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1. It is very difficult in China to stay out of the crowd, maintain an independent personality, and stick to personal values.
2. The Chinese learn things very quickly. The problem is that once they learn, they become Chinese things. They must adapt to China's national conditions and become deformed as soon as they adapt.
3. The vast majority of Chinese are born like grass and mustard, and they die like grass, let alone in the countryside.
4. Stupidity may mean unreserved belief, passion, and sincerity that cannot be persuaded.
5. Translators do not look at how much foreign language you understand, but test your Chinese.
6. Our current education system is to destroy children from kindergarten. Teachers, parents, collusion, fine destruction.
7. I almost never get angry because I don't think it's necessary to solve problems if I have problems, and don't let others' mistakes affect me. This is the secret to my happiness most of the time. However, I am not angry, it does not mean that I have no temper. I don't care, it doesn't mean I have a good temper. If you have to touch my bottom line, I can tell you that I am not kind.
8. You can live to witness such a deformed education status quo, it is also a rare blessing. I sometimes look at a terrible picture and can't help but admire it: it's a skill to draw such a bad picture!
9. For any young man who wants to be an artist, today's examination system is outrageous and insulting.
10. There are only two types of buildings that can be seen in China so far. One is left by the ancients and the other is left by the foreigners.
11. What does it mean to save yourself? It means being loyal to yourself and doing everything seriously. Don't be annoyed, don't give up, and don't perfunctory.
12. Relaxing political restraint, slightly relaxing aesthetics, and slightly more creative patterns are the basic prerequisites for culture. I used a word in the 1980s, called "looseness"-a lot of true images of the language, without paying attention, tell the truth.
13. We often say "individuals fall into one category", but the form is sent down, one box at a time, all boxes!
14. "Serving the people" is wrong, there is no subject: serving the people? Who are you?
15. In China, Lu Xun and Marx each have a division of labor: Lu Xun is specifically responsible for cursing the old China, and Marx is specifically responsible for proving the necessity of socialism.
16. Humanities and arts education is flourishing on the surface, expanding enrollment, generating income, increasing disciplines, attaching importance to essays, etc .; in fact, it has regressed, and students have "no knowledge but no culture", "skills without common sense", and "professionals but no ideas".
17. Everyone has understood the truth in these decades. That is to hurry up and settle their lives, regardless of this society. You ca n’t save it. If you really walk down below, you know that there is a naked jungle society. Everyone believes in the law of the jungle.
18. The diploma is for mixing rice and has nothing to do with art. Unit employment requires a diploma, because the first essence of the unit is mediocrity. Diplomas are a guarantee of mediocrity, and they will never want Van Gogh.
19. China's real public space has not yet appeared. Where is the "public intellectual"? When entering public affairs, there are occasionally fools like me who come out and say a few truths, and everyone is willing to listen. This is very important. Poor thing.
20. Don't just call someone a "master". I don't think there is a master in China. Don't call "teacher" casually. It is very casual to recognize a person as a master or a teacher. This is all education (caused). It has become a hierarchy of power and is called a name, or Mr. or Ms. I really don't like the fact that student exits are related to power. This kind of title is found everywhere in very distorted power states. What a curse!
21. Today, nationwide colleges and universities, education nationwide, talk about "humanities"-but everyone must know that a nation suddenly comes to talk about "humanities", not a good thing. On the contrary, it shows that there are major problems in the humanities . In the face of such a big problem, in my opinion, let's not talk about the so-called "humanities" first. What is important is to restore common sense and memory first.
22. Artists are born and scholars are born. "Born" does not mean the so-called "genius", but it means that he really has to do this thing and can't stop him, so he goes all the way and becomes the kind of person he wants to be.
23. The diploma is for mixing rice and has nothing to do with art. Unit employment requires a diploma, because the first essence of the unit is mediocrity. Diplomas are a guarantee of mediocrity, and they will never want Van Gogh.
24. All men are created equal. That is the French slogan. It is a wish, not a fact. Your double eyelids, my fucking single eyelids? People are not equal as soon as they get out of the womb. The key is to allow a very different society to establish a mechanism that reflects justice, and the wealth of society can benefit the poor. Justice is impossible and balance is possible. China's problem now is not the disparity between the rich and the poor, but the unfairness and imbalance.
25. The superficial articles and strict measures of today's education system are simplified and simplified, but four sentences: treat children as adults and adults as children; simple things are complicated, and complicated things are simplified.
26. As long as people sit down and write articles, even if they are writing about the moon in the sky, the wormwood on the ground is actually "talking about themselves."
