed quickly. -Lawrence
3. Everyone in the world pursues success enthusiastically and courageously, and who can succeed. -Napoleon I
4. If you ask a person who is good at skating how to succeed, he will tell you: "Fall, get up." This is success. ——Newton
5. Determined to be persistent and unsuccessful, success will be in a hurry. ——Zhang Xiaoxiang
6. Only victory can survive, only success has a price, and only cultivation can yield. ——Anonymous
7. Winners often succeed by sticking to the last five minutes. ——Newton
8. Things that were hopeless, bold attempts, often succeeded. ——Shakespeare
9. Satisfaction is not achieved by success, but success is achieved by satisfaction. -Alan
10. In order not to jeopardize great success, God cannot help but infiltrate a bitter taste. ——Hilti
11. Confidence is the first secret to success. ——Edison
12. The most precious thing in the world is nothing like time; the most luxurious thing in the world is nothing like wasting time. -Mozart
13. All the successes and failures of a person are the result of their habits. -Napoleon Hill
14. Those who do not dare to be confident even if they encounter each other can only fail. -Seneca
15. No smart person will deny the exercise value of pain and sorrow. -Huxley
16. Everyone is more or less inert. If a person's willpower is not enough to promote himself, he will fail, and whoever can best promote himself will succeed first. ——Roland
17. As soon as people value opportunities, they will inevitably be dominated by opportunities. -Zhou Guoping
18. Always remember that the determination to succeed is far better than anything. --Abraham Lincoln
19. Adversity gives people valuable training opportunities. Only those who can stand the test of the environment can be regarded as truly strong. ——Kanosuke Matsushita
20. The shortcomings of people are like weeds in the garden. Weeds do not need to be planted to grow, so if they are not removed in time, they will soon occupy the entire garden. -Napoleon Hill
21. Close the door of fear behind you and you will know how fast the door of success opens in front of you. -Napoleon Hill
22. Seeking others is better than asking for oneself; poverty persists; hardships and hardships; others are superior; ——Li Jiacheng
23. With the support of a lofty purpose, working non-stop, even if slow, will definitely succeed. ——Einstein
24. Pyramids are built from blocks of stones. ——Shakespeare
25. Everything comes to an end, so patience is a means to success. -Gorky
26. Don't ask the secret of success, and do your best to do what you should do. ——Mei Warner
27. Success is when the surging vitality suddenly hits the dam and merges into a suitable channel. ——He Huaihong
28. If a person can move towards his ideal direction with confidence and make up his mind to live the life he wants, he will surely get unexpected success. ——Dell Carnegie
29. Those who achieve great things don't care little about shame; those who make great achievements don't forgive. ——Feng Menglong
30. The most difficult time is when we are not far from success. -Caesar
31. Life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy job. --Leo Tolstoy
32. Only those who have the real knowledge and the ability to learn both their own power and the proper and prudent use of their power can succeed in worldly affairs. -Goethe
33. All changes in life, all charm. All beauty is made up of light and shadow. -Tolstoy
34. Don't rush to achieve success. Familiarize yourself with your research object. Perseverance, time will do everything. Everything is the hardest to start, but even harder is how to end it. ——Shakespeare
35. The secret of success is never to change the stated purpose. -Rousseau
36. People who do not use time the most complain about lack of time. -La Bruyelle
37. The key to success is to believe in your ability to succeed. -Napoleon Hill
38. Self-confidence is the first step to success, and lack of self-confidence is the main reason for failure. ——Shakespeare
39. Only by turning the mood of complaining about the environment into a progressive force is the guarantee of success. ——Roman Roland
40. Effort is the mother of success. -Cervantes
41. The man does not show his ambitions, and he is born with a natural eight-foot body. ——Feng Menglong
42. Wisdom comes from hard work, and genius lies in accumulation. ——Hua Luogeng
43. Diligence can be a good training. ——Hua Luogeng
44. Failure is the mother of success. ——Edison
45. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent sweat. ——Edison
46. Genius is the ability to work endlessly. -Carlisle
47. Do you love life? Then don't waste time, because time is the material of life. ——Franklin
48. The biggest reason for a person's failure is lack of full confidence in his ability, even thinking that he will undoubtedly fail. ——Franklin
49. Suffering is the teacher of life. -Balzac
50. The secret of success lies in determination. ——Indizelli
51. Success is not important. What is important is effort. -Terdor
52. Success is created by effort, not hope. -John Heskin
53. No matter whether you succeed or fail, you are in yourself. -Longfellow
54. Success has no skill at all. I always do my best for my work. ——Carnegie
55. Determination is strength, confidence is success. -Tolstoy
56. Anyone who is self-improving will eventually succeed. -Goethe
57. If you know that time is perishable and precious, do n’t make senseless sorrow, and work towards your own cause, especially in your youth, you do n’t abuse time at all, then we can arbitrarily say that it will definitely succeed in the future of. -Nie Er
58. Uneasy in small achievements, and then enough to become a big device; not tempted to small profits, and then you can make a long way. ——Fang Xiaoyu
59. I don't know how many people in the world who can successfully set up a business have become obscured because of passing away rare time. -Maupassant
60. The meaning of success should be a well-deserved harvest of joy, not for vanity or money. ——Roland
61. As long as there is an infinite self-confidence that fills the heart, and then with strong will and independent intelligence, one day will succeed. -Maupassant
62. Thorough theory and accurate strategy. Then go forward with the courage and spirit to overcome all difficulties, and there will be a day of success. ——Zou Taofen
63. Only by turning the mood of complaining about the environment into an motivated force can success be guaranteed. ——Roman Roland
