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100 very beautiful emotional quotes

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1. Meteors, like short-term love, are beautiful for a moment, and missed for a lifetime.
2. Youth is valuable. Give yourself a deadline.
3, each step in the future, knowing each other and cherishing each other, don't forget the agreement, I will always be with you by your side.
4. Even if there is no complicated tone in love, those who love deeply can feel the sweetness in their hearts.
5, happy station, you will never snore.
6. The glorious sun penetrates the clouds and surrounds the dispersing buildings.
7. There is always one you in my life.
8. The years of that year, blue sky and white cloud, you and I have no story.
9. That evening sunset, lamentingly put an end to the love of the next generation.
10. There are some concerns in my heart, but some loves have to settle for each other ...
11. The paper money folded into a flower is particularly dazzling under the flame.
12. Every second that lingers with you is forever in my life.
13. Gather fragmentary rays of hope on the ruins of the spirit.
14, stupid and not stupid, depends on whether you pretend to be stupid.
15. There are two major tragedies in life: one is that you do n’t get what you want, and the other is that you do n’t get what you want.
16. If I know a little more than others, it's because I make more mistakes than others.
17, life can be easy, life can also be particular about.
18. Busyness is a kind of happiness that allows us no time to experience pain; running is a kind of joy that allows us to truly feel life; fatigue is a kind of enjoyment that leaves us no time to be empty.
19. Don't always ask when the pain is coming: Why is it me? You didn't ask this question when happiness came.
20. If I can see my back, I think it must be sad, because I leave happiness in front of me.
21. Women use friendship to refuse love, and men use friendship in exchange for love.
22. When we move away from the stumbling blocks of others, we may just be paving the way for ourselves.
23. Anyone can become vicious, as long as you have tried jealousy.
24. How lucky I am to meet you in the long river of life.
25. Meteors are like short-term love. The beauty is a moment, and the memory is a lifetime.
26. Please don't be disappointed. Ordinaryly, it's for the most beautiful anger.
27. Thinking about the memories of the past, savoring the sadness of the present, and thinking about the bumps of the future.
28. Read a book quietly with a silent smile on the corner of your mouth.
29. No matter how annoying, don't forget to smile, no matter how bitter, don't forget to persist, no matter how tired, don't forget to love yourself.
30. Those fleeting years, those madness, those sadness, have already settled down at some crossroads.
31. I can't stand being alive — in a posture I don't like.
32. People are not as beautiful as they are beautiful.
33. The same bottle of drink costs 2 yuan in a convenience store and 60 yuan in a five-star restaurant. In many cases, the value of a person depends on the location.
34. Romance is a beautiful evening dress, but you cannot wear it all day long.
35. If you can't bear it, you can endure it again.
36. Maturity is not that the heart is getting older, but that tears are swirling in the eyes but still smiling.
37, beauty makes men stop, wisdom makes men stay.
38. To fully understand a man, it is best not to be his lover, but to be his friend.
39, beautiful can only provide eyesight for others, but not necessarily changed to happiness.
40. Sometimes, it is not that the other party doesn't care about you, but that you take the other party too seriously.
41. Never mentioning is not because of forgetting, but because of remembering.
42. The most wonderful thing in life is not the moment of realizing the dream, but the process of insisting on the dream.
43. How far a person can go depends on who he is traveling with; how good a person is depends on who is pointing; how successful a person is depends on who is with him.
44. It takes courage to lower your head, and you have confidence to look up.
45. The warm and cold life depends on the temperature of the soul.
46. Some things, knowing that they are wrong, also have to persist, because they are not willing; some people, knowing that they are in love, also want to give up, because there is no end; sometimes, knowing that there is no way, but still moving forward, got used to.