27. It is very difficult in China to stay out of the crowd, maintain an independent personality, and stick to personal values.
28. Young people really cherish youth. After the age of 20 to 30, there will be no more. Human growth is actually not knowledge. The core problem behind all growth is that he knows that time has passed. So what you want to do, you have to work 100% to do it. It's actually too late after the age of twenty-five or six. "
29. Someone always asks me, how did you succeed? Damn, I didn't expect to succeed. I draw because I like it. I don't remember saying "success" when I was young. Success kills people. You have to compare with people. The first place is still the second place, earning 100 million or 200 million ... I have no response to everything that needs to be compared. When I painted "Tibetan group paintings", I wanted to stay away from the "correctness" of the time. My current painting is also far from the mainstream of the United States or China. I know my paintings, myself, are worthless, but I hate the expression of collective power on the faces of a group of people.
30. The "six big habits" of Chinese people: First, be good, save love and twists, and enjoy sexual blessings directly; second, be good at gambling, save hard work, and look forward to getting rich now; Immediately overthrow opponents; Fourth, it is good to make up, omitting exercise sweat, and keeping good health; fifth, it is good to blow, omitting the practice of morality, and self-raising. Sixth, good drink, eliminate the need for spiritual communication, and quickly close the relationship.
31. For young people, the first rice bowl is number one. After graduation, you will face a very realistic situation. Don't smash the rice bowl; the second is under this premise, try not to be affected by the bad influence of this society. When people are young, they are more or less upright, always impulsive, idealistic, and good. After 30 years of age, it is either mediocre or evil, and it begins to become an accomplice in society!
32. Young people still see very limited and get lost in too much information. The message is not equal to the horizon.
33. Lu Xun is a Facebook that has been simplified. Lu Xun said a long time ago that if you want to destroy a person, one is to scold and kill the other. Everyone sees it now. In the past half century, Hu Shi was scolded and Lu Xun was killed.
34. When I was young I dreamed of changing the world; when I matured, I found that I could not change the world, I shortened my eyes and decided to change only my country; when I entered the twilight years, I found that I cannot change the country, my last The desire is just to change the family, but it is not possible. When I was about to die, I suddenly realized that if I only changed myself at the beginning, I might change my family, my country, and even the world.
35. I've seen young people with tattoos give seats to the elderly on the bus. I've also seen that well-dressed professors are more social than anyone else in a bar; I have seen bright women who are usually waiting alone in luxury homes. I have also seen their mistresses. The girls in KTV sent the hard-earned money to their parents and mothers in this hometown ....... In this society, the beautiful clothes are not necessarily more elegant, and the clothes are not exposed. It must be cheap!
36. Painting, you can't be restless. Look at the model and canvas. You will be excited. Nervous, but not anxious. The process of painting is naturally quiet and attentive. If any painter is anxious, it is because he does not know how to paint, so he has limited points, or he does n’t like drawing so much, but he should n’t paint—of course, the exam is 100% anxious, ill and even suicide. You try to think about how Mozart took our unified exam?
37. Are you satisfied with the university education in China? Are you satisfied with the savage demolition? Are you satisfied with the current medical system? If you tell me honestly: Yes, very satisfied! Very happy! I immediately ask you I pleaded guilty: I was wrong, I changed, my head was flooded, I am sorry for the people, I want to be a new person, seal my mouth, and then learn from you ---- OK?
38. Cai Yuanpei is the president of Peking University, Hu Shi is the president of Chinese public school, and Xu Beihong is the president of Peiping Art College. For now, the first article joins the party, and the second article is enough for the administrative level, and then, the leaders are pleasing to the eye or the leaders are obedient. So layers of approval, discussions, talks, appointments were turned into deputy ministers, ministers and the like ... Such "entry into the WTO" has benefits and no responsibility. In addition to being responsible for the education officials at all levels today, who is responsible for youth, learning, education, and society?
39. Every time I give a speech, young people come up to sign and take pictures. I have to accompany them, or they will hurt the self-esteem of the young people. Now let me say something serious. Really productive youths do not do such things.
40. The urban landscape was completely destroyed. Which ancient country spoils its own imperial capital in such an indiscriminate manner and obliterates its history? Cairo? Madrid? Rome? Paris? Kyoto? Nara? Peterborough? No. No ancient capital continues to be as disfigured as our Beijing. It is beyond recognition, and I can't wait to change the look of Beijing.
41. "The Founding of the Party" is a movie that pays tribute to the Beiyang government. The film uses vivid lenses, wonderful cases, and warm details to depict an era in which newspapers can be privately held, news can criticize the government, and universities. It can be academically independent, students can demonstrate on the streets, the masses can form secret associations, and the police cannot just arrest people. Power has boundaries, laws have effects, human rights are guaranteed, the poor have a way to live, and young people have ideals.
