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Parents thank teacher for short

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1. You are not a sculptor, but you are shaping the souls of a group of young people ... Teacher, how can I forget you!
2. I want to thank you for using countless love and countless hard work to water my growth, nourish my life, and evoke the spirit of my hard work. In any case, I will be grateful to you and repay you, but my return is just not enough for the long river.
3. We grow from seedlings to big trees, but we will always be your students. I wish you the evergreen tree of your life in the year of your flower.
4. Teacher. We understand your state of mind. We know the future of the motherland is waiting for us. We will work hard and will not let you down!
5. On the journey of life, you enrich my soul, develop my intelligence, and ignite the hope of me. Thank you, teacher!
6. Thank you teacher, for driving me out of timidity, and bravely coping with life.
7. Teacher, you lightened my heart with heart, cultivated my love with love, only with you, I feel the warmth of the world ... Although I am not your best student, you are my best teacher .
8. Your voice and smile are always in front of my eyes at this moment; you are a person of character and will always be treasured in the depths of my memory.
9. Among all the directors, the head teacher has the lowest position, but of all the directors, the head teacher contributes the most to society. Teacher, we are always grateful to you!
10. Teacher you are a mountain, tall and upright; teacher you are loose and green; teachers are eagles and take me to take off; teachers are umbrellas that shelter us from the wind and rain.
11. I am a seedling, you are rain dew, nourishing my dry heart. I am Xiao Cao, you are the sun, the path that shines in my growth has youth, and dreams come true; with happiness, we frequently make good achievements; with wealth, the world is full of love.
12. The teachings are like spring breeze, the teacher's grace is like the depth of the sea, Tao Li is everywhere, Chun Hui is everywhere!
13. Hello teacher! School starts in September, and Teacher's Day is also here! Teacher you worked hard! Teacher, you are the most memorable person in my life, because with you, it makes my life fun, and with you, my life turns, thank you!
14. It's September again, and the lesson of chalk travels, the falling chalk outlines your unchanging face, the teachings are still in your ears, and the teacher's grace is unforgettable all his life.
15. You are like a candle, although it is weak, but it is a little bit hot, it emits a little light, it illuminates others, and exhausts your ego. The selfless devotion will never be forgotten.
16. I would like to congratulate my wishes and gratitude to my wishes to you, I wish you every year, every day is full of happiness and joy!
17. Thank you teacher, give me the motivation to move forward; thank you teacher, give me flying wings; thank you teacher, show me the direction of life.
18. Nature nourishes the growing flowers and plants with sunlight and rain. You use morality and faith to water our thirsty heart fields!
19. The teacher is as strong as Jin Song, as straight as green bamboo, as tough as a plum, as elegant as an orchid, and as affectionate as Jin Ju!
20. If I can fight the blue sky, it is the wings that you gave me to take off; if I am a warrior who strikes waves, that is the power that you give me; if I am the torch of immortality, that is what you gave The light of my youth! Teacher, I wish you a happy Teacher's Day!
21. If I can fly high, thank you for giving me a pair of powerful wings. In your eyes, I am like a spring breeze.
22. Teacher, he is the guide and enlightenment on our growth path. We want to thank the teacher, just like Xiaocao thanked the vast land. It is their pure and selfless dedication and devotion that inspired us, gave us comfort and encouragement again and again, let us go from this ignorant teenager to this moment, and start weaving our beautiful future.
23. Your hard work is our motivation, our success is your pride, but we will be proud of you!
24. The teacher is like a hint of spring rain, and sprinkles a little bit of knowledge in our hearts; the teacher is like a leaf, explaining to us that falling red is not a ruthless thing, turning it into spring mud and protecting the essence of flowers.
25. Your magic brush has added beautiful colors to me!
26. Evangelism and cultivation of refined morals, teaching and dissemination of science and technology and humanities, deconstruction and teaching to be humane-thank all teachers in the world.
27. Hello teacher: No matter whether I will be a tall tree or a low bush in the future, teacher! I will bless you with the verdant green of life !!
28. We like you, young teacher; you are as handsome as a spruce, and as deep as the blue sky; you are knowledgeable and have a heart that is acquainted with us.
29. Standing at the age, reporting to parents with the grace of hardship and upbringing; as a young adult, I feel the virtue of the teacher's hard and patient teaching.
30. Some people liken teachers to candles, lighting up others and burning themselves. I think it's only then that we really have everything.
31. Standard Mandarin, beautiful chalk characters, wonderful sentences, elegant gestures, you let us live in a poetic mood.
32. Even if my eyes are pale, I will still call out to you sincerely! In the face of this sacred and sublime word, I will always be a student in need of enlightenment!
33. A message sends a blessing, and secondly, it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly; the three-foot podium offers spring and autumn, and there are no obstacles in the four seasons;
34. Under the moisture of your sweat, germinate like a seed and grow up! Thank you very much, teacher! I wish you good work Anji!
