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  • The Killing Moment Classic Quotes

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    1. My power is exhausted and my life will soon die. I am no longer a prince. When I am a saint, please take care of me for me. "Flower Thousand Bone" 2. But Shan Chunqiu's life is mine. No one except me should touch him. 3. At the end of his life, he kissed her gently. The kiss of a beautiful woman, but never easy to give people a little bit, remember my "Flower Thousand Bone" 4. Little point, ...

  • Quotes from Zeng Guofan, famous quotes from Zeng Guofan

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    1. Men must be stubborn to be independent. 2. All the people of ancient and modern times are defeated with a word of inertia; all the people of ancient and modern times are defeated with a word of pride. 3. Woe to those who are unreliable and famous will have wonders. 4. Don't judge the ancients lightly. 5. Quiet first, and then think about it. 6. Start another stove and reopen the world. 7. Scholars should read first, they must have knowledge, and second they must have knowledge ...

  • One Piece Classic Quotations

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    1. For example, if there is a piece of meat, the hero will distribute it to others, and the pirates will use it for a banquet. I like to eat meat! I am not a hero, I only do what I want to do, and protect the people I want to protect. Luffy "One Piece" 2. Just set the target at the peak, let others laugh if they want to laugh! Marshall D Titch "One Piece" 3. Sorry, I have no interest in living a thousand years, ...

  • Nebula Master Quotations

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    1. Some people deserve to be used by others, so they can become talents; some people can be used by others, so they can become tools; some people cannot be used by others, so it is difficult to succeed; some people refuse to be used by others, so it is difficult to achieve !! Competent people don't care about emotions, they only do things seriously; incompetent people don't care about things, they just do things emotionally. 2. Look at the benefits, think big, look down, ...

  • Guo Degang's Classic Quotations

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    1. The child walked on the street, dressed to see his mother's skills, and spoke and acted as a father. Guo Degang 2. Too often, we are not angry because of failure, but because we have not found a good reason for failure. Guo Degang 3. Everyone will eat feces while living, but do n’t chew. Grab the way with the dog, let the dog pass first, and not be shameful. Guo Degang 4. The mountain blocks the stone, the river must be east ...

  • Sadness Flows into the River Classic Quotes

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    1. Seeds that are accidentally blown by the wind. Fall on the atrium. Have been asleep. Fall asleep. Guo Jingming 2. I used to be the treasure in your hand, and I was also the pearl of your palm that praised everyone, and you told me those stories before bedtime, why now I have become redundant Like a virus, hide from me, will you die if you don't hide from me? Am I a plague? ...

  • Jane Eyre Quotes

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    1. Life is too short for me. It's a pity to spend on remembering hatred. 2. If others don't love me, I would rather die than live-I can't stand being alone and hated. 3. Some people say that looking back on the painful past is a treat. 4. I can only live in peace and silently look forward to the end of the day. 5. Pity, but a selfish and ruthless person, hears disaster ...

  • Summer solstice quote

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    1. We should have such a disrespectful love only when we are young, and when we grow up, we will never remember those nights when we lose sleep due to miss. Guo Jingming's "Summer Solstice" 2. Some emotions can only occur in our most transparent teenage years. At that time, the blue sky above my head was always a lonely face, and the floating clouds rendered everything with sad enamel.

  • Ji Xianlin's quotes, Ji Xianlin's famous quotes

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    1. To tell the truth, not to tell the truth. Not telling the truth, not telling the truth. 2. Everyone strives for a fulfilling life. However, since ancient times, at home and abroad, a 100% complete life is not available. So I say that life is not complete. 3. Treat all kind people, whether they are family members or friends, there should be a two-word motto: one true, two ...

  • Passing quotes from your world

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    1. How can good love become self-made amorous. 2. Falling in love is always together. 3. I like the last one. She has nothing in her eyes except for being hurt. I tried to persuade myself, oh ...