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100 quotes about inspirational celebrities

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1. Money is not almighty, but without money is absolutely impossible.

2. Money is noble and lowly. Money in the hands of noble people will become noble; money in the hands of vulgar people will become low-level vulgar.

3. Don't be sick, don't have nothing to lose.

4. Health is not everything, but losing health is losing everything.

5. Don't be ill. If you are ill, you will suffer. If your children are affected, you will have to spend more on medicine.

6. Our life today is the choice we made three years ago, and our life three years later is our choice today.

7. Everyone has a day of retirement, but not everyone is guaranteed.

8. When you put power on yourself, you will always be full of power.

9. Don't hold on to the past and reject new ideas and challenges.

10. Seeking the name requires the name of all people, seeking profit requires the world to benefit.

11. Change your mindset and attitude, and you will get everything you want.

12. Let others talk and joke. Only I can decide what I will do and what I can do.

13. If you are totally dependent on others financially, then you give up your power.

14. All day with the inactive person, we will become inactive.

15. The rich manage and the poor consume.

16. The voice of the wise is always the direction of the fool.

17. A person can grow old, but it can't be tasteless.

18. Instead of letting life rust, let life glow.

19. If you do n’t know the goods, you will suffer for half a lifetime;

20, the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the child wants to be filial and absent.

21. Give up finite and win infinite.

22. The life that bears responsibility is the real life.

23. Young is very valuable, but it is worthless without hard work.

24. Time can make your skin wrinkle, but losing your passion for life will inevitably make your soul wrinkle.

25. A person can joke about anything, but he cannot joke about his future.

26. It is unfortunate for others to look down on you; it is even more unfortunate to look down on yourself.

27. When there is more nonsense, there is less wisdom.

28. A person's proper temperament is the first priority to accomplish any great cause.

29. The 21st century is not the management of money and power, but the management of leadership influence.

30. Hibiscus comes out of clear water-good environment can produce good people; carve out nature-constant shaping can produce talents; moisturizing is silent-leaders need not preach too much.

31. There will be great wisdom in the big picture.

32. Experience is the wings of success.

33. High society-people hold people high; middle society-people do not scorn others; low society-people degrade others.

34. Passion-It's just that there is so much energy.

35. Do more and make more mistakes, make more mistakes, make more changes, and make more changes and experience.

36. Success never gives up, and giving up never succeeds.

37. There is only one reason for success, but there are a thousand reasons for failure.

38. Attitude determines success, not changing attitude after success.

39. Success belongs to people who are ready.

40. Behind success is the word failure.

41. If you want to succeed, you must overlap with the ideas, steps and time of the successful person.

42. Successfully struggling for help, plum blossoms cold.

43. Establish a successful team before establishing a successful career.

44. Success means that we have the right to choose our lives.

45. None of us care about success, and how can success care about us.

46. Solve problems with successful experiences; don't solve problems with your own ideas.

47. Success is two forces: one that supports us; one that opposes us.

48. Success is not how much you get, but how much you throw away the extra stuff on your body.

49. It is not happiness after success, but success after happiness.

50. The truth of success lies in one word: gradual (step by step)

51. Four steps to success: (1) foresee success; (2) believe in success; (3) learn successfully; (4) persist in success.

52. Talking about setbacks before success is called-vomiting bitter water; coming back to talk about setbacks after success is called-experience.

53. One must succeed in understanding the wisdom of giving up and choosing.

54. Harvard success percentage: (1) trifle success: 80% professional ability; 10% interpersonal relationship; 10% idea; (2) major success: 20% professional ability; 40% idea;

55. Successful people get rid of difficulties, and failed people get rid of them.

56. People in the three constellations are easy to succeed: hard work, hard work and do.

57. Do what you should do before you succeed, and do what you want after you succeed.

58. Complaining that leaders are a taboo for soldiers.

59. Do things and talk: focus, efficiency, speed, simplicity, repetition, and happiness.

60. Nine-character motto: simple, believe, obedient, find and do.

61. Those who have not fallen feet do not know the pain of wrestling; those who have not cried do not know the clarity of their eyes.

62. Life does not lie in the length of life, but in the morning and evening of epiphany.

63. Believe that seeing is light, doubting seeing is darkness, believing that seeing is the road, and doubting seeing is difficult.

64. Knowing that there is no power, I believe that there is power.

65. People who are easy to believe are more likely to succeed than people who are not easy to believe.

66. Success is a concept, success is a thought, success is a mentality, and success is a habit.

67. The biggest difference between success and failure is the idea.

68. All successful people are seizing the opportunity, and all failing ones are waiting to be seen.

69, small success depends on itself, big success depends on the team.

70. Success comes barely.

71. Grow in adversity and succeed in difficult situations.

72. Those who useless words will become useless; those who speak successfully will become successful people.

73. Unsuccessful people see the danger in front of opportunity; successful people see the opportunity in front of danger.

74. Success belongs to people who keep pace and persists; success belongs more to the days of fast pace, positive people.

75. The loser is suffering — nothing. Successful people go all out-everything.

76. Lessons from unsuccessful: busy-busy business; blind-blind self-confidence; confused-confused at a loss.

77. Success has to go through three waters: cold water, sweat, and tears.

78. Three tests of success: (1) test our love; (2) test our patience; (3) test our perseverance.

79. Two hearts for success: determination and confidence.

80. Three major reasons for failure: (1) complain about leaders; (2) do not learn; (3) think that they do not respect the experience of successful people.

81. Success will never be allowed to happen, success is forced out.

82. Birds cannot fly without wings, and people do not succeed without ambition.

83. 99% of success is mind, 1% is ability.

84. A person is unsuccessful because of two words-fear.

85. A person who can learn from others is a person who wants to succeed.

86. What is success? Doing every little thing well is success.

87. Success is between eyebrows-confidence.

88. The secret of success: Cherish, care, and be grateful.

89. The successful three-word decision: follow-follow the study; cultivate-cultivate the market; root-deep root of the cause.

90. Three kinds of people on the road to success: the first kind of person will always use his own ideas and never succeed in his life; the second kind of person tries hard to make his own way, and the success is very slow; the third kind of person walks on the steps of the successful person and succeeds fast.

91. Thinking at home, success is difficult; going out to do it is easy.

92. The cycle of success: clear goals-implement the plan-positive action-encountered problems-close to successful people-persist.

93. Success requires the gentleman's encouragement and the villain's stimulation.

94. Owning resources cannot be successful, and making good use of resources can be successful.

95. The winner said: Although this is difficult, it is possible; the loser said: That is possible, but it is too difficult.

96. Failure is the mother of success, and review is the father of success.

97. Ways of success: (target + plan) action = success rate.

98. Successful people see lifelines in 99% of the shoals.

99. Successfully laughed for a lifetime, unsuccessful being laughed for a lifetime.

100 、 Successful people remember experience, forget the pain and go forward courageously; failing people remember the pain and forget the experience, so they do n’t stand still.

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