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Selected quotes from Mr. Lu Xun

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1. Where there is a genius, I use my time drinking coffee for work.
2. Hengmei coldly pointed at Qianfu, bowing his head as a bullock ox.
3. Go your own way and let others speak.
4. Real warriors dare to face the bleak life and dare to face the dripping blood.
5. Lament its misfortune and anger it.
6. There is no way in the world, so many people will walk, and it will become a way.
7. Time is like water in a sponge. As long as you are willing to squeeze, there is always time.
8. I seem to be a cow, eating grass and squeezing milk.
9. Only the national soul is worth precious. Only when it is carried forward can China make real progress.
10. Education is rooted in love.
11. If you just read a book, it becomes a bookcase.
12. Since ancient times, there have been people who worked hard, people who worked hard, people who asked for the people, and people who gave their lives to seek the law ...
13. Calm, brave, discerning, unselfish.
14. A drop of water, when viewed with a microscope, is also a big world.
15. Dissatisfaction is the upward wheel, which can carry the dissatisfied person forward.
16. Time is life, and consuming the time of others for no reason is tantamount to killing money.
17. May the Chinese youth get rid of the air-conditioning and just walk up, without having to listen to the words of the self-defeated.
18. In fact, there is no way on the ground, and there are many people walking, and it is a way.
19. Where there is a genius, I have used my time drinking coffee for work.
20. When he was young, he would not be treated as a man, and when he grows up, he cannot be a man.
21. Relentless may not be true hero, how the pity son is not a husband.
22. The harder it is, the more you have to do it. Reform has never been smooth.
23. It always takes research to understand.
24. Our immediate priorities are: first, to survive, second to feed, and third to develop.
25. We must dare to look squarely, then we can expect to think, speak, do, and act.
26. Those who have been magnanimous must be retro, those who are magnanimous must maintain the status quo, and those who have not been magnanimous have to be innovative.
27. Human beings will never be lonely, thinking that life is progressive and innate.
28. As long as it is, it is baby.
29. Human sorrow and happiness are not connected.
30. I do n’t know if Han Xingquan is aware of it, I recommend Xuanyuan in my blood.
31. We Chinese are happy to destroy things that are not ours or that we will not own.
32. There are some scholars in China who always love out of nothing and create stories from flowers and trees. They not only praise their lives, but also whitewash the darkness.
33. What has been said does not count, it is a big problem for the Chinese.
34. Since ancient times, there have been those who are working hard, those who are working hard, those who are asking for the people, and those who are giving up their lives and asking for the law.
35. The enemy is not scared. The most terrible thing is the maggots in their own camp. Many things are lost in their hands.
36. Warriors with shortcomings are warriors after all, and precious flies are only flies after all.
37. A hare dog is often tougher than its owner.
38. Too much knowledge is either alive or soft. The heart will think wildly, and the soft heart won't let the hot player ... so it is necessary to wipe out intellectual knowledge.
39. Play is the most legitimate behavior of children, and toys are children's angels.
40. Childishness is as old as a child to an old man, and there is no shame for the elderly. The same is true of works. At first, it is not shameful.
41. Play is the most legitimate behavior of children, and toys are children's angels.
42. I hope the original is indifferent and indifferent.
43. Hope is attached to existence. When there is, there is hope, and when there is hope, it is light.
44. It is harder to transform yourself than to ban others from coming.
45. Facts are ruthless, they can shatter empty words.
46. As long as you can cultivate a flower, you may wish to make perishable rot grass.
47. When I am silent, I feel fulfilled; I will speak and feel empty at the same time.
48. I love my weeds, but I hate the ground decorated with weeds.
49. What has been said does not count, it is a big problem for the Chinese.
50. You must have the courage to be confident in order to have the courage to work.
51. Time is life. Unreasonably wasting other people's time is actually tantamount to killing money.
52. Talk to celebrities and pretend to be ignorant of what he said. I do n’t understand too much and are dismissed. Occasionally do not understand, it is most suitable for each other.
53. Doing one thing, big or small, without perseverance is very bad.
54. Lies written by ink can never hide the facts written by blood.
55. It has always been so, right?
56. In fact, pioneers can easily become stumbling blocks.
57. There is no freedom to be greedy and secure, and some danger to be free. There are only two ways.
58. If everything is done face to face, nothing can be done.
59. We can take off our clothes with our friends, but we need to wear armor.
60. If the deceased is not buried in the heart of a living person, he will really die.
61. Those who are fierce and fast are also peaceful and even decadent.
62. It is better to fight against the enemy than to be conspired by the same person.
63. It is not a complete contempt to say who scorns anyone. But silence is the highest contempt—the highest contempt is speechless, and the eyes are not turned away.
64. The thoughts of thinking about ancient times are often for the present.
65. Only the people's soul is worth precious. Only when it is carried forward can China make real progress.
66. Just saying no, what's important is to do it.
67. The empty talk and so on are short-term talks, and nothing can be said about it. It is always reflected by the mirror of facts, dragging its tail away.
68. Huge buildings are always stacked on top of each other. Why do we do this one by one? That's the reason why I often do odd jobs.
69. Tragedy destroys the valuable things in life, and comedy tears up the worthless ones.
70. Hiding into a small building into a unified, care about it in winter and summer and spring and autumn.
71. Relentless may not be a hero, how a pity son is not a husband. ——Lu Xun
72. The fertile grass of the Central Plains, the spring of the cold condensed earth. ——Lu Xun's "Untitled"
73. The brothers of the waves are here, and they meet each other with a smile. ——Lu Xun's "The Three Towers of Sanyi"
74. When there is no pride, the flowers bloom and fall. ——Lu Xun's "Mournment of Yang Yang"
75. Historian must sing, Wuyun's "Lisao". -Lu Xun commented on "Historical Records"
76. Seeing my peers become new ghosts, angry at Dao Cong for small poems. ——Lu Xun's "Remembrance for Oblivion"
77. The mind is vast and Guangyu listens to thunder in a silent place. ——Lu Xun's "Untitled"

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