47. Love is like sand in your hands. The tighter you hold it, the faster you lose it.
48. There is always a gap between ideals and reality. Fortunately, there is still a gap. Otherwise, who is rare?
49. Time is like a net. Where you scatter, your harvest is there.
50. Greetings don't have to be serious, but they must be sincere and touching.
51. The biggest difference between doing and not doing is that the latter has the right to comment on the former.
52. If all the goals you have set for yourself have been achieved, then your goals are not big enough.
53. The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
54. Tiny happiness is around, easy to satisfy is paradise.
55. I often tell myself not to hang myself in a tree, what happens? ? Lost in the woods.
56. Don't frown even if you are unhappy, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.
57. You will never see the tears in my eyes, because I will cry when you are not here.
58. When others start to say that you are crazy, are you not far from success?
59. Friends are people who can see you through and still like you.
60. Don't see one who loves one. If you love too much, your love will depreciate.
61. The biggest benefit of telling the truth is that you don't have to remember what you are saying.
62. The angels fly because they think of themselves very lightly?
63. The ideal is full and the reality is very skinny.
64. The most urgent thing to go is the most beautiful scenery, and the deepest hurt is the most true feelings.
65. When most people are concerned about how high you fly, only a few people care about how tired you fly. This is friendship.
66. God decides who your relatives are. Fortunately, it gives you room to choose your friends.
67. Sighing is the most waste of time, crying is the most wasteful act.
68. Do you think the sourest feeling is jealous? No, the sourest feeling is no right to be jealous.
69, a woman's tears are useless liquid, but you make a woman cry that you are useless.
70. Although I finally met the right person, but at the wrong time, I can only regret it.
71. In fact, I'm really tired. I thought about it and disappeared directly, so that no one could find it. There is no need to face some people and certain things, face this reality full of lies.
72. It is to find a warm person and spend the rest of my life. Love is company.
73. There are always some things that we do not want to happen, but we must accept; there are always some things that we do not want to know, but we must understand; there are always some people that we cannot do without, but we must learn to let go; there are always some times that we do not May it pass, but find it powerless.
74. Forgive my greed and always want to keep everyone who is good to me, only to find that some people can't keep it anyway.
75. That summer, I was looking forward to the university; this summer, I was looking forward to that year.
76. Every time a quarrel, whether right or wrong, the man should admit defeat first. Sometimes women are really unreasonable. They don't want to prove that they are right, but they want each other to let themselves. . . A good man who hurts a woman has to endure his anger and lower his head.
77. A person's maturity is in thought. The innocence of a person is in his eyes. Mature and naive are not contradictory words. Maturity is an attitude to life, and innocence is a way of life. Every face will grow old, but the lifestyle can be young for a lifetime. If God loves you and loves you, he will make you a lifelong child.
78. Don't rely too much on anyone in this world, because when you struggle in the dark, even your shadow will leave you.
79. In this life, what makes me most happy is to look at my friends, one by one.
80. Don't think too great of yourself, you know, in the world of others, no matter how well you do, you are just a supporting role.
81. In those years, the future is so distant that we have no shape, and we have no worries.
82. Anything worth having must be worth the wait.
83. If time can go backwards, I will still choose to know you, although it will be scarred, but the warm memory in my heart cannot be given by anyone. Thank you for coming to my world.
84. It is impossible to say why you really love someone. You only know that whenever and wherever you are, and you are in a good mood, you want this person to accompany you.
85, really bad people are not terrible, terrible are fake good people.
86. The most contradictory place between couples is to imagine each other's future, but remember each other's past.
87, coffee is bitter and sweet, not how to stir, but whether to put sugar; a period of pain is not how to forget, but whether there is courage to start again.
88. There are only people in the world who can't figure out, there is no way to go.
89. It is not ordinary to do all the ordinary things well, and it is not easy to do all the simple things well.
90. Give heart, you will get heart, but it may hurt you completely; keep your distance to protect yourself, but you are destined to be lonely forever.
91. Happiness can be obtained through learning, although it is not our mother tongue.
92. When I was young, I took many photos and showed them in the living room; when I was old, I realized that the photos were taken for myself.
93. In the face of facts, the more developed our imagination, the more unthinkable the consequences will be.
94. A woman kissing a man is a happiness, and a man kissing a woman is a blessing.
95. Falling in love is like peeling an onion, there is always a layer that will make you cry.
96. The reason why people are tired is because they can't put down the shelf, can't tear their faces, and can't solve the plot.
97. The earth is moving, and a person will never be in an unlucky position.
98. Do well the work that is not busy and busy, and make the life that is not salty and light.
99. Those who have an older life are deceiving themselves; those who have a next life are deceiving others.
100. Fire can be used for fire, women can be used for testing, and women can be used for testing.

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