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100 celebrity quotes that see through life

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1. There are some things in life. If you miss a moment, you will miss a lifetime.

2. There are many bridges to go, not necessarily many paths. Eat more salt, not necessarily more food.

3. When walking with a companion, I don't feel far away, and when I eat, I have a companion.

4. It is said that people go to high places, but the high places are extremely cold. Water flows to the lower part, who knows that the Baichuan can be found in the lower part!

5. If I love you, I will understand you and see the world through your eyes. I can understand you because I can see myself in you and see you in me.

6, there is no endless road ahead, I hope in the corner.

7. People can't help but grow up. Growing up is like a hurry. The scenery is always changing and new.

8, no fantasy, no expectation, just like a bird with its wings tied. Too many fantasies and too high expectations are like birds who fly nowhere.

9. I haven't seen the grasslands, I don't know how thick the sky is. I have never seen the white clouds on the grassland. I do n’t know what is ethereal and what is pure.

10. Keep your face toward the sun so you won't see the shadows.

11. Love does not need to be deliberately grasped. The more you want to grasp your love, the more easily you lose yourself, the principle of things, and the tolerance and forgiveness that should be maintained between each other. Love will also become a form of no beauty.

12, love is like a handful of sand, the tighter you hold, the more you lose.

13. Smooth sailing people often cannot withstand setbacks.

14. Self-denial with the heart of self-denial, and self-tolerance.

15, love is actually a habit, you are used to having him in life, he is used to having you in life. I don't feel anything when I have it. Once I lose it, I feel like I have lost everything.

16, each choice has a different ending, just like taking different paths will have different scenery. So, if you want to see the splendid scenery, you might as well think for a while and then choose.

17. There are two kinds of people in the world: claimants and givers. The former may eat better, but the latter will definitely sleep better.

18. Separation has the same effect on love as wind on fire: the blazing fire is more and more blown by the wind, and the small flame is destroyed by the wind.

19. The 100 sheep under a lion are far more terrible than the 100 lions under a sheep.

20. We always like people who worship ourselves, but we don't necessarily like people who we worship.

21. A philosopher said: If there are 10,000 people lined up, only those who have the courage to step forward can have the opportunity to be appreciated. In fact, it is not difficult to take a step forward. The hard part is whether you have the courage to step out of yourself.

22. People can't go to college, but they can't be without knowledge. No matter how badly your situation and status is, as long as your mindset is calm and you do what you should do, you will live a full life. Don't think too much, once the simple heart is complicated, happiness and joy will leave us. How can people do things as they please, but they can be ashamed.

23. True love should go beyond the length of life, the width of the soul, and the depth of the soul.

24. Faith is a torch, which can burn one's potential to the maximum and guide people to fly to the sky of dreams.

25. Face everything with gratitude, including failure, and you will find that life is actually wonderful.

26. Regret is an emotional exhaustion. Regret is greater loss than loss and greater error than error, so please don't regret it.

27. Everyone has potential energy, but it's easy: it's covered by habits, confused by time, and consumed by inertia.

28. When the East China Sea goes down to the west at sunrise, there will be one day of sorrow and one day of joy; if you are in trouble, you will not be jealous.

29. Lost because of greed-Seriously, honest people are rarely fooled.

30. A classic of youth will never be redeemed immediately.

31. Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.

32. Be kind to others when you are proud, because you will need them when you are frustrated.

33. All victories are insignificant compared to the victory of conquering oneself. All failures are more trivial than failures to lose oneself.

34. A thousand people have a thousand ways of living and a way of life. If you want to change something, you must first find yourself.

35. In this world, although there is a lot of cold and a lot of darkness, as long as there is more trust and care among people, then there will be a lot of sunshine.

36. If I can't, I must; if I can, I can.

37. A person who can see things from the perspective of others and understand the mental activities of others, never have to worry about his future.

38. Put your face in the sun, then there will be no shadows.

39. Anger is punishing yourself by doing something wrong.

40. A person who is weak is his greatest enemy; a person who is brave is his best friend.

41. Before correcting others, first reflect on whether you have made mistakes.

42. Don't give up flying when you can fly; don't give up dreams when you can dream; don't give up love when you can love.

43, home! sweet Home! There is no better place in the world than home.

44. If the enemy makes you angry, then it means that you have not won his grasp. If a friend makes you angry, then you still care about his friendship.

45. Some things are beyond our control and we have to control ourselves.

46. Smart people are happy, and those who think they are smart are upset. Help others to alleviate three points of trouble, and you will enjoy seven points of happiness.

