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Gu Cheng's classic quotes, Gu Cheng's famous poems

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1. The night gave me a pair of black eyes and I used it to look for light. ——Gu Cheng's "One Generation"
2. You, look at me for a while, and cloud for a while. I think, when you look at me, you are far away, and when you look at clouds, you are very close. ——Gu Cheng's "Far and Near"
3. You don't want to plant flowers, you said, I don't want to see it wither. Yes, to avoid the end, you avoid everything to start. ——Gu Cheng's "Avoid"
4. Everything is clear, but we still miss it because you believe in destiny, because I doubt life. ——Gu Cheng's "Missing"
5. I have never been known by anyone, so I have not been forgotten by anyone. It is not my purpose to live in the memories of others. Meeting is a matter of two people, leaving is a decision of one person. Encounter is just the beginning, leaving is to meet the next departure; this is a world of popular departure, but we are not good at farewell. ——Gu Cheng
6. I need the wildest wind and the quietest sea. ——Gu Cheng
7. The grass is bearing its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves. We stand and don't talk, it's very beautiful. ——Gu Cheng's "In Front of the Door"
8. How I wish, there was a doorway. In the morning, the sun was shining on the grass. We stood, holding our doors and windows. The doors were low, but the sun was bright. The grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, and we are standing and talking, it is very beautiful. ——Gu Cheng's "In Front of the Door"
9. I have never been known, so I have never been forgotten. It is not my purpose to live in the memories of others. ——Gu Cheng's "Seeds of Early Hair"
10. You should be a dream, I should be a gust. ——Gu Cheng "You and Me"
11. Go to bed and close your eyes. The world has nothing to do with me-Gu Cheng's "Fantasia of Life"
12. I want to make the world happy and smile but freeze on my lips. ——Gu Cheng's "One Generation"
13. The violent north wind blows away people's thin footprints; the sun goes down, and the world looks like a huge silhouette. ——Gu Cheng's "Twilight"
14. There is a desert chief in the heart of each pilgrim. I want to leave you to live alone. ——Gu Cheng's "Apostasy"
15, flowers bloom like fire, like loneliness. ——Gu Cheng
16. Say you don't love planting flowers, because you don't want to see the petals fall, so in order to avoid the end, you refused all the beginnings. ——Gu Cheng's "Avoid"
17. The holder loses it. I want to be a poet, I lose poetry, I want to be a poet, I lose myself. When you don't want anything, everything comes as planned. ——Gu Cheng's "The Lost One"
18. Time is running out, life is long, I am in the middle, I should rest — Gu Cheng
19. The alley is curved and long. There is no door or window. I knocked the old key against the thick wall. Gu Cheng's "Alley"
20. You silently turn to one side and face the night. Deep in the night, there are dense lamps. They are always together, and we will always see each other again. Goodbye, for goodbye. ——Gu Cheng "Goodbye"
21. The handwriting has been blurred because of missing-Gu Cheng's “Because of Missing”
22. I believe that everything is seed. Only after burial can there be vitality. ——Gu Cheng's "My Honor Andersen"
23. The rose wears sharp thorns and does not turn into thorns because of this. It just defends its own Chunhua from being attacked by beasts. ——Gu Cheng's "Rose"
24. The sun flickered in the sky and was covered by dark clouds. The rainstorm washed away the negatives of my soul. -Gu Cheng's "Photo"
25. The night was drunk with lights, and the windows were cut off one by one; in the end, only the street lights of the village were left, laughing brightly at the night without drinking. ——Gu Cheng's "Street Lights"
26. The rain kept on, and the lights were still bright. The broad road flashed as if the night sky was full of stars. Looking up at the darkness in the sky, it is as heavy as the earth. ——Gu Cheng's "Rainy Night"
27. The flowers are in full bloom, they are everywhere, and later they are lonely. ——Gu Cheng's "Wheat Field"
