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Short words of thanks

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1. After going through the storm, you will know your value; after you have succeeded, you will know your greatness-thank you, my respectful teacher!
2. Your work is in the present, but it is building the future of the motherland; your teaching is in the classroom, but your achievements are in all directions of the motherland.
3. On the road of life, let go of my parents. The teacher who first took me was the teacher. What kind of words can I use to express it?
4. After reading the book, and after the test, I really want to see you in a successful day, and endlessly stage our teachers and students' love.
5. On the podium, next to the desk, cold winters, summers, springs, summers, autumns and winters. Hard work, my teacher.
6. Three-foot podium, three-inch tongue, three-inch pen, three thousand peaches, ten years of trees, ten years of wind, ten years of rain, and 100,000 beams.
7. You dedicate the spring of your life to fragrant peaches, but leave yourself the cleanness of winter, the whiteness of snow, and the purity of ice ... I wish you a happy holiday!
8. You gave us a ruler of life, let us measure ourselves every day; you gave us a mirror of exemplary behavior, so that we have role models everywhere.
9. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, can not be considered your dedication! Poetry, song and fu, can't stop admiring your respect! You use the dew of knowledge to pour our ideal flowers; you use the spring of your heart to nourish the beauty of our sentiments. In this unusual festival, we offer our deepest blessings!
10. Teacher, you also need to learn; if you do n’t learn, how can I learn something newer from you?
11. Your magic brush has added beautiful colors to me!
12. I am a seedling and you are rain dew, nourishing my dry heart. I am a grass, you are the sun, shining the way I grow. Thank you, teacher!
13. The child is a thick-lined child. Thank you for your patience and tolerance so that he can make positive progress!
14.Under the eyes of your attention, it gave me endless confidence and courage! You are my eternal teacher! Sincerely wish you health and happiness!
15. Teacher, you are a beautiful cultivator and a beautiful seeder. It is you who shine with the beautiful sun and moisturize with the beautiful rain dew. Our heart fields are like green grass and flowers!
16. Dear teacher, the plain white snow is your symbol; I would like to present a sacred aura weaving for you, and wish you a happy and happy year by year!
17. Every day rises and falls, students of each session come and go, what remains unchanged is your deep love and bright smile. Bless your dear teacher.
18. Teacher, I am grateful for your hard work for so many years. If it was not for your correct guidance, I may have gone astray. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction of life.
19. Teacher, in the classroom, it is not good for me to take another classmate as an example. I may hate him or you for this.
20. Candles illuminate life and bring people light, but your own life will burn to the end. Teacher, you are the candle that illuminates our lives. We will always respect you and thank you.
21. This is a gift we bought for you. Thank you, teacher. Without your selfless dedication, we would not have our success today.
22. You are like a red candle, giving all the heat and light to the younger generation! Your character and spirit can be burned in two words, keep burning!
23. Flowers are blooming on the land under your hands, a gust of wind blows, and thin petals fall in your hair. It doesn't add colorful colors to you, but it whitens your thick hair—teacher, hard work !!
24. The bird encounters the wind and rain and hides in its nest; I have wind and rain in my heart, and always hide in your arms-my teacher, you are my umbrella to shelter from the rain, the wall against the wind, How can I not thank you.
25. Thousands of words and words, endless years and years; thousands of mountains and rivers, separated by a continuous stream of teachers.
26. Teachers ’gratitude is as heavy as a mountain, and students dare not forget to send a blessing to your holiday, wish you good health, good luck, Taoli Manyuan!
27. Dear teacher, your teachings are like spring breeze, like rain, and always remember my heart. I sincerely bless you: a happy life!
28. From the perspective of force, you are our source; we will use faster and stronger acceleration to impact the peak of knowledge.
29. We like you, young teacher; you are as handsome as a spruce, and as deep as the blue sky; you have knowledge, and a heart that is acquainted with us.
30. May my blessing be like a little flower, blooming forever in this warm harvest season, embellishing you with joy and joy all the time.
31. I am a green tree, bathed in the sunshine of wisdom, and thrive in the soil of your knowledge. The deep affection of heaven and the deep love of the earth are engraved in my heart and will never be forgotten.
32. A text message has so much concern because it carries a strong blessing: Dear teacher, you have worked hard
33. Hello teacher, I hope you must cherish your body while working, your health is the wealth of the country and students.