47. Rumors need at least two people to cause harm—your enemies slander you, and your friends tell you.

48. A beautiful life should be full of expectations, surprises, and gratitude.

49. The happiest people are not everything is the best, but they will fully enjoy what they have.

50, you must first look at yourself, others will look at you.

51. If a thousand people stepped by me, I can hear your footsteps, because 999 people ’s feet are on the ground, and only your footsteps are on my heart.

52, life is too short, give up today and tomorrow may not be obtained.

53. Tell yourself once a day: I'm really good.

54. The only thing that can wash everything apart from tears is time. Feelings pass by time. The longer the time, the lighter the conflict, as if the tea is constantly diluting.

55. Having courage does not mean that fear does not exist, but it dares to face it and overcome it.

56. With less preset expectations, the care for people will be more comfortable.

57. The best friends are you sitting on the veranda silently without saying a word. When you walk away, you still feel that you have experienced a very wonderful conversation.

58. The value of man is determined at the moment of being tempted.

59. Where there is an ideal, hell is heaven. Where there is hope, pain becomes joy.

60. People always cherish what they don't get, and forget what they have.

61. Face the past with the least remorse. Facing the present with the least waste. Facing the future with the most dreams.

62. God never complains about people's ignorance, but people complain about God's injustice.

63. The husband and gentleman's trip, calm to cultivate self-cultivation, thrift to cultivate morals, non-indifferent to the ambition, non-quiet to the far.

64. To make things change, change myself first; to make things better, make yourself better first.

65. People must have a three-level mentality: peace, stability, and balance. Be calm with yourself, be tolerant with friends, and be tolerant with many things so that you can live happier.

66. Believe that you will always be the most powerful person in the world, because you have the right to choose the path of your life. What others say is just a suggestion, and you are the one who really determines this right.

67. No matter you are rich or poor, there is always something in your body that makes others worthy to associate with you. No matter what kind of person you are, you have something for others to fear.

68. Everyone has a personality and a bottom line. Do what you do not exceed the person's bottom line, otherwise the consequences are really unthinkable.

69. Hope is that it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. This is like the road on the ground. In fact, there is no road on the ground. There are many people walking and it becomes the road.

70. When I think of the desert, I think of water, and when I think of love, I think of you.

71. Learning is a lamp and hard work is oil.

72. When a person is distracted everywhere, he cannot get a satisfactory result everywhere; if such a person is unsatisfactory, would it be strange?

73. The power that governs the actions of soldiers is belief. He can endure all the hardships and pains to reach his chosen goal.

74. Middle age is a date without expectation.

75. The civilization of youth, the civilization of struggle, also struggle with circumstances, struggle with the times, and struggle with experience. Therefore, young people, the jade of life, the spring of life, the glory of life.

76. Establishing a correct philosophy of life is a matter of life and death for everyone. Those who have lost their goals in life are the most unfortunate.

77. People can deeply understand the meaning, responsibilities and problems of life when they reach middle age, and reflect on what life is all about.

78. Although the road of life is long, the important points are often only a few steps.

79. Create a brilliant tomorrow with hard work!

80. We came to this world crying, and wished to leave with a smile.

81. There is no failure, but only stop success.

82. Don't give up lightly, otherwise I'm sorry!

83. No retreat is the best retreat!

84. Middle-aged is an age that can only be moved without emotion, only an age of sorrow and no anger. Middle age is the age to kiss a woman's forehead, not kiss her lips.

85. Yesterday has passed, tomorrow is still unknown. Grasp today and work hard!

86. How can you do what you want, but please be ashamed of my heart.

87. Choice is more important than hard work.

88. Struggle is my character, and success is my goal!

89. Success belongs to people who never give up.

90. People are great because of dreams and reach their goals at an early date.

91. Choice is more important than hard work. Choose not to waste effort!

92. Keep the state of peaks forever, move fast!

93. Success is difficult, and failure is even more difficult.

94. To survive, you must live in the forest like a wolf.

95. Refusing opportunity is rejecting wealth.

96. Believe in yourself and your partner. Seize the opportunity to succeed.

97. Choices can be difficult. Being able to stick to oneself requires self-sustainability.

98. Always be an upright person and always do the right thing.

99, dumplings are enough to gather people, enough breadth has won people, the body is enough to lead people, the self-discipline is enough to convince people, the people who win the hearts of the world!

100, walking down and down, the sun is always after the storm, there is a rainbow after the storm.

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