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100 incisive celebrity love quotes

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1. Unfortunate love is often like a reliable debtor's unpaid debit note, which will increase your personal money. -Balzac
2.Loneliness is like a shadow, loneliness is like a dream, old loves come to a dream, there is no need to dissolve, they have become a symbiotic. ——San Mao
3. When love is absent, learn to live your own life. To live your own life is to fall in love with yourself, treat yourself as your lover, and pamper yourself. ——Zhang Xiaoxian
4. I am happy because I love because I have love. ──Blanning
5. Parting makes love enthusiastic, and meeting makes it strong. ——Toe Fuller
6. Now who else will take care of whoever lives, that is a heavy burden, so it is necessary to be independent. ——Yi Shu
7. Love, your words are my food, your breath is my mellow wine. -Goethe
8. Not many days are left. What else do I keep? It is not love that has reservations. ——Yi Shu
9. You want to change because you are willing to change. Do n’t do it for anyone. Afraid that the person will disappoint you, you have to fight back. ——Yi Shu
10. The power of love is peace. It never disregards reason, conventions, and honor and shame. It can make all fear, shock, and pain sweet when you experience it. ——Shakespeare
11. Where the flower of love is open, life can flourish. -Van Gogh
12. We love some people, and others who marry us and have children. ——Yi Shu
13. Beauty can inspire people's feelings, and love purifies people's hearts. -Joel Deliki
14. If love doesn't fall into-small things like washing, cooking, counting money, and bringing children, it will not be easy to last. ——San Mao
15. The youthful, rebellious years fermented into a bowl of green grass juice and poured into the heart. ——Guo Jingming
16. True love between men and women can not be achieved by the flesh or the spirit, only in the state where the spirit and the flesh of each other are fused together. ——Zhu Yaohuan
17. Frozen heart, endless sleep, I am waiting for someone to break the ice for me. ——Guo Jingming
18. Any grievance that can be said is not considered grievance; the lover that can be taken away is not counted as a lover. ——Yi Shu
19. Feelings like this are unreasonable. You must fall in love with a person. ——Yi Shu
20. A person has at least one dream and has a reason to be strong. If the heart has no place to live, it is wandering everywhere. ——San Mao
21. Whether you are with you or not, you must be brave. ——Guo Jingming
22. If there is no wisdom in my life, it will simply be overshadowed; if there is no love in my life, it will be destroyed. ——Henri de Montellan
23. No one can "abandon" you unless you give up on yourself, because we belong to ourselves and not to others. ——San Mao
24. There are some people who will not be together in this life, but there is a feeling that they can hide in their hearts and stay for a lifetime. ——Zhang Xiaoxian
25. Heavy rain always wets my eyes and my heart, and wets the years I spent alone. ——Guo Jingming
26. Every woman who is full of love has a lady's signboard. ——Yi Shu
27. The water in the fountain is not dead, and the fire of love cannot be extinguished. --Mongolia
28. You ask if it is worthwhile to love you. In fact, you should know that love is not worth it. ——Zhang Ailing
29. Don't hit me with your pirated Mona Lisa smile, my stomach is not as strong as you think. ——Guo Jingming
30. Love rushes and disperses quickly. -Jo Haywood
31. The pain of that year has become the blessing of today. Fortunately, fortunately, I do not love me, but fortunately leave me alone. ——Yi Shu
32. All the joys of life are the joys of creation: the genius of love relies solely on the fire of creation to shoot out. ——Roman Rowland
33. Time, you can understand love, you can prove love, you can also overthrow love. ——Zhang Xiaoxian
34. Maybe he's too determined that she will be waiting for him there, so he can be busy with his affairs, and rush to her appointment without hesitation, he always thinks about her because he is always busy, because she is always here There. ——Xin Yiwu's "To the Youth We Will Pass"
35. We may meet a lot of people in our lives, and sometimes we are on the same road, and we will walk together for a while. Until we meet the person who really wants to spend a lifetime together, we will give all the rest of the journey to this person and accompany Together to the finish. ——Xin Yiwu's "To the Youth We Will Pass"
36. I sincerely think that a man and a woman having children together is the happiest life. --Will Smith
37. What are you waiting for? Time has passed, so to speak, but not so fast. Wherever you go, you should keep in mind that the past is false, that memories are an endless road, that all past springs are gone, and even the toughest and wildest love is in the final analysis only one. This fleeting reality! ——Marquez "A Hundred Years of Solitude"
38. Never wait lightly, what a luxury it is to wait. In the movie, you only need to switch between shots, and a few lines of subtitles appear on the subtitles-twenty years later. Then red and white hair, everything has an end, and now life, three years and five years, which one second does not need to be born one by one, life is really long. ——Xin Yiwu "You are still here"