28. Reality may not be in reality. Dreams are often the most worthy to rely on. He does not lie. ——Gu Cheng's "Don't Have Heaven and Earth, Not Human"
29. The warm asphalt at night sticks to all the stars-Gu Cheng's "Poem of Gu Cheng"
30. The red eyes of the sun swept across the earth. Everything is standing still in silence. There was only a newborn dewdrop, and the sunlight was boldly analyzed. ——Gu Cheng's Morning
31. I am a willful child. I want to wipe away all misfortunes. I want to paint windows on the earth so that all eyes accustomed to darkness are used to light. ——Gu Cheng
32. I am fantasizing and illusions are disillusioning. I always disillusion and forgive but never let them go. Gu Cheng, My Fantasy
33. Destiny is not the wind, blowing back and forth, destiny is the earth, you are in fate wherever you go. ——Gu Cheng's Yinger
34. I have my hands but I do n’t know how to touch you-Gu Cheng, "I will breathe like grass"
35. A person must have the sun. -Gu Cheng, "I like to walk on the road"
36. Push the door open and bring the most legal expression. Don't see others hide their hearts. Gu Cheng "The World and Me ()"
37. When I give my heart to others, I ca n’t take it back; others give it to others, and love is passed on to the world. ——Gu Cheng
38. Born like ants and beautiful like god. ——Gu Cheng
39. The road may be narrow but there will always be a long road, but always the best horse is not a good horse. If you can walk, leave the road without listening to the command and stay everywhere.
40. I want to paint windows on the ground so that all eyes accustomed to darkness are used to light-Gu Cheng, "I am a willful child"
41. The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to look for light. ——Gu Cheng's "One Generation"
42. The world is beautiful only when your life is beautiful. ——Gu Cheng's "Gu Cheng Zhe Lu"
43. I want to love and walk away. I walked into the late autumn temple. The flood of fallen leaves covered me. I wanted to fall in the noise. I fell into the sea of eternity. Holding hands quietly turned into bones. ——Gu Cheng
44, the world is wet, the stars are bright, and I am afraid of people. I put up my umbrella, put up a cloud of rain.
45. I need a breeze of blue in the sky to let the verses gradually disperse-Gu Cheng, "Don't say it, I won't give in"
46. The beauty I long for is eternity and life; who knows that they are intolerable. Eternal beauty, glorious, but ruthless; the beauty of life, ever-changing, but ultimately ashes. ——Gu Cheng
47. I know that eternal death is coming. It is not sad that the pine forest has our wish. There is a sea below. It looks like the pool is following me a little bit. It is the sunshine in the afternoon. The time is long. People say that the branches are low. People who walk past say that the branches are growing-Gu Cheng's "Tomb Bed"
48. After walking so far, we went looking for a lamp. You said, it's right next to the sea, as beautiful as kumquat, and all children who like it will grow up in the morning. ——Gu Cheng
49. I will be as clean as nuts and sleep peacefully in your heart. I will sink into your lake and grow quietly into a tree under the water. ——Gu Cheng's "Autumn in the South"
50, green wild grapes yellowish little moon mother worried about how to make jam. I said: Do n’t add sugar. There is a sweet red sun on the fence in the morning——Gu Cheng's "Consolation"
51. A completely honest person never faces choice, and that road will always be presented in front of you clearly. This has nothing to do with your vision, just like you are an apple tree, and you wish to bear oranges. But you still produce apples honestly. ——Gu Cheng
52. I think, if you say to the open sea, the fish school that loves you will follow me to the land. ——Gu Cheng's "The Sea of Separation"
53. I would like to be a day-moon, not seeking glorious glory, and not confusing worldly tides. ——Gu Cheng's "Day Moon"
54.People rejected this sorrow and raised a colorful shield to the sky-Gu Cheng
55. Love is not terrible. What is terrible is not enough love. The most terrible thing is not enough. ——Gu Cheng
56. Where reality breaks, dreams become the sea. -Gu Cheng's "Bridging"
