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100 celebrity quotes that inspire life

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1. Six successful planes: crisis-turnaround-vitality-recognition-grip-use of machine.

2. If you want to succeed, you must do three things: (1) learn from successful people; (2) say what successful people want to say; (3) accept amendments from successful people.

3. Success is a scripture. Whoever realizes first will succeed first.

4. A person's speed of change is proportional to the speed of success.

5. Success lies in conviction and firm conviction.

6. Bring happiness to others before bringing success to others.

7. A determined person may not succeed, but a person who persists in determination can succeed.

8. Confidence and courage are the two major weapons of success.

9. We are not learning for ourselves, we are learning for millions of people; we are not succeeding for ourselves, we are succeeding for millions.

10. Constant small successes will accumulate large successes.

11, successful people's way of thinking: always look into the distance when things go wrong.

12. Two characteristics of success: (1) the charm of affinity; (2) the attitude of being vain.

13. The person in front of you will definitely lose the future.

14. The new and old concepts mean the ability to accept new things.

15. A person's ideas are the most difficult to reverse, and the twist of ideas depends on the atmosphere.

16. We do not have good opportunities, but we do not have good ideas.

17. In life, if you want happiness, you must have the ability to predict the future.

18. The saddest part of life is: 1 Good teachers do n’t learn; 2 Good friends do n’t pay; 3 Good opportunities do n’t hold.

19. What you see and hear makes a lifetime, and unknowingly kills you.

20. Empty pockets cannot hinder your future, empty heads you will always be poor.

21. Wrinkles can grow in our heads, but not in our ideas.

22. Efforts must have results, but not necessarily good results.

23. A person cannot enter the temple of wisdom without giving up his past ignorance.

24. No one has long-term concerns, he must have near-worries. Born in sorrow, died in peace.

25. What kind of idea has what kind of future; what kind of idea has what kind of life.

26. People often use known things to judge unknown things; people often take wrong inferences as correct conclusions.

27. Being rich means being unsatisfactory, being expensive is being able to be refined; being poor is being poor and having little knowledge, being cheap is being cheap.

28. It ’s hard to buy a long time ago. It ’s hard to buy regret medicine.

29. There are 20-year-old rotten trees and 80-year-old evergreens in the world.

30. The brave is fearless, the wise is fearless.

31. Giving money is the best policy, giving ability is the middle policy, giving concept is the best policy.

32. Opportunities are like thieves. They come without a trace when they come, and they suffer heavy losses when they leave.

33. What we do not know does not mean that it did not happen. What we do not understand does not mean that it does not exist.

34. The three fatal injuries in life: work hard and stay the same; the results of hard work can't accumulate;

35. The same quality is better than the price, and the same price is better than the quality.

36. The most important thing in life is not hard work, not struggle, but choice.

37. The people who fail are often those who are morally disheartened.

38. The trajectory of success: mentality-ability-organization-performance.

39. Successful leaders are not thermometers but thermostats.

40. On the way to success, distress and joy are twin brothers. When distress appears, please believe that joy will follow.

41. The difference between success and failure is only one word: active or passive.

42. I am unique in the world and I will succeed!

43. Winners often have a plan, and losers often have an excuse.

44. The winner will say, "I'll do something for you! And the loser says: That's not my business.

45. Three conditions for success: (1) opportunity; (2) one who desires change and works very hard; (3) noble person to help.

46. Success model: (1) Learn from successful people first; (2) Do it yourself; (3) After doing it, review whether you bring back experience; (4) Drive the department to do it together; Pay for the team.

47. Three factors that change a life's fortune: (1) a beautiful environment; (2) a group of good teachers and friends; (3) a good book.

48. A person who wants to succeed must put himself in a successful environment, because good water makes good wine, good clay, good pots, and good environment can create good talents.

49. A busy person may not be successful, and a successful person may not be busy.

50. The best way to success is method and experience.

51. The only constant word in the world is the word "change".

52. One word in life is the word "find".

53. You need to use a ruler to measure your height, use a scale to weigh your weight, and use time and practice to measure the truth.

54. We can be unpretty, but we must not make our lives unpretty.

55. Yesterday was a scrap, today is a banknote, and tomorrow is a promissory note.

56. Facts speak louder than words.

57. 20% of the world ’s people own 80% of their wealth; 80% of the world ’s people own only 20% of their wealth.

58. We cannot be descendants of the nobility, but we can be ancestors of the nobility.

59. The smartest person in the world borrows the experience of someone's head breaking the bloodstream as his own experience;

60. I believe it is the beginning of success, and persistence is the end of success.

61. The saddest thing in the world is that there is no gambling with eyes and no ears.

62. As long as you believe, miracles will happen.

63. Doubt is certainly possible, and verification is even more important.

64. You must believe that you are unique in the world and you will succeed.

65. If others can succeed, why can't I?

66.Good company + good product + good system + good culture + good team + good teacher + believe + hard work + persistence = I can succeed!

67. A person who is convinced that he is right will not care about the opposition and approval of others.

68. It is better to verify in a short time than to suspect in a long time.

69. Edison: I believe: the darkness of the world becomes bright; Columbus: I want to believe: there is a new continent in the world.

70. Believe first and then solve for the wise.

71. If you can't, you must, if you want, you can.

72. Doubts can be resolved with understanding.

73. If you confirm that you are right, you should go your own way.

74. The stronger your self-confidence, the stronger your ability.

75. Lack of self-confidence is often an important reason for weak personality and unsuccessful career.

76. The attitude of successful people contains many elements, but the most important thing is to have self-confidence.

77. Losing confidence will become a coward.

78. Trust the company, trust the product, trust the system, trust the team. Trust leaders, trust yourself.

79. The first and biggest obstacle to our success is disbelief.

80. Courage and confidence are two weapons in life. If you use courage often, you will have confidence.

81. Luck is for those who don't believe they can dream come true. Rich people can create their own luck.

82. Doubt is the beginning of pain, sincerity is the beginning of happiness.

83.It is not because Amway is difficult to do that we lose confidence, but because we lack confidence Amway is difficult to succeed.

84. When we engage in Amway, we don't want others to applaud or applaud. We want to applaud ourselves. This is indispensable --- confident!

85. A self-righteous person who gets higher and higher will ruin his life.

86. We are looking at the big goals in life, without taking into account the immediate interests.

87. People don't look at what you say, but look at what you do.

88, the six major roots of life: self-righteousness, disapproval, rely on the old to sell the old, old-fashioned, incompatible, worsening.

89. Behavioral drive is better than language drive.

90. The stupidest person in the world must use the experience of breaking his own head to shed blood as experience.

91. Many people today are not unwilling to accept new ideas, but are not willing to abandon old ideas.

92. Successful people will never tire of sharing experiences, because many people still fail.

93. Success Z theory: (1) cultivate feelings; (2) cultivate trust; (3) cultivate tacit understanding.

94. Success is not about challenging others but changing yourself.

95, billions of wealth can not buy a good idea; good ideas can make you make billions of wealth.

96. It takes only 0.05 seconds for a message to travel from one end of the earth to the other, but it takes one year, three years or even ten years for an idea to travel from outside the brain.

97. To change your destiny, change your mind first.

98. The success or failure of life often lies in the difference in one mind.

99. The gap between rich and poor lies in different ideas.

100, third-class citizens: waiting for work, waiting for salary, waiting for retirement.

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