39. Don't let me wait for you anymore, I'm afraid I don't have enough courage to wait in place forever, and even more afraid we can't find each other when we walk around. ——Xin Yiwu's "To the Youth We Will Pass"
40. Because I do n’t get it, it looks particularly good. This is not love. ——August Changan "The Best of Us"
41. The mood of liking a person is not to listen to persuasion. Do you think I haven't persuaded myself when I was cold? ——August Changan "The Best of Us"
42. The injury of a person's life is not healed with words, nor is it forgotten with infinite time, but healed with happiness. ——Sheng Li "Love you, the best thing I have ever done"
43. I assure you that I will never leave you. I never knew that I would one day be willing to be bound by the promise. "The Vampire Diaries"
44. When we are young, we always do n’t care at the beginning, and we grieve at the end. As we mature, we may have avoided naive harm, but we also missed the courage to start. ——Jiu Ye An "The Year of the Hurry"
45. Uncomfortable habits, habit of thinking, habit waiting for you, but I have never been used to seeing you. ——Guo Jingming
46. "Zi Qiao was awake, but Mei Jia was not pregnant. When Yi Fei acknowledged his feelings, Xiao Xian was with Nuo Lan. Zhang Wei was just starting his love, but he became the opponent. Some people are like this, you I am ready, but I have missed the best time together. I thought I must be good enough to be eligible to meet you, I do n’t know, I am the best when I meet you. "Love Apartment 4" "
47. Love is on the left, love is on the right, walking on both sides of the road of life, sowing seeds at any time, blooming at any time, and fragrant this long-distance path, so that pedestrians walking through branches and leaves will walk on thorns without feeling pain; There are tears to fall, nor do you feel sad. ——Bing Xin's "Send Little Reader"
48. Now I finally understand that I have survived thousands of miles of wind, survived thousands of lives, and survived the years of poetry and wine, but I have n’t survived, and you have ignored the look. ——The Return of the World "Fuyao Queen"
49. If there is something to do with boiled snow, other things can be left. We can use an empty bottle to pack the sweet-scented osmanthus tonight. After the osmanthus has thanked it, autumn is over, then open the bottle cap and taste it carefully. Dress the warmth of the first love in a delicate glass box. When the youth is over, the lid is opened, and a hot current is blown, which is enough to make us old and comfortable. ——Lin Qingxuan's "Wen Yihu Moonlight Wine"
50. As long as two people in love are together, heaven is everywhere. For those who truly love each other, the other person's heart is the best house. For the dead, oblivion is the best gift left to him. Winter Love Song
51. Between moonlight and snow, you are the third kind of stunning. ——Amazing by Yu Guangzhong
52. Did not say goodbye to parting, whether you feel sad and turned around with a few smiles and unwillingness. Maybe next winter, maybe another ten years, and come back to you next time to support you with an umbrella-Chen Xuedong, "Small Age 3 Tattoo Gold Age"
53. I believe that those who really care about me will not be taken away by others, whether it is friendship or love. ——San Mao
54. I like you, you call me to the east, I give you grass like a lamb, you let me go west, my sunset reflects you, Caixia, you call me to the north, I am your lily in the winter wind, you let me go south, you It ’s my bride in the air, north and south, you are my tender lover, I miss the stars of the stars, I like you, you are the richness of my fruit, the miss in the blood is the tenderness I hold in my dream. Temperate, ecstatic, crying I like you-San Mao "I like you"
55. Men are mud, women are water. There is more mud, and the water is cloudy; No more, no more, pinch two clay figures-a good couple of immortals. ——San Mao "Dear San Mao"
56. I thought that one day I would completely forget love and forget you. However, one day, I heard an old love song, and my tears fell down. Because of this song, we have heard together. ——Xue Xiaozen
57. In the world of love, happiness will follow, and in the world of love, there will be eternal and eternal love. She met him in such a splendid year, fell in love with him, and then decided to stay with him. So far, there is no sigh of success. ——Sheng Li "Love you, the best thing I have ever done"
58. "All the flowers are gone all night, I will be far away from the earth; I will send a heart lamp to the king, parting and Yiyi; I'd better miss each other since then."-Sheng Li "Love you, the best thing I have ever done"
59. Some people have never had a chance to meet. When they have had a chance to meet, they hesitate to see each other. There are some things that I have never had the opportunity to do, and when I have the opportunity, I do not want to do it again. Some words were buried in my heart for a long time. I didn't have a chance to say it, but when I had a chance to say it, I couldn't say it. Some love has never had a chance to love, and when it has a chance, it is no longer love. ——Zhang Ailing, "Some people we have been missing"
