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100 carefully collected celebrity quotes

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1. Life is empty and tasteless only to the people who are bland. -Chernyshevsky

2. The value of a person should depend on what he contributes, not what he achieves. ——Einstein

3. The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. --- Leo Tolstoy

4, whoever wants to play life, he will achieve nothing, who can not dominate himself, will always be a slave. -Goethe

5. Everyone is good, and the world is peaceful; everyone is private, and the world is chaotic. —— Liu Ye

6. Fatalism is an excuse for those who lack the willpower. ——Roman Roland

7. The only disadvantage we don't correct is weakness. —— La Rochefoucauld

8. Ruyan has forgotten all the past, and his heart is selfless. —— Tao Zhu

9, often seeking to benefit others, not seeking to benefit themselves. —— Xie Juezhen

10. Comedies in the world can be produced without money, and most of the tragedies in the world cannot be separated from money. ——San Mao

11. Property is the root of all evil: the distribution and defense of property occupy the entire world-Lev Tolstoy

12. The person who can spend money and make money is the happiest person, because he enjoys two kinds of happiness.

13. The ideal character must be expressed not only in the satisfaction of material needs, but also in the satisfaction of spiritual interests. —— Hegel

14. For things that you can't do, don't agree to others easily. Once you agree to others, you must fulfill your promise. -Washington

15. Money is like human feces. If you spill it, it will benefit the crop; if you pile it up in one place, it will smell bad. -Clint Mcchison, Jr.

16. Life is the sea and money is the boatman. If there is no boatman, life is difficult. -Wicklin

17. Money is not an end, but a means to an end. --Margaret Thatcher

18. Money is a bottomless sea that can drown personality, conscience, and truth. --proverb

19. Money can buy villains, but it can't buy truth. ——New motto

20. All self-interested lives are irrational, animal lives. -- Leo Tolstoy

21. The rich and the rich are not sexually impoverished, and the man is heroic. —— Cheng Hao

22. The poor, white and plain life is exactly where our revolutionaries can overcome many difficulties! —— Fang Zhimin

23, the old man Fuxi, aiming for thousands of miles; martyrs in old age, strong heart. —— Cao Cao

24. There is no ideal but indecision is a sad psychology. —— Bacon

25. The ideal of life is for the ideal life. —— Zhang Wentian

26. People, as long as they have a conviction and pursuit, they can endure any hardship and adapt to any environment. —— Ding Ling

27. Those who have established great events in the past must not only have transcendent talents, they must also have perseverance. -- Su Shi

28. People with pure hearts are full of sweetness and joy. -- Leo Tolstoy

29. Self-control is the instinct of the strongest. —— Shaw Bernard

30. The real greatness of a person is that he can recognize his smallness. ——Paul

31. A gifted person does not follow the way of ordinary people's thinking. ——Stendhal

32. Forgiving the enemy is easier than forgiving friends. ——Mrs. Deerridge

33. A person who can think is really a person with unlimited strength. —— Balzac

34. When two people talk, one can listen and listen. However, three people could not talk to each other about the most serious and in-depth thing in this world. -Emerson

35. Disrespect for others is first of all disrespect for oneself. —— Whitman

36. Huge wealth is a poison to a person who is not used to mastering money. It invades the flesh and bone marrow of his character. --Mark Twain

37. If you lose property, you will lose very little; if you lose honor, you will lose too much; if you lose courage, you will lose everything. -Yan Jizhou

38. Those who lost property suffered huge losses; those who lost friends suffered particularly great losses; those who lost reputation suffered complete losses. ——Spanish proverb

39. The most useless things in life are property, and the most useful things are intelligence. -Lessing

40. Smart young people think that if they acknowledge the truth that has been acknowledged by others, they will lose their originality. This is the biggest mistake. -Goethe

41. Everyone who has actually come into contact with scientific research knows that those who refuse to surpass the facts rarely achieve. -Huxley

42. If learning is only imitation, then we will not have science or technology. -Gorky

43. We learn much more from failure than we learn from success. ——Smiles

44. Some obsolete and uncombined things, no matter whether they are foreign or earthen frames, we must vigorously break them and boldly create new methods and new theories to solve our problems. ——Li Siguang

45. The bee takes a middle course. It collects material from the flowers in the garden and the field, but uses one of its own power to change and digest this material. ——Bacon

46. In the natural sciences, it is often more valuable to create methods and study certain important experimental conditions than to discover individual facts. -Pavlov

47. When money starts talking, the facts shut up. --proverb

48. Without great character, there would be no great person, no great artist, no great actor. ——Roman Roland

49. Character is like a tree, and fame is like a tree. We often consider tree shade, but we don't know that trees are the root. -Lincoln

50. Character is an inherent strength, and its existence can play a direct role without resorting to any means. -Emerson

51. Improve your personal ethics and build a "Great Wall of Personality". From the soundness of private morality, the utility of public morality is expanded to seek collective benefit. -Tao Xingzhi

