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Celebrity Quotes That Raise Your Realm

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The remorse for shameful behavior is the salvation of life. -Democritus

Perfection is the scale of heaven, and the desire to achieve perfection is the scale of human beings. -Goethe

Cultivate yourself and then hand in, and do your best to move. -Yang Zi

The true greatness of a person lies in his ability to recognize his smallness. ——John Paul

Don't cherish the body for the world. ——Chen Hongmou

Seeing wise and thinking together, seeing unkind and introspecting also. --Confucius

Virtue is like a gem. It is more gorgeous against the background of simplicity. ——Bacon

If the spirit is unlucky, it will heal; ——Lu Jiuyuan

Without health, there is no real happiness in life. ——Lu Ling

Education is the second sun of educated people. -Heraclitus

The gentleman is also at work, he is willing to eat coarse food, and he is willing to work hard. -Yan Yuan

Slimming is the first advancement without protecting shortness. ——Lu Kun

If a person is truly moral, he cannot be truly intelligent. -Shelley

The true hero is not never a humble sentiment, but never yielded to it. ——Roman Roland

To be an outstanding person, it is not enough to have a logical mind. People also have a strong temperament. ——Stendhal

The cultivated flower blossoms in silence, and the fruit of success will bear fruit in the light. ——Bing Xin

Introspection and contemplation only enrich our minds. -Balzac

Being learned without morality is like a bad guy is moral without learning, like a mean man. -Roosevelt

Save yourself in Japan, change it if you can, and encourage it if you don't. ——Zhu Xi

Conceal one flaw, and as a result, expose another flaw. -Aesop

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