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Classic graduation message selection

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1. I came crying and everyone laughed; I left with a smile and everyone cried. Hey, this is the university ...
2. Mountains and seas can block each other, but they can't block my thoughts, distance can pull you away from me, but not sincere friendship, time can forget the past, but never forget the friends forever.
3. Graduation can keep you away from those who reject you, and can never see those you hate. However, it has taken away your friendship.
4. I'm not always willing to let you go, I just want to see your smile and listen to your laughter.
5. It's been a long time since I met, and it's hard to see each other. Let this little piece of paper take my sincere heart and take away my eternal love.
6. Parting can weaken the shallow feelings, but deepen the deep feelings, just as the wind blows out the candlelight, it will make the fire more powerful.
7. Maple leaf has the color of the sun after dedicating the whole youth to the sun.
8. On graduation day, do n’t anyone cry, all smile and get away?
9. We used to admire beautiful flowers together; we used to fantasize about beautiful seasons together. Classmates, classmates, don't forget the days we have gone together before we separated.
10. Friendship is a song without words. In your faint seasons, you will bloom a beautiful flower. In the deep and shallow footprints, you will play a moving waltz for your unrelenting steps. Every year, every year.
11. You are a pine on the edge of a cliff. When there is wind and rain, you will be angry. When you are in the mountains, you will sing. Your integrity, kindness, simplicity and resoluteness, dazzling sparks on the iron plate of my soul.
12. Dear sisters, in the past two years, we have lived together like family members. I don't know when our relationship has reached an end. Although there are only a few days together, I will still be happy, I only hope that everyone will not cry on the day when they are separated ...
13. Flowers never laugh at the tenderness and tenderness of the buds, because the buds can bloom, and there can be full spring in the garden.
14. Waved my hand and parted from my friends in the same room; embraced and wished for a better future; wipe my tears, my good brothers and sisters; farewell, remember our appointments; blessings, I wish you all the best and a bright future.
15. Stepping out of the school gate, life begins a new milestone. I hope you use the spark of life to illuminate the journey to the future.
16. After graduating, how I want to keep those warm days, but how eager to be soon into the torrent of life. That past classmate life is a bunch of sweet candied gourds; the charming sweetness and sourness will never end.
17. When I was young, happiness was simple; when I grew up, it was simple and very happy. When I was young, romance was extravagant; when I grew up, extravagance was very romantic. When I was young, my dreams were perfect; when I grew up, my dreams were perfect. When I was young, my dreams were firm; when I grew up, I was firm and dreaming. When I was young, I was very distant; when I grew up, I was very distant.
18. Say goodbye, sail sailing, and never forget, the rope of friendship that you threw out, tied to my heart firmly invisibly.
19. After graduating, how I want to keep those warm days, but how eager to be soon into the torrent of life. That past classmate life is a string of sweet candied gourds; the charming sweetness and sourness will never end.
20. You use your ingenuity and knowledge to achieve today's gains, and you will understand tomorrow's challenges with wisdom and determination. May you never lose your spirit.
21. In the graduation season, I want to take a graduation photo signed with the names of my classmates and give a big kiss.
22. I will leave you lightly. The unsatisfactory taste is indescribable. Under the shadow of Liu Yin, I will promote my knees and talk about the future. Now send blessings separately: Love is full of career honey!
23. When I was young, I knew everything now, and now I know everything; it would be impulsive, mature and stable at the moment; I have been in the same class for a few years, but after graduation, I can only say Tao, friend, and treasure.
24. After graduating, I found that college students are the best profession.
25. In the final subject, teachers and students cried.
26. People will inevitably encounter thorns and bumps during the journey, but after the storm, there must be a beautiful rainbow. I look forward to seeing a strong me, and even more expect to see a strong school brother and sister !!!
27. After graduation, may you release your youthful heart and expand your colorful wings. Friendship, brewing in the wind, will be even stronger in the perfect days in the future. The Tao is precious and sends you your most sincere blessings.
