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100 celebrity quotes worth tasting

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1. Ideal is the sun of life. -Dresser
2. It's sad if you waste your age. Because your youth can last only a little bit of time-a little bit of time. —— Wilde
3. The more books I read, the closer I am to the world, the more I understand the meaning of life, and the more I feel that life is important. —— Gorky
4. Life is not like every train going through every stage of life like a train. Life always walks straight forward and never leaves anything behind. ——Lewis
5. Endlessly swear. ——Chen Tanqiu
6. Science is home everywhere, but in any place where no seed is planted, there will never be a bumper harvest. ——Herzen
7. Love can only flourish when it is free and easy. The idea that love is an obligation can only put love to death. Just one sentence: you should love someone enough to make you hate that person. —— Russell
8. No one does not cherish his life, but few value his time. —— Liang Shiqiu
9. A stupid person thinks he is clever. A clever person knows that he is a stupid person. ——Shakespeare
10. An inexperienced first love is charming, but a love that can stand the test is priceless. ——Marlinski
11. Friendship is a tree that can shade. —— Coleridge
12. Time is the most precious asset of all wealth. —— De Olasto
13. What is constant in the world is the truth that "everything is constantly changing". —— Sri Lanka
14. It is easy to live an unruly life like pushing a boat down the river, but getting to know good friends and friends is difficult. —— Balzac
15. If there is no love in this world, what meaning will it have in our hearts! This is like a marquee without light. —— Goethe
16. Those who believe in lies will perish before the truth. —— Herbart
17. A real scientist should be a visionary; anyone who is not a visionary can only call himself a practitioner. —— Balzac
18. Love is green like a leaf, it is green in people's neglect, and its buds are exposed in patience. ——He Qifang
19. Good health and high physical training are important conditions for effective mental work. -Krupskaya
20. The secret of success is never to change the stated purpose. —— Rousseau
21. People who never waste time have no time to complain about lack of time. ——Jefferson
22. Our shattered hopes, aborted talents, failed businesses, and frustrated ambitions often accumulate and become jealous. —— Balzac
23. A person is most afraid of dishonesty, and the most valuable thing for young people is honesty. "Honest" means not deceiving yourself, it is easy not to deceive others, it is the hardest not to deceive yourself. "Honesty" is down-to-earth and does not take advantage. There is no cheap thing in the world, anyone who wants to take advantage of the water will suffer. —— Xu Teli
24. Books are tools to cultivate wisdom. —— Compeche South
25. Truth can only be approximated by permanent service or even by powerful sacrifice. —— Turgenev
26. Nothing can resist the devouring of all time. ---- Tagore
27. One of two lovers always loves the other, and the other is just left to accept each other's love. To most of us, this is a painful truth that must be obeyed. But occasionally there are two cases of being in love with each other at the same time. ——Maum
28. Man should be clear in wisdom, morally innocent, and physically clean. —— Chekhov
29. Friendship is as pure as the fog of the morning, flattery can not get friendship, friendship can only be used to consolidate it. ——Marx
30. The most successful liars are those who make the most of the least amount of lies. -Sai Butler
31. In the long river of human history, truth is hard to be found because it is as heavy as gold and always sinks to the bottom of the river. On the contrary, those fallacies as light as cow dung float on it. —— Bacon
32. The best advice to young people is to be humble and prudent, to honor their parents, and to love their friends and relatives. ---- Cicero
33. The poem was sent to you by accident. ---- Yu Qian
34. Life is like playing rugby, you can't foul, don't dodge the ball, you should rush to the bottom line. —— Roosevelt
35. Love requires reasonable content, just as the raging fire requires oil to maintain it; love is a harmonious blend of two similar natures in infinite feelings. -Belinsky
36. Knowledge comes from labor, and any achievement is the result of hard work. —— Song Qingling
37. Moderation is more promising than rape. —— La Fontaine
38. In school and life, the most important motivation of work is the pleasure of work, the pleasure of working to obtain results and the recognition of the social value of the results. ——Einstein
39. Those willing to be slaves do not know the power of freedom. -Baker
40. Labor is the foundation of all things, and the laborer is the pillar. He supports the structure of civilization and progress and its brilliant dome. ——Mogsol
41. Infinite career. —— Han Yu
42. On the road of life, when your hopes fail one by one, you must also be firm and calm. —— Longfellow
43. As long as I create a superstition of a country, I do n’t care who makes the law for him or who composes songs for it. -- Mark Twain
44. True friendship should be the same whether viewed from the front or the back. It cannot be a rose from the front and a thorn from the back. ——Luket
45. What is obtained through labor is better than something obtained without effort. The truth at a glance is easy to understand, and it feels temporarily enjoyable, but it is quickly forgotten. —— Boccaccio
46. This is how people live their lives, turning life into a scientific dream first, and then turning dreams into reality. —— France
47. Order, only order can produce freedom. —— France
48. You can get ideas from others, but your method of thinking, that is, the mold for casting ideas, must be your own. -Ram