60. Don't mess with your heart, don't get stuck in love. Fear of the future, do not read in the past. So, okay. ——Feng Zikai's "No Spoils, No Surprises"
61. When you are old, your hair is white, you are drowsy, and when you are old, you ca n’t walk anymore, snoring by the fire, remembering how many youths loved your youth, when you sang, when you adore your beauty, or if you are true The soul loves the wrinkles on your old face. When you are old, your eyebrows are dangling, the lights are yellow and the wind is blowing. Your message is here. This is the song in my heart-Ye Zhi Zhao Zhao, "When You Are Old"
62. Life is a train going to the grave. There will be many stops on the road. It is difficult for someone to accompany you from beginning to end. When the person accompanying you is getting out of the car, be grateful even if you don't want to, and wave goodbye. -Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away
63. I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father-daughter mother-child game only means that your fate is that you are constantly watching him in this life. You stand at this end of the path, watching him gradually disappear where the path turns, and he tells you with his back: Don't chase. ——Long Yingtai's "Watching"
64. How dare you grow old before you come. ——Zhang Ailing
65. Maybe many people know that I like you. But I think that even you who know almost everything probably don't know how much I like you. ——Tianyi Youfeng, "The Phoenix Prisoner"
66. All the girls who ask the other party to accommodate your willfulness and bad temper and must meet various requirements will end up suffering a lot. Expect that the other person who loves you alone in his life will suffer. Women had better be half like men. Like them, do not regard love as the sole source of life, but do something more important. Like them to bear and give. Use reason like they do. Like them, they are accustomed to lonely nature and freedom——Baby Annie, Weibo
67. Happy New Year is not a blessing but a promise. ——Gu Man, Shan Shan Comes to Eat
68. You, like me, are a woman who knows nothing about the means. At most, when someone proposes to us, it is not appropriate. ——Yi Shu's "Open to Tea"
69. I am willing to turn myself into a small bridge at this stage of the sunset and survive on a shallow stream. I hope my dear, catch my sincerity and hug. ——San Mao "Dear San Mao"
70. When the bell struck twelve, Jose hugged me in his arm and said, "Have twelve wishes soon." I repeated the same twelve words in my heart: "I wish everyone a long time, I hope that a long time I wish people a long time, I hope people a long time-"-San Mao" How much do you know about flowers in your dreams "
71. What is love in the world? Who can tell the love of this world, we always wishfully determined the person we identified, always thinking that we have the courage to withstand all the storms and go on, but we are always washed away by the current of torrents, halfway through I did n’t want it, but after all, I did n’t have the strength to fight the fate of fate, and sighed in vain. ——Abandoned, I want to keep "A Life Like This Dream"
72. So, I also have enough reasons to advise you to wait patiently. Don't believe any sweet words too soon, whether those words are out of goodwill or bad faith, it will not do you any good. Fruit will not be sweet until it is ripe, and so is happiness. ——Xi Murong's "Transparent Sadness"
73. Some things, knowing that they are wrong, also have to persist, because they are not willing; some people, knowing that they are love, also want to give up, because there is no end; sometimes, knowing that there is no way, but still moving forward, because got used to. ——Wang Xiaoer's "Don't be Afraid to Get Injured"
74. To love someone is a simple matter. It's like filling a glass of water with a cup and drinking it coolly. Your body needs it to feel healthy and happy. Think of it as a good habit. So I am willing to repeat day and night. ——Baby Annie "Awake Period"
75. I hate the life that I can't give to my lover. I hate the melody that I can't bring happiness. I can only give you a small attic and a north-facing window for you to see the stars. Gao Xiaosong's "Lover Singer's Lover" 》
76. If I am no longer me, how do you think I am happy, and how do you feel at ease?-Tang Qigong's "Hua Ying Yin"
77. "If we are finally going to leave, please let me sleep in your ocean at this moment, 30,000 miles in the sky and blue sky, such as washing, this moment your world is all I have-the world belongs to Yuan" Fuyao Queen "
78. I am too aware of the difficulties that exist between us, so I dare not wait. I want to forget the world a few times, and always meet quietly in the mountains and rivers, which is a kind of perseverance. ——Jian Yan's "April Split"
79. We used to think that we could die for love. In fact, love can't die. It only puts a shot in the most painful place. Then we want to cry without tears. You are not the wind, nor am I sand. I can't reach the end of the earth again, and I wipe my tears. Tomorrow morning, we are going to work. ——Xin Yiwu's "To the Youth We Will Pass"