34. He has added some more people who love him in this world. As the child grows up in the future, holding the hand of the villain as the parent follows the wind, he will feel that there are some people in his other hand. Holding on, our parents are really happy and at ease!
35. Thank you teachers for your efforts and thanks for your help. On this special day, give your teachers the deepest blessings. Three years, the kindness of one life, will never forget!
36. As parents, we know that you are important in the growth of our children. Thank you for everything.
37. I can't forget your words like the drizzle of the wind and wipe out the dust and mud of my soul; I can't forget your mighty Dongfeng-like ding-dong, and summon my courage. Teacher, I appreciate you all my life!
38. For dear teachers, we search for those beautiful memories. Silently and distantly wish you health and happiness forever!
39. You are a rocket carrying satellites. You are the compass needle at sea. You are our child's most beloved teacher. Thank you for letting my child know that "if you learn without thinking, then you will learn."
40. Six years, in an instant, they fly away, and I and you are about to separate, thank you for the six years of teaching, thank you for every moment with you, the days with you, will become my golden memories, Goodbye, my dear teacher.
41. Tao Li is self-contained, and the work of silent cultivation is indispensable. Dear teacher, today is your holiday. Let the distant students send you a blessing, and bless you with good health!
42. You give my child knowledge, you, show him the way forward. You protect him like your mother. As a child's parent, thank you very much, and wish you good health and good luck here!
43. In the beautiful festival, our children should write the most beautiful poems for the teacher with the words taught by the teacher and the beautiful words taught by the teacher.
44. May you use fluorescent lamps instead of candles to illuminate the students and protect yourself; may you be a honeybee instead of silkworms to make sweets and enjoy the fragrance. Teacher, pay attention to your body! You have worked hard!
45. In July, we are leaving. Maybe we are still not mature and sensible, maybe we are still laughing and laughing all the way, maybe we will cry and refuse to say goodbye, and after a hug one by one, we will leave.
46. Thank you Master for having a rainbow that does not appear in the sky after the rain, but it often appears in my heart and knocks on me ... Being serious and straightforward.
47. Master Shi Yong remembers that Shi Enji is hard to give up. Wish the world teachers happy! !! !! Holiday joy! happy forever!
48. On the vast sea, you are my indicator. Thank you, teacher, for giving me the motivation and courage to move forward. I wish you good health.
49. Teacher, you are the sower of this expectation and happiness! Thank you, teacher!
50. Some people say that you are a gardener, in fact you are more diligent than gardeners; some people say that you are a candle, in fact you are more persistent than candles.
51. In my growth process, your strong teacher love has always been around. Thank you, teacher!
52. One by one the beautiful notes and the beating hearts, you make our world so beautiful!
53. The day I stepped into the gate of the school, you gave me endless care, and the day I stepped out of the gate of the school, you have paid all you have. Teacher you are lucky!
54. The spring breeze in Zhejiang, blowing the green and plums, should be regarded as a model; Zheli re-educates, cultivates outstanding talents, and appreciates the eternal morality of the teacher!
55. Safflower cannot be separated from green leaves, fish cannot be separated from streams, flowers cannot be separated from soil, and students cannot be separated from teachers. Thank you, teacher, for your hard work!
56. The sun is shining, the gardener's heart is warm and the spring is warm; the rain is moist, and the peach and plum branches are red.
57. May my blessing be like a little flower, blooming forever in this warm harvest season, embellishing joy and joy for you at all times.
58. I am a seedling, you are rain dew, nourishing my dry heart. I am a grass, you are the sun, shining the way I grow. Thank you, teacher!
59. Every day rises and falls, and the students of each session come and go. What remains unchanged is your deep love and bright smile. Bless you, dear teacher!
60. Teacher, your encouragement to us, we will always review, we will not let go of success. Thank you, teacher!
61. I am grateful to the teacher, Enze, and the world. The relationship between teachers and students is like spring.
62. Dear teacher, three years of high school, so hurry through! At this moment of leaving school, please accept our thanks to you, and thank you for your three years of education and care! Thank you, teacher.
63. Teachers are a sacred profession. You have worked hard to teach and educate us for our learning and growth. In this sacred festival, we have to say: Teacher, you have worked hard!
64. Thank you teacher: Teacher, your love, the sun is warm, the spring breeze is mild, and the clear spring is sweet. Your love is more severe than father's love, more delicate than mother's love, and more pure than friendship. You-teacher's love is the greatest and cleanest in the world.
