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Very classic inspirational celebrity quotes

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1. The past belongs to the god of death, and the future belongs to you. -Shelley
2. Don't lament the pain of life! Sigh is the weak. -Gorky
3. The wisdom in that head is like the spark in the flintstone, and you will not come out without hitting it. ——Shakespeare
4. Most people have the abilities and opportunities they don't understand, and they can do things they never dreamed of. ——Dell Carnegie
5. Don't ask the secret of success, and do your best to do what you should. ——Mei Warner
6. There are three steps in time: the future is long overdue, now flies like an arrow, and the past will never stand still. -Schiller
7. If a person has no ambition, even if there is another magnificent act, it is not a great man. -La Rochevko
8. If youth time is spent in leisure, then remembering the years will be a bleak tragedy. ——Zhang Yunke
9. I don't know how many people in the world who can successfully set up a business have become obscured because of passing away rare time. -Maupassant
10. A person can succeed in almost anything he has unlimited passion for. -Charles Scoble
11. Peep into your heart, and then discover that all the miracles are in yourself. ——Bacon
12. Strong beliefs can win the hearts of the strong and make them stronger. -Bai Zhete
13. The flowing water will only release its vitality when it hits the bottom. -Goethe
14. Don't rush to achieve success. Familiarize yourself with your research object. Perseverance, time will do everything. Everything is the hardest to start, but even harder is how to end it. ——Shakespeare
15. Unfortunately may be a bridge to happiness. ——Japanese proverb
16. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent sweat. ——Edison
17. Lucky is not without fear and worry; doom is by no means without comfort and hope. ——Bacon
18. Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time hurts the dreamer and gives happiness to the creator. -McKinsey
19. The golden years don't come again, it is hard to get one day in the morning, and you should be encouraged in time. -Tao Yuanming
20. It must be remembered that our study time is limited. Time is limited, not only because of short life, but also because of the complexity of people. We should strive to use all our time to do the most useful things. -Spencer
21. Of all the critics, the greatest, most correct, and most genius is time. -Belinsky
22. Ruyan has forgotten all the past, and his heart is selfless. ——Tao Zhu
23. Suffering tempers some people and destroys others. -Fuller
24. Fire test real gold, adversity test strong. -Seneca
25. Life is like a book. Fools flip through it. Smart people read it carefully. Why so. Because they can only read it once. -Paul
26. Life is like this glass of strong wine, it will not be so delicious without refining it three or five times! ——Guo Xiaochuan
27. If you want to achieve the goal, you must paint in your mind what the goal is to achieve; then the dream will come true. -Richard Danny
28. I have never worked in my life. My humor and great writings come from the infinite treasures of the subconscious mind. --Mark Twain
29. Those who are most capable are often those who continue to transmit success ideas even in the most desperate circumstances. They not only inspire themselves, but also inspire others. ——Anthony Robin
30. Inspiration is not generated on the extension of logical thinking, but only where the logic or common sense is broken. ——Einstein
31. When a person meets the light with work, the light will soon shine on him. ——Feng Xuefeng
32. When people are in adversity, their ability to adapt to the environment is really amazing. People can endure misfortunes and overcome them, because people have amazing potential. As long as they are determined to make use of it, they will definitely survive it. ——Carnegie
33. What is called failure? Failure is the first step to a better place. -Phillips
34. Success can only be achieved by turning the mood of complaining about the environment into a progressive force. ——Roman Roland
35. Winners often succeed by sticking to the last five minutes. ——Newton
36. Anyone who has a will can do it! ——Liu Xiu
37. Someone asked Eagle: "Why did you go to educate your children at high altitude?" Eagle replied, "If I educate them against the ground, then they will grow up. How can they have the courage to approach the sun?" — Lai Sim
38. The true intellect is resolute ambition. ——Napoleon
39. The worst part is that people are often hindered by wrong intentions in their lives and don't know it. It is only when they get rid of those obstacles that they can understand. -Goethe
40. The higher the goal a person pursues, the faster his talent develops, and the better it is for society. -Gorky
41. Youth is a beautiful and inaccessible period, the beginning of all future light and happiness. -Kalinin
42. People's aspirations are often directly proportional to their abilities. -Johnson
43. Husbands should be lofty, admire sages, be passionate, abandon doubt and stagnation, so that Jizhi's ambitions are exposed, and there is a feeling; forbearance and extension, go to fine, consult widely. Why it hurts beauty and why it hurts. Ruozhi is not fortitude, is not generous, stubbornly stagnates in the vulgar, stays in love in silence, perpetually drifts into mediocrity, can not help but be indecent. ——Zhu Geliang
44. Husbands need to learn, and they only need to learn. If they do n’t learn, they do n’t have broad talents. ——Zhu Geliang
45. Everyone must have the ambition to be a great hero! Be a pioneer. ——Zhou Enlai
46. Failure is the last test of perseverance. ——Bismarck
47. For indomitable people, there is no such thing as failure. ——Bismarck
48. A failure only proves that our determination to succeed is strong enough. -Bowie
49. Don't stand still because of luck, don't get stunned by doom. The true strong is good at finding shadows from good times, finding light from adversity, and constantly calibrating his own goals. -Ibsen
50. Each frustrated or unfavorable mutation is carried with the same or larger favorable seed. -Emerson
51. The value of life is based on the work that people do for the contemporary. ——Xu Wei
52. The rich and the rich are not sexually impoverished, and the male is heroic. ——Cheng Hao
53. Adversity gives people valuable training opportunities. Only those who can stand the test of the environment can be regarded as truly strong. Since ancient times, most of the great people have struggled from adversity with an indomitable spirit. ——Kanosuke Matsushita
54. The road is footsteps, and history is written by people. Every step of man's actions is writing his own history. ——Ji Hongchang
55. A real life can only be realized after a hard and arduous struggle. -Seneca
56. Failure is also what I need. It is as valuable to me as success. ——Edison
57. What we care about is not whether you failed, but whether you have no complaints about failure. -Lincoln
58. If you ask a person who is good at skating how to succeed, he will tell you: "Fall, get up." ——Newton
59. Things that were hopeless and bold attempts often succeeded. ——Shakespeare
60. Will be the best when Ling Ling, a glimpse of the mountains. -Du Fu
61. The ambition is the Big Dipper in the dark night. -Browning
62. No one knows in advance how much power he has until he has tried it. -Goethe
63. For indomitable people, there is no such thing as failure. ——Bismarck
64. No special talent is needed to succeed, just do the little things you can do well. -Weilong
65. The only secret to success is to stick to the last minute. -Plato
66. Only victory can survive, only success has a price, and only cultivation can yield. ——Anonymous
67. The three armies can be handsome, and the husband cannot be ambitious. -Kong Qiu
68. What is failure? Failure is the first step to a better place. -Phillips
69. If we do not stand up, nothing can be done in the world. ——Wang Yangming
70. Those who have established great events in the past must not only have transcendent talents, they must also have perseverance. --Su Shi
71. If a person does not reach the highest peak, he will not have a moment of peace, and he will not feel the tranquility and glory of life. ——Shaw Burner
72. Chick Anzhi Hongzhi's ambition. ——Sima Qian
73. Warrior's own warrior's ambition: to transform forever and start from zero; all shameful decline can only make people look like enemies and step into mud. ——Guo Xiaochuan
74. Water-excited stones are humming, others are great-spirited. ——Qiu Jin
75. Don't climb the mountains, don't know the size of the sky; ——Condition

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