52. Different personalities lead to different hobbies. ——Cicero [Ancient Rome]

53. I like to be accurate, strict, and formal in all things. These are the qualities that noble soul deserves. -Chekhov

54. The foundation of establishing morals is to establish moral character. He has always been knowledgeable and able to take on a big career, and he must first establish a foothold in character. ——Xu Shichang

55. If your character is very noble, and you are sad for your low birth, roses often grow in thorns. -Sadie

56. If the name is not regular, it will not be true. ——Liu Yuxi

57. What you instill into your brain is what you output. --proverb

58. Believe in its character rather than its vows. --anonymous

59, character in exchange for character. Generosity, especially modestness, will make everyone feel good. -Goethe

60. Character may be manifested at moments of great importance, but it is formed at moments of irrelevance. -Shelley

61. Character can determine life. It is more important than talent. ——Fu Sanders

62. Life is like this glass of strong wine, it will not be so delicious without refining it three or five times! ——Guo Xiaochuan

63. People full of joy and struggle spirit always bring joy, and welcome Thunder and Sunshine. —— Huxley

64. When a person meets the light with work, the light will soon shine on him. —— Feng Xuefeng

65. In order to work hard to play our role in life, love life. —— Rodin

66. Winter has arrived, can spring be far behind? —— Shelley

67. Although there are many shortcomings in worldly activities, they are still beautiful. —— Rodin

68. The hard-working bee never has time to mourn. -Black

69. We should not waste our lives, we should be able to say, "I have done what I can do."-Madam Curie

70. The value of life is not measured by time, but by depth. --Leo Tolstoy

71. We cannot serve the motherland in the same way. Everyone should do their best according to their resources. -Goethe

72. When asking for help, it is easier to ask the poor than to ask the rich. -Chekhov

73. Good morality is the real wealth in the heart, and it is the good education that manifests it. ——John Locke

74. There is something more precious than happiness, art, wealth, power, knowledge, and genius that is worth pursuing. This extremely valuable thing is excellent and pure morality. ——Samuel Smiles

75. Those who are virtuous and wealthy take advantage of the rich and noble to benefit the good; those who are virtuous and wealthy take advantage of the rich and noble to ruin. ——Hu Hong

76. Although their careers are different, there is no difference in genius's character. -Balzac

77. Fame is the evaluation of me by all men and women in the world; character is the knowledge and understanding of God and angels about us. -Paine

78. Character is a person's inner, reputation is a person's appearance. ——Shakespeare

79. You have to preach everything about you, not in your language, but in your true colors. -Rousseau

80. Educators claim to be children's character and decide between the ages of two and five, which is true. -Rodman

81. Talent is best cultivated in solitude; character is best formed in the turbulent waves of the world. -Goethe

82. In character cultivation, people must learn lessons from flowers. There is only one reason why gardenia is universally loved, because he never wants a rose-like fragrance. ——Anonymous

83. If we want to cultivate a fair moral character, we should develop a fine-grained habit. -Lincoln

84. Man must pass the test of wealth and ease before he knows his strength. -Guse

85. A good speech cannot obliterate a bad behavior, and a good behavior cannot be tarnished by slander. — Democritus (Ancient Greece) "Remnants of the Book"

86. Action is like fire, and words are like smoke. Smoke is not the fire itself. The brighter the fire, the less it becomes. -Pestalozzi (Switzerland) "Selected Works of Pestalozzi Education"

87. Those who are not strong will not be intelligent, and those who do not believe will fail. ——Mo Zi (Warring States) "Mo Zi Slim"

88. Generally speaking, the less you invest in "anti-rumor", the faster the bankruptcy of rumors. ——Wang Meng (modern) "Truth is the daughter of time"

89. The words of acclaim are too excessive and the words of blame are too unacceptable. Although the matter is not satisfactory, there is no regret in the future. The subtlety must be known. ——Shi Chengjin (qing) "Heirloom"

90. Those who betray their companions often unknowingly destroy themselves together. —— Aesop

91. On the journey of life. the future is very long and dark. But don't be afraid. there is always a path for the fearless. —— Lu Xun

92. Society is like a boat, everyone must be ready to take the helm. -Ibsen

93, life should be like a candle, from top to bottom, always bright. —— Xiao Chu Nu

94. If you want to love your own value, you have to create value for the world. —— Goethe

95. Character is the most difficult definition, but it is the most influential and important thing in life. --proverb

96. Appraisal of a person should not be based on his wealth origin, nor on his academic excellence, but on his true character. ——Bacon

97. The wind of a man is in character, not in status; although the status is high, no character, why is wind in life? ——Smile

98. Character and reputation are like the life and branches of a tree. ——Warren

99. Only virtue can open the door to success and reap the fruits of success. ——Marton

100. What makes a man noble is his character. -Lawrence

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