35. Teachers are hard gardeners; teachers are guides for students; teachers are communicators of knowledge; teachers are engineers of human souls!
36. Pleasant ringtones, glamorous flowers are limited by time, only my blessing is eternal and always bless you, the teacher who gives my child a fountain of wisdom.
37. You are loyal to guard this field, just like the sunshine guarding your face shining on your face, it is a clear expectation.
38. Teacher, you have worked hard. Each time you are the first one to go to school, and you are the last one to go home. "One day as a teacher and one lifetime as a father."
39. The child is also, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Care for children as scholars, but also a monument to education; reduce the burden and increase efficiency by taking advantage of the east wind, eliminating all the new chapters of bad practice.
40. Your thoughts, your words, are full of poetry, philosophical, and so magical-oh, in my mind, how many wonderful ripples they have stirred!
41. + and X are your praises to us;-and are your advice to us.
42. There are countless proud and happy memories of your teaching career, but you treasure them in your heart and just watch the garden to be explored.
43. When Miaoer needs a glass of water, never give a bucket of water; and when a bucket of water is needed, never give a glass of water. Giving it at the right time and in the right amount is a skill of a good gardener. My teacher, this is exactly the art of your education.
44. You dedicate the spring of your life to the fragrant peach and plum, but leave yourself with the purity of the clean white snow and winter ice.
45. The teacher sprinkled the seeds reverently in the classroom, and after several years of cultivation, it produced fruitful fruits in the society.
46. Teacher your mind is as high as the sky, your kindness is as deep as the mountains, and your character is as noble as a candle.
47. You are not an actor, but attract our hungry eyes; you are not a singer, but let the spring of knowledge jingle and sing charming songs; you are not a sculptor, but shape a group of young people Soul teacher, how can I forget you!
48. In the old days, the education undertaking changed its face and changed its appearance. Looking forward to the present, respect for teachers and education will work together to create new glories.
49. Vacuum is firm and humble and simple-this is the song you taught me to sing, and this is the way you lead me in my life.
50. The mountains are cheering, the flowing water is singing; the sun is laughing, the grass is dancing: Praise you, be a teacher, and work hard!
51. Nurturing talents one by one, the church understands every day and every month, converges into a sea of learning, and is unforgettable in life.
52. The three-foot podium stands with eight bachelors, and the bachelor contains Xin Yu students; a one-foot desk contains the dreams of thousands of years, and ten million silvers support the great cause.
53. The red candle shows life in the form of fire, the flame is the branch of your love and affection, and the light weaves the dream and colorful dream of the candle shadow.
54. If I can fly high, thank you for giving me a pair of powerful wings. In your eyes, I am like a spring breeze.
55. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, can not be considered as your dedication! Poetry, song and fu, can't stop admiring your respect! You use the dew of knowledge to pour the flowers of our dreams; you use the spring of your heart to nourish the beauty of our sentiments. In this unusual festival, we offer our deepest blessings!
56. The profession of a teacher is sacred, glorious, and glorious. The voice of the teacher is pure, noble, and selfless.
57. Teacher, you are like spring rain, nourishing our grass, like gardeners nurturing us flowers. Always, you are great.
58. Regardless of the hard work and the cold, the peaches are ripe, the plums are skillful, and the flowers are easy to plant. Yougu Feixiang is not ordinary, full of poetry and painting, the talents smile with joy.
59. Every corner of the heart field, every inch of the heart, is full of deep respect for you, thank you, dear teacher!
60. The red candle has no mentor's love, so the silk has no mentor's affection. There are thousands of festival messages, and blessings to the teachers.
61. If I can fight the blue sky, it is the wings you gave me to take off; if I am a warrior, I give you the power to make me tide; if I am the torch of immortality, it is what you gave The light of my youth!
62. If I were a poet, I would write poems with enthusiasm and praise the vastness and depth of the sea. And dedicate it to you-my broad-minded and knowledgeable teacher.
63. Teacher you worked hard, I will send you a box of golden throat, whisper softly to protect your throat; I will send you a fat sea, recite loudly and joyfully; come again with an oral tablet, I hope you laugh more brightly.
64. On the podium, cold winters and hot summers, spring, summer, autumn and winter, sprinkle a little bit of effort; in the garden, help the disabled, help the weak, wind, frost, rain, snow, and breed a new Ruiting Pavilion.
65. Today, in a distant country, your students folded the yesterday you gave into a boat of memory and let it float on the lake of misses ...
66. Teacher, you are sincere, kind and perfect. May the hearts of all your classmates be open to you.
67. There are countless proud and happy memories of your teaching career, but you treasure them in your heart and just watch the garden to be developed.
68. A message has so much concern, because it carries a strong blessing: Dear teacher, you have worked hard!
69. It was you who taught me the golden key to open the treasure house of knowledge! It is you who raised the dream sail for me! Dear teacher! Thank you!
