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100 very classic emotional quotes

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1. That sentence I like you, warms me all winter.
2. I want to stand side by side with you and watch every dusk and sunset.
3. They said, windy places. The soul of the person you love is dancing.
4. We are all single-winged angels. Only hugs can fly.
5. If you change your smile once, you will laugh even if you dream.
6. No matter how much you hate your school, when you leave for a long time, you will still miss it.
7, not everyone can live low-key, can be low-key is based on high-key at any time.
8. Humor is the desire to laugh when a person wants to cry.
9. If you like someone, you are happy together; if you love someone, you want to be together even if you are not happy.
10. When I saw everything, I realized that loss is more practical than possession.
11. When I confide my troubles to you, it is not a complaint, it is my trust in you.
12. You should try anything, because you can't know what kind of people or people will change your life.
13. Tears are for washing the eyes and letting us see the facts.
14. How others see you has nothing to do with you. How you live will have nothing to do with others.
15. Remember, not everyone is sincere. So don't believe it so easily.
16. Love is a dream, and I overslept.
17. The dialogue I said alone, waiting for the flowers on the other shore to bloom ...
18. You never know how strong you are until you become strong and become your only choice.
19. No sorrow cannot be alleviated by time.
20, time, you can understand love, you can prove love, you can also overthrow love.
21. Give up, you say so easily. I have to try my best to execute it.
22. Not all of my efforts are rewarded, but I don't want to be that few accidents.
23. The smile that invaded the tears is the most beautiful, and the success that has experienced the frustration is the most valuable.
24. In order not to leave regret and regret in life, we should seize every opportunity to change our life as much as possible.
25. The interesting realization is that the people who hurt you the most are often those who claim they will never hurt you.
26. Don't want to be sad, don't want to cry, don't be curious about things that shouldn't be seen.
27. Sometimes, when you ask a question, the other party has been dodging, and that is to euphemistically tell you that the real answer is cruel.
28. As long as you love someone, there will always be moments of disappointment.
29. To live is to live better than yesterday, and to be happier, and to be happier than yesterday, and happier.
30. If someone asks, they say forget. No explanation, no sadness.
31. Some people have something, and when we understand it, they are no longer young.
32. If you must lose, hopefully sorrow. If it must be forgotten, I wish it was trouble.
33. You smile silently and don't say a word to me, but I feel that I have been looking forward to this for a long time.
34. Nothing is more uncomfortable than waiting, when you don't even know what you are waiting for.
35. I want to embrace everyone, but I have to warm myself first, please bear with me.
36. I have been following you, using everything you know or don't know.
37. Everyone has a wound in their heart, which is where the sky once fell.
38. How many people love someone in the name of friendship.
39. Have the courage to say those words, but have no courage to endure the pain afterwards.
40. One person has one person's freedom, and two people have two people's sweetness.
41. Rose, yours; chocolate, yours; diamond ring, yours; you, mine.
42. Love is beautiful, but someone always loves to destroy its own beauty.
43, can always be with you, that is the most beautiful paradise.
44. People who are alive or dead are also irreplaceable in my heart, even if time covers.
45. The little distant stars that accompany me appear dim in your beautiful lies.
46. At that moment, I really wanted to say sorry to the past and the old age.
47. The sky you can see as soon as you look up turns out to be so melancholy.
48. Looking in the morning mist, in a world that can't see the horizon, the light of that person is like my only hope.
49. Love is like the blooming of fireworks. No matter how beautiful it is, it is a flash of color.
50. Most of the mistakes are because they don't persist, don't work hard, don't keep, and then hypnotize that everything is fate.
51. Have you ever been like this, and you really want to chat with someone, but you want him to come to you first, and look at his head over and over again.
52. Let it be, let me know how much despair and unwillingness, if you understand.
53, distance never separates two hearts that really care about each other.
54. The free world is bitter, and I hope that the sunshine can wake me up every day.
55. It was impossible to rewrite in the past, but it made me stronger. I want to thank every change, every heartbreak, every scar.
56. Don't live too tired, don't be too tired to be busy; don't be too expensive if you want to eat, don't say waste when you want to wear; upset to find a friend to party, sleep asleep after falling down. Peace of mind is always the most beautiful, and happy every day!
57. The psychologist said: The boy didn't take the initiative to find the girl, which shows that he really didn't want to ignore her. The girl did not seek the boy because she was waiting for him.