42. People can't clearly see who they are. The black and white words are left behind, which is like looking in a mirror.
43. Chinese people are used to making tricks and perfunctory. And the American artists I have seen are out of reach, and they are extremely committed, serious, reticent, and resilient, that is, the so-called persistence and excellence. Compared with others, the serious and common illness of the Chinese people is that they do not do things well and do not behave honestly. To be honest and honest, China is not without, but with few exceptions.
44. Now most of China's universities are like yamen. All students can't make their own voices. Most college students in China are like house chickens and dogs in captivity. Just let it go and earn a living, of course, it is not as good as those pheasants and wild dogs. Today's education puts a child's most precious time, wisdom, and imagination on the most ridiculous and sinful thing-examination.
45. As long as I am angry, I have to pull my face for the public twenty-four hours.
46. This nation has been poor for so long, everything tells him that we are no longer poor, we have status, and all China is living an imaginary western life. The whole of China was intoxicated in this hypothesis, and the Roman Garden confirmed it. This nation needs a dream, and now the dream has come true. But this dream is a foreign dream. The dream scenes are all foreign. Everything in this hundred years tells you: our previous days were bad. Don't live like that again. Another reason is revolution. Class is gone. On the ground in China, gentry, elite, bourgeoisie, and aristocracy are extinct.
47. There is no problem in reading the Internet and reading magazines. That is another way of reading. But with a little reading experience, I feel that the experience of reading is still impossible to replace. ...... Reading does not represent learning, it does not represent opinions, and it does not mean human standards.
48. Human growth is not actually knowledge. In fact, there is a core problem behind the growth of all people, that is, he knows that time has passed.
49. Chinese youth live in a world of power when they are too young. From his home and from kindergarten, everything is taught to him. This person cannot offend. From elementary school to university, all adults are reminding him that power is the most important Some things cannot be said, some things must be said. This is a terrible phenomenon, this is poison. All children grew up with the poison of power.
50. There are too many people who can do something with elementary education; too many people who can't do anything with college education. "Education" and "achievement" should be directly proportional, not so.
51. Whether drawing or writing, I try not to tell lies.
52. "Everything is covered by meaning and language, and photography is to strip all these meanings and language from the surrounding object ..." If this sentence is as dreamy as a flower, like a flower in the sky Class statements are understood together, will the conclusions be interesting?
53. I treasure breathing more than work. You accept one thing and reject one thing, it's really the same thing.
54. Under the current education system, a student from undergraduate to master, doctoral, may be lecturer, lecturer to associate high, and then how many professors. Spend money to publish it in a magazine so that you can pass. So these professors don't have time to attend classes and care about students.
55. I hope that rich people in China will wear strange lives and live very strange lives. This is how most art comes out. China must have such a group of weird people who live a very unreal life. I have no money, but I would like to be a freak.
56. We have a so-called "five stresses and four beauty" today. The level is very low, but we must be polite, obey the rules, cross the line, don't spit, what does it mean? It means nothing in our society. .
57. Developing real estate is one thing; building more houses for others is another thing, don't get confused.
58. The celebrity is very good. Some people are mad and bully, but they will never be more mad and bully than corrupt officials. ... Which celebrity made a temper, everyone spit and asked him to apologize. When the Chinese came to bully the weak and bully those who stood by the rationale, they were righteous. I hate Chinese people's mentality towards stars, which is complicated and dark. This has been the case from ancient times to the present. The mentality of the opera is secretly hopeful that something will happen to others, psychologically satisfying.
59. Students are also empowered. They are young and young, they are all receiving power education, they recognize power in everything, and when they come out to the society, the country gives them such students.
60. China's various exams have accumulated a long history of deformed "exam culture" and "examination personality". I have never encountered a foreign language and art that complement each other in more than ten national or provincial key art colleges. Students who are full of enthusiasm and conviction for the two, seeing everything, are collective expressions that they have no choice but to obey, which are "no expression" after being raped excessively by the exam monster.
61. Based on my experience and memory, the day when democracy was realized was not a peaceful world. Just like when the revolution was successful, the world is particularly difficult to measure. I care about the morals of the crowd, the normality of society, and whether they have lost the bottom line.
62. For a long time, when I left, I found that I was all wrong: how can there be a problem in education, it is a problem of power.
63. Brokeback Mountain is really not about homosexuality, but about depression, about that era. Li An refreshed the cowboy culture, he knows what depression is. In China, for more than half a century, heterosexuals have also been depressed.