57. The grass is bearing its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves. When we stand and say nothing, it is very beautiful. ——Gu Cheng
58. I know that I have had two lives once and not over once. I just started outside Xiaozhumen. Outside Xiaozhumen I wait for you as a world. Gu Cheng's "Water Town"
59. She hasn't seen the dark clouds. Her eyes are the color of clear sky. She always looks at me forever and never turns around when looking at her. Gu Cheng, "I am a wayward child"
60. The stars are dressed up, they are all going down the mountain, the moon is hesitant but not lonely-Gu Cheng, "I will breathe like grass"
61. Man can be born like an ant, and beauty is like a god. ——Gu Cheng
62. I lost one arm and opened one eye. -Gu Cheng's "Poplar Tree"
63. The sky is gray, the road is gray, the floor is gray, the rain is gray, and two children walked in a dead gray, one bright red and one light green-Gu Cheng's "Feel"
64. I don't know how to see it in spring. Only once the flowers are blooming and everywhere, and then I am very lonely-Gu Cheng "Wheat Field"
65. The thin ice of the diaphragm melted, the lake was so thorough, and the life buried by snow and mystery was resurrected in the spring. Everything is clear, but we still miss it in a hurry, because you believe in fate, because I doubt life. ——Gu Cheng's "Missing"
66. I am a child at dusk and fell in love with the daughter of Dawn of the East, but only stare, I cannot tell that there is a huge corpse bed in the middle of the night-Gu Cheng "I am the son of dusk"
67. Life is shining at this moment, not a process, just like fragrance does not need a road. ——Gu Cheng, "A person should live himself and be clean"
68. The sun flickered in the sky and was covered by dark clouds. The rainstorm flushed my soul's negative film-Gu Cheng's "Photo"
69 、 Like the March wind blows the bright haystacks. Spring counts her flowers every night-Gu Cheng, "I will breathe like grass"
70. If you think it's boring to live, then damn it. ——Gu Cheng
71. We swim in the wind / silent molding / we can't see the first days / at first, only love. ——Gu Cheng
72. I will blow out the silver pattern in the finest rain, so that all the lilacs present will become your bridesmaids. I will open the palm of the parasol to pick up the rain and wash my face. Let the metasequoia write the marriage contract in the wind with a weak pen tip. Gu Cheng Autumn in the South
73. When waking up, the world is far away. I need, the wildest wind, and the quietest sea. ——Gu Cheng's "Eighth Morning"
74. I will use the softest breath in my life to form a trace worth guessing. ——Gu Cheng
75. I hope that I can draw on the white paper I love, draw awkward freedom, draw an eye that will never cry, a sky, a feather and leaves belonging to the sky, a light green night and an apple I want to paint the morning, the dew, the smile I can see, and all the youngest, pain-free love. ——Gu Cheng, "I am a wayward child"
76. The responsibility of a person is to take care of a roof while it is alive, so that it has smoke in the morning and a door in the morning-Gu Cheng's "Hours"
77. Ordinary people are a bell, and when the soul swells, life rang, all echoes, spread to far away. ——Gu Cheng's Yinger
78. In adolescence, friendship will also be used for repeated contests, which is less simple and casual in childhood——Gu Cheng
79. The branches of the tree caused me to see the moon due to negligence, but the moon did not see me nor the tree branches. Gu Cheng
80. The birds don't know where to fly. Your smile is more like some white clouds that can float-Gu Cheng, "I will breathe like grass"
81. The clock perched quietly in the church— Gu Cheng, "I will breathe like grass"
82. You have not come yet, I am still waiting. ——Gu Cheng
83. Shuangmufeilin, under the field of intentions-Gu Cheng
84. Freedom is not that you do n’t know what to do, or that you do n’t have to go to jail; freedom is that you know exactly what you want to do, do n’t pretend to be pretentious, do n’t pretend to be imprisoned or die, no matter what utilitarian results, Down. ——Gu Cheng, "A person should live himself and be clean"