28. I finally graduated, with reluctance and expectations! But I must "fly you and me, let my dreams go!"
29. Seeing what you wrote to me in the classmate's record, I burst into tears happily.
30. The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the songs are free, love is attentive, love is crazy, heaven is eternal, and you are unforgettable.
31. Your figure is a sail, my gaze is the river, how many times I want to keep you, but ultimately I cannot. I know that friendship is rare in the world, but more precious is freedom.
32. The migrating wild geese have lined up in the sky, the spring flowers of the letter have bloomed, dear friends in the same class, we love each other so much, and separation will only bring our hearts closer together.
33. Open the wings of soaring, chase the dream; swing the joyful sculls to meet the expectations. With dreams, raise expectations, with strength, bravely go to the road to success! May your heart be as you wish!
34. Gently waved and said goodbye to yesterday's ignorance; quietly looked back and watched the previous struggle; time is difficult to stay at this moment, leaving each time on graduation, I hope you hold the hand of struggle, accompanied by blessing , Successfully through every juncture in life.
35. The most precious thing in the world is sincere friendship, deep nostalgia, like a fragrant flower blooming in the valley.
36. For a period of time, all the way together, crying and laughing are often accompanied by sorrow and joy; a friendship has always been retained, and graduation is still the concern; a lifetime of true love, a glass of wine, friends will go together forever. After graduation, even if they are separated, their friendship lasts forever, and friends remember to be happy.
37. There is a road to the middle of the night, and the gold list is sworn back. After ten years of hard work, he returned to his hometown in June and Dijin. The year's plan is spring, and it's always good to be a teenager. The exam is imminent, dear friend, work hard and prepare for June!
38. Those who have the will, things will be done, and the boat will end in a boat. The Qinguan Pass will be Chu; if you are interested, you will live up to your expectations.
39. On the day of graduation, give the students a pure hug, because they may never see it again.
40. Together in the same year, we have argued and doubted and we have been happy. Now, come and go in a hurry, everything is empty
41. Familiar school, familiar to you, we are all leaving this place now, you who are unwilling to be separated, those who cannot avoid, will be separated, and we will cherish our words, our dear friends, Always think of everything as expected.
42. Gently wave and bid farewell to yesterday ’s ignorance; quietly look back and watch past struggles; time is difficult to stay at this moment, and leave each time when you graduate, I only hope that you hold the hand of struggle, accompanied by blessing, successfully passed Every level of life.
43. No matter how long the future is, please cherish every moment together; no matter how many spring, summer, autumn and winter, we are always friends.
44. Step out of the school gate and start a new life journey. May you light the lamp of life and illuminate the journey to success. I wish you success in your career! Wonderful life! Smooth life!
45. Like every day in these four years, I walked out of the door of the apartment along the familiar route, but as soon as my steps crossed the threshold, I would no longer be a member there.
46. The time in June is full of laughter, and the perfect future is shining in front of our eyes; the time in June is full of tears. How can it be tearful when we meet for three years. Graduation season is here, let's collect friendship and create the perfection of tomorrow! I wish a bright future and a happy life!
47. Gathered together in five lakes and seas to become classmates, walking hand in hand through youthful times, tears of parting tears soaked in the eyes, lifted a bag full of perfect memories, and continued on the struggle. Friends, graduated, I hope you are ready to realize your dream.
48. The higher the goal one strives for, the faster his talent develops, and the more he contributes to society.
49. You're going to be a calm adult. Don't be emotional, don't miss secretly, don't look back. Been to another life of myself. You have to be obedient, not all fish will live in the same sea.
50. We are lucky to meet this good time; we have the aura to seize the opportunity and the future lies on us.
51. Under the shade of Liu Yin, there are so many other things in the same class. The youth in the same class has been in love for many years.
52. Don't forget to take time in your busy life, let your self be simple, and last a young and happy heart forever.
53. The sun surrounds us warmly. As long as our hearts are together, there will be no separation of the horizon. One day soon, night will be like water. In a strange place, I will knock on the keyboard and ask silently, sisters, have you slept?
54. Classmates, let those sweet whispers in the past and evening be buried in your heart and turn into beautiful memories!