64. Value is chaotic, and money becomes a measure.
65. The blockade and lack of knowledge make people lose, and the clutter and disorder of books also make people lose. The ancients said, "It is better to have no letter than to have a book." This said in the era when books were readable. ... This may be an age when books are increasing and their influence is shrinking.
66. Talent is sometimes less important than sincerity.
67. Preference, unknown, turmoil, semi-consciousness, and half-life familiarity are probably the best conditions for drawing to a breakthrough. • Sound knowledge is the foundation, and sketch is not the foundation. The current teaching of sketch is counter-common sense. Everything is important, but if you say that sketch is the most important, then it is wrong. A tree, can you tell which branch and which leaf is most important?
68. Once you are sure of your feelings, feelings are very valuable. Draw moving pictures based on feelings, not skills. The little pilgrimage girl I painted was so bitter and beautiful, but she did n’t know it—art was like that, and it touched people.
69. Some people say that I like to speak swear words. I use that word for two purposes: first, I look down on him, and I despise it. There is another meaning, that is, I like it, I agree, and I will also say that he is "stupid " --- I myself is "stupid ". Silly is pretty good!
70. What I call "fun" is a lively and rare personality. It's not just funny, funny, and gratifying. A fun person knows how to laugh at himself and how to advance and retreat. He is always relaxed, playful, and open-minded. "Fun" is a huge room for personality and even destiny, rich sides, and a broad background.
71. Who the hell is that I can use English to pretend to force me, I never think that English is a talent! Now a bunch of old guys, still taking exams, sketching, what kind of sketches are they taking now! Those old guys are already mentally disabled . Now it's all computer painting. Who would do it manually?
72. I am most afraid to see young people inferiority, but our education is to make you more and more inferior.
73. I don't remember encountering homosexuals that disgusted me. Some comrades are disgusting, but not because he is a comrade. Heterosexual, do those so-called "in accordance with the laws of nature" have too many disgusting guys?
74. In China, I have only one minimum requirement: let it happen. ...... If it happens, let it go forward. Don't judge right or wrong as soon as it happens. Don't judge something right or wrong so soon.
75. If a city has no artist, it will be indifferent in mood and lack of taste. A city has an artist, so there is a commotion. If the city has a spring dream, I am afraid that it is waiting for the artist. If the artist has a big dream, it is to have a Artists' cities go—Chang'an in Tang Dynasty, Yang Liang in Song Dynasty, Yangzhou in Ming Dynasty, Florence in Renaissance, Paris in the Third Republic, and New York after World War II. Thousands of poets and artists from all over the world come to these places. To these, City weaving art dream. The artist is a person who ignores national borders. French director Renoir said: The movie is my country. When he met filmmakers in the United States, Britain, Italy, Russia, and India in Hollywood, he said that they were all my compatriots ... in Shanghai in the 1930s, Zhou Shuren, Zhang Ailing, Fu Lei, Mei Lanfang, Chaplin, Shaw Bernard, There are traces, because there used to be places where artists dreamed.
76. Don't ask for freedom, nothing will give you freedom, only on your own.
77. Most Chinese are accustomed to making tricks and perfunctory, and so am I; they do not do things honestly, they do not behave honestly, which is a serious and common disease of the Chinese people; they are not absent in China. These people are always at a loss and cannot be confused. And American artists are out of reach, they are extremely devoted, serious, dead-headed, and resilient, so-called perseverance and excellence.
78. In my life, I don't like people not telling the truth! The gossip behind me is enough for me to listen for ten lifetimes. If you have the ability, you have to confront me in front of me! It ’s an egg to say bad things behind people!
79. Our appreciation of Western classical music is still a kind of 'literary activity'. At 'them', it is 'life'.
80. There is great beauty in the heavens and the earth, which is obtained in the simple place; life has great fatigue, and hides in the complicated place. There are always big passions in life, and it must be that life is simple; life is often enjoyed, and the soul must be pure to uncomplicated.
81. A good book will calm me down and make me have an inner life. I go out every day to entertain, make a living, and make a fake. A moment of quiet is brought by reading. The French Montaigne has a saying, the main idea is All human disasters are that people ca n’t be quiet when they get home. I am fortunate that I have not become a person who cannot be quiet in my room. This has a lot to do with my persistent reading for so many years. I am grateful for reading.
82. In today's China, there is no art life at all, but there are so many art people!
83. The Internet is just a stage, not a show. The world and the feelings about the world are made up of many things. The Internet cannot replace the world, instead of feelings.