85. May you not be too much like me. ——Gu Cheng
86. It ’s been a long time since I saw snow. Only spring and hydrangea bloomed. It covered my thin roof. Some people love flowers. Some love others. Some people love snow. But I love the purity of ashes. Green shade of long beams of sunlight, water and ash, the color of a flower, three seasons of love-Gu Cheng's "Island"
87, the beauty of love is always fascinating, like the cloud, and the cloud becomes a cloud, because of the distance, when you walk into the fog. ——Gu Cheng
88, people, can be born and gather, is a blessing, all the days are in the mood. ——Gu Cheng
89. The rain in autumn is constantly arguing, and small water bubbles have begun to travel •••••• ——Gu Cheng's "Imagination of Water Bubbles"
90. It's beautiful when we stand without talking. ——Gu Cheng's "In Front of the Door"
91. The golden color of childhood has disappeared, and the vast world has become clearer; life-a drop of dew dissolved in the mountain spring, spit out happy bubbles and sing a song of hope on the rugged road ... ——Gu Cheng's "Getting Started"
92. The hot wind pushes the crescent-shaped waves. The waves undulate into a golden ocean. The ocean has engulfed many lost lives, and each life turns into a light of quartz. ——Gu Cheng's Desert
93. Pure white clouds walked out of the forest and turned into the sloshing river; light brown sand dunes, wearing bathrobes, waiting on the shore. ——Gu Cheng's "Summer"
94. The land is curved. I can't see you. Can I only see the blue sky on your heart from afar? True blue, that blue is the language. I want to make the world happy and smile, but freeze on my mouth, or give me a cloud. Wipe the clear time. My eyes need tears. My sun needs sleep. Gu Cheng, "The land is curved."
95. I would like to become a section of tree roots and plunge deeply into the ground. ——Gu Cheng's "Worry"
96. Tea tray asks flower are you a teapot? I want to say: Do n’t say to the tea tray: Oh, I know you are a tea cup
97. Destiny is not the wind, blowing back and forth, destiny is the earth, wherever you go, you are in destiny, so what can you not bear? ——Gu Cheng
98. She always looks at me forever, and never turns around when she looks at it-Gu Cheng, "I am a wayward child"
99. You are in the sun, I am also in the sun. ——Gu Cheng
100. You walked from side to side. You avoided my whole life. You are so far away. You told my heart to go all the time. Gu Cheng
101. Those snow feelings, gentle body feelings, and bird feelings flying in the moon are all great. I like the light of spirit. ——Gu Cheng's Yinger
102. Now the twenties who are shaking in the fine branches shaking in the wind are gone-Gu Cheng's "Ranruo"
103. Don't look back, don't look, don't leave me with unexplainable and unforgettable eyes, how many children are laughing after the sky canopy-Gu Cheng "Request"
104. Sunny water and ashes, the color of a flower, the three seasons of love. ——Gu Cheng
105. A person should live as himself and live cleanly-Gu Cheng's "A Man"
106.The eyes looking at the sky are bluer than the sky-Gu Cheng
107. As long as I'm full of small flower seeds, I want to know their birthday-Gu Cheng's "Birthday"
108. To avoid the end, you avoid the beginning of everything. ——Gu Cheng
109. They believe that stones will germinate and they will smile roughly. Between the sun and the shadows of trees, good teeth are revealed. ——Gu Cheng's "Faith of Little Flowers"
110. Anything is self-generating, such as heaven and earth. The beauty of each life is not controlled, self-emergence and self-hide, self-destruction and self-generation. Daiyu and Baoyu loved so deeply that they did not say, I love you, not at all. ——Gu Cheng's "On Xue Baozhen"
111. I sing, sing my own song, until the world has restored prehistoric loneliness. ——Gu Cheng
112. The wall allows us to isolate the window and allows us to contact us. We need a bigger window but don't want to get out of the wall. Gu Cheng's "Wall and Window"
113, dream, quietly came a note telling me that life is a false life, said: No, it is a dream-Gu Cheng "Argument"