70. It is she who nourishes the delicate flowers of our motherland. She is a hard-working gardener who nurtures us to grow; she is a warm candlelight that shines into our hearts; she is a vacuum cleaner of the mind and sucks out the dark clouds in our hearts. She is the most beautiful, the greatest, the most selfless gardener—the teacher.
71. "Teachers are the most glorious profession in the sun", I hope teachers will always shine and shine on the earth-Teachers, Teachers' Day joy!
72. The value of fireflies lies in using the lamp hanging at the rear to focus on others; your respect is to always bring convenience to others.
73. Teaching and educating people, rejuvenating science and education. Respect the teacher, climb step by step. Chunchun teaches, life reflects, thank my teacher, Tao Lihan smiles!
74.Teaching and educating people is all about the world; teaching people to do things is a big thing in the world; teaching people to be good and upright!
75. Under the eyes of your attention, it gave me endless confidence and courage! You are my eternal teacher! I sincerely wish you health and happiness!
76. It was you who gave me a clever mind, taught me good morals, taught me the truth of being a person, and guided me to the path of success.
77. You are the bridge, connecting us with the cut off mountains and letting us reach the peak of harvest; you are the ivy, tough and slender, which guides us to pick the ganoderma and ginseng on the cliff top.
78. Stimulate a sincere heartstring, remember the bitterness of growth, you will never be on the road to success, dear teacher, I wish you happiness forever!
79. Teacher, you are like a selfless devotion candle that illuminates others but burns yourself; you teach us knowledge, but waste your youth. With your knowledge, you can start your own business and live a comfortable life, but you have given up this great time to be a teacher, and you are willing to guard the poor, how precious it is!
80. My soul is purified by you, my sky is supported by you, teacher I must give you a blue sky. I wish you happiness and health!
81. Honesty, showing that students are the basis of human beings; accumulation of knowledge, the roots of students to seek knowledge; inspirational, motivating students to rise up;
82. As a teacher for many years, I did one of the greatest things: I gave birth to my daughter on Teacher's Day a year ago.
83. I am not your best student, but you are my most respected teacher. In your festival, I will give you a high respect.
84. The three-foot podium, with pale hair, Tao Man Man Yuan, Lu Meimei smiled. Praise you, dear teacher, bless you, dear teacher!
85. Everything that has passed will become a kind nostalgia, and everything that has passed away is valuable-I miss the minutes and seconds that you took us through.
86. The river pushed us to the vast sea, the dawn brought us a bright morning, and the teacher led us to a magnificent life.
87. The quality of the wax torch, the feelings of the ladder, the spirit of the gardener, the love of the parents-dedicated to you, dear teachers, I wish you a happy Teacher's Day!
88. The name engraved on a wooden board may not be immortal, and the name engraved on a stone may not be immortal; and your name engraved deep in our soul will truly last forever!
89. May the music of my stream resound forever in your deep valley.
90. Your love, the sun is generally warm, the spring breeze is mild, and the clear spring is sweet. Your love is more severe than father's love, more delicate than mother's love, and more pure than friendship. You, the teacher's love, is the greatest and purest in the world.
91. Dear teacher, it is the bridge that leads me out of the mountain; it is the arrow that shoots me to the future; it is the boat that allows me to cross the other shore; it is the wing that allows me to fly high.
92. Yucai broadcasts his studies, spares no effort; three-foot podium, dedicates his heart and power; is a model for others, extraordinary charm; the world is very powerful!
93. If I can fight the blue sky, it is the wings that you gave me to take off; if I am a warrior, I give you the power to make me tide; if I am the indestructible torch, it is what you gave The light of my youth!
94. Dear teacher, the plain white snow is your symbol; I present the sacred aura weaving for you, and wish you a happy and happy year by year!
95. If there is no teacher in life, it is as if everything is without sunlight; if there is no teacher in wisdom, it is as if birds have no wings.
96. Upper League: Xin Qin Gardener preached to teach talents, and the Second League: a new chapter in harmonious society, respecting teachers and teaching. Horizontal approval: Thank you my teacher.
97. You are like a candle. Although it is thin, it is a little bit hot, it emits a little light, it illuminates others, and exhausts your ego. The selfless devotion will never be forgotten. The language of your lectures is as pleasant as a jingling mountain spring, and as a kind of creek like a stream, it is like a river flowing down ...
98. Shi En's candle lights our way, and the feeling of the teacher warms our atrium. 诤 诤 Educate, remember in your heart forever; preach by example, remember your life.
99. I am a green tree, bathed in the sunshine of wisdom, and thrive in the soil of your knowledge. The deep affection of heaven and the deep love of the earth are engraved in my heart and will never be forgotten.
100. I would like to congratulate my wishes and gratitude to my wishes to you, and I wish you every year, every day is full of happiness and joy!

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