49. The first objective of management is to combine higher wages with lower labor costs. ---- Taylor
50. The body always ends in annoying. Apart from thought, nothing beautiful and interesting remains, because thought is life. —— Shaw Bernard
51. Civilization is about creating educated people. ——Ruskin
52. I long to follow the direction of destiny, calm down, without quarrels, remorse, envy, and go straight through the journey of life. ——Weilen
53. Making a difference is the highest realm of life. —— Engels
54. On the neck of a young man, nothing can be more fascinating than the brilliant orb of entrepreneurship. —— Hafez
55. Overcoming the fortress of science is like fighting a war. There are always people who will sacrifice and others who are injured. I will dedicate myself to science. -Lomonosov
56. The most important thing in human life is labor training. Without labor it is impossible to have a normal life. —— Rousseau
57. A man's achievement depends on whether he is motivated in his youth. —— Xie Juezhen
58. The cultivated flower blooms in silence, and the fruit of success will bear fruit in the light. —— Bingxin
59. We are servants of the law so that we can be free. ---- Cicero
60. You need to know the essence of scientific methods. Don't listen to what a scientist says to you, but look carefully at what he is doing. ——Einstein
61. The so-called patriotism means that as a national of this country, you should have deeper feelings for this country than for all other countries. —— Shaw Bernard
62. There are no talented people in the world. The problem is that educators must discover the endowments, interests, hobbies, and strengths of each student, and provide them with sufficient conditions and correct guidance for their performance and development. ——Suhomlinski
63. Proverbs can embody the creativity, wisdom and spirit of a nation. —— Bacon
64. Telling the truth should not be difficult. What I mean by truth does not mean truth or correct words. Say what you want; say what you think -Ba Jin
65. They regard their love as the ultimate goal. With a lover, they don't need anything. They can't contribute to society and have the least value in life. —— to the police
66. Loyalty can be concisely defined as an illogical belief in the impossible. —— Menken
67. Life is precious, and there is no twilight in settling. ——Yuan Zhongdao
68. No one can rest, no one can work. -Lenin
69. Friendship is a union of souls. This union can be divorced. This is an unspoken contract between two sensitive and upright people. —— Voltaire
70. New mathematical methods and concepts are often more important than solving mathematical problems themselves. —— Hua Luogeng
71. Personal wisdom is limited. —— Plautus
72. Higher-level and complicated labor is a manifestation of such labor, which requires higher education costs than ordinary labor, and its production requires more labor time. Therefore, it has higher value. ——Marx
73. Friendship can pop out of the glass. -Guy
74. Great ideas can become great wealth. -Seneca
75. Gamblers who invest their lives in gambling, when they dare to act arrogantly, have full confidence in their own power and believe that bold adventure is the only form. ——Zweig
76. Moral decline, the root of sincerity and nation destruction. ——Zhang Binglin
77. Spending time on thinking is the most time-saving thing. ——Kazens
78. Love is the sweetest and love is the bitterest. ——Philip Bailey
79. Reading makes a person's heart bright. —— Voltaire
80. Labor and people, people and labor, these are the parents of all truth. ——Suhomlinski
81. The greater the fallacy, the greater the victory of truth. —— Schiller
82. If you want happiness and tranquility, then you have to cross the barriers and ring the bell of truth. —— Karavilov
83. Time is the greatest innovator. —— Bacon
84. Youth are always young, and only old ages. ——Jack London
85. Without redoubled diligence, there is neither talent nor genius. -Mendeleev
86. Without considerable independent effort, you cannot find the truth no matter what serious problem; whoever is afraid of the effort can not find the truth. -Lenin
87. To always feel that the land of the motherland is firmly under your feet, to live with the collective, and to remember that it is the collective education of you. That day if you break away from the collective, that is the beginning of the end. -- Ostrovsky
88. The value of our life, which will die for ten years, is the foundation of the country's hundreds of millions of years of immortality. ---- Sun Yat-sen
89. Real warrior, dare to face the bleak life, dare to face the dripping blood. —— Lu Xun
90. Kindness and modesty are two virtues that should never be disgusting. -Stevenson
91. The spark of talent often bursts on the diligent millstone. ——William Liebknecht
92. The entire history of mankind has taught wise men not to believe in fortune, but to believe in thought. —— Love for life
93. The will and labor of life will create miraculous miracles. -Nekrasov
94. Books are nutrition products all over the world. There is no book in life, as if there is no sunlight; there is no book in wisdom, as if birds have no wings. ——Shakespeare
95. The history of mankind is a history of continuous development from an inevitable kingdom to a free kingdom. —— Mao Zedong
96. The success was great, and the fact that it was obtained by Shifeng was as simple as a magpie. —— Liang Qichao
97. Life is a long-lasting desire, the desire is constantly rising, becoming greater and noble. —— Dugal
98. Reality is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all values. ——Dreiser
99. Without ideal encouragement, human activities will become empty and small. -Chernyshevsky
100. Only people's social practice is the standard of truth for people's understanding of the outside world. The standard of truth can only be social practice. —— Mao Zedong

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