114. People in the sun don't have tears. People in the sun don't cry. People in the sun just sit silently. People in the sun supported by the shadows go to the distance and rise to the high. People in the sun just go with the tent. He didn't say anything-Gu Cheng's "The Man in the Sun"
115. She has never seen a cloud, her eyes are the color of clear sky-Gu Cheng
116. I see "friendship" like gorgeous flowers. I know flowers will wither. I see "friendship" like pure snow. I know snow will melt. I see "friendship" like aromatic wine. I know wine will be sour. I see friendship like immortality. I know the price of gold-Gu Cheng's "Friendship"
117, I want to become as easy as ash in the transparent flame. ——Gu Cheng
118. It's the most beautiful day when you have nothing to do. Those snow feelings, gentle body feelings, and bird feelings flying in the moon are all great. I love the light of spirit. Painting is also a kind of life. Painting goes to places you cannot see. ——Gu Cheng's Yinger
119, I am rough life / tied to the rock / endured by nightmare's thirst / I work hard / seems to just tighten the rope-Gu Cheng
120. Today is like a demon, and tomorrow is an angel. ——Gu Cheng's "Mountain Shadow"
121. I want to be as clean as nuts, to sleep in your heart, to make the leaves rustle forever, and not to give birth to bird wings. I will merge into your lake, and grow quietly into big trees under the water. I want Stand brightly in the morning and throw our sun into the sky-Gu Cheng's "Autumn in the South"
122. Normally, people draw their lives according to the happiness of society, like a paper knife. ——Gu Cheng
123. Everything is a seed. Only burial has vitality. ——Gu Cheng
124. The mountains are dense, the forests are dense, the moon is awkward, and the wind is confused when they ca n’t get in or out. Gu Cheng, “I will breathe like grass”
125. The flowers in the morning are very thin. The shadows of the afternoon are large and light. The grass is growing through the fence on the fresh earth. Gu Cheng "I will breathe like grass"
126, you, look at the cloud for a while, look at me for a while; I think that when you look at the clouds are very close, when you look at me very far. ——Gu Cheng's "Far and Near"
127, the bird quickly turned to the teenager in a blast to pick up a cent coin, grape vines, the ridges of the silky waves that stretched out due to fantasies, and the back of the waves that shook up due to retreat-Gu Cheng's "Arc"
128. The world is passing in the noise, what are you staring at, and under the cover of that eye shadow, I find me, an awkward figure, at a loss under the stars. The stars gradually gathered into tears and fell from your heart. I won't ask, you didn't say either. ——Gu Cheng's "Gaze"
129. At that time, we liked to sit on the windowsill and listen to the sound of road building ... If you shut the world out of the door, you will only be imprisoned-Gu Cheng, "I will breathe like grass"
130. The sunlight is still / the wind is weaving its blankets / the river is thousands of hectares / but the sound of wavelessness——Gu Cheng's "Writing Sutra"
131. In the world, I feel you in your eyes, I see the world, I need my place-Gu Cheng "Refraction"
132. The clear and lilac wind trembled—I came, gently floating with a silky breath, with a wet shadow, bright yellow rapeseed dandelions, and goose—Gu Cheng's "Water Town"
133. Time is running out, life is long, I am in the middle and I should rest. Those who walked by said that the branches were low, and those who walked by said that the branches were growing. ——Gu Cheng's "Tomb Bed"
134. I pile up a snowman in front of your door. I am awkward. I will wait for you to take out a lollipop and a sweet heart into the snow. This will make you happy. The snowman didn't laugh silently until spring. The sun melts it clean. Where is the heart? Where is the heart? There are only bees near the small tear pond-Gu Cheng's "Snowman"
135. It is the power of the tree that keeps the bird on its voyage and reminds it of the sound of the tide. The bird speaks in the air: it says: at noon it says: the age of the tree crown spreads throughout our body. Swimming loneliness takes shape We can't see the first days At the beginning, only love-Gu Cheng's "The Power of Trees Swimming"