55. After graduating, how much I want to keep those warm days, but how eager to be soon into the torrent of life. That past classmate life is a bunch of sweet candied fruits; the charming sweetness and sour will never end.
56. I wish Xuege brother and sister every day have: vigorous vitality, majestic pride, persistent passion, sweet love, free and easy expression, hearty expression, happy mood!
57. If you deal with turbulent waves, don't be afraid, let alone think that you are small. Once you have a broad mind, your life will be as big as the sea. Graduation is different, willing to take a new path!
58. Three years is a short journey in my life. However, I have been with you for three years, which has made me unforgettable. You are a pearl in my memory and a star in the sky of my heart.
59. University, it is originally a place to learn. If you feel that learning is useless and do other things, no matter how high you achieve, there will be a burning pain in your memory.
60. June is flying your fiery youth; June is engraved with your sincere friendship; June is harvesting your bright smile; June is decorating your perfect future. I wish you all the best and all the best.
61. Acquaintance is divine will, acquaintance is human will. Addition is friendship, and affection is intention. We can gather together because the heart has the spirit. Break up silently, just as they had met silently. May this warm breeze give you my affectionate blessings and prayers!
62. Remember? A red hat on the military training ground, a loud slogan on the parade ground, yes, since then, we have uniquely stepped into this desirable world ...
63. I want to say a lot. But at such moments and on such occasions, I can only leave you with my silent prayer: Treasure, friend!
64. When we were together, you gave me the joke; in the days when we were apart, you sent me the affection. Whether you are walking through the forest or meditating under the lamp, your figure is always with me!
65. I hope that in a certain year, when we reunite, we will be able to smile attentively and meet for a few years, and you will bring me a lot of joy. The previous unhappiness, we all forget it.
66. Looking back, it is a string of sweet and sour yesterday: Yesterday, there was our argument in class; yesterday, we ran on the court; yesterday, we struggled in the examination room; yesterday, we were in the candlelight singing. Yes, yesterday, how perfect and how memorable!
67. After the college entrance examination, you should laugh, you should cry, you should confess.
68. Dear classmate, we have been together for so long, you are paying for me. I did n’t do anything for you ... If I ’m going to be a cow or a horse in my next life, I ’ll have to pluck grass for you! The exam goes well!
69. My problem is how to treat you with an ice-cold and fire-like enthusiasm forever after saying goodbye.
70. Graduation season has arrived; graduation photos, many brilliant; graduation wine, drink enough; graduation records, Yong Ming remember. Bless you, good friend, the future, how smooth, smooth sailing, everything goes well, Hong Zhizhi, can be successful!
71. I don't know if I have graduated, no matter what kind of world it becomes, the sun is shining or the wind is cold, our friendship has always been sincere, and I hope you have a magnificent future career and a happy life.
72. The so-called good friends are just like us. They can talk about the feelings in their hearts, care for each other, and take care of each other. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes fight red, but they won't take it to heart.
73. You have the same wisdom as Yongquan and a pair of hard hands, alumni, alumni, no matter where you are, lucky and happy moments accompany you!
74. Many old houses have disappeared and civil engineering is underway in the school. The old house stays in the photo, what about us? Can we stay in the photos too? Including those contrived smiles and exaggerated "V" gestures?
75. There is always a difference when there is a gathering. There is no banquet in the world. In the graduation season, the past has come to an end. The future happiness is beckoning. May you be optimistic and enterprising, bravely step forward, and set foot in the most beautiful "entrepreneurial season" of life! wish you success!
76. Graduation is soon, a continuation of happy hours, another happy years are waiting for you; graduation is coming, continuing the struggle of life, and another wish to hold your hands; friends, pack your clothes and walk early Good luck on your way.
77. Today, we are close classmates; tomorrow, we will be competitors. May friendship be deeper in the competition.
78. In September of that year, we got together for school. In June of this year, we graduated apart. Day and night, we get along day and night. This past year, wind and rain are with whom. The graduation season of the month, so I can ship to you, we often contact!