84. "Knowing everything and saying endlessly" was impossible in the past, but it is still impossible now, because critical remarks will inevitably touch three common backgrounds: administrative structure, interpersonal relations, and political conditions.
85. My experience is that I don't read too much, but read repeatedly. A favorite book must be read several times before it can be read and read.
86. In Europe, a city, or even a country, is top glorious, and always glorious, is an artist, Mozart, Picasso, Da Vinci, Hugo, Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Soviet Centralization In times, statues of old Russian writers were erected everywhere. But to the artist everyday, he is regarded as an artist. Contrary to China, at the national level, modern and ancient artists are just small furnishings at the end. If they are well-known artists, they are cash cows and live signboards. When these artists see officials, their faces laugh, their legs are bent, You can compile a dictionary.
87. My personal experience tells me that reading has two functions. One is to make me think wrong, and the other is to let me have a house of my own and have a inner life. I haven't read many books, but books have changed my life. The books give me a long-term position.
88. You come out of college after hard work, and your salary is two thousand yuan a month, which is not as good as a nightclub lady. How big is the disruption of Chinese traditional culture? In the past, it was hard to read people's heads, but what do they rely on today? The second generation of officials and the second generation of wealth. Today's problem, I think the root cause is not that the hearts of the people have deteriorated, but the result of the solidification of the entire social class. Our young people rarely have a chance to turn their heads, not even!
89. The older the person, the less stupid. Youth is precious, half means being stupid. I wish I was stupid to go back.
90. In this huge conspiracy, what is really being used is our generations. The true purpose of respecting Lu Xun is to make us ignorant, to make us not doubt, and to blindly follow the ideological dogma.
91. I have been ignorant and stupid all the time, but the stupidity of the poor age is shameless and unspeakable. I may be a little bit smarter now, just because I have gradually got rid of my stupidity, and I want to continue to get rid of it: I don't have to compare with foreign countries. I compare myself with myself.
92. It is not important why Van Gogh broke his life (I accept all kinds of statements, and do not believe it). That is a mysterious thing. He only painted for more than ten years. But he did it himself. A dead genius has his own early, middle, and late artistic life, regardless of age. Some flowers bloom for only one day and one hour. Some truths are only revealed to one person. Van Gogh knew it.
93. I can't help but be worldly. In front of the frank and careless Mark and Orr, I often shyly. How dissimilar and irrelevant these two American dudes are, but I always think they seem to be the same guy when I think of it: they both married their European wives, they are fathers of three children, burly, healthy, baritone, meet Shake hands, look directly into my eyes, a stunned student voice and youthfulness.
94. As mentioned earlier, Lu Xun's status as Lu Xun lies in the value of his surroundings. Without his surroundings, where is Lu Xun? His enemies and friends were the best people at the time, each with a real influence.
95. The motivation for playing with art is less than half inspired or enthusiastic, most probably due to habituation.
96. Don't believe anyone in public. Believe in yourself as much as possible. At the beginning, you are very weak. You go to read books and go through experiences. There are many successes and failures.
97. My parents were all spoiled. In their prime, in their twenties to almost fifty, they were all being rounded up, or the whole man was in a ridiculous time and wasted his whole life. After seventies, eighties, and nineties, they are still being ruined. They are still studying politics and foreign languages. There is no help but to boil. Several guys may stand out, and most of them are obsolete.
98. Soho and Greenwich Village in Lower New York, the most eye-catching figures are the so-called "punks": colorful hair, black leather pants, perforations of girls' noses and lips, boys wearing earrings ... Its beauty, "art" is a mess, but it is not necessarily an artist, or, as Lu Xun sneered, a group of people who cannot be artists. However, without them, the art district would not be an art district. On the side of the "art" ship, there are always algae-like groups of people who want to get in touch with art. What's the matter if there is no work or achievement? Even if people just dress up like an artist, there are office workers who are different from the rushing day and night, and capitalists who are better than worrying about money.
99. However, people's psychological clues are very complicated. They lead to familiar and intimate historical landscapes with a sense of identity, and they will be lost in strange, strange and exciting landscapes. For more than a hundred years, China has undergone dramatic westernization and modernization movements. The largest landscape changes in Chinese cities and buildings have taken place. The long-established clue in the Chinese psychological landscape has begun to be blurred, confused, and broken. Today, we can hardly find our own clues.
100. The communication among Chinese adults, even artists, is a delicate set of "interpersonal relationships", intertwined with interests and plans, and uncertain. Art is nothing, but in the face of many well-trained and sophisticated Chinese colleagues, I don't know when it started, I would think that talking about art is afraid of being superficial and almost ashamed.

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