136. I want to draw the morning, the dew, the smile I can see. Draw all the youngest, painless love. She has never seen a dark cloud, her eyes are the color of clear sky, she always looks at me, always, looks at, and never suddenly turns around. ——Gu Cheng, "I am a wayward child"
137. Here the river turns attacking a child standing on the river bank. All the withered grass is blown off. The wild geese are turned into a line of unpredictable high sky and blue. Gu Cheng's "The River Turns Here"
138, a mountain rock, the river water to both sides. Two eels, bid farewell to the tumbling waves; "Goodbye! We will go to the distance, let friendship connect us, and wish us goodbye to the ocean." —— Gu Cheng, "Farewell"
139. From the distant sky, a group of wild geese flew. They circled around me; they circled over my head; they waved to me in friendship; they said words that I didn't understand; and finally flew in love again-far, far away, turning into a ray of fluttering sky Thin line. So I remembered again-my past partner. ——Gu Cheng's "Big Wild Goose"
140. Turn into a cloud of fantasy, and look out the window bar of the former residence; Blow up the yearning sail, and drive to the edge of memory; Cut out the pages of life from the books you miss; collect the luster of hope, and cast one A bright tomorrow. ——Gu Cheng's "Remembrance"
141. Dull yellow incandescent iron, dark red hot copper, cooled and covered with rust, like pieces of dirty ice. The glory of many years ago was silently suppressed at the bottom of memory. ——Gu Cheng's "Forget"
142, the young tree who entered the city restlessly parked on the street in the street, spinning silently in the wheel mirror. When she wanted to ask the way, she ushered in a spur of truth. She just posted an ad called: Don't doubt-Gu Cheng's "Little Tree"
143. In the morning and in the night, we still wander. We give him the lyre. We do n’t go. We need the land. We need the land that will never be destroyed. We have to ride it for a lifetime. The land is rough and sometimes narrow. However, it has a history and a sky. , One Moon, One Dew and Morning——Gu Cheng's "In Front of the Door"
144. The weeping willow slowly shakes the breeze in the breeze and gently pushes the white snow. The white cloud turns into a swan in the lake and wanders gently. It cannot touch a ripple. Gu Cheng's "Breeze"
145. It's a lonely thing to see the day dawn. ——Gu Cheng's "Awake Early"
146. An ancient warrior appeared in the mountain shadow, disappearing around the road, he turned into a relief, and turned into a story. Today is like a demon, and tomorrow is an angel. ——Gu Cheng's "Mountain Shadow"
147, If Gu Cheng, if the bell rings, please bury me with feathers. I will weave a pair of huge wings in the dark night and continue to fly above the motherland I love-Gu Cheng "If It Is"
148. In the end, the stones will germinate and smile rough, showing good teeth between the sun and the shadow of the tree-Gu Cheng
149, I want to cry, I want to let the heavy rain of autumn flow in my heart. I want to laugh, I want to keep growing in the breath of spring. ——Gu Cheng "I Want"
150, "Ray, staying with you, really emotional, also left the devil. I am with myself, just like with the devil."-Gu Cheng "Eng Er"
151. The water waves beat the sunrise and the blue sea, and the stone cliffs hold the moon to the sky. The spring breeze is not blooming, and the moon is not full. ——Gu Cheng
152. There are thousands of branches and leaves of the little white poplar, and one of them is dried in the sun; it is lit for cooking, and there is the smiling face of the mother in the hut. The green branches and leaves turned into green smoke, and entered the chimney and flew to the blue sky; the small poplar shook all the leaves, as if wishing it a safe journey. He remembered his companion, but he could not help crossing the clouds himself; one day he encountered a fumes of smoke, and couldn't help sighing that it was many years ago. ——Gu Cheng's "Old Fairy Tales"