79. I fell in love with a few people, only to know that I love hurting people. I felt distressed in the silent time. I couldn't hear the cry and laughter, but I heard the simple ~
80. The graduation season has arrived; the graduation photos are brilliant; the graduation wine, drink enough; graduation graduation, remember forever. Bless you, good friend, the future, how smooth, smooth sailing, everything goes well, Hong Zhizhi, can be successful!
81. I am grateful for this changing era, and I am grateful for the complaints of countless people, because when others complain, it is your chance. Only in the era of change, is everyone seeing what they want and what to put down. when.
82. The wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the clouds are flowing, the songs are free, love is attentive, love is crazy, heaven is eternal, and you are unforgettable.
83. Open our wings that have been refined and soar, and soar the blue sky to chase our dreams; open our arms that we can rely on to meet every perfect expectation. After graduating, the way forward, I hope you will be strong all the way up and go towards success.
84. It's not goodbye. I can always tear the gongs and sing love songs with you, eat the broken dishes of the fourteen canteens without scolding the crows as black, fight for blessings and redness for the rise and fall of the universe, and discuss the problems of women's blessings. Together, they scold Qian Yuping's stinky chess Ma Xiaochun's mental retardation, together ...
85. If we each show tolerance for everything else, the entire world will become intolerable. The reason why people have two ears is to be able to hear different sounds.
86. You are the bud of the flower season, you are the eagle with wings spread out, tomorrow is our world, everything is shining because of us.
87. There is no despair in life. Despair is that your ego's heart is not open. You close your ego's heart and set it in darkness, how can your life be bright! A closed heart, like a room without windows, you will be in eternal darkness. But in fact there was only a layer of paper around it, and it was broken in a moment, and there was a brilliant sky outside.
88. You and I have gone through hardships in order to achieve our ideals, and then we are on the road to success. I hope you can still remember, forever, that shining day full of passion.
89. I cherish every acquaintance in my life, every warmth between heaven and earth, and every tacit understanding among friends; even when parting, I also regard it as a double joy when reuniting.
90. In recent years, several people have gone together in the wind and the rain, they have had tears and pain, but they have always stood by them. Now, a few people are about to spread their horizons, but still depend on each other. Graduated, take care, my friend!
91. A glass of muddy wine, full of fellowship with a classmate; a photo, perfect for the school; a hug, full of heart; a parting, saying infinite nostalgia; a treasure, flowing tears; a blessing, giving infinite perfection. In the graduation season of this month, I wish you all soaring wings and flying!
92. When I was young, I knew everything now, and now I know everything; it would be easy to impulse, and now mature and stable; I have been in the same class for a few years, but after graduation, I can only say Tao, friend, and treasure.
93. Reunion doesn't have to be the beginning, but dispersal doesn't have to be the end, just like our friendship, when it's gone, it's a new beginning for us to walk around, it's gone, the memories are gone; looking at it, I'm tired and the starlight is dark; I look back at you and disappear, and suddenly I'm messed up
94. Humility in the arena is undoubtedly a declaration of self-failure; when it is necessary to make a self-recommendation, you must be benevolent. Life needs self domination. Please cherish the capital "I".
95. We are about to enter a new life. The road ahead is still very long. Let us cherish the youth and friendship we have today, and use true love to water the buds of friendship.
96. Zhu Xuege and Sister Xue: All expectations can be fulfilled, all dreams can be fulfilled, all waiting can occur, and all efforts can be fulfilled!
97. The flamboyant youth writes about the years with enthusiasm, the magnificent years engraved friendship with sincerity, and the bright life decorates the future with persistence. I wish my wishes come true and the future looks bright!
98. The graduation party sang the affectionate friendship of friends in the same class for four years. The banquet danced endlessly. The farewell party narrated more than a thousand words of heart and soul. Brothers and sisters love each other, tearful look at each other and leave. Best wishes to my classmates, the future looks like Jin Hongye Exhibition.
99. After graduating, how much I want to keep those warm days, but how eager to be soon into the torrent of life. That past classmate life is a bunch of sweet candied fruits; the charming sweetness and sour will never end.
100. The boat set sail in the port of youth, we temporarily broke up, full of dreams and pursuits. When will they reunite? At that time of harvest!

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