65. Teacher, thank you for your love and thank you for your help. Thanks and blessings to you will grow with each passing day, and good people will live a safe life!
66. Although I am not your best student, you are the best teacher in my mind. Dear teacher, I wish you this message: Happy Holidays.
67. We like you, young teacher: You are as handsome as a spruce, and you want to be as deep as the blue sky; you are knowledgeable and have a heart that is harmonious with us.
68. Six years in elementary school, you made me transform from a small sprout into an eagle with wings to fly. Thank you, teacher!
69. The black hair accumulates the sun and the moon, and the gratitude of teaching is piled on top of each other. The chalk is written silently in spring and autumn.
70. In the past, you sowed the seeds of knowledge in my heart. Today, I have the fruit of my scientific research—teacher. This is your harvest!
71. I am too religious to look for vocabulary, because the word teacher is in itself the most noble homage in the world. Thank you, teacher!
72. I will continue to add a beautiful color to myself with the brush you gave!
73. Every message is full of my blessings, flying to your side through time and space, and greeting you gently: Happy Teacher's Day!
74. Your love, the sun is warm, the spring breeze is mild, and the clear spring is sweet. Your love is more severe than father's love, more delicate than mother's love, and more pure than friendship. You, the teacher's love, the greatest and purest in the world.
75. In the past, there was a school and a method of education. Teachers and students were right, they developed with anger, and repeated twists and turns.
76. Teacher, if you compare you to a mussel, then the students are the sand grains in the mussel; if you use love to poke it, grind it and soak it, and wash it, over time, the sand grains become pearls, shining.
77. The teacher's spring breeze keeps me warm.
78. The red candle upgrades the long light to illuminate others and promote self;
79. Five thousand years up and down, tens of thousands of miles; immortal history, immortal memories!
80. Some people say that Shi En is like a mountain, because the mountains are so tall and admirable. I want to say that Shi En is like the sea, because the sea is so vast that it is incalculable.
81. I ca n’t express my gratitude to you for a thousand words, and my blessings to you will not change for one million years. Teacher, I wish you all the best!
82. There is a kind of affection in the world that transcends family and friendship, that is, the teacher's meticulous care for us and the care for our careful teaching.
83. Our story is destined to become a permanent memory, you and I are no longer childish, no longer willful, on the road to life, good teachers and friends.
84. Shi En is often based on silent care and is often intriguing; but only by feeling can one understand its preciousness.
85. We cannot all be captains. Someone must also be sailors. There are many things for us to do, there are big things and small things, but the most important thing is the things around us.
86. Teachers, I wish you a lot of talented students and talents.
87. Three-foot podium, three-inch tongue, three-inch pen, three thousand peaches; ten years of trees, ten years of wind, ten years of rain, and 100,000 beams.
88. Xingtan is glorious, the gardener is very glorious, hard work, perfect harvest, peach and plum are extremely grateful!
89. You are working in the present, but you are building the future of the motherland; you are teaching in the classroom, but your achievements are in all directions of the motherland.
90. All thoughts are more infused with endless gratitude and admiration. May your festival be filled with brilliance and peace!
91. You are like a hard-working gardener. We are like small trees you planted. We are willing to resist the cold in winter, bring you green in spring, cool you in summer, and bring you fruit in autumn!
92. Although getting along is short, Yongquan is a lifetime. The teaching is limited and the benefits are endless. Festive thinking during the holiday season, thanksgiving vitality. Teacher, you are the most respectable person.
93. Dear teacher, after a busy year, your holiday is here again, and the student wants to say to you, no matter when and where you are, you will always be my teacher!
94. Teacher. Thank you. Please understand the blessings of your students!
95. A piece of chalk, a three-foot podium, the gardener composes a thousand rhymes; the sun is shining in September, and the feast of the tenth day.
96. Vacuum is firm and humble and simple-this is the song you taught me to sing, and this is the way you lead me in my life. Those thankful teachers ’sentences are short
97. Although the torrents of time are constantly washing away the dust of history, generation after generation of teachers are so dedicated to training students one session after another to lead the way to success. teacher. How kind these two words call out from the bottom of my heart.
98. You are the cornerstone of skyscrapers, you are the bridge piers across the river, and you are the mainstay of the motherland's construction.
99. A good teacher is better than ten thousand books.
100. The teacher is the tinder, which ignites the fire of the students' hearts. The teacher is a stone class, and bears the students climbing up step by step.

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