153. When I was an adult, I heard only a sound and it sounded good, but when I said it, I patted my head with a big hand, and I understood a sentence: "This child can't speak." From there From the beginning, I knew that the original speech was prescribed, not to be happy and nice. ——Gu Cheng's "A Note"
154, The flowers are cut like this, the new clothes are cut, the flowers are written like this, the poetry is written for a night, the tears are gone, the flowers are like this, and the child who sees the dew is heart-hearted, the flowers are like this, and he loses his temper against the moon The flower was plucked like this, and finally I remembered that the small house that caught the snail was hidden between the flowers, wasn't it cold? Some unrelated mushrooms have become legends. ——Gu Cheng's "Flowers Fall Like This"
155. In the wild, in the frost, I search for spring, new leaves, and flowers; when the cold mist is clear and the sky is bright, I can only find a slop of grass and a cold wind. ——Gu Cheng's "Finding"
156. The frosted grass is the crystallization of dreams, the road to snow, leading to the illusion; the shining grass is the proof of waking, the muddy road leads to the door of the house; the fresh green grass is a symbol of life, warmth Way to the heart. ——Gu Cheng's Grass and Road
157. The dead leaves ran in the street, and the dead branches mourned in the wind; the earth froze its beautiful green clothes, and looked forward to its warm snow robes. ——Gu Cheng's "Cold Autumn"
158, but I don't know why I didn't get the crayon. I didn't get a colored moment. I only had my fingers and wounds. I only tore off the piece of beloved white paper to make them disappear from today. Gu Cheng
159. The morning breeze washed away the night and floating dust, and a clear dawn appeared at the corner of the window; the young white poplar whispered in caressing, and the serious sparrow talked on the platform. ——Gu Cheng's Morning
160. Palm and oak trees bow their heads, and the sun shone violently over the city. The city was quiet, but without the noise of Xia Chan. -Gu Cheng's "South Asia"
161. The earth is full of lights and sparkles, the starry sky looks at each other like a reflection, the cars and people stop noisy, and I start singing in the grass. ——Gu Cheng's "Night"
162. From the far west, from the middle of Yu Xia, a maple leaf flew, and a flame flew. I picked it up as a permanent memory. ——Gu Cheng's "Souvenir"
163, the birds do not know where to fly, your smile is more like a drifting cloud. ——Gu Cheng
164. I only discovered that there is history besides me. It is silent in the people who move. It stirs up modern puppets and makes every moment be classified as it. Because of the fear of speaking, I learned to blast. ——Gu Cheng's "A Note"
165. It is not sad when you are thankful. Life must rest in death and become clean. This is the same thing, a flower is "a cemetery". -Gu Cheng, "I Can't Think Too Much"
166, Dried grass, wrapped in drowning kittens, praise always has a corresponding curse, but unfortunately, it can no longer be expressed. ——Gu Cheng's "Absolute Sound"
167. The tree has wounds, and it has one more eye to guard the world. ——Gu Cheng
168. I met my wife on the train. I write: I like exquisite compliments, like Haifeng likes your hair ...—— Gu Cheng's "A Note"
169, Death is a careful consignee who will not leave a barley spike-Gu Cheng, "In this large and bright world"
170. When the wind blows through the window paper, I will no longer be afraid that I am more free than the wind and I am more violent than the wind! ——Gu Cheng
171, those flowers are already far away. ——Gu Cheng
172. The ice is bursting open-countless suffocating fish float. Their eyes were wide and hazy, and they still seemed skeptical. ——Gu Cheng's "Suffocating Fish"
173, squinting alone on the road through the leaves to surprise those leisurely winds behind him-Gu Cheng "Confidence"
174. There is a desert in the heart of each pilgrim-Gu Cheng's "Apostasy"
175, I stand in the face of the sun, I am afraid you see the shadow behind me sad-Gu Cheng
176. I walk to the coast through the standing rocks. "You say, I understand the languages of the world. The sea laughed. Show me the beaches that can swim, birds that can fly, fish that can sing. Gu Cheng "Circumvention"
