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100 sentences of Zhang Ailing's classic quotes, Zhang Ailing's love quotes

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1. Laugh, the whole world laughs with you, cry, and you cry alone.
2. You dare not come, how dare I grow old.
3. After seeing him, she became very low, very low, into the dust. But her heart was rejoicing, and flowers bloomed from the dust.
4. Because I have loved, I am compassionate; because I know, I am tolerant.
5. If you know me before, then you will forgive me now.
6. Dear, come back if you are tired of playing and get hurt. I am still waiting for you here.
7. Some people pursue happiness, so they work hard; some people have happiness, so they give up.
8. Love is a dream, but some people always oversleep.
9. I want you to know that there is always someone waiting for you in this world, no matter at any time, no matter where, you know that there is always such a person. -"Half Life"
10. If you ask me if it is worthwhile to love you, in fact you should know that love is not worth it if it is not worth it. -"Half Life"
11. When you put on the wedding gown of love, I also put on the monk's concubine.
12. Give me a fulcrum, and let me re-leverage your heart? What makes me sad is that until you leave, you still refuse to give me this fulcrum.
13. If your marriage is not happy, then come back to me, even if I am too old to walk, I will take you to elope together.
14. Yesterday, I sold myself to school, so today I have nothing to do; and tomorrow, I will be married to my livelihood.
15. Some people have never returned before leaving, so waiting and hesitation is the most ruthless killer in the world!
16.Meet the person you want to meet among millions of people. For millions of years, there is no early step or late step in the boundless wilderness of time. It happened to catch up, and there is nothing else to say. He said, only to ask gently, "Oh, are you here?"
17. People always feel happier when they are close to happiness, but suffer when they are happy.
18. Love that doesn't love will never go bad. So we flirt, we are ambiguous, but never fall in love.
19. Keep a heart, don't look like a cat. It's cold, come to convert to you; it's hungry, come to call you; it's itchy, come to rub you; it's tired, then sneak away. Keeping a heart, how hope like guarding a dog, not you guarding it, but guarding you!
20. Peeking at your smiley face in the crowd, it seems as if you were back in time. Will one day we meet again by chance, fall in love at first sight, and then fall in love with each other?
21. The sunlight wiped away my tears.
22. With tiptoes, can we be closer to happiness?
23. There is so much warmth in my life, I gave it all to you, but you left me, how can you tell me to laugh at others in the future.
24. Some people will always be engraved in the memory, even if they forget his voice, forget his smile, forget his face, but the feeling when he thinks of him will never change.
25. I love you for no purpose. Just love you.
26. The pain of parting and disappointment can no longer be heard.
27. Feelings are sometimes a matter of one person. It has nothing to do with anyone. Love or don't love, you can only break it.
28. Those beautiful little fishes keep their eyes open while they sleep. I do not need love, and never cry. They are my role models.
29. The people who have played against each other have left, who cares about smashing a piece of residual chess outside Hongchen.
30. We have had fond memories too, but we have blurred the tears.
31. I've been looking for that feeling, the feeling of holding a pair of warm hands and moving forward in a firm way on a cold day.
32. Because of the dullness, sometimes our love will drift away from the original warm harbor; because of curiosity, our schedule will inadvertently turn at a crossroads, just as you intend to turn around, you will hear that there is love behind you cry.
33. At night, I still have my eyes open, because I saw the traces of you left in the moonlight.
34. When you die, my story is over, and when I die, your story is still very long.
35. Laugh, the whole world laughs with you, cry, and you cry alone.
36. No woman is loved because her soul is beautiful.
37. If emotions and years can also be torn slightly and thrown into the sea, then I would like to be silent on the sea floor from now on. I love to hear your words, but I do n’t know, my silence, you want to see, but do n’t understand.
38. The wine is in the stomach and the matter is in the heart. There seems to be a layer in between. If you drink too much alcohol, you won't drown your heart.
39. I love you. What matters to you? No one can blame you.
40. Unfortunately, love in real life is not so equal. When you love more and give more, you will find yourself humble!
41. In this city, I believe there will be such a person, thinking of the same thing, with a similar frequency, at a lonely exit at a station, arranged to meet me.
42. Leave with a turn and forget with a lifetime.
43. Time didn't wait for me, because you forgot to take me away, and we were so lost in the strange wind and rain. Since then, we have forgotten each other.
44. Love, affection. We have everything, but there is no love.
45. If there is a future life, I am willing to be your sister, even if we can not enter the palace of marriage, I can also be a loved one you can never give up!
46. You know, the boy is standing to the left of the girl because that way he can be closer to her heart.
47. In order to pursue the person I like, I am willing to give up everything I have, but when I give up all this, will she still accept my love? First words: It is said that there are more sad people in the world than happy people, but more often I think that sadness is addictive.
