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100 celebrity quotes

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1. Those who do not see opportunities are stupid people; those who cannot seize opportunities are mediocre; those who have opportunities do not seize are sinners.

2. The largest market in the world is in our heads.

3. When a person is good, find a spare tire. When a person is bad, find a retreat.

4. It is better to be laughed than to be laughed for a lifetime.

5. It is not regrettable to be born poor, but regretful to be poor when dead.

6. When people are poor, they will become a burden on the country, society, and family.

7, smart people can understand, smart people can see, smart people can see far.

8. People without crisis is the biggest crisis, and meeting the status quo is the biggest trap.

9. Poverty takes time to prove.

10. A person who frequently looks back cannot go far.

11. Life is not afraid of coming back, but there is no future.

12. Thoughts come first, behaviors come.

13, eyes can kill people, eyes can be attractive.

14. Third-class enterprises talk about products, second-tier companies talk about talents, and first-rate companies talk about education.

15. What is a person's mindset: always learn from others.

16, serve one person, ten million people serve you.

17. Four pairs: Be right, talk to people, talk, and do the right thing.

18. Give credit to others and take responsibility for it yourself.

19. Reviewing yourself is the beginning of success, and reviewing others is the beginning of failure.

20. Ordinary people always love to teach big places, but special people pay attention to smaller places.

21. A person must bear humiliation to get what he deserves.

22. People are better than us, we learn from others; others are not as good as us, we have to help others.

23. Three basic capabilities of leaders: the team's goal is a common goal; the team's goal is the only goal; respect for individual differences.

24. The greatest wisdom—simple; the greatest—is frank.

25. If you can't be the leader, you will be a stumbling block.

26. When our goals are greater than difficulties, difficulties are not called difficulties.

27. Do complex things simply, repeat simple things.

28. Stay at the starting point and win at the end.

29. Before jumping high, let your heart skip.

30. Treasure can be possessed, gratefulness can last forever.

31. A child who loves himself is a person, and a child who loves others is God.

32. The most difficult door to open in the world is the heart door, the most difficult road in the world is the heart road, the most sad bridge in the world is the heart bridge, and the most difficult adjustment in the world is the mentality.

33. It is more important to care for others with warmth than to criticize others with cold wind.

34. All things in the world cannot be solved with power and money, and only with love can they be fundamentally solved.

35. Low-key, rooted, rooted education.

36. Many mistakes are made by myself, and my own changes are ever-changing.

37. The general is incompetent and exhausted the three armies.

38. A lion leads a flock of sheep—all heroic and warlike; a sheep leads a flock of lions—all weak and incompetent.

39. Different bodies concentric and all things are up, all the same bodies are different.

40. Unite all forces that can be united and unite people's hearts to defeat everything.

41. Pride not to forget, not to be distorted.

42. Only by shortening the time to success can the time of enjoyment be extended.

43, big goals and small problems, big goals and small goals.

44. Temporary cooperation depends on borrowing power, and long-term cooperation depends on strength.

45. Find an opponent before you become a master.

46. If your personality can make you successful, you have already succeeded.

47. Eight-character policy: Serious, dedicated, punctual, and trustworthy.

48. There is no love in the world, this world is like a grave.

49. Teaching is not as good as physical education.

50. No one in the world can invent a weapon that can cut off love and affection.

51. Prefer wrong enthusiasm rather than smart indifference.

52. An educated team is the greatest asset.

53. The speed at which we change must exceed the speed at which the team grows.

54. The greatest cooperation in the world is affectionate cooperation.

55. Do three things: do things that others don't know to do, do things that others don't want to do, and do things that others can't.

56. The most beautiful thing in the world is the feeling of the soul.

57. Defeating the enemy 10,000 times is worse than defeating yourself once. Four bad habits that hinder success: doubt, ease, complain, give up.

58. Four habit of success: always keep learning, always be thankful, cultivate the best interpersonal relationship, and cultivate a positive and positive way of thinking.

59. When you start reading a book, you will think that you know everything; when you read more and more books, you will think that you know nothing.

60. People should not have: self, arrogance, and arrogance; people should have: freedom, autonomy, and independence.

61. A team that knows how to be grateful to each other — to keep people; a team full of copper smell — not to keep people.

62. A good word can open people's hearts.

63. Knowing if you do n’t do it means you do n’t know.

64. What has been done is better than what is planned.

65. The teacher on the stage scored 10 points, and the audience on the stage scored 90 points.

66. Make friends with affection and intention.

67. The education team should make a fate of their lives, and take care of themselves.

68, 99 unsuccessful hands complained to others, 1 praised themselves; success was 99 praised others, 1 complained that they did not work hard.

69. Davis: No one in the world can help you, only you can help yourself.

70. Successful people get rid of difficulties, failing people get rid of difficulties.

71. Dance with the wolf, you must first become a wolf.

72. My life experience tells me: When I am negative, the only thing waiting for us is failure.

73. As long as the thinking does not slip, there are always more ways than problems.

74. Give the mentality and ideas first, not the ability first, because first give the ability, he will only do things and not others.

75. The embankment of a thousand miles was destroyed in the anthill.

76. Impatient love is not love.

77. What you learn is not important, but what you realize is the most important.

78. People are not listening to what you say. People are watching what you do.

79. A team must be older to be bigger; a team must be young to be stable.

80. The scariest person in the world is that people who are better than you work harder than you.

81. People do not need to be educated often, but they need to be reminded often.

82. Doing everything must start with yourself.

83. Wealthy but still working hard, are truly amazing leaders.

84. The dare not to ask the successful person for help is because they usually pay too little.

85. Doing things for successful people is not compliment, but can steal the experience and time of successful people.

86. Emotional communication can communicate thoughts.

87. Big willingness: willing to spend time studying, willing to invest time, willing to give people opportunities, willing to love and be loved, willing to give up limited, willing to encourage and praise.

88, today, today.

89. Say what others need, life will be happier.

90. The more successful the person, the more plump and stooped like an ear of rice.

91. People can only get support from others if they persist.

92. Thanksgiving helps, humility wins popularity.

93. The goal of the team is the blessing of everyone.

94. People owe you, the day returns you.

95. Negative is the biggest poison in the team.

96. Give someone a bowl of water and have a bucket of water.

97. It is not impossible for us to give up.

98. Two characteristics of rapid success: 1. Duke's selfless enthusiasm; 2. How to appreciate everyone.

99. It is better to run another's business than to run your own business.

100, see how big the scene, how determined.

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