64. The main thing in life is to set a great goal and the determination to achieve it. -Goethe
65. The ideal path is always prepared for those who have faith.
66. The most terrible enemy is lack of strong faith. ——Roman Roland
67. Life is like climbing a hill, you have to go step by step. ——Ding Ling
68. Immerse yourself in the busyness of reality. Without time and energy to miss the past, success will not be too far away. ——Lei Yin
69. To be successful in what others despise is a remarkable thing, because it proves that not only has it defeated itself, but it has also defeated others. ——Monterland
70. Learn to live in the simplest way, don't let complex thoughts destroy the sweetness of life. -Milton
71. The difference between winners and losers is that winners can benefit from mistakes and try again in different ways. -Emerson
72. Try your best to succeed, but don't expect to be successful. ——Faraday
73. The dark hair didn't know that the school was early, and Bai Shoufang regretted studying late. -Yan Zhenqing
74. Mo is idle, the teenager is white, sad and empty. ——Yue Fei
75. Tomorrow is coming again, and tomorrow is so many, I will live until tomorrow, and everything will be done. ——Wen Jia's "Tomorrow Song"
76. It's hard to come back in the day when the good years don't return. Encourage in time. -Tao Yuanming
77. Those who have established great events in the past must not only have transcendent talents, they must also have perseverance. --Su Shi
78. Aspirant is not in his old age, and aspirant is a hundred years old. ——Shi Yukun
79. Poor and strong, do not fall into the cloud. ——Wang Bo
80. Those who conspiracy to frame others will suffer themselves first. —— Aesop
81. The wise man would rather prevent the disease than he had the disease; he would rather encourage pain to be overcome, so as not to seek comfort for pain. ——Thomas Moore
82. Our strong morality is to achieve material success through struggle; this morality applies to both the state and the individual. —— Russell
83. The whole point of life is to explore endlessly what is not known, and to constantly add more knowledge. —— Zola
84. The saddest thing about a person is not the death of conscience. ——Guo Moruo
85. Intellect will never stop on the truth that is already known, but will always keep on advancing toward the truth that is not yet known. —— Bruno
86. The right path is this: take everything your predecessor did and then move on. -- Leo Tolstoy
87. Scientific research is like drilling wooden boards. Some people like to drill thin; but I like to drill thick. ——Einstein
88. Human beings are given a job, which is spiritual growth. -- Leo Tolstoy
89. In addition to the knowledge in books, knowledge must be obtained from the life of life. —— Mao Dun
90. Develop their hardworking physical strength, pure and noble morality, and broad freedom can accommodate the spirit of the new trend, that is, the ability to swim in the new trend of the world without being submerged. —— Lu Xun
91. Children need to be taught by others, and problems are to be treated by others, even if they are teachers or doctors. But 98. The way to deal with people, but I am afraid to have their own discretion, many people's recipes are often just waste paper. —— Lu Xun
92. Grumpy is one of the humbler natures of mankind. If a man loses his temper, he will be a step backward on the human progress ladder. —— Darwin
93. The bees scooped honey from the flowers and thanked them when they left. The flamboyant butterfly believes that the flowers should thank him. ---- Tagore
94. Man cannot live like a beast, but should pursue knowledge and virtue. —— Dante
95. Don't take evil for small, don't take small for good. Only virtuous and virtuous, can obey people. —— Liu Bei
96. Don't suffer from disrespect for position, but disrespect for morality; not for shame, but not for shame and wisdom. —— Zhang Heng
97. Tufu can build walls, and Jide is thick. —— Li Bai
98. It is the most precious revolutionary quality to enter the sludge without staining and not to be attacked by the bourgeois sugar-coated shells. —— Zhou Enlai
99. Without great character, there will be no great person, no great artist, no great actor. ——Roman Roland
100. Reason is higher than soul, and thought is more reliable than emotion. —— Gorky

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