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Later classic quotes from us

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1. If not, then we have everything but we are gone.
2. My biggest sorrow is that I have no right to sorrow, and I am not qualified to do anything for you.
3. Fighting in Beijing is like going to the gambling table, you can come again without losing.
4. Happiness is not a story, but misfortune is.
5. I can go to the moon for nine days, catch the five oceans, and do everything for you, and I can give you everything.
6. I think it ’s for the happy people, happy people will become more and more happy, and miserable people will become more and more miserable. ——Fang Xiaoxiao
7. If you didn't leave then, will we be different later.
8. For fate, it's good to be able to live up to the other person. It's really hard to live up to this life.
9. I hate the Spring Festival the most. I rushed home every year to celebrate New Year's Eve. It was so crowded on the train that I had to hold my urine. ——Fang Xiaoxiao
10. My biggest regret is that your regret is related to me.
11. If Ian can't find Kelly anymore, there will be no color in this world.
12. After thinking about it, what I have is enough. Later, I can only think about your future.
13. "Why do we break up?" "Not important" "It's important to meet after breaking up."
14. Since ancient times, the sword rewarded his confidant, and took it back to tricks.
15. It's so hard to talk about a reliable love, how can you fucking come out and disrupt the situation. ——Fang Xiaoxiao
16. Being able to live in Beijing has always been a dream for me. It seems that I can meet new things every day in Beijing, and meet interesting people. All my dreams can be realized. Although not much money is made, air and water are also Not as good as my hometown, but I have to try before I am willing to return to a small city, have been married and have children, chai rice, salt, the second half of life, I must insist, Beijing, who is afraid of who. ——Fang Xiaoxiao
17. After graduation, who wants to leave Beijing? Every time I pass by Tiananmen, I think that all the best and most amazing things will happen here. I understand that Beijing is not my home. I would rather embrace the homelessness in reality than give up the opportunity to give it a try. It is said that life here is difficult, but Lao Tzu is not afraid. At least I have been in Beijing. The day in Beijing is really short. It is over before it starts, so every morning when I open my eyes, I feel that I am away from my dream. Go a step further. ——Lin Jianqing
18. "Brighten your eyes. There are so many old men liar now. You are careful to be fooled." "You are naked jealous. Understand, mothers generally protect calves." "I'm jealous of you?" I want to take pictures of Zhangjiakou with my good girls. I'm jealous of you? "" You mean women in your computer hard drive? "
19. "If you didn't leave then, would we be different later?" "If you had the courage to get on the subway then, I would be with you forever." "If you didn't break up with me then?" "Then we Will break up afterwards "" If we were rich enough then, we will live in a big house with a big sofa? "" You may have found no less than ten small three "" "If we just ignored it then we were married?" "We have been divorced for many years" "If you can stay with me till the end?" "Maybe you won't succeed" "If we didn't leave home and go to Beijing?" "If we didn't," "We will have everything afterwards." With "" but without us "
20. The breakup seems to give me a chance to catch my breath. Fighting in Beijing is like being at a gambling table. I can come again without losing light. It is two different things to die or live, but I must force myself to go all out. ——Lin Jianqing
21. "See you, I miss you" "I miss you too" "I mean, I miss you"
22. When I first came to Beijing from my hometown, no one had doubted, who did not hesitate to live tomorrow, only she, only she has always believed that I can do it, I remember that one day our elevator broke down, we can only climb the stairs , I said, let's tell a story, because only an interesting story can make that staircase climb up a little faster.
23. (Fang Xiaoxiao wears fake long hair) "What stimulation did you get?" "Does it look good?" "Ugly people make more mistakes."-Fang Xiaoxiao, Lin Jianqing
24. "Is he good to you?" "Are you not bullshit?" "What a good way? Can I go to the moon for nine days and go to the west to catch you?"
25. "I often don't know which sentence you say is true and which one is false." "Neither of the good-faith lies has been said."
26. There was a little boy named Ian who was separated from his good friend Kelly. He always felt that Kelly was captured by the aliens, so he was not by his side. He wandered around the planets. Kelly, in the process of searching, he also encountered various difficulties. Meteorites collided, black holes opened, bats attacked, and there was a stairway leading to heaven, but he could not walk any way. He must find the way to heaven. key.
27. "It's so funny, that is to say that I could still be the main palace, but now I'm still a junior. I'm really unlucky to meet you. The train stopped, the plane stopped flying, and now I can't even walk, I can still When you meet something unlucky, you say, "What else do you want? Can I spend so many years in Beijing because of you? I should give you a prize, best ex-girlfriend."
28. "You said, the two are so happy now, in case one day the two break up, let's not meet in this life." "That's no good, I still have to see you, I have to know how well you are doing "" No, the two have broken up. Do you need to know if I am doing well? "" I just want to know "" Then do you want to know if I am OK or do I want to know if I am OK? " Okay, I ’m sure I ’ll be sad, I ’m going to be upset, I ’m going to be almost the same, just a little bit worse than me. ”“ No, why are you like this, and why do you want your predecessor to fail? OK? Why are you so selfish? "" No, you think about it. The person who makes you happy is not me, and I'm definitely not happy. "" I really hope that time will stop here now, and always stop here. "
29. Xiaoxiao, it ’s almost Chinese New Year again. I just steamed two drawers of sticky bean bag, and I got my eyes when I was boiling. I still left a drawer for you this year. I always tell you, what to eat is still good at home, those takeaways. Can it be delicious? I've always wanted to send you something to eat, but it's hard to ask. He seems to have grown up all these years. I know it's because of you. For fate, it's good to be able to live up to the other side. It's really hard to live up to this life. These may have to wait until you are old to realize that, as parents, it is not important whether you are with you or not, and only hope that you can live the life you want and be healthy. Like I am old, my eyes are blind, and I always see that I do n’t understand anything. At the train station that year, I thought I was holding your hand, but found out that it wasn't you, and I knew that even if you didn't walk together, we would be one family. Xiaoxiao, eat well and come back when you are tired.
30. "Otherwise I will go to the lobby and see if there is any sofa, it will be one night." "Afraid of being indecent to you" "I am ... afraid of being indecent to you"-Fang Xiaoxiao, Lin Jianqing
31. Going out to work is no longer just for living, but also to see her happy when returning home, who is not difficult to live in, and for her, this is a bitter calculation. ——Lin Jianqing
32. The lives of two people drifting in Beijing are much better than one's life. Making money desperately is not just for ourselves, but for us. ——Fang Xiaoxiao
33. "Kelly must follow Ian" "Ian must hurry up with Kelly, don't leave" "As long as Ian and Kelly are together, they can brave the planet and be afraid of nothing"
34. "Why do you say that there has never been a story in the world, it is happy from the beginning to the end?" "Happiness is not a story, but unfortunate is" "then what story does not want to happen with you"
35. He is willing to be accommodating, but he said, boy, you have to calculate how many holes there are in briquettes. --episode

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