58. You do n’t have to please everyone, just as you do n’t have to remember all “yesterday”; time is like rain, we are all people walking in the rain, find our own umbrella, build a small world, go forward, and walk until the wind stops raining , Beautiful sunny, everything will pass.
59. Being a man must have his own temper and a proper attitude. The so-called gentleness is only to see who is used.
60. The best thing in the world is that I have grown up and you are not old; I have the ability to repay and you are still healthy.
61. If memories are as hard as steel, should I smile or cry, if steel is corroded as memory, is this a happy city or a ruin?
62. It doesn't matter how slow the pace is, as long as you are walking, you will always see improvement.
63. Because I love you, destiny makes me meet you many years ago because I love you, now you will fall in love with me who knows nothing now, because I love you, I will always wait That disappeared you. Everything, just because I love you.
64. The one who is happy with you is the red face; the one who is sad with you is the confidant. Excerpt from: www.yuluju.com Quotations
65. Lifetime, people turn with each other, such as the water in the river, the shore is flat, the shore is narrow, the waves are exciting, there is no certainty. As long as the heart is good, He worry has no future.
66. Our story is not long at all, but it is enough for me to release my life.
67. No matter how beautiful it was, at the moment of breaking up, it will become the funeral of love.
68. After this summer, our classroom was full again, but it wasn't us anymore.
69. No matter what you are facing today, if you have reached this point, stick to it; give yourself some affirmation that you are stronger than you think.
70. If you give up, you should not regret it. If you lose it, you should not remember it. Let go of who you should let go, and quit the show without ending.
71, love is a field in time when the rain suddenly comes, listen to your heart, it will become infinitely transparent.
72. For the first time, I was drunk in my gentle eyes.
73. Love you and fly with your ambition, no matter how long you have gone, always smile in your arms.
74. When you think you are important to the world, the world is just ready to forgive you for being naive.
75. I said, "I love you at first sight, but I don't even remember that feeling."
76. People and things you missed don't have to look back frequently; crusted scars don't need to be touched repeatedly.
77. Love is like the sand in your hand. The tighter you hold it, the faster it will be lost.
78. I haven't realized until now that there are some things that I desperately want to forget.
79. Don't give up until the last minute. In the end, it is not lucky to get good things. Sometimes, there must be painstaking management in front, and then chance encounters in the back.
80, a person's life, there will always be sad for a while, beautiful for a while, vicissitudes for a while, deep for a while, troubled for a while, happy for a while. No matter what time, don't forget, no matter how ugly or poor you are, there will always be someone who will not abandon you and stay with you, not for a while but for a lifetime.
81. People are not afraid of humble, they are afraid of losing hope. Looking forward to tomorrow and looking forward to the sun, people will stand up from humble and embrace the blue sky.
82. One day, you will meet a gorgeous person, making you feel that everyone else is a cloud.
83, eachother does not need too much, to accompany, is the best promise.
84. You can't take care of everyone's feelings, you will just make yourself uncomfortable.
85. Although the best time is always particularly short, we will remember all the moves we have made.
86. No matter how you feel, you have to get up, dress yourself up and start a new day.
87. The happiest thing in the world is to be a vulgar couple with an unvulgar person.
88. Life is full of irony. It uses sadness to let you know what happiness is, it uses noise to teach you to appreciate silence, and it uses absentness to evaluate existence.
89. People and things you missed don't have to look back frequently; crusted scars don't need to be touched repeatedly.
90. Perhaps it is necessary to thoroughly despair once before you can live again.
91. Love is not that there is no dispute, but that love is still after each dispute.
92. When you are truly desperate, you cannot speak, so silence is the biggest cry of a person.
93. Everyone who knows love will meet someone who doesn't understand love.
94. In fact, after you left, I learned to forgive.
95. I hope that one day we will become unfamiliar and meet you again.
96. I have always been very, very envious of my tablemates to have the best tablemates in the world.
97. I just thought that I didn't spend time with him in this life, and I felt reluctant to think of it.
98. When you think that the person you like also likes you, you usually think too much.
99. The memory is the water that is poured into the palm of your hand. Whether you spread it out or hold it tightly, after all, it will still drip from your fingers and flow clean.
100. Learn to be yourself and let go of everything that does not belong to you gracefully.

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