177, Truth just posted an ad called: Do not doubt-Gu Cheng
178, I like to walk on the road, like on the road at dusk, see the lights, I like a person, a person, must have the sun-Gu Cheng
179. You are by my side, you look at the sky from time to time, and I find that you look at the sky very close, and look at me far away. ——Gu Cheng
180. The sun shone on ice and snow, and snow and tears were flowing; they flowed to the ground and turned into a lot of stagnant water. The sun shone on the stagnant water, and the stagnant water gradually dried up; The sun shone on clouds, and the clouds were floating in all directions; they floated to the fire path and became one by one. ——Gu Cheng's "The Sun Shines"
181. We are lovers in summer, and winter is just a fairy tale. ——Gu Cheng
182. Everyone went into the night sea to salvage the lost stars. ——Gu Cheng
183. The chimney is like a giant towering on the ground, looking at the earth full of lights, constantly smoking cigarettes, thinking about a thing that no one knows. ——Gu Cheng's Chimney
184. The thick night binds the heavens and the earth together. The stars are mixed with candlelight, the Milky Way is connected to the canal, and our little hut becomes a neighbor of the Moon Palace. Go have a cup of osmanthus tea! By the way, ask questions about household registration. ——Gu Cheng's "Village Night"
185. Through the frost-covered glass, the morning light has covered the earth, thousands of lights have finished working, and the bright sun is rising. ——Gu Cheng's "Morning"
186. You look at me for a while, and look at the clouds for a while, I think you look far away when you look at me, and you are close when you look at the clouds-Gu Cheng
187. The cloud plasma scattered, the wind and dust fell, and the moon hung half of its face in the sky, as if it had just fallen ill; the stars were brighter than it, and the bonfire was brighter than it. ——Gu Cheng's "The Remnant Moon"
188, You give me money, I praise you, use my lips. You sympathize with me, I praise you, use my heart. ——Gu Cheng's "Beggar"
189. The grass is bearing its seeds and the wind is shaking its leaves. We say nothing and everything is beautiful. ——Gu Cheng
190. With dikes, you can catch boundless waves; with sails, you can catch invisible winds; with love, you can catch dreams without a trace; with money, you can catch ruthless hearts. ——Gu Cheng's "Inscription"
191. I and countless pebbles that can't be hatched together. The blue river crept up and swallowed us and quietly spit out nothing else. I only hope that the grass can prolong its shadow. Gu Cheng's "Slight Hope"
192. When you enter the river, the green spring springs are floating in the turbid current. Should you sigh that it has lost its purity? Or should it be congratulated that it escaped wandering and dying? ——Gu Cheng's Mountain Stream
193, there is a world, there is a mirror that can go in and out, you go from this side to the other side, and you avoid my life. ——Gu Cheng "I admit it"
194. The trembling chicken cries provoked heavy night dreams, and the curved light is now faint. The carriage is like a wonderful piece of music, sowing bells in the dark streets ...—— Gu Cheng's "Dawn"
195, colorful birch bark like many flying flags is not the season to call the wind-Gu Cheng's "Again"
196, we love the land, we stood and dug the dirt door with wooden shoes, and it was hot. We leaned against it, the grass behind the wall would not grow again. In front of the door
197 、 Perception is the rationality of nature——Gu Cheng
198. To catch up with the rapids of time, despite being so hard, it was left far behind. Why is my diary boat slower than Baiyun? Because it likes to park on forgotten sandbars, or to swirl in the whirlpool of meditation. ——Gu Cheng's "January 4th Diary"
199. Fragments of the heart are regrouped, but they are no longer innocent me. ——Gu Cheng
200. Your laugh is the laugh of the sea embracing the island, the laugh of the stars jumping the waves, the laugh of the coconut tree covering the coconut fruit. You laugh and make the night run away. -Gu Cheng, "You Laughed"

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