80. I like a person without knowing it, but I find that the true side of that person is better than you think. This should be considered lucky. ——August Changan's "Orange Health Huainan Secret Love"
81. He was the best at that time, and later I was the best. But the best of us is separated by a whole youth. You can't run beyond youth, so you stretch out your hand and say goodbye. ——August Changan "The Best of Us"
82. Do not regret the affection of this life, willing to drift alone. If the fate of the next life is not exhausted, it is better to bear the Cangtian than the Qing——Feng Lingxia's "Xie Shi Xie Jun"
83. Love should really be built on a solid foundation of real life, otherwise, it is a fruitless flower that blooms on the tree of living life. ——Lu Yao's "Ordinary World"
84. When people get along with each other, there is more to consider. When you are busy, you will ignore the other person. When you are tired, you will forget the other person. If you cannot talk at the meeting, you will forget to send a message to the other person. ...... The most useful thing that can be done for each other is the only one. When the two are together, at some instant, the other person will become the happiest person in the world. -Zhang Jiajia, "Let me stay with you"
85. Sometimes love is also hurt. Cruel people choose to hurt others; good people choose to hurt themselves. ——Guo Jingming's "Little Age 3 Tattoo Gold Age"
86. Not all people can meet just the right people at the right age. Even if you meet the right person, you may not be able to afford your wishful love. ——Bai Luomei, "You're Jinse, I'm a Streamer"
87. If there is still the warmth that belongs to me in this world, then it is your gentle and long breath. ——Xia Xunyou's Voice
88. Do you have to go? Can you take a break? Like me, I occasionally sleep lazily, occasionally daze, occasionally make mistakes, occasionally make trouble, occasionally play tricks ... Do you have to go forward so firmly and rigorously? Makes everyone exhausted! -Jimmy "Listen to Jimmy Sing"
89. You may not know that the person who loves you the most can exclude all interfering factors and recognize you only by sound. ——Xia Xunyou's Voice
90. Secret love is a kind of happiness, that is before love has happened; steadfastness is a kind of precious, that is when love is happening; Perseverance is a kind of beauty, that is when love encounters twists and turns; but when love has ended Time to give up is a kind of courage. The secret love that once was young and youthful, the glances that have been secretly turned around over and over again, once ... Silent Love Silent-Gardenia Flower "Silent Love Silent"
91. Who has not suffered for that secret love, we thought that love was very heavy, the heaviest weight in the world, one day, when we looked back, we found that it has always been very light and light; we thought love It's very deep, and the years to come will let you know that it is just shallow and shallow. ——Zhang Xiaoxian's "Kiss in the Air"
92. Roses are so similar to love. Blooming roses will fall petal by petal, and when love reaches the apex, it will also fall into tears step by step. ——Lin Qingxuan's "Rose Coast"
93. When I am tired of everything, I will think of you, thinking that you live somewhere in the world, exist, and I am willing to endure everything. Your presence is important to me-Sergio Leon's "America"
94. I am willing to use a black pencil to draw a silent stage play. The lights are bright and hug you. You are willing to sing hoarse songs in the corner. If you are loud, please listen carefully.
95. Having someone who knows you is the greatest happiness. This person is not necessarily perfect, but he can understand you, can go deep into your heart, and understand everything in your heart. The person who knows you best will always be by your side, guarding you silently, distressing you, and not letting you be wronged. The person who truly loves you will not say many words that love you, but will do many things that love you.
96. When we were young, we had plenty of reasons to seriously admire another person, and when we grew up, we had just as many reasons to seriously admire another person. Therefore, those first innocent feelings will remember for a lifetime. Maybe it really is: good times, old times. ——Nine Night Anise "First Love"
97. I always believe that all noble emotions are ashamed to confess, and all profound experiences are embarrassed by words-Zhou Guoping
98. "If you want to work hard for love, you must do your best, and the person you love will come to you by yourself."
99. I want to give you everything, but I have nothing. I want to give up everything for you, but I have nothing to give up. Money, status, and glory, my little self-esteem is not worth mentioning without these decorations. ——Liao Yimei's "Rhino in Love"
100. There are nine kinds of feelings that you are really in love: physical sexual impulses, beautiful feelings, dear feelings, feelings of envy and respect, loves of praise, respected self-esteem, possessiveness, freedom of movement, deep Compassion. -Anthony "Orange"

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