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Steve Jobs

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1. To live is to change the world.
2. We think that when watching TV, the human brain basically stops working, and when the computer is turned on, the brain starts to operate.
3. I'm the only person I know to lose $ 250 million in a year ... It helps me grow.
4. I am willing to trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.
5. Brands are either branded with the Apple logo or Apple's quality. Branded with the Apple logo also requires confidence and commitment to customers.
6. Life is short, you'll be gone after living.
7. Follow your inner voice, they already know what kind of person you want to be.
8. You can't see everything, you can only connect them. So you have to believe that Dot will somehow connect your future. You have to believe in something-your intuition, fate, life, karma, and so on. This has never disappointed me, and all this has changed my life tremendously. ——Stanford University Graduation Ceremony Speech, June 2005
9. Here are my keywords: focus and simplicity. Simplicity can be more difficult than complexity: You have to work hard to make your thinking simple. ---- May 25, 1998
10. Being the richest person in the cemetery is not important to me. It is important for me to go to bed at night and say that we have done some wonderful things. ---- May 25, 1993
11. It's really hard to design a product for a team. Many times people don't know what they want until you show them. ---- May 25, 1998
12. Your job will occupy a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you think is great work. The only way to do a good job is to love your work. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Like all inner things, you will know when you find it. And, just like any great thing, things will get better as the years go by. So keep searching until you find it. ——Stanford University Graduation Ceremony Speech, June 2005
13. I will always have a relationship with Apple. I hope that throughout my life, I will have my life and the life of Apple Inc. intertwined. I may be away for a few years, but I will always come back. ——February 1, 1985
14. No one wants to die, even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die. However, death is our common destination. No one has escaped, because death is probably the best invention in life. This is a journey of life, it clears the old to make way for the new. What is new now is you, but soon after, you will gradually grow old and be cleared. Sorry, it's so dramatic, but it's true. ——Stanford University Graduation Ceremony Speech, June 2005
15. I think that if you do one thing and it gets pretty good, then you should do something else, not a long stagnation. Just figure out what's next. ——May 2006
16. Is there any other reason to live to change the world?
17. Don't live for others, don't live for yourself today, do today's work well, tomorrow naturally belongs to you, and the salary will naturally be higher than others.
18. Being synonymous with excellence is not because of how smart he is, but because of how hard-working he is.
19. There is a saying in Oriental Buddhism: always keep the mentality of beginners; it is a great thing to have the mentality of beginners.
20. The only way to be successful is to love your cause. If you haven't found what you love, keep looking and don't give up. Follow your own heart and you will find it someday.
21. I think that when watching TV, the human brain basically stops working. When the computer is turned on, the brain starts to operate.
22. It is shameful to make those who say "impossible" on the team feel impossible.
23. The product must be up-to-date, but you must not be a mouse to try new products that have never been seen before.
24. Your time is limited. Don't waste your time repeating others' lives. Don't let others' opinions drown out your inner voice.
25. You can't just ask customers what they want, then think of what they want them to do. By the time you do, they have another new love.
26. Your time is limited, so it's best not to waste it on imitating others.
27. There is a saying in Buddhism: the mentality of beginners; it is a great thing to have the mentality of beginners.
28. Every life that comes into the world is destined to change the world. Such a change should make every living life shout from the heart when looking back: "I have been here before!", "I am a legend."
29. Don't underestimate a button on the ipod. What makes it different from others is that we made 21 plans, 84,000 tests, and 57 improvements. User satisfaction comes from unnecessary persistence.
30. Why do you draw the logo so big? At any time, Apple's products should be recognized at a glance as Apple products and not Apple's logo.
31. All functions in the product design are a whole, there should not be any reason to cut the function and destroy the integrity.
32. The difference between a leader and a follower is innovation. Your time is limited, so don't waste it on imitating others.
33. All products will definitely leave the Apple Store but not the Apple System. We want to help customers continue to use Apple products until the end of their lives.
34. Use one line less than others to get lower process costs, provide one more value recognition and get higher profits than others, this is Apple.
35. Dream it, as if it will not come again tomorrow. In a life without remorse and no return, use dreams as the fulcrum of our resistance to the world, challenge mediocrity, and achieve the "big self", live as we "dream", do as we "want" and change ourselves Change others, change the world!
36. Not everyone needs to grow their own food, and not everyone needs to make their own clothes. We speak the language of others, use the mathematics of others ... We have been using the results of others. It is a great thing to use human experience and knowledge to make inventions.
37. You have limited time, so don't live for others. Don't be bound by dogma, don't live in the minds of others. Don't let the opinions of others influence your inner voice. The most important thing is to follow your heart and intuition bravely. Only your own heart and intuition know your true thoughts, everything else is secondary.
38. I am willing to exchange all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.
39. Don't design according to the bad habits of users, and don't design according to the thinking of programmers!
40. Hold on to good ideas and don't be obscured by the noise of other people's opinions. When your ideas can't stand up, discard them immediately, this is actually a kind of persistence.
41. No product should be brought to the user with a BUG, even if it breaks the trust in the media to postpone the release.
42. Have the courage to follow your heart and follow your instincts-they know to some extent what you want to be. Everything else is secondary.
43. Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugar water, or do you want an opportunity to change the world?
44. Death is likely to be the only and best creation of life. It is a life-changer. It sends away the old generation and opens the way for the new generation.
45. If you accomplished something well, you should do something else. Don't linger too long on the previous thing, think about what to do next.
46. It doesn't matter to me whether I can become the richest person in the cemetery. The important thing is that when I go to bed at night, I can say: We have done some wonderful things today.
47. Remembering that you always die is the best way to avoid falling into the thinking of "lost in life".

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