48. When you love me, my heart is sleeping; when I love you, your heart is frozen.
49. You gave up our warm present for a beautiful future.
50, love is like a luxurious feast, often dressed up, the result is always full of wolf. The next feast came, but they still had to dress up.
51. To love someone is not to promise her how good she will be, but to know she has no hope, but she has been waiting there silly.
52. The reason why the earth is round is because God wants those who are lost or lost to meet again.
53. Some people say that parallel lines are the most terrible, but I think the most terrible is the intersection line-obviously they have had intersections, but they will always be away from each other at a later time, and go further and further.
54. I deeply hurt the person who loved me the most. At that moment, I heard the sound of his heart breaking. It wasn't until I turned around that I found out that the heartbreak was actually my own.
55. Seeing you holding others, I know that sometimes crying is without tears.
56. Love looks very romantic and innocent, but in the end the reality is cruel, because she can't stand cooking with salt and vinegar.
57. After all, we must learn to forget, someday, forget you, forget our previous vows. The little happiness that once touched the little house was the world where my great happiness greatly moved.
58. Life is like a ball, but the person who taught you the first steps may not be able to accompany you to the end.
59. Everyone said that from the end of the horizon ~ what is the end of the earth? Turn around and turn your back to you, this is the end of the world.
60. The word "promise" of the promise and the word "sworn" of the vow are both inadvertent.
61. Don Quixote's unrequited love for a quiet and serious effort.
62. People can't keep each other's heart for a lifetime, they are left alone with the exchange of flesh and money. So please wait for someone who has special meaning to your life.
63. In my world, you are still pure, and it is only this world that is dirty.
64. You will think of me inadvertently in the future, please don't forget that I have loved you so deeply.
65. The beginning of every love story is always brilliant, but the end is always silent.
66. Although the love lover is different, looking up at the starry sky is the only inconsistency.
67. I turned the world upside down, just to straighten your reflection.
68. If one's feelings are understood, the other person will go to a terrible hell.
69. Love is the love debt owed by my last life. I must pay it back in my life.
70. If there is only one bite of porridge in the future, you drink it first and finish it, then I lick the bowl clean.
71. To do one thing, always find time and reason; don't do one thing, always find excuses.
72. Once a woman falls in love with a man, such as a glass of poisonous wine given to a woman, she is willing to drink it in a most beautiful posture, and all her heart is handed over, life and death!
73. Feelings are difficult to deal with. You can't put them in the refrigerator for a while and think that they can be stored for a few days without deterioration.
74. A confidant is like a mirror, reflecting the most beautiful part of our nature.
75. Too violent happiness and too sorrow have the same point-the same need to stay away from the crowd!
76. If you knew me before, you might forgive me now.
77. The greatest happiness in life is to discover that the person you love happens to love yourself.
78. Love is not complicated at all. There are only three words to come and go. It's not that I love you, I hate you, but it's fine, how are you, sorry.
79. It is the highest state of love that both of them are intentional without telling each other, because at this time, both of them are enjoying the glamorous eyes, enjoying the fiery psychology when the eyes are opposite, and enjoying the thrilling when the fingers touch each other. Once you say it, the taste will fade ...
80. For people who can't speak, clothes are a language, and they carry a pocket drama with them.
81. Be famous early, if you come too late, happiness is not so happy.
82. Teaching is difficult-you have to do drama and people.
83. Life is a gorgeous robe covered with lice.
84. The most hateful person. If you study carefully, you will always find that he is just a poor person.
85, life has its pattern, we can only copy.
86. The drama of life is unhealthy. People who grow up in urban culture like ours always see the pictures of the sea first, then the sea; first read love stories, then know love.
87. Beautiful things are not necessarily great. Great things are always beautiful.
88. Even if individuals can't wait, the times are rushed, already in the process of destruction, and there is still more destruction to come.
89. For most women, love means being loved.
90. What is long is suffering, but what is short is life.
91. The details are always pleasant and beautiful, fascinating, and the theme is always pessimistic.
92. Being able to love someone so much as to ask him for pocket money is a strict experiment.
93. The so-called life of life is all about irrelevant things.
94. Being a man and being a woman requires being a regular woman. A regular woman is occasionally extravagant.
95. When I hear something that is irrelevant, I will think of you in my heart.
96. This is not enough to love others, enough when getting married.
97. Holding hands is a very sad process, because letting go after holding hands!
98. Born in this world, there is no feeling that is not flawless. Life is not the same in the world. In the final analysis, what is true and what is false?
99. After a man knows a woman thoroughly, he will not love her.
100. If a person is not available, it is because he does not want to be free. If a person cannot walk away, it is because he does not want to leave. Alone, if he has too many excuses for you, it is because he does not want to care. -"Red Rose and White Rose"

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